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King Of Gods - Chapter 589


Chapter 589: Chapter 589 - Similar

Chapter 589 - Similar

“Bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!”

Hearing the voice, everyone broke out into discussion.

A legendary bloodline appeared. How much of a shock was that?

The expression of the tall, skinny youth from the Spiritual Sacred Land changed, but it was already too late to stop the short-haired youth from using his bloodline.

Plop! Plop!

Experts in the arena trembled from the bottom of their bloodline and souls. Those below the half-step Origin Core Realm were half-kneeling on the ground, and even some Sovereigns felt an urge to bow to the short-haired youth from the Sacred Land.

On the arena platform, the short-haired youth’s bloodline that had been fully opened turned his skin into a tough shell-like thing. He was like a desolate beast releasing a terrifying aura as he looked at the Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign.

“It’s actually a legendary bloodline….”

The expressions of the Two Despairs became bitter as they half-knelt. They were like ants in front of the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Without even fighting, they already lost.

Their attack just now only created a small scratch the size of a nail, and it had already healed.

“What terrifying defense. So, this is the power of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline?”

Zhao Feng felt his body and soul both shake. Apart from his God’s Spiritual Eye, even his bloodline was suppressed, and it trembled slightly.

This was the first time he had seen his bloodline become suppressed.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The suppressed bloodline sent a wisp of aura toward the sealed God’s Spiritual Eye and caused it to jump. After all, Zhao Feng’s bloodline originated from the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“F*k off!”

The short-haired youth’s bloodline power reached its limit, and he sent a black-colored tornado sweeping around an area of a couple hundred yards.


The Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign both yelled as they were sent flying. Their flesh and bones had become a mess, as if they were crushed by a beast.


The two bloodied figures fell out of the arena.

The Great Origin Core Realm judges were stunned.

“Jiang Fan, thirty-one victories in a r- no, thirty-two….”

One of the judges couldn’t even speak properly.

In his current state, the short-haired Jiang Fan sent a late-stage and a peak Small Origin Core Realm flying with his bloodline power.


Everyone watching took in a cold breath and felt uneasy in front of his aura. None of the sailors around Zhao Feng could even stand properly anymore.

Loulan Zhishui had to lean on Zhao Feng just to be able to stand, and anyone that could still block the aura felt their bloodlines ignite.

“Hahaha…. Who still dares to challenge me?”

Jiang Fan laughed as he released his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, making those nearby unable to breathe.

Wherever the gaze of the short-haired Jiang Fan turned, the aura from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline would descend. Many people felt as if they had been struck by lightning, and those that were thinking of challenging him earlier bowed their heads.

“The aura of this Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline is kind of similar to the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm.”

Although Zhao Feng’s bloodline had been suppressed, it was ignited due to its connection to the God’s Spiritual Eye.


The gaze of the short-haired youth suddenly stopped when he looked over a certain area.

“A faint ancient aura… could there be another bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races…?”

The short-haired youth’s bloodline suddenly felt something.


His sharp eyes landed on Zhao Feng.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye started to twitch. Some of the Ancient Dream Realm aura still hadn’t fully fused into his bloodline yet.


Zhao Feng’s heart shook as he looked at the short-haired youth. It was like facing a giant beast. The pressure on him was stronger than the others.

“It’s indeed worthy of being one of the top legendary bloodlines….”

Zhao Feng felt his blood boil, but he was able to block it. Luckily, his body and state of existence had improved through the use of the heart blood essence and the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm, so they were almost comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord. Otherwise, if it were any other half-step Origin Core Core Realm, they might’ve vomited blood already.

“Interesting, your bloodline seems to be somewhat related to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races….”

The eyes of the short-haired youth lit up. The similar aura from Zhao Feng heightened his senses and battle-intent. His Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline even momentarily had the feeling of facing a great foe.

The short-haired youth’s words caused the nearby people to sigh and look toward Zhao Feng. They didn’t think that there would be another person who had a bloodline related to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races in the same place.

“Unfortunately, he’s not at the Origin Core Realm yet.”

The short-haired youth shook his head somewhat regretfully and took back his battle-intent.


Zhao Feng let out a breath. The pressure from the short-haired youth was too big. He had to admit that the difference between him and the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was huge.

The Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign were at the late-stage and peak stage Small Origin Core Realm and were still swept away instantly. The skeletal division Leader and Zhao Feng would have the same result.

“Without using my eye, it’s very likely that I would be sent flying in one move. Furthermore, because of his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, I might not be able to kill him even if I used my Void Space Eye Slash.”

Zhao Feng calmly analyzed. He knew how terrifying the genius from the Spiritual Sacred Land was.

No wonder Zhao Yufei would be chosen by the Purple Saint Partial Spirit as the inheritor. One had to know that the Purple Night Sacred Lord also had a faint Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline and ended up surpassing the Void God Realm and reaching the Mystic Light Realm, only one step away from the Heavenly divine Realm.

“Brat, I can’t believe that you’re here! Hahaha….”

A laugh full of anger and coldness sounded from the other side of the arena. The owner of the voice belonged to the Sovereign Lord wearing the plain shirt.

“It’s him.”

The handsome male and pretty female were surprised when they saw Zhao Feng.

“Hahaha…. Brat, I’ve finally found you.”

The Sovereign you.”

The Sovereign Lord was filled with joy, and he instantly released his aura toward Zhao Feng.

“This old fart.”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed. He didn’t think that he would meet the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion here. Back then, Zhao Feng dug out the heart of the limitless ocean whale beforehand and tricked him.

“It’s the Third Elder from the Gan Cloud Pavilion.”

Many people recognized his identity. After all, the Gan Cloud Pavilion was a peak one-star force, and it was at least as strong as the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion when it was at its peak.


The shirt-wearing elder’s figure flashed and landed in front of Zhao Feng full of coldness.

“Brat, hand over the heart blood essence and I won’t take this any further.”

The elder said through Spiritual Sense. After all, this concerned a rare treasure, so he didn’t want everyone else to know.

“Hehe, the heart blood essence was found by me when I was in the body of the whale. What’s it got to do with you? Besides, all of it’s been used already.”

Zhao Feng replied.

He wasn’t worried that the elder would attack him in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. Xiao Ma, the tour guide, said that no matter how chaotic it was outside, the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was peaceful because the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace had the Spiritual Sacred Lands behind them.

Even a Void God Realm or a two-star sect wouldn’t dare to cause trouble here. There weren’t many who caused trouble here that were able to leave alive.

“Brat, don’t try to trick me. There is definitely a massive amount of heart blood essence from that whale. Give me the remaining heart blood essence and I won’t trouble you.”

The elder smiled coldly. He wasn’t dumb;he knew that Zhao Feng definitely had a lot more.


Zhao Feng rolled his eyes. Although he did have more, that had nothing to do with the elder.

“Hmph, although I don’t dare to attack you within the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, the Gan Cloud Pavilion is one of the top three forces around. Don’t think about ever leaving here.”

The elder snickered here.”

The elder snickered coldly and walked away.

He didn’t dare to attack within the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, but he didn’t believe that Zhao Feng would stay here forever.


A short-haired youth landed in front of Zhao Feng as soon as the shirt-wearing elder left.

“Jiang Fan!”

Zhao Feng exclaimed, and the people around all screamed this name in their hearts.

“I’m Jiang Fan, from the True Martial Sacred Lands. May I ask your name?”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly, and many spectators were shocked. This arrogant genius from one of the Sacred Lands had come to get to know Zhao Feng?

Jiang Fan inspected Zhao Feng with interest.

All of this fell into the shirt-wearing Sovereign Lord’s eyes, and the cold smile on his face froze. If Zhao Feng got to know a genius from one of the Sacred Lands, then even the Gan Cloud Pavilion wouldn’t dare to move against Zhao Feng.

“This one is called Zhao Feng.”

Zhao Feng greeted the two geniuses from the Sacred Lands.

The short-haired youth who had the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was called Jiang Fan, and the tall, skinny youth who was at the Great Origin Core Realm was called Chen Yilin.

While the two were inspecting him, Zhao Feng was also inspecting the two, especially Jiang Fan and his bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

The aura from the Ancient Dream Realm can increase my state of existence and body, and it can purify my bloodline. The bloodline from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races has a similar aura. What’s the connection between the two?

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

He placed great importance on the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm, and he had some guesses.

“This youth has a faint ancient aura. Even if he doesn’t have a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, it’s definitely a bloodline from that era.”

The two geniuses from the Sacred Land didn’t underestimate Zhao Feng. Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines were some of the best even amongst the Sacred Lands, and it was extremely surprising that they would see someone who had a bloodline close to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.


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