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King Of Gods - Chapter 588


Chapter 588: Chapter 588 - Bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancien

Chapter 588 - Bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races

The Void Ocean Arena was made of a unique and extremely tough material. It was also enveloped in a massive array that even Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords couldn’t break easily.

There were several guards outside the entrance.

“Fifty Primal Crystal Stones for each person.”

The entrance fee was enough to make some cultivators go bankrupt.

Zhao Feng and company all had a Void Ocean Token, which contained an enormous amount of Primal Crystal Stones that could be deducted.

The tour guide Xiao Ma was also deducted some Primal Crystal Stones.

“That brat’s already won 29 battles, continue to waste his energy.”

“The ratio’s now one to twenty-five.”

“Ai, my five hundred high-grade Primal Crystal Stones!”

Cheers and cries sounded in the arena.

There was a total of eight arenas, and most of the people were gathered at the eastern arena.

“So, he’s the genius of the True Martial Sacred Land?”

“He’s just past twenty years old and already has a cultivation of the Origin Core Realm.”

Many gazes landed on the short-haired youth. The youth was clad in pure black and looked extremely normal – the type that wouldn’t catch anyone’s attention – but here, his every action was captured by everyone, and he made the hearts of many girls sway.

Loulan Zhishui was extremely disappointed when she looked over.

In her mind, a genius from a Spiritual Sacred Land should either be handsome, cold, or dominant, but this short-haired youth was skinny and somewhat short.

“Brother Chen, these opponents are all too easy….”

The short-haired youth seemed to be unwilling as he glanced at a tall, skinny youth in the southern arena.

“Your attacks just now weren’t perfect, otherwise you would’ve won even faster.”

The tall, skinny youth shook his head.

The short-haired youth and tall, skinny youth were both geniuses from the True Martial Sacred Land.

The tall, skinny youth had a cultivation of the Great Origin Core Realm, so not many people challenged him, but the short-haired youth was only at the early-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

“The thirtieth battle.”

A judge spoke.

There were four Great Origin Core Realm judges on the eastern stand. From this, one could see how important the eastern arena was to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“Zhe zhe zhe, little kid, let me, Ma Fengyun, see the skills of a Sacred Land.”

An elder holding a bamboo fishing rod jumped onto the arena.

“Ma Fengyun? The pirate captain from back then?”

“This Ma Fengyun was once at the peak stage Small Origin Core Realm but was injured on a scouting mission, so he’s dropped to the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm.”

Many people recognized Ma Fengyun’s identity. Although he had now dropped to the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, he used to be a deadly pirate captain. He wasn’t someone that same-rank people could compare to.

“Limitless Shadow Stick!”

Ma Fengyun used the Earth-Grade weapon in his hand. The simple-looking bamboo rod unleashed a wave that seemed to devour everything in its path.

“Earth-Grade weapon… Earth-Grade techniques…”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. He was certain that the strength of this Ma Fengyun was even slightly stronger than the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm pirate captain he had seen before.

The skeletal division Leader might be able to defeat him in a one-on-one, but it would definitely take more than a hundred moves.

“Old man, your tricks are nothing in the Spiritual Sacred Lands.”

The short-haired youth said disdainfully.

“Heaven Star Shattering Technique!”

The short-haired youth thrusted out his fists and created deep explosions in the air, forming hundreds and thousands of fists that crushed forward with the momentum of shattering rocks and splitting the sky.


Ma Fengyun’s wave seemed to be hit by stars that weighed thousands of tons and was shattered.

“This brat…!”

Ma Fengyun was forced to retreat, and he found that his several-hundred-years of experience was of no help in front of these fists.

Each of the short-haired youth’s fists seemed to contain limitless and dominating pressure. His every fist crushed toward the body and soul.


Ma Fengyun was suddenly hit by a fist and sent flying.


The instant he landed on the ground, Ma Fengyun spat out a mouthful of blood and several of his bones were broken.

“What the heck? He didn’t even last ten moves!”

“The pirate pirate captain who used to travel across the seas lost just like that?”

The spectators broke out into chaos. They felt that this youth wasn’t too strong, his opponent had just somehow lost.

“Incredible. Even late-stage Small Origin Core Realms won’t be able to last ten or twenty moves in front of him.”

Although Zhao Feng didn’t use his God’s Spiritual Eye, his state of existence and body had almost reached the level of a Great Origin Core Realm, so his senses were extremely sharp.

In reality, only those at the Great Origin Core Realm could feel how terrifying this youth’s bloodline power was.

“It’s already been 30 victories!”

The spectators awaited new challengers, and the gambling ratio had reached 1:28. This meant that, if someone bet their money on the opponent, they would receive 28 Primal Crystal Stones for each Primal Crystal Stone they gambled. Furthermore, this ratio would keep rising with every additional win.


Right at this moment, two strong auras flew straight toward the eastern arena.

“Leave this brat to me!”

“Hahaha, I gambled a hundred thousand high-grade Primal Crystal Stones on myself. If I win, I’ll get a couple million back.”

The two auras were both at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm. One of them was clad in purple armor, while the other was a chubby-faced, big-eared middle-aged man.

“Challengers number 31 and 32.”

“One’s at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, and the other seems to have reached the peak stage.”

The spectators were excited. These two challengers were obviously much stronger than the earlier ones.

This was especially true for the chubby-faced middle-aged man who had a cultivation of the peak stage Small Origin Core Realm. One step further and he would become a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.

“No fun at all.”

The short-haired youth pouted.

“Why not fight both of them at the same time, but keep the gambling ratio the same?”

The other youth from the Sacred Land smiled and suggested.

“Huh? Two against one?”

The judges were surprised. After all, they were part of the “house,” and if the short-haired youth lost, they would need to pay out a huge amount.

Their gaze landed gaze landed on a particular elder, the person responsible for the arena, whose aura was approaching the Void God Realm.


The elder gave the tall, skinny youth a deep glance.

“Hahaha, now this’ll be more challenging. You two can fight me together.”

The short-haired youth laughed.

What? Two against one?

The spectators paused momentarily before breaking into chaos.


“Bet on him!”

At this moment, the ratio was now more than one to thirty.

The spectators had gone crazy.

More and more people were joining the wager. After all, this time there was a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm and a peak Small Origin Core Realm.

“Heaven Star Shattering Technique!”

The short-haired youth released a wisp of an ancient aura as his battle-intent rose.

Sky Changing Nine Swords!

Supreme Fist of the Ten Directions!

The armored man and the chubby-faced middle-aged man both attacked with mockery in their eyes. The two were fighting as a team, and they complemented one another.

“I remember now, those two are the Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign, and they specialize in teamwork. They even managed to stall a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord once.”

“Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign? Those two guys?”

The spectators were filled with excitement.

Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign.

The purple-armored man and the big-eared middle-aged man were perfectly in sync with one another.

“The battle-power of the Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign is close to a Great Origin Core Realm.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but click his tongue. Without using his God’s Spiritual Eye and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, he most likely wouldn’t be a match for those two. Even if he had the skeletal division Leader at his side, the odds would only be 50-50.

After all, the Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign complemented each other, and they both had Earth-Grade weapons.

Boom Boom Boom~~~~

The battle was underway. Although the short-haired youth used tactics and techniques, the difference in cultivation was just too big.

Under normal situations, the difference in amount of True Yuan between an early-stage and late-stage Small Origin Core Realm was two- or three-fold, and their strength was different as well.

“This brat isn’t bad. He’s still fighting back even fighting back even after such a long time.”

“Unfortunately, his cultivation isn’t high enough. If he was at the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, it might be us that would lose.”

The Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign both revealed a faint smile. They didn’t focus on winning, rather they focused on wasting the youth’s True Yuan.


The youth’s expression became grim as he couldn’t manage to face the pressure from his opponents.


The short-haired youth spread his arms and an ancient and dominating bloodline aura was released.

Dark tattoos seemed to condense and spread across his skin. It seemed to be the skin of an ancient being, and it was extremely tough. It wasn’t exactly skin or scales, it was more like a type of shell.

“Brother Jiang, stop!”

The expression of the tall, skinny youth changed.

“This bloodline aura…!”

The Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign felt their souls and bloodlines tremble uneasily.


Their attacks washed over the short-haired youth. He was focused on fully circulating his bloodline power, so he couldn’t evade or block it.


Shouts came from the crowd.


The short-haired youth was unmoving. He was like an ancient desolate beast as he released a terrifying aura.


A small bloody mark the size of a nail was left behind on his body, but it quickly recovered. The black tattoo was thick and tough.

“How… how is that possible!?”

The Two Despairs of the Purple Sovereign exclaimed. Their combined attack was unparalleled against those below the Great Origin Core Realm.

“What’s going on…?”

Furthermore, their souls and consciousness were shaking instinctively.

Unknowingly, they had half-kneeled and were about to fully kneel down. Their faces were filled with unknown fear, and everyone watching felt their souls and blood shake uneasily.


Zhao Feng felt his bloodline shake as well, and even the little thieving cat revealed a rare solemn expression.

Plop! Plop!

Everyone below the peak True Lord Rank knelt to the ground.

The sailors and Loulan Zhishui started to shake and were turning red.

“This bloodline aura… could it be from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races…!?”

A Great Origin Core Sovereign Lord wearing a plain shirt exclaimed. His soul, and even his state of being, felt uneasy.


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