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King Of Gods - Chapter 58


Spatial Star Finger!

Happiness surged within Zhao Feng's heart. At this moment, if there was someone else present, they would have been shocked: Could this youth have reached the seventh rank at such a young age?

Everyone knew that only Martial Masters could release their Inner Strength into the air. (Attacking through the air) This was a level that most cultivators dreamed of.

But, Zhao Feng wasn't a Martial Master, his cultivation had reached the sixth rank not long ago. This was all due to Star Finger reaching the fourth level.

At the fourth level, one could condense their Inner Strength and shoot it through the air. Obviously, this skill was way harder to train that others, even Elder Zhao who guarded the martial arts library, had only reached the third level back then.

Elder Zhao had presumed that this skill might've been a half-step Holy martial art. Even geniuses needed to be at least the seventh rank to train this skill to the fourth level. Therefore, it was unheard of for cultivators of the sixth rank to attack through the air.


A green glow flashed through the air and hit the window two metres away.


A screeching sound sounded as the window broke. As Star Finger had just reached the fourth level, the damage dealt by it wasn't high, it was only roughly half of close combat power. But even so, the finger could still instant kill normal Martial Artists.

For the next two days, Zhao Feng consolidated his Star Finger. Inside his mind, he still tried to gain insights into that One with the Heavens feeling.

Pu! Pu! Poo...

Zhao Feng somehow managed to stab out consecutive fingers. The damage dealt by them was sixty to seventy percent of his close combat attacks, but once the range surpassed two metres, the power would significantly decrease.

If Zhao Feng was killing, he could kill almost any cultivator under the seventh rank with just one finger. Zhao Feng was confident that he wouldn't be so ruffled by fighting the Qiu family elder again.


Zhao Feng walked out of the room and smelt the refreshing air.

’’Brother Feng's been in secluded meditation for a long time, so there must have been some kind of breakthrough right?’’ Zhao Yufei said smiling as she walked over.

’’I had some insights after the summit.’’ Zhao Feng replied.

The main reason he didn't leave his room was because he was recovering as he had been seriously injured that day. Hearing this, Zhao Yufei immediately became excited. Being neighbours, the two often met so a little sparring couldn't be avoided.

Zhao Feng still suppressed his cultivation to the fifth rank, but he often released the One with the Heavens aura when sparring with Zhao Yufei. Zhao Yufei was increasing by leaps and bounds and she had even learnt a peak ranked martial art.

Spiritual Wind Slice!

A purple glow appeared on her jade like fingers as she condensed her Inner Strength onto her palm. Every slice she made with it could cut through rock.

’’Spiritual Wind Slice? When did Zhao Yufei have such a skill?’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed.

The profoundness of Spiritual Wind Slice was almost on par with his Star Finger. The advantage of Spiritual Wind Slice was that it was fast and sharp, whereas Star Finger strove for pure power.

’’Haha, I've become one of the four great geniuses, so this was the reward the high level gave me.’’ Zhao Yufei said happily.


It looked like quite a few important things happened while he was recovering.

’’Did Brother Feng not receive any prize?’’ This time it was Zhao Yufei's turn to feel weird.

’’Nope!’’ Zhao Feng shook his head.

Logically, he should have gotten an even better prize than Zhao Yufei because his ranking was even higher.

’’You should go ask one of the elders.’’ Zhao Yufei said.

While sparring with Zhao Yufei, Zhao Feng found out another shocking news. The one who tied first with him at the summit, ’’Xin Wuheng’’, had vanished into thin air.

’’It's already been ten days since the end of the summit. Why would he disappear without any trace?’’ Zhao Feng felt that this wasn't as simple as it looked.

Could Xin Wuheng be killed... ?

Zhao Feng shook his head. He wasn't close to Xin Wuheng or anything.

After sparring, the two separated.

’’Since Zhao Yufei got a prize I should get one too... ’’ Zhao Feng thought confidently.

After all he had tied for first. But now with Xun Wuheng gone, he was first!

Soon, he arrived at the Martial Arts Library where he saw Elder Zhao.

’’Elder Zhao!’’ Zhao Feng greeted the elder overseeing the library.

’’You've come to me for the rewards, right?’’ Exhaustion appeared on his face.

’’Yes, that's correct.’’ Zhao Feng didn't hide his intentions.

The elder looked at him with admiration and care: ’’You did better than I expected at the summit... ’’

’’You're flattering me! If I didn't have the help of Elder Zhao, then I wouldn't have such achievements today.’’ Zhao Feng humbly said.

’’Not arrogant at all, you're indeed a shapeable genius... Just a few days ago, I asked the head of the family to let you in the third floor of the Martial Arts Library.’’

Third floor of the Martial Arts Library! Zhao Feng's heart sped up.

At the Zhao sect, the third floor was only a legend. It had never been opened before.

The second floor already contained peak ranked martial arts. Then what would the third floor hold?

The arrogance Zhao Linlong had shown must have had some backing to it. Eight or nine out of ten was that it was connected with the third floor.

’’Although there aren't any Holy martial arts on the third floor, there are still some partial Holy martial arts for geniuses to gain insight from. Those whose cultivation aren't high enough wouldn't gain anything from entering anyway, therefore, the third floor closed. Only Zhao Linlong was able to enter, even though his cultivation was under the seventh rank.’’ Elder Zhao explained.

Understanding was shown on Zhao Feng's face. Zhao Linlong had come first at the family sparring contest and being the adopted son of the head of the sect, he was able to enter the third floor.

’’Thanks you elder for giving me this chance.’’ Zhao Feng was full of gratitude.

’’Unfortunately, the head of the sect actually rejected this.’’ Elder Zhao sighed as he shook his head.


Coldness and unfairness crept into Zhao Feng's heart. Zhao Linlong was only first in the Zhao sect, but he had come first in the whole of Sun Feather City.

Could it be because he was just a branch disciple, while Zhao Linlong was the head of the sect's step son?

’’Why did the head of the sect not agree?’’ Zhao Feng took a deep breath, he wanted to hear the sect leader's reasons.

’’Did you meet with Qiu Mengyu after the summit?’’ Elder Zhao asked deeply.

’’That's true.’’ Zhao Feng replied, full of understanding.

The Qiu family and the Zhao family were enemies and the fact that he had accepted Qiu Mengyu's invitation easily raised suspicions.

’’Two corpses were found and after examination, we found that they died to a skill similar to Star Finger.’’ Elder Zhao's eyes stared at him.

Star Finger?

Zhao Feng pretended to be surprised: ’’Does the sect think that I killed them?’’

’’I don't believe it, how could you kill the two of them with only the fifth rank?’’ The elder shook his head.


The two had both reached the peak of the sixth rank and they were of the older generation, so they had access to high tier martial arts.

If someone was logical and not retarded, they would know that the killer wouldn't be Zhao Feng.

Obviously, this was according to logic...

Elder Zhao probably wouldn't have dreamed that the killer was right in front of him.

’’Someone reported that you privately went to Qiu Mengyu's place and Zhao Tianjian and co. died near the sects' territory. Many people of high positions are suspicious of you teaming up with the Qiu family to kill the two.’’ His voice became solemn.

Firstly, it was true that Zhao Feng had met up with Qiu Mengyu. Secondly, Zhao Tianjian had enmities with Zhao Feng and he died precisely on the night that Zhao Feng returned.

This was enough reason to raise suspicions. All in all, he was just a branch disciples. It didn't matter whether or not there was evidence, the sect leader would use this as reasoning to not let him in the third floor.

’’Who's the reporter?’’ Zhao Feng's eye twitched as he thought.

That night there was only Zhao Linlong, Zhao Yufei, Zhao Han etc with him. The one closest with the head of the sect was undoubtedly Zhao Linlong.

’’The high level have already ordered that before the truth has been revealed, you are not to leave the grounds of the Zhao sect.’’ The elder sighed helplessly.


Zhao Feng's eyes turned sharp: ’’Is this a confinement order?’’


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