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King Of Gods - Chapter 57


KoG Chapter 57

Chapter 57 - Fourth level of Star Finger

Metal Wall Rebound!

The sudden change shocked the grey robed elder. Metal Wall Technique was pretty popular amongst the body strengthening techniques, most cultivators could only train it to the fourth level.

However, Zhao Feng had trained it to the fifth level. The fifth level of Metal Wall Technique meant that not only did his defense greatly increase, it also had a certain rebound effect. If this was in a brawl, Zhao Feng only needed to use this move and he could instantly rebound the attacks from cultivators of the fourth and fifth rank and seriously injure them.

The middle aged man never thought that Zhao Feng had this move. Zhao Feng's strong body had shook off that attack and he had received light injuries from the rebound.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng used his strongest move as the opponent was dazed.

Shua -

A faint green light came and pierced into the middle aged man's body.


Another cultivator of the sixth rank had his life ended. Disbelief and shock was on the grey robed elder's face as he watched the scene from far way.

Lightly Floating Ferry!

Zhao Feng didn't hesitate at all as he used his speed skill to sprint towards the front gate of the Zhao family. At this moment, there was only three miles left and with his speed, he only needed a short while.

’’Brat! Where are you running... ?’’ The grey robed elder exclaimed as he turned into a blur, chasing after him at an even higher speed.

Although Zhao Feng's speed skill was extremely profound, the person pursuing him was a Martial Master. The Martial Path was split into nine ranks with each three ranks having a big difference. Cultivators of the fourth to sixth rank were named Martial Artists and the cultivators of the seventh to ninth rank were known as Martial Masters.

The difference between the two was like a cliff.

Zhao Feng circulated Lightly Floating Ferry to the maximum, but he still felt the wind behind him getting closer and closer.

So fast!

Zhao Feng estimated that the opponent's speed was at least double his. Fifteen breaths later, the grey robed elder was within ten yards of Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng took a deep breath and pushed Air Crossing Breathing Technique to the limit, under that situation, Zhao Feng's speed was even ten to twenty percent faster than usual. His Lightly Floating Ferry just needed a bit more perfection to reach the high level.

’’He must be eliminated!’’ The elder's heart shook as he saw Zhao Feng's potential.

If a genius like him lived, he would be able to become one of the strongest people in Sun Feather City within ten years.

Close! It's getting close...

There was only two miles between Zhao Feng and the gate now. But at the same time, the grey robed elder was getting closer too.


The grey robed elder sent out a palm that glowed gold. As he did so, a wave of air attacked Zhao Feng. Being a Martial Master, the grey robed elder didn't need to fight in close combat as he could attack through the air.


The wave of air hit Zhao Feng first.

’’Lightly Floating Spatial Ferry!’’ Zhao Feng suddenly jumped.


He jumped again and used the wave of air as a booster.


The grey robed elders' attack missed.


Zhao Feng started to scream for help as he ran, hoping to attract attention.

’’Die! Double jumping... I can do it too!’’ The grey robed elder double jumped in midair too.

Being one of the elders of the Qiu family, he naturally had access to peak rank speed skills and he had trained it to the high level.

Teng! Teng!

Zhao Feng obviously wasn't someone who would wait for his death and at the important moment, he managed to triple jump. But this way, the two became closer. The two figures landed on the ground at almost the same time.

’’Cloud Slash Palm!’’

The grey robed elder attacked again, the airwave alone could instantly kill cultivators of the fifth rank.


Zhao Feng used Metal Wall Technique to block immediately but even then, he was injured. If it was someone else of the sixth rank, they probably would've been instantly crippled. The attacks through the air of Martial Masters of the seventh rank were slightly weakened as the power had left the body. But if one reached the eighth rank, the attack through the air would be be on par with the damage they dealt at close combat. According to the legends, if one reached the ninth rank the attacks through the air would be even stronger than body to body attacks.

It was lucky that the elder was only of the seventh rank and not the eighth. After Zhao Feng took another few hits head on, he used the aftershock to push him forward again.

’’Cloud Opening the Mountains!’’

At this instant, the grey robed old man sent a devastating powerful palm at Zhao Feng. This attack was undodgeable. If it was someone else of the sixth rank within Sun Feather City, they would lose at least half their life if not all. Under the pressure, Zhao Feng's eye was pushed to its limits. In his eye, the movement of the elder became slower and slower, even the changes in his body were seen by Zhao Feng.

Even the small flaws of the elder were seen by him.

Mysterious Wind Palm!

At the critical moment, Zhao Feng used the weird move.


Zhao Feng suddenly gave off the One with the Heavens aura. At that moment, the scene of the girl using that move appeared in the pitch black dimension of his left eye again. The fact that he had copied Xin Wuheng's One with the Heavens aura made Zhao Feng gain more insights into the palm.

What kind of move is this?

The grey robed elder felt his opponent's palm had a natural yet ungraspable feeling.

Mysterious Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng lept into the air and an azure glow formed within his palm as he attacked. The palm seemed to have originated from nature itself.

Cloud Opening the Mountains!

The two heavily collided.


A massive hole was left where the two moves clashed. Zhao Feng felt a chaotic and surprisingly powerful Inner Strength rush into his body, even the fifth level of Metal Wall Technique wasn't able to stop it. The true difference between them was cultivation level.


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of blood, but still the remaining energy to push him further out.

’’How... ?’’

The elder's face turned white as blood leaked out of his mouth. If there was a spectator, they would've been stunned because a Martial Master of the seventh rank had been injured by a sixth rank youth.

In terms of power, Zhao Feng's palm just then wouldn't have surpassed Star Finger, but the profoundness of this skill had exceeded the limits of peak ranked martial arts. There was a certain suppressant between martial arts. Above peak ranked martial arts were Holy martial arts, the difference between the two was like the sky and ground.

Zhao Feng's Mysterious Wind Palm had surpassed the elder's attack in terms of profoundness. This was one of the advantages he had. Another one was that Zhao Feng's Metal Wall Technique had reached the fifth level, making his power even stronger than the elder's. The last advantage Zhao Feng had was that the elder had been injured when fighting the silver figure and Zhao Feng had seen the injuries the elder had sustained and hit those points exactly.

Therefore, the elder had been injured and he didn't even rest or heal himself. So there was the risk of him dying.

’’Hahaha... we'll meet later!’’ Zhao Feng laughed as he sprinted towards the front gate.

The pale faced elder could only clench his teeth and stare at Zhao Feng running away. Zhao Feng got closer and closer to the front gate and at this moment, he saw the grey robed old man merge back into the night.


Zhao Feng let out a breath then took some medicine pills.

In his room.

Zhao Feng sat closed legged trying his best to recover.

’’Without ten to fifteen days of recovery, I can't fully heal. But the elder from the Qiu family is even more injured... ’’ Zhao Feng mumbled to himself, his face full of thrill.

He had the right to be proud to escape from a Martial Master and injuring him, but Zhao Feng knew that this was only because the opponent had already been injured and his Mysterious Wind Palm had hit the critical point.

For the next few days.

Zhao Feng remained at home, concentrating on healing himself. While he was recovering, he couldn't train most of his skills such as Metal Wall Technique and Star Finger, so he used the time to try and gain insights from two different scenes.

The scenes belonged to the girl from the canyon and the other from Xin Wuheng. Xin Wuheng's move was simpler to understand and within two days, Zhao Feng had learnt it. Then, Zhao Feng started to gain insights in Mysterious Wind Palm and Star Finger. Although Mysterious Wind Palm was only one move, the difficulty of it was insane. Therefore, the progress was slow.

Zhao Feng had to concentrate more on gaining insights in Star Finger and compared with Mysterious Wind Palm, it was easier. The fact that he had learnt Xin Wuheng's move made it even easier for him to understand. Slowly but steadily, Zhao Feng's enlightenment of Star Finger had reached the Fourth level.

For the first few days, he couldn't train properly as he was still injured, but when he had seventy to eighty percent recovered, Zhao Feng started cultivate once again.

Shua! Shua...

Zhao Feng's fingertip pierced time and time again, and his Inner Strength became sharper and sharper. Since the time he had learnt Xin Wuheng's move, Zhao Feng's Star Finger had increased at a ridiculous rate.

Shooo -

Suddenly, a faint azure light shot out from Zhao Feng's fingertip.


A small hole appeared on the wall.

Spatial Star Finger had been achieved!


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