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King Of Gods - Chapter 567


Chapter 567: Chapter 567 - Loulan Family

Chapter 567 - Loulan Family

The gray ship slowly approached the Eight Desolate Mountain.

They were about to enter the inland area, so Zhao Feng started focusing;he had never experienced this transition before.

The ship soon sailed past a faint blue light.


Sparks flew everywhere on the surface of the gray ship.

“Hmm? More resistance… heavier…”

Zhao Feng’s body was slightly uncomfortable, and the further they went, the greater the resistance they faced.

The limitless ocean and land were two different worlds.

If one’s cultivation hadn’t reached a certain level, they physically could not enter the limitless ocean. This was why many natives at the lower levels thought that the place they lived was a continent and didn’t know there was an outside world.

Gravity, resistance, and even the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi were changing.

The Eight Desolate Mountain was a tiny island.

“The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here is quite close to the Azure Flower Continent.”

Zhao Feng sensed.

There was also an issue with the space.

Within their vision, the original figure of the Eight Desolate Mountain seemed only several thousand miles wide. However, as they entered, they realized that the real size of the mountains kept expanding.

It was like a speck of sand being infinitely enlarged.

“The Eight Desolate Mountain is probably tens of thousands of miles wide – almost the size of the Cloud area.”

Zhao Feng’s body started to re-adapt to land.

A while later:


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship lowered slightly as it seemed to enter another dimension.

“Blue sky, white clouds, a sun…”

Zhao Feng found that it wasn’t very different from the Azure Flower Continent. If he hadn’t left the Azure Flower Continent, he still wouldn’t know that it was just a speck compared to the outside world.

“Little friend, have you never experienced going inland?”

The Sovereign elder smiled and Loulan Zhishui explained, “The land world and the limitless ocean are different in terms of space. Apparently, everything in the limitless ocean is from the shattered pieces of the Desolate Continent that fell to the Fan Universe.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He had heard of this legend many times.

The overall name of this world was the Fan Universe, and it was apparently created after the Desolate Continent shattered.

After the Ancient Era was the Immemorial Era, then the Atavistic Era. After that came the Fan Universe.

The Fan Universe was split into two different spatial dimensions.

One was the limitless ocean, which wasn’t suitable for normal species to live. The other was the dimension with all the big and small “islands” that were suitable for human life and civilization.

“The Eight Desolate Mountain is near the edge of the Tianlu Islands. It’s also close to the Thousand Flowing Islands and is one of the major stops between the two.”

The Sovereign elder introduced.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng’s mind became clear. He wanted to leave the Tianlu Islands and, if no accidents happened, the next stop would be the Thousand Flowing Islands.

The Azure Flower Continent that Zhao Feng was born in was part of the Azure Islands, which were pretty close to the Tianlu Islands.

However, the distance between the various islands was extremely huge. Zhao Feng was now quite far away from his hometown, and his destination was many times further.

After entering land, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship’s speed was still very fast, coming close to a normal Sovereign’s speed.

If it was in the limitless ocean, this ship would be ten times or even dozens of times faster.

Half a day later, an enormous city with thick Heaven Earth Yuan Qi appeared in sight.

“This is the sacred city of the Eight Desolate Mountain – Eight Desolate Sacred City.”

The Sovereign elder’s expression was slightly complex as he looked from afar.

The ship closed in on Eight Desolate Sacred City, and everyone came to the the viewing deck.

“Eight Desolate Sacred City is the center of the Eight Desolate Mountain and the main point of restocking. The three families all have forces here.”

Loulan Zhishui looked at this city with a special emotion.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship’s aura was extremely powerful as it headed toward Eight Desolate Sacred City.

Eight Desolate Sacred City had all the experts of the Eight Desolate Mountain, like the Sacred Alliance in the Azure Flower Continent.

Apart from that, there were also experts from the outside world who were passing through.

Most of the figures here were at least at the True Spirit Realm.

“Limitless ocean ship… what a powerful aura.”

“Oh my god! Isn’t that the Blue Lightning Pirate’s ship?”

“When did pirates dare to enter Eight Desolate Sacred City? Help~~~~!”

Chaos broke out inside Eight Desolate Sacred City. Ships that could pass through the limitless ocean were extremely precious. However, this was a major stopping point, so they were often seen. If it were another more normal place, many experts wouldn’t have even seen any limitless ocean ships.

Furthermore, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was one of the best ships around the Eight Desolate Mountain.

Sou~ Sou Sou~~

Dozens of strong auras soon flew out from Eight Desolate Sacred City, and the leader was an elder at the Origin Core Realm.

“Regulations Sovereign.”

Everyone looked at this elder with respect.

Being a major resupply station in the limitless ocean, how could Eight Desolate Sacred City not have any Sovereigns? And there would certainly be more than one or two.

“Old Lin.”

The Sovereign in multi-colored clothes flew out and greeted the Regulations Sovereign.

Being Sovereigns that both came from Eight Desolate Sacred City, they knew each other.

“This ship is part of our spoils of war.”

The Sovereign elder explained.

A while later, after the experts had checked through the ship:

“Old Huang, you took this ship with your strength?”

The Regulations Sovereign’s eyes were full of questioning. of questioning. He knew the history of this ship. It belonged to one of the ten biggest pirates around the Eight Desolate Mountain, the Blue Lightning Pirates. Normal Sovereigns couldn’t be compared to the Blue Lightning Pirate leader.

The elder with multi-colored clothes smiled awkwardly, “This ship is actually that little friend’s spoils of war.”

“That youth…?”

The Regulations Sovereign looked toward Zhao Feng and his eyes almost bulged out.

Him? Are you joking?

The Regulations Sovereign became slightly angry, turned around, and left. It was obvious that he thought that the elder with multi-colored clothes was mocking him.


The pirate ship then turned toward the territory of the Loulan Family, and the Regulations Elder watched the ship go.

His eyes suddenly squinted as he thought of something.


A painting appeared in his hand, and on the painting was a blue-haired youth with a blue eye. On the shoulder of the youth sat a silver-gray cat, and next to him was a skeleton.

That youth looks like the mysterious youth the three sects are looking for.

The Regulations Elder thought.

Eight Desolate Sacred City received news from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect not long ago.

It was a once-in-a-thousand-years rarity to see someone given a bounty from all three sects.

Furthermore, the reward for capturing him was enough to make the eyes of even Sovereigns go red. The amount was so high that even the combined wealth of the three families might not be worth as much.

“But that youth’s hair and eye are normal. He also doesn’t have the cat or skeleton.”

The Regulations Elder’s eyes twinkled. Although he wasn’t certain, the hand holding the painting was already starting to lightly tremble.

The excitement caused his heartbeat to speed up. This was something that hadn’t happened for a long time since he reached the Origin Core Realm.

In a hall of the Loulan Family in Eight Desolate Sacred City, Zhao Feng, Loulan Zhishui, and the upper and the upper echelon of the Loulan Family sat together. As for the elder with multi-colored clothes, he was still severely injured, so he was resting.

The Head of the Loulan Family was a kind-looking middle-aged man with the cultivation of a half-step Origin Core Realm.

At the same time, he was Loulan Zhishui’s father.

“Thank you, little friend.”

The head of the Loulan Family expressed his gratitude. Although he was slightly suspicious of Zhao Feng’s strength, he had saved Loulan Zhishui’s life.

“Zhao Fan, you should stay here for a couple more days. The Eight Desolate Mountain has tens of thousands of years of history and many sceneries and legends….”

Loulan Zhishui was extremely warm. Ever since she had returned to the Loulan Family, half of her time had been spent looking at this youth.

There was no other genius in the Eight Desolate Mountain that could be compared to him. Loulan Zhishui’s early-stage True Lord Rank was already the best around, and she had a status similar to Yu Tianhao in the Azure Flower Continent.

“I can’t stay here for long. I need to leave today.”

Zhao Feng shook his head and said. Although he didn’t know what methods the three sects had, it was best if he left earlier, and out of cautiousness, he had introduced himself as Zhao Fan.

Before he left, Zhao Feng needed the Loulan Family’s power to hire some talented sailors.

The Loulan Family was one of the three major families in Eight Desolate Sacred City, similar to the Ten Great Clans of the Azure Flower Continent.

In reality, the three families were about as strong as a one-star clan, but lately, the Loulan Family was falling and about to drop out of the three major families.

Most of the Loulan Family’s hope was placed on Loulan Zhishui. Once Loulan Zhishui entered the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, the Loulan Family’s status would rise dramatically.


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