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King Of Gods - Chapter 566


Chapter 566: Chapter 566 - Eight Desolate Mountain

Chapter 566 - Eight Desolate Mountain

The skeletal division Leader’s strength had exceeded its peak during the Scarlet Moon era, and that was due to the fact that it received resources from the Purple Saint Ruins, including the Nine Deadly Yin Bone.

Every Earth-Grade weapon had an extensive history, and they all required the mental energy of at least a Void God Realm level.

On top of the resources from the ruins, fighting with the three sects’ experts had improved the skeletal division Leader’s skills and experience.

At this moment in time, the skeletal division Leader had a slight advantage against the Blue Lightning Pirate leader.

Zhao Feng supported it by using his Wind Lightning techniques and the phantom of the Ice Imperial Spear to annoy the pirate leader.

The advantage of the master and servant duo started to become bigger.

“Wings of Wind and Lightning!”

A pair of wings started to condense on Zhao Feng’s back that increased his speed.

As he gained further comprehension of the inheritance, the Wings of Wind and Lightning increased Zhao Feng’s sense for wind and lightning in addition to the speed boost.


With the help of the wings, Zhao Feng became far more agile, and his attacks became stronger.

The Blue Lightning Pirate leader became more pressured as more and more pirates were killed by Zhao Feng.


The elder with the walking-stick and the ugly man were slain by Zhao Feng.

In just a short while, there were no more pirates near the Blue Lightning Pirate leader anymore;he now fought alone.

“Earth-Grade weapon – Ice Imperial Spear!”

The phantom of the blue spear started to condense, forming the true Ice Imperial Spear.

Shu~~~~ Bo~~

The Ice Imperial Spear radiated a cold aura and started to freeze everything in the surrounding area.

An ancient and freezing aura enveloped everything within ten miles, but Zhao Feng tried to suppress that to a range of one or two miles.

All the pirates still remaining were instantly frozen.

“This weapon… could it be an ancient Ice Emperor’s inheritance Earth-Grade weapon?”

The people on the boat felt as if they were encased in ice.

Although there were other Earth-Grade weapons being used in this fight, Zhao Feng’s Ice Imperial Spear was far more profound.

Even the pirate leader’s blood and True Force started to freeze.

“Void Sky Yin Demonic Stab!”

Using this chance, the skeletal division Leader threw out its Earth-Grade weapon, which pierced through the air and hit the Blue Lightning Pirate leader.


The Blue Lightning Pirate leader grunted as his face went white and a hole was torn open in his chest.

“Stay and die!”

Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader teamed up and made the Blue Lightning Pirate leader cough out blood.

At the same time, an aura at the Origin Core Realm closed in.

“Blue Lightning Pirate, die!”

The Sovereign elder led his forces and charged over.


The Blue Lightning Pirate leader turned into a streak of dazzling light that flashed through the air as blood continued to drip from his mouth.


A bright beam of water and lightning could be seen flying through the limitless ocean.

After the Blue Lightning Pirate leader’s last secret technique a while back, Zhao Feng was slightly injured but soon recovered with his water bloodline.

On the other hand, it was the elder with multi-colored clothes that was injured.


The Sovereign elder staggered and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Master, should we chase after the Blue Lightning Pirate leader and kill him?”

The skeletal division Leader wanted to pursue him. After getting beat all the time in the Purple Saint Ruins, it could finally beat people up.

“No need.”

Zhao Feng only wanted to take the ship. He didn’t care about the Blue Lightning Pirates’ revenge. After all, he he was just going to pass by the Eight Desolate Mountain, he wasn’t going to stay for too long.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be easy to kill the Blue Lightning Pirate leader. One could see his strength from how he was able to escape three Sovereign-level opponents.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader returned to the pirate ship and started to organize it.

“How regretful.”

Zhao Feng realized that everyone on the ship died from the clash of his Earth-Grade weapon before.

Earth-Grade weapons were a forbidden force that could easily wipe out normal True Lord Ranks, and the pirates left on the boat were all weak ones that didn’t specialize in battle.

“Little friend, this old man has a suggestion.”

The Sovereign elder’s eyes lit up as he spoke in a respectful tone.

Loulan Zhishui and the others had all come over.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned over them and he understood;over half of their boat was destroyed in the fight earlier.

Their boat wasn’t as strong as the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship. It couldn’t survive a clash between Sovereigns.

“Little friend, since you have no one to man your ship, it’ll be hard for you. Why don’t we travel together, and we’ll provide the sailors?”

The Sovereign elder smiled and asked.

“Travel together? We’re not travelling in the same direction, are we?”

Zhao Feng paused. He was heading toward the Eight Desolate Mountain, whereas they were going in the opposite direction.

“Little friend, if you can help send us to the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, this old man and the Loulan family will be extremely grateful. This is also a good chance for little friend….”

The elder suggested.

What? Go to the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect?

Zhao Feng almost rolled his eyes. He had offended all three two-star sects, and the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect hated him the most. He had killed countless experts countless experts from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, including Sovereigns.

Luckily, he was at the edge of the Tianlu Islands and wouldn’t be staying for too long.

“Little friend, you might not know this, but the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect is a two-and-a-half-star sect. You might be able to enter the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect with Lady Loulan Zhishui with your talent-”

The elder encouraged.

“Stop, stop, stop. There’s no room for discussion.”

Zhao Feng immediately stopped him.

Seeing that Zhao Feng was so decisive, the elder and Loulan Zhishui were helpless.

“If that’s the case, then I won’t force it, but we can’t not repay you.”

The Sovereign elder and Loulan Zhishui looked at each other and invited Zhao Feng to go to the Loulan family in the Eight Desolate Mountain.

The Eight Desolate Mountain was en route to Zhao Feng’s destination anyway, and because the Sovereign elder and company’s boat was damaged, they had to return.

“We can replenish all your necessities at the Eight Desolate Mountain, and we humbly invite you to the Loulan family.”

Loulan Zhishui’s eyes twinkled.

Zhao Feng defeating the Blue Lightning Pirates had won the group’s respect. Even Loulan Zhishui’s impression toward Zhao Feng had become one of admiration.

“Eight Desolate Mountain?”

Zhao Feng started to think.

The Eight Desolate Mountain was a place for stocking up. Once he left the area, it would be hard to find a second place to stock up for quite a while.


Zhao Feng also wanted to see the culture of the outside world. All he had seen so far was the ocean.

Everyone proceeded to gather on the gray metallic ship.

Zhao Feng didn’t need to worry about anything;the group had sailors who could handle everything.

“The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship is one of the best ships around the Eight Desolate Mountain. Its defense is top-tier and it’s extremely fast. On top of On top of that, it can also hide in the depths of the ocean.”

The quality of the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship made the sailors excited.

The ship soon started sailing through the ocean. The ship had dozens of rooms and was split into two floors.

At the very center of the ship was the control room.

“As long as one has enough primal crystal stones and materials, the ship can travel endlessly through the limitless ocean.”

Zhao Feng entered the captain’s cabin.

The captain’s room was made from a unique material that could stop Spiritual Sense from penetrating.

Zhao Feng, Loulan Zhishui, and the Sovereign elder soon gathered together.

From these two, Zhao Feng learned about the situation of the Eight Desolate Mountain, the three sects, and the situation of the Tianlu Islands as a whole.

“Uncle Huang, Lady Loulan, why do you two need to return to the Eight Desolate Mountain?”

Zhao Feng was puzzled.

The Sovereign elder explained in a slightly bitter tone, “Our boat has been broken, and our destination is extremely far away. I’m also heavily injured. Furthermore, the Blue Lightning Pirate leader has a good friend who’s the leader of the Pirate Alliance.”

Zhao Feng understood. The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was extremely far away from here, so it would be hard to reach without a boat.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship sailed through the ocean, and a flow of Yuan Qi came from ahead.

A large mountain appeared in sight, which jutted out of the ocean and gathered all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Looking at it, the Eight Desolate Mountain seemed to be a large piece of jade.

“Brother Zhao, we’ve almost reached the inland area now.”

The Sovereign elder warned. The two were familiar with each other now.


Zhao Feng opened his Spiritual Sense and saw an invisible barrier surrounding the Eight Desolate Mountain.


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