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King Of Gods - Chapter 565


Chapter 565: Chapter 565 - The Skeletal division Leader’s Battl

Chapter 565 - The Skeletal division Leader’s Battle-Strength

Above the limitless ocean, both parties paused when they saw Zhao Feng stealing the pirates’ ship.

“Shameless thief!”

“Stop him! We can’t let the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship land in his hands.”

The pirates started to curse.

On the other end, Loulan Zhishui and company were dazed at Zhao Feng’s actions.

“That youth’s courage is way too great. He even dares to steal the Blue Lightning Pirates’ ship?”

The Blue Lightning Pirates was one of the ten biggest pirate groups around the Eight Desolate Mountain, and many businessmen feared their name.

Although their battle-power wasn’t too strong, their agility and stealth surpassed most others, which were their biggest advantage.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship had several hundred years of history and was one of the best ships around the Eight Desolate Mountain. It was fast, stealthy, and had powerful defense.


The usually-calm pirate leader was angered. The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was his biggest asset. If it was stolen, they would no longer be one of the ten biggest pirate groups.

“Water Lightning Heaven Flipping Hand!”

The blue-clad pirate leader thrusted out a large hand that caused the air to twist.


The already injured Sovereign elder was sent flying by the Water Lightning Heaven Flipping Hand.

“Brat, how dare you put your eyes on my ship!?”

The pirate leader’s face started to become cold. At this moment, he no longer bothered with the elder and charged back toward his ship.

“Retreat. Kill that thief and take back our ship.”

The pirate leader ordered as he led the pirates toward Zhao Feng.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was their foundation;it couldn’t be lost.

Furthermore, that brat might’ve received the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor.

The Sovereign elder in multi-colored clothes was extremely surprised. The pirate leader could’ve killed him first and then chased after Zhao Feng.

The group on the boat was dazzled. The pirate leader decided to retreat and attack Zhao Feng instead.

“Hehe, that brat didn’t help us earlier. It’s his turn now.”

Some people started gloating, and others agreed.

“Uncle Huang, that youth’s extremely talented and powerful. If we team up with him, we have a 40-50% chance of fighting off the pirates. Otherwise, the Blue Lightning Pirate will return….”

Loulan Zhishui analyzed and said in a low tone.

Frankly, she didn’t like how Zhao Feng didn’t come to their aid either, but in the current scenario, the best solution was for them to team up with Zhao Feng.


The Sovereign elder shook his head bitterly and sent a message through his spiritual sense, “Even if we team up with that youth, we will still die. The only path to survival is to escape back to the Eight Desolate Mountain and give up on everyone else.”

Hearing that, Loulan Zhishui’s expression changed dramatically as she looked at the elder in disbelief.

It was obvious that his injuries were worse than she had imagined. He was forcefully suppressing them right now.

The last attack from the Blue Lightning Pirate injured his foundation.

“Give up on everyone else…?”

Loulan Zhisuhi started to hesitate. If they didn’t do so, the Sovereign elder would most likely die, and at that time, no one would be able to survive anyway.

“Zhishui, return with me to the Eight Desolate Mountain while that kid’s stalling him….”

The Sovereign elder wiped the blood from his mouth mouth and landed in front of Loulan Zhishui.

“Is there… no hope at all?”

Loulan Zhishui looked toward the youth.

At this instant, the pirate leader led the others and charged at Zhao Feng.

Surprisingly, the youth glanced at them without fear.

“Surround him!”

The pirate leader felt as if there was a trap and didn’t immediately attack.

The faraway Sovereign elder was also puzzled by Zhao Feng’s actions, but of course, the stronger Zhao Feng was, the more beneficial it was for them.

“Be careful when you attack.”

The pirate leader ordered as he summoned waves of water and lightning that crushed toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng instantly felt a thick, dense power of Water Lightning surge over.

The power of Water Lightning was continuous and powerful.

Rings of Wind and Lightning!

Zhao Feng leapt into the air and sent waves of azure-and-purple Wind Lightning rings pulsing outward in every direction.

Pi! Pa!

The two attacks clashed. In terms of offense, Zhao Feng had the upper hand.

“This Purple Destruction Lightning and this speed must be the Wind Lightning Inheritance. Luckily, this brat’s only comprehended a tiny bit of it….”

The pirate leader wanted to capture Zhao Feng alive, so he only used 60-70% of his battle-power.

Pi! Pa! Boom~~~

Zhao Feng’s Rings of Wind and Lightning started to shatter.

“The Blue Lightning Pirate’s power of Water Lightning is extremely dense and continuous….”

Although Zhao Feng’s inheritance was better and had the advantage in speed and offense, he still couldn’t fight against a pirate that had cultivated for several hundred years.

The pirate leader’s cultivation was the same as Elder Shui Yun, the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

Without using his eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng could only fight against someone at the early-stage Small Origin Small Origin Core Realm, and he could maybe stall middle-stage Small Origin Core Realms.

Even though the pirate leader in blue didn’t use his full strength, he was still suppressing Zhao Feng.

Ice Imperial Spear!

Zhao Feng summoned a portion of the Ice Imperial Spear’s strength, and an ancient coldness swept toward the pirate leader.

“This brat’s incomplete Earth-Grade weapon isn’t simple.”

Instead of panicking, the pirate leader was happy.

Incomplete Earth-Grade weapons were also split into different tiers. There was the low tier, middle tier, high tier, and inheritance Earth-Grade weapons.

“So unfortunate. If that youth teamed up with me earlier, we would’ve had a good chance of pushing back the Blue Lightning Pirates.”

The Sovereign elder was surprised by Zhao Feng’s strength, and also regretful.

Zhao Feng could fight against normal early-stage Small Origin Core Realms, but the Blue Lightning Pirate’s cultivation and strength were much higher.

As the situation worsened:

I should be able to suppress him with the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, or maybe…

Zhao Feng didn’t panic. He simply waved his hand.


A gold-and-silver skeleton with flaming eyes appeared, and an aura of Death filled the air.

“Bone Strengthening… Sovereign!”

The pirate leader’s smile froze.

From its aura, this Sovereign wouldn’t be too weak, and he could sense the aura of an Earth-Grade weapon.


The Sovereign elder who was about to retreat couldn’t help but exclaim.

In the limitless ocean, most people that travelled were True Lord Ranks. Therefore, they were the most commonly seen.

However, when one reached the Origin Core Realm, it was different. They were rare in the limitless ocean and were considered experts.

And now, Zhao Feng had summoned a Sovereign. Everything changed.

“Zhe zhe zhe… I haven’t worked out in quite a while.”

A dark a while.”

A dark light glowed around the skeletal division Leader.

It had recovered to its peak long ago, and it even became stronger in the Purple Saint Ruins.

The Nine Deadly Yin Bone had merged into its bones, increasing both its offense and defense.

The skeletal division Leader charged toward the pirate leader. Its every fist and palm caused the aura of Death to surge. With the Nine Deadly Yin Bone, its strength had surpassed normal Sovereigns.

The spectating Sovereign was shocked. He wouldn’t be the skeleton’s match even if he was at his peak.

The skeletal division Leader specialized in mental energy and bone-strengthening, so it could attack both the physical and the mental energy world.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Snake Dance!”

Snakes made of wind and lightning danced around Zhao Feng and bit toward the Blue Lightning Pirate leader.

Facing attacks from both opponents, the Blue Lightning Pirate leader cursed. Although he had a supporting Earth-Grade weapon as well, it couldn’t be compared to the Nine Deadly Yin Bone.

“Nine Deadly Yin Bone!”

The skeletal division Leader summoned its Earth-Grade weapon, and a large dark silver bone spike shot through the air.


Some peak True Lord Rank pirates nearby were killed by the slightest aftershock of its power.

The Blue Lightning Pirate leader retreated and started to swear. He had to face Zhao Feng’s attacks at the same time, and he was already lightly injured from his fight with the Sovereign elder.

“Looks like the skeletal division Leader’s strength has increased by quite a bit.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Due to the fact that he couldn’t use his eye-bloodline easily, the skeletal division Leader was his greatest weapon right now.


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