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King Of Gods - Chapter 564


Chapter 564: Chapter 564 - Plunder

Chapter 564 - Plunder

“Could it be the inheritance of the legendary Wind Lightning Emperor?”

The pirate leader in blue was now fully focused on Zhao Feng’s fight.

He cultivated in the laws of Water Lightning, so he understood certain legends to some degree.

There were many legends in the Cang Ocean about the ones who cultivated lightning-related laws, and the Wind Lightning Emperor was one of those experts.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Wind Lightning Emperor reigned supreme with his speed.

The pirate leader knew of the Wind Lightning Inheritance, and he was suspicious that the youth in front of him had received a part of that inheritance.

“This brat’s speed surpasses normal half-step Origin Core Realms, he uses ‘Purple Destruction’ lightning, and he can fight against Hong San and Jiao Si, and those two have even blocked Sovereigns before. Only the best of inheritances can allow for such a thing.”

The pirate leader became more confident in his guess, and greed appeared in his heart. He couldn’t control the excitement in his heart.

This was the inheritance of an Emperor.

Furthermore, the Wind Lightning Emperor wasn’t just any Void God Realm Emperor – he had unparalleled speed.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Whip!”

Zhao Feng used his Wind Lightning techniques to gain a small advantage against his two opponents.

“Stop him!”

The elder with the walking-stick and the ugly man became more and more shocked. They didn’t even think about killing Zhao Feng anymore, they just tried to stall him.

“The battle-power of these two together is even slightly stronger than Lu Tianyi before he reached the Origin Core Realm.”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed.

If he didn’t use any killing moves, he wouldn’t be able to finish off these two very quickly.

However, he wasn’t in a rush. Although he had comprehended one fifth of the purple-colored lightning, he didn’t have much battle experience in using it.

These two were perfect for him to test things out.

He didn’t want to use the Ice Imperial Spear, Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, or the skeletal division Leader to finish them off so fast.

During the fight, Zhao Feng continued testing out his Purple Destruction Lightning techniques.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed throughout the air and the aura of the Purple Destruction Lightning became more condensed.

He was faster than the two pirates even without using the Wings of Wind and Lightning.

As time passed, the elder with the walking-stick and the ugly man became more and more pressured. At the same time, the defending boat hadn’t escaped danger yet, but after Hong San and Jiao Si were deployed elsewhere, they could manage to withstand for a while longer.

However, the elder in multi-colored clothes was in danger.

“Old Man Huang, if you fight just a bit longer, you’ll no longer be able to escape.”

The expression of the pirate leader in blue was grim. This Sovereign elder fighting back angered him, and he was worried that Zhao Feng would escape.

Zhao Feng’s speed was much faster than his two opponents, so he could run away without any difficulty. On the other hand, it wasn’t easy to kill a Sovereign within a short amount of time, even if it was an injured one.

Zhao Feng’s advantage became bigger and bigger. Within his mind, the tattered world of wind and lightning appeared in different forms.

Zhao Feng was comprehending the purple-colored lightning, understanding more and more small details.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Snake Snake Dance!”

Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Whip became more and more condensed, and it started to behave like a snake – agile and quick.

It seemed as if a snake made of wind and lightning was being waved around by Zhao Feng.

Pi! Pa! Boom~~

The elder with the walking-stick and the ugly man were getting a beating.

Zhao Feng’s Sovereign level mental energy was digging out the potential of the Wind Lightning Inheritance.

“Let’s end this soon.”

Zhao Feng increased his attacks as he utilized the intent of a Sovereign.

Although he had cut off his bond with the scorpion, the three sects had caught onto him.

Not good!

Back near the boat, the pirate leader’s expression changed dramatically. In his sight, the youth started pushing back the two pirates.


The elder with the walking-stick and the ugly man screamed as their bodies became scorched.

Zhao Feng’s attack contained the power of Destruction, which severely limited any recovery capabilities.

In just a short while, the two pirates became more injured as they started to retreat, but how could their speed be compared to Zhao Feng?


The ugly man howled as one of his legs was caught by the Wind Lightning Whip and started to contort.


He gave up on that leg and burnt his Source of True Spirit to save himself.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed once more, and his whip landed on the walking-stick elder’s back.


The elder with the walking-stick spat out a mouthful of blood as he was pushed back over a hundred yards.

“Help me!”

The two pirates started to run. If they didn’t, they would lose their lives.


Zhao Feng didn’t chase after either of them and flew away in another direction instead.


Both sides were surprised.

Zhao Feng didn’t help either of the two the two sides after injuring the two pirates.

“Brat…! Stop!”

The pirate leader couldn’t hold it in anymore and roared. At this point, he had to make a difficult decision.

If he left the Sovereign elder, the pirates would be slaughtered.

Furthermore, if he chased after Zhao Feng, he might have to face the attacks of both Zhao Feng and the Sovereign elder at the same time.

With Zhao Feng’s strength, if he teamed up with the Sovereign elder, the situation wouldn’t be very good for the pirate leader. Who knew what kind of hidden techniques Zhao Feng had? After all, he had inherited the Wind Lightning Emperor’s techniques.

Yet, if he was to let Zhao Feng leave, he might miss the chance to obtain the Wind Lightning Inheritance.

“Little brother, these pirates are enemies to the both of us. If we team up and defeat them, I’ll be extremely grateful…!”

The Sovereign elder also yelled.

Hearing that, the pirate leader’s expression changed. Once Zhao Feng joined the other side, the situation would take a turn for the worse.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Feng didn’t listen to either of them.

Logically, if Zhao Feng was attacked by the pirates, he should choose to help the Sovereign elder.

“If you’re able to help us, I’ll agree to any of your demands, and the Loulan family will repay you….”

A light voice came from the boat.

The owner of this voice was Loulan Zhishui.

At this moment in time, Loulan Zhishui’s appearance had become one of extreme beauty.

“Lady Loulan.”

Friend and foe alike were dazed. Within the mist, having a beauty like her accompanying you would be extremely heart-stirring. Her “I’ll agree to any of your demands” was also very alluring.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t speaking to anyone of them.

However, the of them.

However, the youth remained emotionless and left. Both sides were shocked. This kid had no reaction toward Loulan Zhishui.

“Hmm? Something’s wrong.”

The pirates realized something was wrong. Zhao Feng wasn’t heading in the direction of the Eight Desolate Mountain;he was heading in the opposite direction.


Zhao Feng turned into a streak of Wind Lightning that closed in on the gray boat – the pirate ship of the Blue Lightning Pirates.


Only pirates at the early-stage and late-stage True Lord Rank were left behind on the boat.


Zhao Feng landed on the deck.

“Master, this ship is of extremely high quality and its defense is very powerful. If I’m correct, this ship can dive into the ocean and even change its appearance.”

Inside the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, the skeletal division Leader was very satisfied.

Zhao Feng took care of the remaining pirates without any effort.

“Hehe, as long as one has enough primal crystal stones and enough helpers, they can easily travel across the limitless ocean. Those on a ship can spend more time on cultivation.”

The skeletal division Leader explained.

Because they needed a couple sailors, Zhao Feng left some of the pirates alive.

In reality, this was all the skeletal division Leader’s idea, and Zhao Feng was moved by it. After all, it wasn’t easy to fly for so long.

He needed to find the Sky Saint Qin Palace that was in another territory. He needed a ship indeed.

“Shameless thief~~~~!”

The pirate leader almost exploded from anger.

The worry he had before was utterly useless. Not only did Zhao Feng not join forces with the elder, he stole their ship.

The Blue Lightning Pirates started to curse. Being pirates, they never expected for them to be the ones getting plundered.


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