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King Of Gods - Chapter 563


Chapter 563: Chapter 563 - Purple Destruction Wind Lightning

Chapter 563 - Purple Destruction Wind Lightning

Battle broke out between the two forces, and the pirates had the absolute advantage as they surrounded the boat.


The two Sovereigns fought in the air, causing shockwaves to sweep across a distance of more than a dozen miles.

Water Lightning Infinity!

The dressed-in-blue pirate leader shot out beams of water and lightning.

Boom! Boom!

The elder dressed in multi-colored clothes fought back, but his attacks were weakened and absorbed by the beams of water and lightning.

The Water Lightning Infinity attack then formed a chaotic whirlpool.


The elder was pushed back a couple steps.

“Hehe, the report was correct. Old Man Huang, you’re only at the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm. Even if you weren’t injured, you would’t be my match.”

The youth in blue easily suppressed the elder. The latter was injured and was only at 70-80% of his peak.

The Origin Core Realm is split into the Small Origin Core Realm and Great Origin Core Realm, which are both split into early-, middle-, and late-stage.

Zhao Feng watched the two fighting Sovereigns.

The elder in multi-colored clothes was at the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, about the same as the skeletal division Leader, whereas the pirate in blue had reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

In terms of both skill and strength, the pirate had the upper hand. What interested Zhao Feng most was the Water Lightning laws that the pirate cultivated.

Water Lightning, Wood Lightning, Wind Lightning… these were all related to Lightning.

Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Inheritance placed greater importance on speed and offense whereas the pirate’s Water Lightning laws focused on both defense and offense.

“Brat, how dare you not pay attention!?”

The scar-faced male and the other two pirates charged over. The youth in front of them didn’t even seem to bother with them, and he even had the spare time and energy to watch the two Sovereigns fight.

“Haha, this is probably the first time this brat’s entered the limitless ocean. He probably hasn’t seen much.”

One of the peak True Lord Ranks said in disdain.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The three of them quickly surrounded Zhao Feng.

One of the peak True Lord Ranks held a silver whip that whistled around Zhao Feng.

“Peak-tier Spiritual-Grade weapon.”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. The strength of these pirates was greater than he expected.

One had to know that the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion only had a high-tier Spiritual-Grade weapon. The Wheel of Light and Darkness was maybe comparable to a peak-tier Spiritual-Grade weapon at best.

On the other hand, a normal pirate already had a peak-tier Spiritual-Grade weapon.

However, thinking about it, the minimum requirement to travel across the limitless ocean was to be a True Lord Rank, and if these pirates had the strength to rob people traveling said ocean, they wouldn’t be too weak.


The silver whip whistled around Zhao Feng and blocked off his path of retreat.

Only one of the pirates attacked. The other two seemed to be there just to watch a good show.

It was obvious that they thought that one person would be enough to kill Zhao Feng. The reason all three came was because they were wary of Zhao Feng’s speed.

“F*k off!”

Zhao Feng didn’t dodge or evade as the whip flashed over, he simply sent a ripple of wind and lightning across an area of a hundred yards.


The attacking pirate harrumphed coldly, but soon felt his body go numb.


Before he could react, a sharp flash of lightning pierced through his body.


The peak True Lord Rank yelled as he died.

This scene caused the hearts of the scar-faced man and the other other peak True Lord Rank to jump.

So fast!

They were dazed. They thought that they could kill this “retard” with ease, but one of them was killed in an instant instead.

“Watch out, this brat’s Wind Lightning laws are extremely profound.”

The scar-faced man released his half-step Origin Core Realm aura. The two had solemn expressions and no longer dared to underestimate their opponent.

Even the scar-faced man, who had reached the half-step Origin Core Realm, didn’t have the confidence to kill a peak True Lord Rank in one move the way Zhao Feng did.


The scar-faced man and the other pirate looked at each other before they both charged over.

The powerful blows of a half-step Origin Core Realm and a peak True Lord Rank enveloped Zhao Feng.

Such strength was enough to kill a normal True Lord Rank with ease.


A soft sigh came from within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

The skeletal division Leader felt sorry for these pirates. More than a couple Sovereigns had died at the hands of Zhao Feng.

Even if Zhao Feng didn’t use his eye-bloodline, he was unparalleled against those below the Origin Core Realm.


The attacks of the two pirates completely missed.


The other peak True Lord Rank screamed as he was cut in two.


The last remaining scar-faced man took in a cold breath.

The speed this youth displayed was even faster than half-step Origin Core Realms.

“What’s going on?”

The death of two pirates raised the attention of everyone else. Even the pirate leader glanced over.

However, before they figured out what was going on, Zhao Feng had already charged toward the scar-faced man.


It was still a flash of wind and lightning containing a faint purple glow, which caused many beings to tremble uneasily.

“Eight Slaughtering Sky Sealing Fist!”

The scar-faced man used his strongest move with all his power, thrusting out thrusting out eight fists that seemed to seal off the entire area.

One had to admit that the strength the scar-faced man displayed had already exceeded Tiemo and many other half-step Origin Core Realms from the Azure Flower Continent.

But in front of that wind and lightning, his powerful technique was utterly crushed.


The scar-faced man’s body was sliced in two and started to smoke. This scene caused the hearts of both forces to jump.

“That youth is so strong!”

Both sides revealed looks of respect, awe, and fear.

In just an instant, a half-step Origin Core Realm and two peak True Lord Ranks were killed by that youth.

“That youth isn’t simple. I’m the top genius of the Eight Desolate Mountain, but I’m nothing compared to him.”

Loulan Zhishui on the boat was stunned and unable to calm down.

The loss of three pirates raised the pirate leader’s attention.

“Hmm? That youth’s techniques… could it be…?”

The pirate leader was surprised by the situation.

Not only was Zhao Feng strong, his Wind Lightning laws caught the attention of the pirate leader.

He cultivated in the laws of Water Lightning, but he knew that his techniques were nothing in comparison to Zhao Feng’s.

“Hong San. Jiao Si.”

The pirate leader made the other Sovereign cough out blood as he gave an order to two experts.

“Boss, we’ll stall that brat.”

Two powerful auras retreated from the attacking squad. One was an elder with a walking-stick while the other was an ugly male wearing some sort of special skin.

The cultivation of these two had also reached the half-step Origin Core Realm, but their auras were stronger than the scar-faced man from before.

“Kid, how dare you kill our brothers? I’m going to skin you layer-by-layer.”

The ugly man laughed gruesomely as he took out a piece of a scarlet-and-black blade.

The piece of the blade had the blade had a wisp of an Earth-Grade aura and filled the area with pressure.

A piece of an Earth-Grade weapon!

Zhao Feng’s pupils shrunk.

The walking-stick of the elder had an aura between the peak-tier Spiritual-Grade and low-tier Earth-Grade.

“False Earth-Grade weapon!”

The skeletal division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl exclaimed.

Zhao Feng had heard of False Earth-Grade weapons. They were weapons made from pieces of Earth-Grade weapons. Although their power wasn’t as great as a true Earth-Grade weapon, they were complete.

“Junior, die!”

The elder holding the walking-stick and the ugly man attacked at the same time, and the power of two Earth-Grade items seemed to control the world.

Zhao Feng’s expression finally changed as he was targeted by two Earth-Grade auras.

“The combination of these two can fight a Sovereign for a short while.”

Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning glowed with a stronger purple.


Zhao Feng raised his speed to an entirely new level.

Pi! Pa! Boom~~~~

A tornado of wind and lightning started to form, and it contained an aura of Destruction.

The elder with the walking-stick and the ugly man didn’t fear him at all as they teamed up to destroy the tornado.

However, at the same time, a dazzling figure broke through and counterattacked.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Whip!”

An azure-and-purple whip dozens of yards long condensed in Zhao Feng’s hand and swished through the air.

Pi! Pa! Bam!

The whip with a Destruction aura clashed with the two pirates.

“What kind of technique does this brat cultivate? His battle-power is terrifying.”

The two pirates were stunned. They had a piece of an Earth-Grade weapon and a False Earth-Grade weapon and they still didn’t even have the upper hand.

“Purple Destruction Wind Lightning? Could it be the inheritance of the legendary Wind Lightning Emperor?”

On the other side, the pirate leader in blue was completely focused on Zhao Feng.


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