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King Of Gods - Chapter 562


Chapter 562: Chapter 562 - Blue Lightning Pirates

Chapter 562 - Blue Lightning Pirates


Zhao Feng let out a breath after escaping.

“Master, a group of pirates has locked on to us.”

The skeletal division Leader said from within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.


Zhao Feng wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings previously. After hearing that and concentrating, he could manage to faintly sense them.

His senses were faint because he was relying on his Spiritual Sense, since he still didn’t dare to easily use the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Pirates in the limitless ocean often rob businessmen and some other types of people, but it looks like they’re not planning to make a move on you.”

The skeletal division Leader had a weird expression as it spoke. Because it specialized in the Dao of the Soul, its Spiritual Sense was so strong that it could hear what the pirates were talking about.

The skeletal division Leader didn’t know whether to laugh or smile;these pirates thought that Zhao Feng was too poor to rob.

The skeletal division Leader didn’t know how to express its current emotions. The wealth that Zhao Feng had was enough to make even its eyes go red.

Putting aside the Earth-Grade inheritance weapon and the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, just the raw materials on him surpassed a normal one-star clan.

Before they left, Zhao Feng gathered a bunch of resources from the Purple Saint Ruins and filled up his interspatial ring.

These pirates never would have thought that the wealth this youth had was comparable to thousands of years of robbing.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

At this moment, there were still a few beasts that were chasing after Zhao Feng.


He didn’t dare to stay any longer and proceeded to run away through the air.

The map of the Tianlu Islands once again appeared in his mind.

“This place is within the Eight Desolate Mountain’s territory.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes looked ahead, but unfortunately, he couldn’t see very far without the use of his left eye.

Hu~ Sou!

The gray boat behind him was silently travelling at a steady speed.

The boat was made of an extremely tough material. Attacks from normal beasts wouldn’t be able to put a dent in it.

There were at least a couple dozen rooms within the boat, and a discussion was going on in one of the rooms.

“Boss, that brat’s flying on the same route as us. Will he disrupt our plan?”

A scar-faced man asked.

“Hmph, since he doesn’t know what’s good for him, we should send a couple brothers over and get rid of him. A mosquito’s meat is still meat.”

Several pirates were getting impatient.

At this moment, Zhao Feng flying ahead of them had caught their attention. Zhao Feng’s distance to their boat was extremely close.

“Suppress it for just a while longer.”

At the head of the seats was a youth dressed in blue. He was extremely handsome and contradicted the usual fierce look of a pirate.

The blue-dressed youth thought for a while before his expression turned nasty, “There’s too many beasts around, and there were even auras of some Sovereign beasts before. If this retard affects our plan, even killing him ten thousand times won’t be enough of a punishment.”

Most of the pirates were disdainful toward Zhao Feng, but they didn’t know whether to just kill him or not.


Zhao Feng flew according to the map in his mind, but what made him speechless was that the pirates kept following him.

Even the skeletal division Leader didn’t understand.

At the moment, the pirates had all gone inside the boat, so it didn’t dare to spy on them.

After flying flying for dozens of thousands of miles, the outline of a large mountain appeared.

The higher one was in the limitless ocean, the further one could see.

“That’s the Eight Desolate Mountain!”

Zhao Feng felt the Yuan Qi. Although it wasn’t as great as the Azure Flower Continent, it was still several times better than the limitless ocean.

According to the map, the Eight Desolate Mountain was the only place where humans could live within a few million miles, and it was considered a “refueling” location.

There were many islands that were even smaller than the Azure Flower Continent in the limitless ocean. There were deserts, mountains, swamps, etc.

The Eight Desolate Mountain was an area full of mountains, and it was the size of the Cloud area.

At the same time:

“Boss, the target’s appeared.”

The expression of the pirates changed slightly, and the blue-dressed youth nodded his head, “We’ll attack after we get a bit closer.”

“Hmph, we’ll finish off that brat as well.”

The scar-faced man licked his lips.


The gray boat sped up a bit.


Zhao Feng felt that it was slightly unusual. Not only were the pirates speeding up, a dark blue boat had appeared in front of him as well.

The dark blue boat was three stories high, and he felt several half-step Origin Core Realm auras as he got close.

These auras seemed to be warning Zhao Feng.

“Hahaha! A measly late-stage True Lord Rank dares to venture through the limitless ocean alone?”

“Could that brat be some young master that lost his way?”

Several figures appeared on the dark blue boat, and they pointed at Zhao Feng with playful expressions.

It was obviously a rare sight to see a True Lord Rank traveling across the limitless ocean alone.

On the dark blue boat, an elder stood at the very front. Next front. Next to him were several half-step Origin Core Realms.


Zhao Feng felt a wisp of mental energy from the elder, but the latter’s gaze only faintly scanned Zhao Feng without paying very much attention.

“The nearest island is tens of millions of miles away. His cultivation is the same as mine, but he can already travel across the limitless ocean. Incredible!”

A young girl’s voice sounded. An average-looking young girl appeared next to the Sovereign and looked at Zhao Feng with admiration.

The laughing figures stiffened. It was indeed unusual for a measly late-stage True Lord Rank to be able to travel so far across the limitless ocean alone.

“This youth definitely has a problem!”

The eyes of the older experts twinkled as they became wary and suspicious.

Zhao Feng was just about to go around the boat and almost rolled his eyes when he heard that, but a cold killing intent appeared from behind. The gray boat was speeding up and heading over.


The Sovereign already found that something was weird about Zhao Feng’s presence and used his Spiritual Sense.

“Everyone, watch out! Pirates!”

His expression changed dramatically as he scanned over the area with his Spiritual Sense.

More than a dozen figures instantly appeared on the boat.

“I told you that there was something wrong with that brat.”

“That brat is probably a scout for the pirates.”

The experts, including the Sovereign, all looked coldly at Zhao Feng, but he wasn’t important at the moment.

Dozens of fierce figures flew over from the gray boat. The leader was a youth in blue who brought an unparalleled power with him.

Without a doubt, he had reached the Origin Core Realm.

“Not good! It’s the Blue Lightning Pirates!”

The elder’s heart dropped, and he took a deep breath as he looked at the youth dressed in blue dressed in blue with wariness.

“Blue Lightning Pirates! One of the ten biggest pirate groups around the Eight Desolate Mountain!”

Chaos broke out on the dark blue boat.

Of the dozens of figures from the Blue Lightning Pirates, the weakest of them had reached the peak True Lord Rank, and there were five or six half-step Origin Core Realms.

The group on the defending boat got into a formation, but the pirates had the advantage both in numbers and in strength.


The instant the two forces clashed, screams of agony came from the defenders.

“Blue Lightning Pirates, please stop! There’s nothing important on this boat. If you want something, we can talk it over. There’s no need to fight.”

The Sovereign elder tried to stop the violence.

Normally, pirates only wanted treasure. As long as the travelling boats paid a price, they would be safe.

“Hehe. Old man, we don’t want money. As long as you hand over Lady Loulan Zhishui, we can let you live.”

The youth in blue smiled.

“Lady Loulan? How did you know?”

The Sovereign elder was shocked and his heart fell.

The youth in blue smiled at the average-looking girl next to the elder.


The elder spoke in a cold tone, “Even if I die, I shall send Lady Loulan to the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect. The hope of the Loulan family rests on her.”

“Kill everyone! Capture Loulan Zhisuhi alive!”

The youth in blue ordered.

The two forces started to fight once more.

“So that’s how it is.”

Zhao Feng finally understood why the pirates didn’t attack him, but he didn’t have any business in this matter.

Zhao Feng silently tried to go around.

“Zhe zhe zhe. Brat! You think you can run away from the Blue Lightning Pirates?”

A fierce scar-faced man and two other peak True Lord Ranks charged over toward Zhao Feng.


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