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King Of Gods - Chapter 560


Chapter 560: Chapter 560 - Departure

Chapter 560 - Departure

On the third floor of the Treasured Palace, Zhao Feng informed the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and Zhao Yufei that he wanted to leave the ruins. The Purple Saint Partial Spirit sighed, but she wasn’t surprised.

Indeed. Zhao Feng couldn’t stay here any longer.

He had a mark from the Emperor of Death, so he would bring disaster wherever he went. If Zhao Feng stayed here, he would only make things more dangerous instead of keeping the place safe.

The three sects outside already put a lot of pressure on the Purple Saint Ruins. If an Emperor came on top of that, the result would be unimaginable.

Zhao Feng didn’t want to see such an ending.

“Zhao Feng, if your eye is really a God Eye then it will have the same characteristic as the other eight Great God Eyes – the one and only in the world.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said in a deep tone.

“God Eye? One and only?”

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered what the Six Warlock divine Sage had divined. The Sage said that his God’s Spiritual Eye could reach the heights of a God Eye.

“Every God Eye is the one and only of its kind in the world, and together they’re the ancestors of all other eye-bloodlines. Peak eye-bloodlines are only bloodlines that have a faint concentration of a God Eye bloodline.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit explained.

“Doesn’t that mean that, as long as the Eye of Death exists, other eye-bloodlines with the attribute of Death can’t become a God Eye?”

Zhao Feng seemed to understand something and knew why the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was warning him.

“That’s right. The eight Great God Eyes are related to the laws of the universe. There can only be one God Eye of a certain characteristic at once.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit nodded her head.

“Can’t one cultivate and reach the God Eye level?”

Zhao Feng felt that it was extremely weird.


The Purple Saint Partial Spirit shook her head, “No matter how hard one tries to cultivate their eye-bloodline, it can’t become a God Eye.”

She continued speaking after a long pause, “Apparently, the only way to acquire a God Eye is to either steal someone else’s God Eye or kill and replace them as the new holder of the God Eye.”

Steal someone else’s God Eye.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook as he understood what she meant.

As long as the Emperor of Death stole Zhao Feng’s God Eye, he would become the new owner of a God Eye.

“There’s something else I need to warn you about. Although you’ve blocked over 90% of the aura, the Emperor of Death can still sense your general direction.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit told Zhao Feng.


Although Zhao Feng had blocked 90% of the aura from being released, the sensation of danger still hadn’t disappeared.

He only weakened the Emperor of Death’s senses, they weren’t fully blocked.

“Zhao Feng, you still have a bit of time to prepare. You can take the resources in the Purple Saint Ruins. The Emperor of Death won’t be able to reach this place for some time. The distance between him and here is countless times further than here to the Azure Flower Continent.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled and said.

“Thank you, Senior.”

Zhao Feng felt grateful. He had received a lot of resources during both of his visits.

Three days later, Zhao Feng recovered to his peak.

He and the skeletal division Leader then started to gather resources within the ruins. Of course, most of them were to complete the Hundred Corpse plan.

“I shouldn’t use my eye-bloodline easily from now on or else it’ll increase the Emperor of Death’s ability to sense me. The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array will become an important part of my strength.”

Zhao Feng placed a lot of importance on it.

Half a month later, everything was going to plan.

Zhao Feng had a mountain of resources in his interspatial ring. Some were for the Hundred Corpse Plan while others might be useful later in the future.

In this period of time, the skeletal division Leader had successfully successfully refined some more ghost-corpses, reaching a total of sixty.

The skeletal division Leader had recovered to its peak as well, and its speed of refining the ghost-corpses was much faster.

However, Zhao Feng had higher expectations for the ghost-corpses now. He wanted every one of them to reach the peak True Lord Rank.

The two dark silver ghost-corpses were closing in on the half-step Origin Core Realm after expending a lot of materials.

“I’ve got enough resources, and my goal is getting closer step by step.”

Zhao Feng finally prepared to leave on this day.

On the third floor of the Purple Saint Treasured Palace, Zhao Feng saw the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and Zhao Yufei one more time.

“Senior Purple Spirit, everything’s done. I’m going to leave now.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath, and Zhao Yufei’s eyes were watery. Every day that Zhao Feng was in the ruins, she felt safe.

“Zhao Feng, where do you want to go?”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit questioned.

Zhao Feng started to think, and he soon had an answer.

He couldn’t go back to the Azure Flower Continent – at least, not before the danger was over.

Furthermore, there was still a knot in his heart about his “fiancée,” Liu Qinxin.

The image of a quiet and elegant girl that seemed to be straight out of a painting appeared in his mind.

“Does Senior Purple Saint know of an inheritance called the ‘Sky Saint Qin Inheritance’?”

Zhao Feng asked.

Sky Saint Qin Inheritance?

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit thought for a while before responding, “I remember that there was a peak two-star sect called the Sky Saint Qin Palace in the southern area, under the control of the Sacred Dream Land. That sect is pretty unique.”

Sky Saint Qin Palace? Unique?

Hearing that, Zhao Feng revealed a look of joy.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s master was indeed worthy of being an extremely powerful being who was extremely knowledgeable.

Zhao Feng instinctively felt that the Sky Saint Qin Palace was related to the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance.

“But that’s a memory from tens of thousands of years of years ago. I don’t know their current situation.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit added.

“Senior, can you send me somewhere close to the Sky Saint Qin Palace?”

Zhao Feng asked. He needed to run for his life as well as confirm whether Liu Qinxin was dead or alive.

“The Sky Saint Qin Palace is too far away. I can only do my best to send you as far as I can.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said.

For the next one or two days, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit prepared a teleportation array in order to use less of her strength.

Two days later, everything was ready.

“Zhao Feng, my spirit is becoming weaker and weaker. I can only barely send you to the edges of the Tianlu Islands.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said in an apologetic tone.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. Last time, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit could send him back to the Azure Flower Continent, but now she couldn’t even send him away from the Tianlu Islands.

“Thank you, Senior.”

However, Zhao Feng still felt satisfied.

Before he left:

“Brother Zhao Feng, why are you trying to find the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance? When can you return?”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes were red.

Zhao Feng didn’t hide anything and told a shortened version about “finding Liu Qinxin.”

“Liu Qinxin? You’re going to find… your fiancée?”

Zhao Yufei was dazed;she seemed to be in a nightmare.


A door appeared on the third floor of the Treasure Palace.

“I hope we can meet later sometime.”

Zhao Feng stepped into the door. Before he left, he found that Zhao Yufei was motionless and seemed to be in extreme pain.

That scene caused his heart to tremble and hurt, but he disappeared the second he stepped into the door.

“Yufei! Yufei!”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit shouted. In the third floor of the Treasured Palace, Zhao Yufei acted as if she had lost her soul as tears streaked down her face.

“Why… why!!?”

Zhao Yufei’s voice trembled in agony.

She touched her heart with her hands and trembled. She didn’t know where this pain was coming from.

Although it wasn’t like it wasn’t like her heart was being ripped apart, the pain was continuous.

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei left Sun Feather City almost seven years ago now.

“Yufei, don’t assume the worst. From my analysis, Zhao Feng’s fiancée Liu Qinxin has most likely died in that inheritance.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit encouraged.

Hearing that, Zhao Yufei’s crying paused.

Thinking about it carefully, Liu Qinxin hadn’t communicated with the outside world for such a long time, so she was most likely dead.

Even the Sage said that there was far more misfortune than fortune.

“Zhao Feng probably wants to find her so he can untie the knot in his heart. You’ve known him since you were young, you just haven’t broken the paper yet. You have something that Liu Qinxin never will.” (Idiom meaning to officially tell someone you like them/actually start dating.)

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled as she continued her encouragement.

Zhao Yufei’s tears and the pain in her heart started to decrease.

“If Liu Qinxin is dead, how good would that be…?”

A thought appeared in Zhao Yufei’s mind that caused her to feel guilty.

At the same time, at the edges of the Tianlu Islands, misty air came into view.

“So, this is the infinite ocean?”

Zhao Feng couldn’t see the end of the ocean.

The infinite ocean was different from land. Here, Zhao Feng felt as if his body had no weight, and even if he didn’t try to fly, his body floated in the air like a feather.

The gravity and resistance here were insignificant.

Zhao Feng felt that, if he wanted to fly here, he would be at least tens of times faster than flying on land.

“My target is another area in the southern part of the infinite ocean….”

A map that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit had supplied appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind.

However, right at this moment, Zhao Feng felt a familiar yet unknown sensation that made him feel danger.

The origin of this feeling didn’t come from the Emperor of Death.

Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically. He realized that he had forgotten about something.


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