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King Of Gods - Chapter 557


Chapter 557: Chapter 557 - Token of Death

Chapter 557 - Token of Death

In the outside world, above the mountains, the experts of the three sects broke into chaos, and some Sovereigns couldn’t help but take in cold breaths.

Even the three Void God Realms had solemn expressions.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was like a nightmare deeply ingrained in their hearts.

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ eyes landed on Zhao Feng as she gave a long sigh.

“Let’s try to save the remaining three.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess broke the silence, and the other two Void God Realms looked at each other and sighed with helplessness.

When Elder Shui Yun died, they knew they lost. Elder Shui Yun was extremely important;as long as she didn’t die, the other members always had hope of recovering to their peak. It could be said that she was the core of the group.

Zhao Feng also understood that. Killing Elder Shui Yun meant that Grandmaster Yin Kong wouldn’t be able to recover within a short amount of time. Therefore, Zhao Feng decisively used his new Void Space Eye Slash on Elder Shui Yun.

In the Purple Saint Ruins, the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array continued operating. Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er didn’t give up;they teamed up to attack the skeletal division Leader.

“I still have a Void God Protection that should be able to kill it.”

Zhuang Wan’er said.


Grandmaster Yin Kong stopped the two.

Zhuang Wan’er was slightly hesitant, but Grandmaster Yin Kong’s urgent voice sounded, “The real threat comes from Zhao Feng. Even I don’t have confidence to return fully unharmed.”

Hearing this, the hearts of the two girls shook. They didn’t think that even Grandmaster Yin Kong had lost the will to battle, then thinking about how Lu Tianyi and Elder Shui Yun had been killed, the two had no more courage left to fight.


Grandmaster Yin Kong’s figure flashed through the air, leaving several afterimages.

Shua! Shua!

Within two breaths’ time, Grandmaster Yin Kong took the two girls and escaped the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

He paid a certain price for it as he took on the attacks of the skeletal division Leader and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

The direction that Grandmaster Yin Kong ran was toward the mysterious canyon.

“Want to run?”

Zhao Feng put away the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and told the skeletal division Leader to enter the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning flapped as Zhao Feng pursued Grandmaster Yin Kong.

“Zhao Feng, since you’ve already comprehended the Void Space Eye Slash, why don’t you just kill those three straight away?”

The skeletal division Leader asked with puzzlement.

Zhao Feng already had the strength to kill Small Origin Core Realms, so why didn’t he continue killing them?

“The core part of the Void Space Eye Slash is the Spatial Movement, which requires a lot of energy. I only have enough energy to use it one more time.”

Zhao Feng explained.

At this moment in time, he only had the strength to use one more Void Space Eye Slash and, of the three, the biggest threat easily came from Grandmaster Yin Kong, which meant that he had to use it well. If the target was a normal Sovereign, Zhao Feng’s attack would easily kill them, but Grandmaster Yin Kong specialized in the Laws of Space, so Zhao Feng couldn’t truly lock on to him.

It was because of this that Zhao Feng didn’t dare to easily attack and simply chased after them.

“That Zhao Feng shouldn’t have too much bloodline power left. He should be at my level by now….”

Grandmaster Yin Kong was wary as he ran. It wasn’t hard to analyze that Zhao Feng only had one more chance to use the Void Space Eye Slash, otherwise he would’ve attacked long ago.

Like this, one followed the other.

Zhao Feng’s wings flapped while the little thieving cat stood on his shoulder as they pursued Grandmaster Yin Kong.

Both sides were extremely focused. Grandmaster Yin Kong and company were watching watching out for Zhao Feng’s next Void Space Eye Slash.

Grandmaster Yin Kong and the other two soon arrived at the mysterious canyon. This was where the spatial array was located.

“Relax and construct the array. Zhao Feng won’t use his last Void Space Eye Slash on you two.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong ordered the two women. At the same time, the three Void God Realms started to send their power toward the hole, disregarding the price they would have to pay to do so.

“The spatial hole is complete.”

The other array masters constructed the spatial array on their end.

Within the mysterious canyon, Grandmaster Yin Kong felt the unique aura that belonged to the spatial array and was overjoyed.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye obviously also sensed it. According to the disturbance in space, he could tell when the spatial hole was going to open.

“Hmph, you want to leave just like that?”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

As soon as he landed on the ground, the skeletal division Leader appeared and controlled the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array to envelop the area around the spatial array.

Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er were being chased around by the skeletal division Leader and couldn’t last much longer.

“Void God Protection!”

Zhuang Wan’er broke a jade slip in her hands, and a large demonic female figure appeared behind her back.

A divine power instantly filled the area with a great pressure.

Of course, Zhuang Wan’er only summoned the Void God Protection;she didn’t dare to actually use it, as it could only be used once.

Because Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader both had Earth-Grade weapons alongside the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, even an attack from a Void God Protection wouldn’t be able to kill them.

This was especially true for Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had the Void Space Eye Slash for offense and the Water Spirit divine Change for defense.

It could be said that Zhao Feng was unparalleled within the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhuang Wan’er didn’t want to annoy Zhao Feng and make and make him use his last attack on her. If he did then she would most likely die.


Right at this moment, Zhao Feng sensed a familiar sensation pass through space.

“Die! Void Space Eye Slash!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye glinted with purple and azure. In that instant, the hearts of Grandmaster Yin Kong and company jumped up to their throats.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong felt that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power had landed on him.


A one-meter-long blade slashed through a silver afterimage.

“He missed!”

The people watching and the people present all exclaimed.

In the next moment:


Grandmaster Yin Kong appeared dozens of yards away with a joyful smile, but he suddenly felt that something was off.

The sharp slash just now hadn’t moved through space. It wasn’t the real Void Space Eye Slash.

“Void Space Eye Slash!”


A whirlpool appeared in the middle of Grandmaster Yin Kong’s body.

“Not good!”

Grandmaster Yin Kong realized that he was tricked. The “Void Space Eye Slash” just now was only a normal Azure Eye Piercing Slash used to trick Grandmaster Yin Kong.


Grandmaster Yin Kong’s heart leapt, and he used the fastest speed he could to leave a blur of silver behind.


The meter-long blade sliced through the silver figure.


Blood splattered.


Grandmaster Yin Kong reappeared with his hand covering a hole in his chest.

Although his reaction was fast, he wasn’t able to dodge the Void Space Eye Slash.


Grandmaster Yin Kong’s body started to tremble as he tried to speak. The aura of Destruction was destroying Grandmaster Yin Kong’s organs.

“Hmph, I already calculated where you would appear. The instant you appeared, I moved the Azure Eye Piercing Slash inside your body.”

Zhao Feng laughed coldly. The reason he succeeded this time was because he knew where Grandmaster Yin Kong would reappear.

The Void Space Eye Slash’s most terrifying aspect was that he could move the attack to the inside of the opponent’s body.

“I… I hate…”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes were blood-red, and he full of regret and hatred.

If it weren’t for the fact that the fact that he had underestimated the enemy and tried to capture Zhao Feng alive, he wouldn’t have ended up in this state.

At this moment in time, his lifeforce was depleting. If Elder Shui Yun was nearby, she might have been able to save his life, but unfortunately for Grandmaster Yin Kong, Zhao Feng killed her.


At this instant, Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er charged into the spatial hole.


The spatial hole closed as the two disappeared.

“How unfortunate.”

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power was depleted or else he would have tried to take those two hostage in order to make the three sects more wary of him.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong.”

Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on the dying silver-eyed youth.

Even at this moment, he didn’t dare to underestimate the opponent and was prepared for anything. Zhao Feng was extremely weak right now, so if Grandmaster Yin Kong had any killing moves up his sleeve, Zhao Feng might be killed.

Therefore, Zhao Feng hid within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and was ready to drag the fight out.

As expected, a black token appeared in Grandmaster Yin Kong’s hand.

There was one word carved onto the token – Death.

“That’s… that’s…!!!!”

Zhao Feng felt his heart tremble as a surge of cold killing intent entered his soul.

In this instant, the God’s Spiritual Eye trembled.

“What a powerful aura of Death….”

The skeletal division Leader’s soul was shaking, and it wanted to kneel down instinctively.

“Hahaha… Zhao Feng, even if I die, you won’t have a good outcome. Do you know who the owner of this Token of Death is?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong merged his blood into the token.

Watch out!

Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader were extremely wary.

Right before he died, Grandmaster Yin Kong roared in laughter, “Although I’m talented in the Laws of Space, my eye-bloodline isn’t truly descended from the Spatial God’s Eye Bloodline. However, the owner of this Token of Death comes from one of the Eight Great God Eyes….”

His voice came to a sudden stop.


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