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King Of Gods - Chapter 556


Chapter 556: Chapter 556 - Void Space Eye Slash

Chapter 556 - Void Space Eye Slash

“Water Spirit divine Change!”

This was Elder Shui Yun’s profound technique. However, at this moment, it made an appearance from Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s body became liquid-like, and the Spatial Void Sword Wave’s attack passed through his body.

The experts watching outside clicked their tongues. They all knew Elder Shui Yun’s move. The Water Spirit divine Change was a secret technique that not many had been able to cultivate.

The Water Spirit divine Change uses the power of Water and one’s bloodline, allowing the user to momentarily turn into a liquid-like state, making them almost impossible to be killed.

Zhao Feng’s eyes were calm.

At the same time, the Ice Imperial Spear in his body supported the Water Spirit divine Change. It was because of this that he could use the Water Spirit divine Change before reaching the Origin Core Realm.

“F*k! When did this brat learn that type of technique?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong couldn’t help but grind his teeth.


Zhao Feng took the Spatial Void Sword Wave attack head-on for two or three breaths.

Of course, it wasn’t as if Zhao Feng was completely unharmed. Spatial attacks were extremely unique;even though he was in a liquid state that stopped 70-80% of the damage, he was still injured.

“Luckily, I merged the Ice Imperial Spear back into my body.”

Zhao Feng could still feel the pain of his body being injured, but fortunately, he had the Ice Imperial Spear within his body, which allowed his Water Spirit divine Change to reach the level of when Elder Shui Yun used it.

Di! Da!

Water moved around Zhao Feng’s body and started to heal him. Although he was injured, his recovery speed surpassed the damage inflicted.

“How did he do it? How did he learn my secret technique?”

Elder Shui Yun was dazed.

Three breaths later:


The Spatial Void Sword Wave ended. Grandmaster Yin Kong’s face went pale, and his expression became solemn.

Zhao Feng’s potential and strength were greater than he imagined. Even someone like Grandmaster Yin Kong felt troubled.

At the same time:


Zhao Feng’s liquid body returned to normal.


This made Elder Shui Yun and company slightly surprised.

The Water Spirit divine Change could not only change the user’s body into an invulnerable liquid state, it could also increase one’s battle-power. However, Zhao Feng’s version only turned his body into liquid without increasing his strength.

Elder Shui Yun understood after thinking about it. Zhao Feng only had a short amount of time to learn the skill, and the complete version of the Water Spirit divine Change used too much energy.

Zhao Feng’s bloodline power and cultivation were still a ways away from her’s, so he would become severely depleted if he continued to use this secret technique.

The Water Spirit divine Change uses too much energy. Just from using an incomplete version, I feel so tired.

Zhao Feng didn’t immediately attack. The sensation of fatigue he felt made him cautious.

Grandmaster Yin Kong was in the same state;he had used a lot of his eye-bloodline power.

Firstly, just getting into the ruins had used half of his bloodline power.

After that, he killed the stone giant and attacked the skeletal division Leader. The clash with Zhao Feng also expended a lot of his energy.

The Spatial Void Sword Wave was a ranged attack that expended a lot of energy, but he had to use it because small, single-target attacks would just be teleported away by Zhao Feng.


At this moment, the skeletal division Leader waved the black flag and directed the dark gray mist around the enemies.


Grandmaster Yin Kong and company’s injuries worsened after being eroded by the power of the curse.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Whip!”

Zhao Feng roared with laughter as he formed a dozens-of-yards-long whip whip made of wind and lightning, causing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to whistle.

Pi! Pa! Boom~~~~

The Wind Lightning Whip was filled with an aura of Destruction as it attacked the people below.

At this moment, the experts from the three sects fell into despair once more.

Above them was a whip made of wind and lightning and below them was the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

The only person that had the ability to escape was Grandmaster Yin Kong, but if he did so, he would lose his leg since Elder Shui Yun didn’t have time to reattach it yet.

“Silver Spatial Restriction!”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes sent out a wave of spatial power.

This time, his target was the skeletal division Leader because it was controlling the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and the curse affected the final outcome.

“Purple Destruction – Azure Eye Piercing Slash!”

Zhao Feng laughed coldly as he used his fastest attack on Grandmaster Yin Kong.


The transparent blade glowed with purple and radiated an aura of Destruction.

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s expression changed.


Grandmaster Yin Kong’s body disappeared, leaving behind a silver ripple.

The Azure Eye Piercing Slash missed once again.

Watching the Azure Eye Piercing Slash fading away, Zhao Feng’s mind started turning with a dangerous thought.

The transparent blade started to fade.

If I can merge the Azure Eye Piercing Slash and Spatial Movement into one move and give the former the power of Space, wouldn’t that mean…?

Zhao Feng’s eyes were twinkling.

“Zhao Feng, save me~~~~!”

The skeletal division Leader lost the ability the move because of the Silver Spatial Restriction, so it called for help through the Dark Heart Seed.

Without the skeletal division Leader’s control, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s strength had already decreased by half, and Lu Tianyi and company were about to escape.

“All of you are responsible for killing that skeleton. It’s been restricted by my spatial powers and can’t move.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong Yin Kong smiled and returned to Elder Shui Yun. He still needed her help.


Lu Tianyi and the other two started to advance toward the skeletal division Leader.

Once Lu Tianyi and company got close, the skeletal division Leader would definitely die.

“Purple Destruction – Azure Eye Piercing Slash!”

Zhao Feng sent another beam of an Azure Eye Piercing Slash over.

This one was different from before. The size of this Azure Eye Piercing Slash was only a meter long, and it was more condensed.

The Azure Eye Piercing Slash from before was several yards wide. This one is only a meter wide, but it’s more condensed and uses only 90% of the energy compared to before.

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. The energy used to create this Azure Eye Piercing Slash was miniscule.

Of course, this was preparation for his next step.

“It’s useless. Your attacks can’t lock on to me.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong smiled and easily dodged the Azure Eye Piercing Slash while maintaining the Silver Spatial Restriction on the skeletal division Leader.

“Save me…!”

The skeletal division Leader was unable to move, and Lu Tianyi was holding his Earth-Grade weapon and closing in.

Right at this moment, the meter-long Azure Eye Piercing Slash disappeared.

“Spatial… Movement!”

A transparent ripple appeared right on top of Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi’s body froze and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The half-transparent blade, which was still radiating an aura of Destruction, passed through his body.

“Help…. Help….”

Lu Tianyi tried to speak, but the Azure Eye Piercing Slash with a destructive aura had appeared directly inside of his body.


Lu Tianyi fell to the ground.

He was dead.

One of the most talented geniuses of the three sects had fallen here.


“Brother Lu…!”

Elder Shui Yun, Ye Yanyu, and the experts in the outside world exclaimed.

Within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er were at a loss on what to do.

Even someone to do.

Even someone as strong as Lu Tianyi was killed instantly by Zhao Feng.

“That slash was even more unique than my Spatial Void Sword Wave. It actually moved the attack straight into the opponent’s body.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s heart shook.

His Spatial Void Sword Wave still required time to reach the target, but Zhao Feng’s attack just appeared straight within the opponent’s body.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong… thank you very much. Your talent in Space has allowed me to comprehend and create my strongest eye-bloodline technique yet – Void Space Eye Slash!”

Zhao Feng howled. Merging the Azure Eye Piercing Slash and the Spatial Movement had become Zhao Feng’s most powerful attack.

Void Space Eye Slash?

The hearts of the people present shook.

“If you surrender now, I might let you all live.”

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and said in a confident manner.

At this moment in time, he didn’t even bother with the restricted skeletal division Leader.

“Brat, don’t be so arrogant. You killed Lu Tianyi;the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect won’t forgive you.”

Elder Shui Yun snickered coldly.

“Die. Void Space Eye Slash!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye glinted with azure and purple.


Elder Shui Yun’s body froze as blood splattered everywhere.

A blade with an aura of Destruction sliced through her heart and took her life.


Elder Shui Yun fell to the ground, dead.


In the outside world, the watching experts broke into chaos.

With just one glance, he killed a Sovereign.

Lu Tianyi and Elder Shui Yun, two Sovereigns, were killed in a single move each.

“Terrifying…. How did this Zhao Feng comprehend such a terrifying eye-bloodline technique?”

The watching Sovereigns all took in a cold breath.

Within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array:

When did Zhao Feng become so scary? He’s killing Sovereigns as easily as chopping radishes.

The skeletal division Leader was stunned.

Unknowingly, the restriction upon its body had disappeared. Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes were full of panic and fear.


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