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King Of Gods - Chapter 555


Chapter 555: Chapter 555 - The Price of Underestimation

Chapter 555 - The Price of Underestimation

Just as about the skeletal division Leader was about to be killed, Zhao Feng used his new technique of Spatial Movement.

The second silver spatial blade was engulfed by a whirlpool just as it was about to hit the skeletal division Leader.


The faint silver blade disappeared.

In the Green Sky Water Border, the eyes of Elder Shui Yun and company bulged.

The critical hit that would’ve taken the skeletal division Leader’s life was dispersed by Zhao Feng.


The skeletal division Leader let out a breath. Luckily, Zhao Feng saved it, otherwise it would’ve died even if it had an Earth-Grade weapon.

At the same time, it looked at Zhao Feng with a complex expression.

At the moment, Zhao Feng couldn’t lose the skeletal division Leader. After all, it could stall Elder Shui Yun, Lu Tianyi, Zhuang Wan’er, and Ye Yanyu.

“If Zhao Feng dies, then I won’t have any hope at all.”

The skeletal division Leader didn’t dare to have any other thoughts.

At the same time, as the skeletal division Leader was letting out a breath:

“Weird. There’s no power of spatial laws, but he’s able to get rid of my technique.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyebrows furrowed and his heart suddenly twitched. A dangerous sensation enveloped his body, and he even caught a whiff of an ancient dimensional aura.

“Spatial… movement!”

A transparent and watery whirlpool appeared right in front of Grandmaster Yin Kong.


The silver spatial blade reappeared in front of Grandmaster Yin Kong.


Grandmaster Yin Kong howled as blood spurted from his body.

What… what’s going on!!?

The expressions of Elder Shui Yun, Lu Tianyi, and company changed. They didn’t know what just happened.


In the outside world, the spectators broke out into discussion.

“Why did that blade reappear in front of Grandmaster Yin Kong?”

“What… kind of secret technique was that?”

Even the Sovereigns were shocked, and the three Void God Realms had looks of disbelief.

They started to think about what just happened.

Firstly, the second silver spatial blade was slicing toward the skeletal division Leader and was about to take its life. But right at that moment, Zhao Feng somehow made the silver spatial blade disappear.

More precisely, he had taken the silver spatial blade to another dimension – the dimension of his left eye.

After that, the silver spatial blade that had disappeared reappeared in front of Grandmaster Yin Kong and caught him off guard.

Grandmaster Yin Kong was thinking about what Zhao Feng had done and wasn’t expecting such a thing to happen. He ended up paying a heavy price for his carelessness.


Grandmaster Yin Kong’s body fell to the ground. A bone-deep gash extended from his chest to his leg.

One of his legs had been chopped off.


Grandmaster Yin Kong suppressed the pain, and his eyes were full of hatred and regret.

If he hadn’t underestimated the opponent and used his bloodline to sense the disturbance in space, he would’ve had a 50-60% of dodging the attack.

Unfortunately, from the beginning, he had been strutting around in a victorious manner.

“Hehe, you should be very proud. You’re the first to test out the power of my Spatial Movement.”

Zhao Feng laughed.

At the beginning, he only knew how to “take” the target, but he eventually realized that he could “release” it, thus this Spatial Movement technique had been in the works ever since the Demonic Hell Vine incident.

Even before Elder Shui Yun and company had come in, Zhao Feng had already perfected Spatial Movement.

“Brat, looks like I indeed underestimated you.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes were blood-red as he forcefully suppressed his killing intent.

He still wanted to capture Zhao Feng alive, but he was severely injured now.


Grandmaster Yin Kong took his chopped off leg and entered the Green Sky Water Border.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong!”

Elder Shui Yun immediately went to help him.

“This Grandmaster Yin Kong’s pretty smart….”

Zhao Feng’s Feng’s expression didn’t change. He was still thinking about Grandmaster Yin Kong’s silver spatial blade.

The silver spatial blade was a bloodline technique that could merge into space to a certain degree. It was because of this that normal defenses couldn’t do much against it and it was hard to dodge.

Unfortunately, Zhao Feng didn’t have a spatial eye-bloodline, so even if he knew the theory behind it, he couldn’t copy it.

But that didn’t mean that Zhao Feng didn’t get any benefits out of it.

The silver spatial blade and his Spatial Movement both regarded the use of space and focused on “explosiveness.”

“This kid’s bloodline is extremely weird. He can even move spatial attacks.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong was stunned.

At this moment in time, Elder Shui Yun was healing him and trying to reconnect his leg, but how could Zhao Feng let that proceed smoothly?

“Earth-Grade inheritance weapon – Ice Imperial Spear!”

Zhao Feng extended his hand and gathered his bloodline power. The figure of an ice-blue spear started to condense. If the true Ice Imperial Spear was formed, Zhao Feng believed that he could stop Grandmaster Yin Kong from being healed as long as he had the help of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

“Silver Spatial Restriction!”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes sent out a beam of light that locked on to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s body suddenly froze. It was as if he had been bound by ropes, unable to move.


The figure of the spear in his hand started to fade.

“What a profound technique! He froze the space around Zhao Feng.”

The skeletal division Leader couldn’t help but exclaim.


Zhao Feng struggled but found that even talking was hard.

“Junior, resistance is futile. My Silver Spatial Restriction restricts the entire space in that area;every living being in that area will lose their ability to move.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong mocked.

Elder Shui Yun only needed ten breaths to reconnect his leg. Although he was he was severely injured and unable to fully recover within a short amount of time, at least he wouldn’t need to fight with one leg.


“…every living being in that area will lose their ability to move.”

As soon as Grandmaster Yin Kong’s words finished:

Miao miao!

A small silver-gray cat the size of a palm appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and threw a couple old bronze coins into the air.

“Wha… what!?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s smile froze.

He just said that every living being would be unable to move and some cat was jumping around and slapping his face.

“Little thieving cat?”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. He was unable to move, but the little thieving cat wasn’t affected.

However, thinking about it, the little thieving cat had the ability to go into the interspatial rings of other people.

“Dao of Assassination – Stealth?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s pupils contracted as he inspected the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat disappeared, leaving behind a silver-gray streak in the air.


The streak of silver-and-gray light seemed to pierce a hole through the Silver Spatial Restriction, and Zhao Feng instantly felt the pressure decrease.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat played with a mysterious dagger with an unfathomable aura.

“Wings of Wind and Lightning!”

A pair of purple-azure wings formed behind Zhao Feng’s back and released a destructive aura.

Pi! Pa!

Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning flapped as he broke through Grandmaster Yin Kong’s Silver Spatial Restriction.

The little thieving cat created a hole in the Silver Spatial Restriction and Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning had the ability to speed through the air, and they contained the power of Destruction.


Zhao Feng flashed toward the Green Sky Water Border and pushed the image of the Ice Imperial Spear into the ripple of water.

To stop Grandmaster Yin Kong from recovering in time, Zhao Feng didn’t take the time to form the complete Ice Imperial Spear.

However, even the mere shadow-figure of the shadow-figure of the Ice Imperial Spear was enough to threaten Sovereigns.

The intents of Water and Ice within the Ice Imperial Spear caused the Green Sky Water Border to freeze.


The skeletal division Leader waved the black flag and ordered the power of the array to attack while it used its other hand to summon the image of the Earth-Grade bone.

The frozen Green Sky Water Border instantly shattered.


The power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array started to erode Grandmaster Yin Kong and company, and the curse flowed into the Grandmaster’s injuries.

Grandmaster Yin Kong was already severely injured. Adding on the fact that the power of the curse was the counter to living beings, he started to sweat.

“Spatial Void Sword Wave!”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s face dimmed as he swiped his hand.


A silent ripple flowed through the air and locked on to Zhao Feng.

“It was this move that killed the stone giant.”

Zhao Feng’s heart fell as he felt a dangerous sensation.

This time, Grandmaster Yin Kong wasn’t using the puny Silver Spatial Blade.

“This brat’s spatial movement technique can only target a small target. Large attacks like this will be many times more difficult to move.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes twinkled.

The Spatial Void Sword Wave’s range was bigger, and it was ten yards wide.

Zhao Feng’s defense was far weaker than the stone giants, and even that was killed by this attack.

“This attack uses too much energy.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong felt that the power of his bloodline was declining.

“I can’t move this attack away.”

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power along with the intents of Water and Ice in the Ice Imperial Spear.

“Water Spirit divine Change!”

Zhao Feng’s body started to twist in the air.


A dark blue light seemed to merge with Zhao Feng as his figure turned into a liquid form.

When the spatial waves hit Zhao Feng, it was like hitting liquid, doing no damage.

“That move…!”

Elder Shui Yun exclaimed not far away.


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