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King Of Gods - Chapter 554


Chapter 554: Chapter 554 - A Terrifying Enemy!

Chapter 554 - A Terrifying Enemy!

Within the mysterious canyon, a silver-eyed youth flashed out from the spatial hole.

“Indeed worthy of being a Grandmaster of arrays.”

“Apparently, Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eye-bloodline is related to the Eye of Space, one of the Eight Great God Eyes.”

The spectators in the outside world sighed.

The silver-eyed youth was Grandmaster Yin Kong.

“Half of my bloodline power was needed to stabilize the spatial hole, but this is enough.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong murmured to himself.

At the same time:


A half-transparent Eye of Heaven appeared in the sky right above Grandmaster Yin Kong’s head.

“Hehe…. Interesting. I can’t believe there’s such a powerful eye-bloodline apart from the Eight Great God Eye bloodlines. This technique has merged into space.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong revealed an interested look as he saw the Eye of Heaven.

Zhao Feng felt slightly uneasy as he looked down from the sky. This was the first time he had seen someone who understood the Eye of Heaven so well.

“So, you’re Zhao Feng?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong didn’t attack, he simply inspected the Eye of Heaven. Maybe he understood that attacking the Eye of Heaven was useless, or maybe he had other intentions.

Zhao Feng didn’t respond.


The earth shook and an ancient aura poured out from the ground. An enormous suction force came from the crack.


A stone giant charged out from the ground and punched toward Grandmaster Yin Kong.


Grandmaster Yin Kong felt the air around him become heavy.

With such a terrifying suction force on top of being ambushed, even Small Origin Core Realms wouldn’t be able to dodge this attack.

However, something weird happened. Grandmaster Yin Kong’s figure was suddenly split in half, and the other half had appeared behind the giant.

It was as if an invisible door had opened in space, and Grandmaster Yin Kong was stepping through it.

The stone giant’s fist missed, and Grandmaster Yin Kong appeared behind the stone giant’s body.


There were no signs of any preparation, he simply appeared.

“So, this is someone who specializes in the laws of Space?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s movement obviously contained the laws of Space, and even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had difficulty seeing what happened.

Furthermore, even if Zhao Feng could understand the theory behind it, it would be hard for him to copy it since he wasn’t talented in the laws of Space.

It was because of this that Grandmaster Yin Kong was able to enter the Purple Saint Ruins.

“Spatial Void Sword Wave!”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes glittered with silver as he swiped his hand. The next instant, a faint silver ripple passed through the area around the stone giant.


The stone giant roared as the silver ripple passed through its body.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The stone giant started to crack, and layers of stone fell from its body.

In just a breath or two, the stone giant had hundreds of cracks.

“What a weird attack.”

Zhao Feng suppressed the shock in his heart. It seemed as if faint silver lines had cut into the stone giant’s body and, even with its powerful defense, it had no resistance against Grandmaster Yin Kong.

A couple breaths later:


The stone giant’s body fell to the ground in dozens of pieces.


The experts in the outside world watching took in cold breaths.

“This Grandmaster Yin Kong is way too scary.”

“The stone giant’s an ancient race and has extremely strong defense. Even Great Origin Core Realms wouldn’t be able to kill it so easily.”

The Sovereigns of the three sects had dazed expressions.

It was obvious that Grandmaster Yin Kong’s strength made the three Void God Realms happy.

“This power’s far too terrifying. He ignored its defense and defeated the stone giant instantly.”

Zhao Feng’s heart trembled. Elder Shui Yun and Lu Tianyi were stronger than normal Sovereigns, but they were nothing in front of Grandmaster Yin Yin Kong.

After slaying the stone giant, Grandmaster Yin Kong clapped his hands and left the mysterious canyon.

Shua! Shua!

Afterimages were left behind as Grandmaster Yin Kong flashed through the air. His every step would take him at least a mile or two, and he walked with confidence.

Purple Destruction – Azure Eye Piercing Slash!

The Eye of Heaven in the sky glinted with a faint purple.


A large transparent blade covered in faint purple lightning shot through the air toward Grandmaster Yin Kong.


A silver ripple was left behind as Grandmaster Yin Kong’s figure appeared two miles away.

Throughout the entire process, he didn’t even look up at the Eye of Heaven as he dodged the attack easily.

“He dodged it?”

Zhao Feng’s heart fell even though he expected this, as his eye-bloodline couldn’t actually lock on to Grandmaster Yin Kong.

Of course, Zhao Feng didn’t know that Grandmaster Yin Kong not only specialized in the laws of Space as a cultivator, he was a specialist in spatial arrays as well, so there was probably no one among the Origin Core Realm that could truly lock on to him.

Shua! Shua!

Grandmaster Yin Kong started to close in on the location of Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader.

At the edges of the Purple Saint Ruins, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s strength was fully suppressing Elder Shui Yun and company while the Earth-Grade Nine Deadly Yin Bone was eroding them.

“Hmm? There seems to be some reinforcements.”

Elder Shui Yun took out a token and sensed something from it.

Shua! Shua!

Grandmaster Yin Kong walked forward with his hands behind his back. He was closing in fast.

“Skeletal division Leader, I’ll leave these guys to you. The person that has come in this time exceeds the limit of what we can fight.”

Zhao Feng gave the control of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array to the skeletal division Leader.

“I should be able to suppress to suppress them for a while.”

The skeletal division Leader took over the black flag and merged the Nine Deadly Yin Bone into its body.

With the Nine Deadly Yin Bone merged into its body, although its offense wasn’t as strong, the bone increased its defense.

“It’s Grandmaster Yin Kong!”

Ye Yanyu saw the silver-eyed youth closing in.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong’s actually come into the ruins personally? Looks like we’re saved.”

Elder Shui Yun revealed a smile and everyone let out a breath.

After all, Grandmaster Yin Kong was one of the four array Grandmasters and a Sovereign that specialized in spatial laws.

According to what Elder Shui Yun knew, every one of the four array Grandmasters surpassed normal Sovereigns in terms of battle-power. One of the four was even a Void God Realm.


Grandmaster Yin Kong quickly arrived at the battlefield.

At this moment in time, the skeletal division Leader was suppressing the four alone while Zhao Feng started to inspect Grandmaster Yin Kong.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong, save us!”

Zhuang Wan’er yelled.

The power of the curse was devouring their blood essence.

“Zhao Feng.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong inspected Zhao Feng with a smile, and the latter had a weird feeling. It felt as if Grandmaster Yin Kong was familiar with him.

From the surface, it seemed that Grandmaster Yin Kong had no intentions of attacking Zhao Feng.

“May I know what you have to say?”

Zhao Feng was expressionless.

“Surrender. You have no chance against me. I’m just interested in your left eye. If you cooperate, there might be a chance for you to live.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong said.


If this word came from a normal Sovereign, Zhao Feng would find it funny, but right now, his expression was solemn.

“This Grandmaster Yin Kong is extremely confident and direct….”

Zhao Feng started to think.

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s aim was clear. He wanted Zhao Feng’s left eye.


Zhao Feng’s will and calmness didn’t waver at all. Ever since the God’s Spiritual Eye God’s Spiritual Eye had merged with him, it had been a part of his existence and identity.

“It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. The result is the same.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong shook his head and laughed.

He looked toward the skeletal division Leader with a faint smile, “En, let’s kill you first.”

“Silver Spatial Blade!”

Grandmaster Yin Kong waved his hand and a faint silver blade flashed through the air.

Shu~~~ Crack!

The skeletal division Leader had no chance to avoid it. The silver spatial blade sliced right through its bones.

Not good!

Zhao Feng was preparing to defend himself from Grandmaster Yin Kong and didn’t think that he would attack the skeletal division Leader first.

Once Grandmaster Yin Kong killed the skeletal division Leader, Elder Shui Yun and company would be saved.

Furthermore, his goal was to capture Zhao Feng alive.


The skeletal division Leader felt a life-threatening danger. Its bones had almost no resistance against Grandmaster Yin Kong.


It circulated its True Force furiously and its bones became covered in a dark light. Even then, only a quarter of the Silver Spatial Blade’s power was blocked.

“Yin Bone Body!”

The skeletal division Leader yelled as the Nine Deadly Yin Bone in its body hummed and caused its body to grow.

After using all its secret methods, the skeletal division Leader was able to live, but even then, one of its bony arms was cut off.


Grandmaster Yin Kong’s laugh sounded in the air.

Silver Spatial Blade!

The second faint silver blade chopped toward the skeletal division Leader’s head.

“It’s over….”

The skeletal division Leader felt the specter of death closing in.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as a powerful aura was released from his left eye.

The skeletal division Leader couldn’t die or else Zhao Feng would be in great danger.

“Spatial Movement!”

A transparent ripple locked on to the silver spatial blade. In that instant, space seemed to twist and turn.


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