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King Of Gods - Chapter 550


Chapter 550

Chapter 550 - Earth-Grade Weapon

This was the first time Zhao Feng had seen a complete Earth-Grade weapon.

In the Azure Flower Continent, an Earth-Grade weapon ended a dynasty. They were legendary items even in the outside world.


A scarlet-purple wolf jumped out of Lu Tianyi's Sky Tooth Wolf Moon Blade and caused the air to tremble. This strike seemed to become the only thing in the world as the scarlet-purple wolf released an imperial aura.

The color of the sky changed from this blow. Countless beings in the Purple Saint Ruins trembled in fear.

’’So, this is the true power of an Earth-Grade weapon?’’

Zhao Feng sat unmoving and felt that it was becoming hard to breathe.

It was like a mortal facing an earthquake. An individual's power was infinitesimal in comparison.

’’A complete Earth-Grade weapon increases one's strength way too much. Over half of the Sovereigns in the Azure Flower Continent would be killed by this strike.’’

The skeletal division Leader within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl shook.

An Earth-Grade weapon's true power could only be utilized in the hands of a Sovereign.

Sovereigns in the Azure Flower Continent only had incomplete Earth-Grade weapons, which were nowhere near as strong as Lu Tianyi's complete one. Furthermore, Lu Tianyi came from a two-and-a-half-star sect;his cultivation techniques and skills surpassed Sovereigns from the Azure Flower Continent.


The wolf engulfed the stone giant.

’’Lie down!’’

Zhao Feng ordered the stone giant to turn into a stone ball in order to minimize the damage, but even then, an extremely deep gash was left on its body and rocks started to fall off the wound.

If it were another Sovereign facing such a blow head-on, they would be severely injured, if not dead. However, since the stone giant's defense was far stronger than others, it was able to survive.

’’Sky Wolf Dragon Slaying Blow!’’

Lu Tianyi's bloodline was ignited once more, and a three-headed Sky Wolf split into three beams of light that pierced toward the stone giant.

’’Get under the ground!’’

Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically. This strike was even stronger than before.


The stone giant glowed with a deep yellow-brown as it merged into the ground, but it was still injured.

Everything within ten miles faced the wave of destruction.


The stone giant roared as another two or three gashes appeared that were even deeper than the first one.

Its eyes were red as it locked on to Lu Tianyi with hatred.


Dust filled the air and the wind blew.

’’Hehe, he's strong indeed.’’

Zhao Feng revealed a smile.

At this moment in time, he slowly gave up on controlling the stone giant. Facing these attacks, the stone giant would attack Lu Tianyi in order to save itself. Only Lu Tianyi was left in its eyes as the flames of hatred engulfed it. It wanted to rip this enemy into shreds.


Brown-yellow light shot out from the stone giant as its body strengthened even more and seemed to ignite some sort of bloodline as it charged toward Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi snickered coldly as he waved the Earth-Grade weapon and unleashed a barrage of attacks on the stone giant. Of course, he didn't realize that Zhao Feng had already stopped controlling the stone giant.

Lu Tianyi only had one goal left, and that was to slay the stone giant and take Zhao Feng's head.

His goal was getting closer. He could kill the stone giant within three to five blows.


Zhao Feng was surrounded by a ripple of water that stopped the aftershocks.

Seeing the stone giant fall into a life or death situation, he remained calm. It seemed that he wasn't worried at all about the danger that was about to befall him.

’’Something's wrong.’’

’’Zhao Feng can't be that relaxed if he's controlling an ancient lifeform.’’

Spectators lifeform.’’

Spectators from the outside world saw that something was up.

’’Dammit, Zhao Feng's already stopped controlling the stone giant.’’

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess' face froze, and the expressions of those that heard that changed.

Everyone realized that Zhao Feng was suddenly a huge threat again.

In the hearts of the three Void God Realms, the threat that Zhao Feng posed was even higher than the skeletal division Leader's. If Zhao Feng wasn't controlling the stone giant anymore, he would have plenty of time and energy to pose a threat of his own.

’’Sky Wolf Crushing Star!’’

Lu Tianyi waved his Sky Tooth Wolf Moon Blade and the head of the wolf released thousands of purple-and-gold beams of light.

Lu Tianyi was pushing the stone giant to the verge of death.

He licked his lips. He felt excited;the sense of satisfaction from killing a Sovereign of an ancient species rather than a normal Sovereign was much greater.

However, at this moment:


A transparent blue eye appeared in the clouds above Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi's heart jumped as he felt a mental energy pressure. At this moment, he was just about to use a secret technique to kill the stone giant.

’’Purple Destruction - Azure Eye Piercing Slash!’’

The Eye of Heaven turned azure as a glint of faint purple passed through it.


A large half-transparent blade surrounded by purple struck Lu Tianyi.

The instant the attack came near Lu Tianyi, he felt a destructive aura that could wipe out life.

At that moment, his soul, bloodline, and even the Earth-Grade weapon were trembling.

’’Not good!’’

Under this situation, he couldn't kill the stone giant. He had to circulate his Power of Origin Core to protect himself.

However, his reaction was still too slow. He was too focused on killing the stone giant and didn't realize that Zhao Feng had already stopped controlling it.


Blood spurted out as the strike slashed Lu Tianyi's Lu Tianyi's body.


Lu Tianyi roared and tried his best to dodge, but one of his arms was still chopped off by the destructive blade of wind.

This scene stunned the watching experts in the outside world.

Many people had seen Zhao Feng attack, but they never thought that he was this dangerous.

The Eye of Heaven took one of Lu Tianyi's arms.

The Azure Eye Piercing Slash was an advanced version of the Heavenly Piercing Eye. It was Zhao Feng's fastest attack, and this time, Zhao Feng merged the essence of the purple-colored lightning into it along with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

Under such a state, Zhao Feng's Azure Eye Piercing Slash could instantly slay normal Sovereigns.

If it weren't for the fact that Lu Tianyi's bloodline was extremely strong and allowed him to dodge, the strike might've taken his life.


Lu Tianyi's back was drenched in cold sweat, and he felt as if he had just walked past the doors of death.

He finally understood what the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess said before he entered;’’Tianyi, although you have a powerful killing move, the biggest threat isn't the Sovereign level skeleton, but the True Lord Rank Zhao Feng.’’

After losing one arm, Lu Tianyi's battle-power decreased, and the destructive aura of the lightning was eroding his body and destroying his lifeforce. It wasn't as simple as just losing an arm.


At the same time, the stone giant counterattacked and used its suction force on Lu Tianyi.

Lu Tianyi's body swayed as he was being pincer attacked. The Eye of Heaven was above him and the stone giant was below him.

What truly made Lu Tianyi's heart toss and turn was the Eye of Heaven.

Ice Soul Shooting Line!

A half-transparent blue streak of light descended from the sky and engulfed Lu Tianyi.

Lu Tianyi was ready for it;he put the Earth-Grade weapon in front of his front of his body to block the blow. However, his body and mind started to slow down.


After not achieving what it wanted, the Eye of Heaven disappeared from the sky.

’’Now that I've understood more of the purple lightning, this is the perfect chance to face a Sovereign head-on.’’

Zhao Feng murmured to himself. After saying that, his figure vanished.

In the next instant:


A pair of purple-azure wings made of wind and lightning grew out from his back as he whistled through the air.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived on top of Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi was fighting with the stone giant when he felt a pressuring and destructive aura of wind and lightning appear above him.

He never would have imagined that someone could be so fast and have such a terrifying aura and still be someone below the Origin Core Realm.

’’Purple Destruction - Wind Lightning Whip!’’

A purple-and-azure whip made of wind and lightning condensed in Zhao Feng's hand. It was dozens of yards long and whistled around Lu Tianyi.

Pi! Pa! Bam!

The whip contained a destructive aura that created explosions.

Shua! Shua!

The wings behind Zhao Feng sped up. They could even increase his use of wind and lightning.

Under this state, Zhao Feng's every action and movement could threaten Sovereigns.

Lu Tianyi had to face attacks from two opponents. He roared in anger and pain.

’’When did Zhao Feng become so strong? That wisp of Destruction aura is enough to threaten Sovereigns.’’

Waves roiled in the heart of the skeletal division Leader.

It had recovered the strength of a Sovereign and thought that its chances of escaping were better, but Zhao Feng had apparently already reached such a powerful state.

’’Earth-Grade weapon - Ice Imperial Spear!’’

Zhao Feng exclaimed as the figure of an ice-blue spear started to appear in his hand.


The figure of the ice-blue spear started to condense, showing its true appearance.


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