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King Of Gods - Chapter 55


His real killing move?

Zhao Linlong's words shocked the others. Zhao Feng connected that claim with the third level of the Martial Arts Library. That day, he had seen Zhao Linlong enter the third level. But at the summit, Zhao Linlong had only used his Spatial Cloud Finger. If he had a real killing move then why didn't he use it?

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's lips. The only explanation was that the gains Zhao Linlong had received from the third level of the martial arts library hadn't been fully digested.

Under a certain tree.

The two silver clothed figures had seen the entire show.

’’Remember, the Xin and Zhao family both have one great genius each. Now go and report this to Our Lord... ’’ One of the silver figures said.


The two silver shadows merged into the night.

’’Who's there!?’’

The two had only moved a couple hundred metres before an old powerful shout echoed.


A gray robed elder landed on the ground as he eyes stared at the two mysterious people.

’’Hehe, I can't believe I saw a Martial Master of the seventh rank! Seventeenth, you can go and practise your skills.’’ One of the silver figures lightly laughed as he left.

’’Hmph! Who dares intrude on the important grounds of the Qiu family!?’’ The gray robed elders' eyes were sharp as he sent out a palm.


A green glow sliced through the air, its sound as long as thunder. Under that pressure, the trees and rocks around it were shattered.

Transformation Strength, long ranged attacks through the air!

This was the symbol of a Martial Master. The power of that palm could easily crush a cultivator of the fourth or fifth rank through the air.

’’Petty tricks!’’

The silver figure that remained behind lifted one hand slowly and pointed one finger at the glow.

Shua -

A dark azure Inner Strength was shot out, and like a spear, it pierced through the old man's attack.

The next instant.

The two figures exchanged blows as fast as lightning, cultivators of the sixth rank wouldn't even be able to react.

Peng -

A massive hole was appeared where they fought, clouding the area up in dust. The power from these two people were comparable to high tier deadly beasts.


The old man spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face was pale: ’’Who are you!? Don't you fear being pursued by the Qiu family?’’

The Qiu family was after all one of the three great families of Sun Feather City. It had huge power amongst all the factions within a thousand mile radius of Sun Feather City.

’’Qiu family? A single thought from my master could easily destroy a family clan like yours.’’ The silver figure snickered as he merged into the darkness as well.

’’Where could have those two come from? They seem to be wearing... Not good! Could they be from the rumoured Guanjun Corps... ?’’ The elder took in a cold breath.

Guanjun Corps!

These words made his heart jump. Sun Feather City was only a small city in the Cloud Country. And the Qiu family was only one of the forces in Sun Feather City.

Sun Feather City was one of the 12 small cities under was the Guanlu province's watch. The Guanjun Corps were the elite troops of Guanlu province. From the beginning of time, the Guanjun Corps were only a legend as it had never been proven that they had ever existed.

Apparently, the Guanjun Corps had eighteen guards and each guard had at least reached the Martial Master rank.

’’It looks like the Guanjun Corps came to see genius summit, but what's their reason? Could it be they're under orders from ’’that person’’?’’

The gray robed elder was uncertain because he understood what the Guanjun Corps stood for. To destroy a family clan such as the Qiu family, it would be as easy as crushing an ant.


The summit had ended.

Youths left in groups of three or five. The 7 from the Zhao family walked down in silence. On the way, Zhao Linlong's face was extremely dim and no one dared to anger him further.

However Zhao Feng didn't mind as he was focused on another place. His left eye just saw a breath-taking battle miles away. It was the face off between the Guanjun Corps and the elder from the Qiu family.

The elder from the Qiu family had reached the seventh rank, all of his moves could attack through the air. The power of those moves could instantly kill hundreds of those below the seventh rank.

’’Is that the strength of Martial Masters? If they're so strong at the seventh rank, then I wonder how powerful cultivators of the eighth and ninth rank are... ’’

Just as they were about to go down the hill, a few disciples of the Qiu family stopped them. The one at the front was a girl around his age.

’’Young master Zhao Feng, please stop.’’ The girl said.


Zhao Feng looked weirdly at those Qiu family disciples.

’’My mistress wishes to see you.’’

Your mistress?

Zhao Feng was slightly confused.

’’My mistress is the organiser of the Summit - Qiu Mengyu.’’ The girl said smiling.

Qiu Mengyu?

The most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City?

The other youths were all shocked as their expressions turned to those of jealously. Some talented youths used thousands of ways just to see her, yet none of them were able to receive a personal invitation from her like Zhao Feng had, what kind of status was this?

Qiu Mengyu wasn't just a genius of the Qiu family or the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City, she was also the next head of the Qiu family as well.

’’Sure.’’ Zhao Feng thought for a second but then immediately nodded his head.

After all, Qiu Mengyu was the organiser of the Summit and he had to save face for her.

’’Please follow me.’’ The servant bowed and led the way.

’’Hmph!’’ Zhao Yufei mouth twitched as she watched Zhao Feng leave.

’’Could it be that Qiu Mengyu likes Zhao Feng?’’ Zhao Chi was slightly surprised.

There was some reasoning to it. This time Zhao Feng had shocked everyone as he took first place with Xin Wuheng. What made it even more important was that Zhao Feng was younger, hence his potential was higher.

Qiu Mengyu may have seen this potential and tried to invite him to their side.

’’He dares!’’ Zhao Linlong laughed coldly.

Everyone knew that the Qiu family and the Zhao family were enemies. If Zhao Feng went over to the Qiu family, it wouldn't be as simple as betrayal.


Following the servant, Zhao Feng once again returned to the summit.

’’Please.’’ The girl led Zhao Feng to a beautiful, yet simple bamboo house.

Zhao Feng soon saw the beautiful figure. Just her figure alone sped people's heart up. Qiu Mengyu was like a half ripe fruit where as Zhao Yufei was like a bud.

Facing the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City Zhao Feng stared dazed for only a second before his heart became as still as water again. Being a youth of fourteen years, this was unseen as most adults would find it hard to resist Qiu Mengyu.

Qiu Mengyu sighed within her heart. He was so young and not only was he powerful, his self-restraint was incredible as well.

’’Please sit.’’

Qiu Mengyu walked in front of him. At this moment, the two were only inches away.

Zhao Feng could clearly feel Qiu Mengyu's fragrance, breathing and warmth. Normal men would probably find it hard to restrain themselves. Furthermore, Qiu Mengyu personally poured tea for him, every move she made was full of beauty.

Zhao Feng casually took the cup and as expected, he touched Qiu Mengyu's finger. It was a dream for other youths to stand next this girl, but Zhao Feng remained expressionless.

Truthfully, if he was to size up Qiu Mengyu, distance didn't really matter for him as he could check her out with his left eye from miles away.

If Zhao Feng was willing, he could half see-through stuff. Obviously, Qiu Mengyu didn't know this or else she'd be trying to avoid him, instead of inviting him here.

’’Young master Zhao Feng's fame will soon spread in Sun Feather City... ’’ Qiu Mengyu's voice was as soft as rain.

Zhao Feng asked her a few questions politely, but he thought in his heart: why did Qiu Mengyu want to see him?

He was young, so he didn't know much about the differences between boys and girls. Therefore, he didn't fall for Qiu Mengyu's smile.

His left eye also made Zhao Feng calm and he was able to restrain himself from desires. Their talk only consisted of Qiu Mengyu asking and Zhao Feng answering.

Zhao Feng acted like a wood head. Qiu Mengyu couldn't help but wonder whether or not she just wasn't appealing enough or his age was too small. Zhao Feng's performance made her well planned beauty trick fail.

’’Young master Zhao, do you have the intention to enter our Qiu family? The Qiu family can satisfy all your desires including martial arts, silver, women... ’’ As she said this Qiu Mengyu's godly figure was almost pressing onto Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng immediately turned alert and put a distance between them. Thinking for awhile, he finally realised Qiu Mengyu's intentions. Qiu Mengyu's face turned red. She felt helpless against a youth who didn't know much about se*.

’’Thanks for your good intentions, but my path isn't limited to just Sun Feather City.’’ Zhao Feng said deeply as he slowly rose up.

His path wasn't limited to Sun Feather City! Qiu Mengyu's heart couldn't help but tremble as she watched the youth leave. In her sight, the youth seemed to become more attractive....


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