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King Of Gods - Chapter 548


Chapter 548: Chapter 548 - Lu Tianyi’s group

Chapter 548 - Lu Tianyi’s group

The skeletal division Leader returned to the location of the Towering Tree Yao a while later.

On the branch of the tree, Zhao Feng had a pale expression, and sweat could be seen on his forehead. Even the Towering Tree Yao seemed weak.

The skeletal division Leader understood when it saw this. At the same time, it started to think. Zhao Feng was the weakest it had ever seen him.

Zhao Feng had expended a lot of energy, and if he continued for a bit longer, he would have nothing left.

“Master, if we had held on just a bit longer, we could’ve killed them all.”

The skeletal division Leader said somewhat regretfully.

Zhao Feng didn’t use all his strength, so the skeletal division Leader had no chance to turn the tide.

“Skeletal division Leader, I didn’t continue because I was wary of you. Even if I have no energy left, you won’t have a chance.”

Zhao Feng glanced at the skeletal division Leader and its heart jumped. It seemed that none of its thoughts could be hidden from Zhao Feng.

“Then, Master means…?”

The skeletal division Leader said carefully.

Being in the Purple Saint Ruins and teaming up with the Towering Tree Yao, Zhao Feng’s power was almost heaven-defying;he could control any beast with his Eye of Heaven.

“If we killed that group, the price we’d pay would be huge.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes looked up toward the sky.

The expressions of the three sects’ spectators froze. Zhao Feng seemed to be looking right at them.

“Luckily, Elder Shui Yun specializes in healing. If it was a normal Sovereign, they might’ve died already.”

“No matter what, she was able to survive.”

The members of the three sects discussed.

Although Elder Shui Yui lost, her calm attitude made others feel admiration. After all, the enemy they were facing was a monster.

When the spatial hole stabilized once more, they could send in a more powerful group that was geared more toward fighting.

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ expression was calm, but everything that happened made all the three sects’ members become more solemn.

During the next couple days, Zhao Feng didn’t allow the skeletal division Leader to pursue Elder Shui and company. Instead, they focused on fixing the repair array and constructing Yuan Qi arrays.

The skeletal division Leader’s main task was still to craft the cursed ghost-corpses, and Zhao Yufei also helped build some arrays.

Within three days’ time, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power had recovered a lot and he could control some beasts to help out again.

In that period of time, Elder Shui Yun and company were still recovering. The former’s injury was too severe, so even though she specialized in healing, it would take her a long time to return to her peak.

Furthermore, the other members had all been eroded by the power of the curse. Elder Shui Yun needed to help them purify it, and she had to spend a lot of her energy in the process.

If it were a normal Sovereign instead of Elder Shui Yun, they would be unable to get rid of the curse-power at all.

She couldn’t just not do anything, otherwise at least half of the group would die.

On top of that, Elder Shui Yun felt uneasy. It was as if there was an eye watching them from somewhere.

Finally, on the fourth day, the group faced danger. Four or five beast hordes surrounded the valley they were healing in.


Hundreds upon thousands of beasts soon turned the canyon into flat ground.

The beast hordes were led by half-step Origin Core Realm beasts that kept on annoying them, so Elder Shui Yun’s group was forced to fight.

For the next couple days, this situation would happen all the time, so they were unable to rest.

These beasts didn’t act normally. They had high intelligence.

Some of them even had special talents. For example, some beasts could jump out from the ground while others could turn invisible. Some specialized in mental energy and released deadly poisons.

After all, the Purple Saint Ruins was extremely ancient, so there were many weird beasts.

On the fifth day, the group had its first casualties.

Elder Shui Yun helped the surviving members and healed them. She was exhausted.

Zhao Feng’s ambushes and tactics were extremely cunning. He aimed at the weaker members of the group instead of Elder Shui Yun.

Elder Shui Yun’s attitude and strength were impenetrable. Zhao Feng admired her, however, he targeted the weak points of the group, which meant that Elder Shui Yun couldn’t focus on healing herself. As time passed, more and more casualties appeared.

At the end, even the Eye of Heaven would ambush them from time to time.

Wind Lightning Eye Flame!

Azure Lightning Slash!

Illusion Maze!

Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven either forced the group into desperation or took a life away.

Members died every day. At the end, only Elder Shui Yun, Ye Yanyu, and another half-step Origin Core Realm were left.

The original twenty members had become three.

“This Zhao Feng…. All he’s doing is thinking about how to torture us?”

Ye Yanyu and company hadn’t had a good night’s rest yet. They had to be on guard at every moment.

Of the remaining three, Elder Shui Yun only had fifty percent of her Yuan Qi left, and the other two weren’t much better off.

In the outside world, above the mountains, the expressions of the three Void God Realm Kings started to become solemn.

“If he tried his best, Zhao Feng could’ve killed them already, but he hasn’t done so.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess said in a heavy tone.

It wasn’t hard to see that Zhao Feng spent most of his efforts on repairing the three major holes. Although it seemed like Elder Shui Yun and company were facing heavy disturbances and torture, that was only Zhao Feng annoying them in his spare time.

On average, it happened twice or thrice a day, and it didn’t even use much of Zhao Feng’s energy.

“My Lords, the smaller the holes are, the harder it is to open a spatial hole.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong sent over some bad news, and the expressions of all three Void God Realms changed slightly.

“About how many more times can we send people over?”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess asked.

“A minimum of one more and a maximum of twice, but if this continues, the chances of the third group making it over will be pretty low.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong sighed as he watched the scenery within the image.

This Zhao Feng has such a strong grasp of the situation.

He didn’t think too much about a momentary victory by finishing off Elder Shui Yun and company. His main focus was on the major holes while only annoying Elder Shui Yun and company in his spare time.


The image finally started to become unstable and blurry.

“What’s going on!?”

“The image is slightly blurry!”

The spectators of the three sects exclaimed.

At this moment, the three holes were finally starting to make some headway on the repairs.

“Brother Zhao Feng, about 60-70% of the hole in the mysterious canyon has been fixed while the other two are about 80-90% of the way done. Some other obvious flaws are also being fixed.”

Zhao Yufei’s voice sounded.

The reason the mysterious canyon was only 60-70% fixed was due to the fact that Sovereigns had fought here, and the three Void God Realms had used some of their power here. Therefore, the repairing speed of this place was the slowest.

“Looks like the next group will also appear from here.”

Zhao Feng slowly closed his eyes. Over the past couple days, even though he was recovering, he still spent some time on comprehension.

After touching the intent of Sovereigns, he started to understand more about the purple-colored lightning.

Apart from that, the Water Spirit divine Change had also been inspected by Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

“The Water Spirit divine Change uses a unique Water bloodline to turn the user’s solid state into a liquid state. This technique seems incredible, but humans originally consist of 80% water….”

Zhao Feng started to comprehend.

He copied the theory behind Elder Shui Yun’s Water Spirit divine Change, and now all he needed to do was copy the actual technique.

Because Zhao Feng had a Water bloodline himself, his progress in the Water Spirit divine Change was extremely fast.

To keep it a secret, he hid within the branches of the Towering Tree Yao.

Time flew by quickly. It had been half a month since Elder Shui Yun and company came into the ruins.

Over the last half a month, Zhao Feng understood one-fifth of the purple-colored lightning, and his mental energy started to touch the Origin Core Realm level.

After all, he had merged with the Towering Tree Yao for a long time, and he fought with a Sovereign.

“Apart from my cultivation, which is advancing toward the peak True Lord Rank, my other aspects already aren’t much different from a normal Sovereign, and they may even have the advantage in some areas.”

Zhao Feng felt like he had improved a lot.

In this course of time, thirty-eight cursed ghost-corpses had been crafted and, with the addition of these corpses, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s strength would increase dramatically.

On this day, there was a disturbance in space within the mysterious canyon.


A silver hole appeared in the center of the canyon.

“Zhao Feng, watch out. The second group is arriving through that hole.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit warned.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

More than a dozen powerful auras jumped out from the hole.

The leader was a slightly fat, lazy youth, whose aura had reached the Origin Core Realm and was much stronger than normal Sovereigns.

It was Lu Tianyi.


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