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King Of Gods - Chapter 545


Chapter 545: Chapter 545 - Perfection

Chapter 545 - Perfection

The difference between the two Sovereigns was instantly revealed.

Elder Shui Yun used a bubble to send the skeletal division Leader flying.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised as he continued to control the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.


The skeletal division Leader roared as it got up from the ground. It was a cultivator that had strengthened its bones, so it could ignore normal attacks even from half-step Origin Core Realms.

“Elder Shui Yun must be strong if she was the one chosen to lead this group, and she must have something that others don’t.”

Zhao Feng’s expression was solemn. He wasn’t surprised that the skeletal division Leader was defeated, but the magnitude of difference in strength was quite surprising.

Although the skeletal division Leader hadn’t fully recovered, it wasn’t far from its peak. Even though it had the strength of a Sovereign, it was still sent flying with one move.

“Hahaha…. That skeleton is useless indeed.”

The three sects’ experts watching started to laugh.

The morale of Elder Shui Yun’s group rose.

“Elder Shui Yun, we should use this to our advantage and advance. Those two can be finished off easily.”

Ye Yanyu and company suggested to attack.

“No need.”

Elder Shui Yun stood motionless while a ripple of water appeared around her, and her eyes turned toward the dark clouds pushing toward them.

This was the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh, “This Elder Shui Yun’s pretty calm. She actually didn’t continue to attack the skeletal division Leader.”

If Lu Tianyi or someone else that loved to battle were here, they most likely would’ve kept on attacking the skeletal division Leader.

After all, the glory and fame of slaying a Sovereign was rather large, but that would have given Zhao Feng a chance to kill the remaining members of the group.


The skeletal division Leader flew over once more and waved its gold-and-silver whip, creating a huge phantom bone dragon that leapt at Elder Shui Yun.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within ten miles instantly roared as the strength of a Sovereign was shown.


Zhao Feng waved his black flag and a large amount of curse-power and hatred started to erode the area near Elder Shui Yun and company.

“Meaningless tricks.”

Ye Yanyu and the other half-step Origin Core Realms used their techniques.


When the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array came over, it was instantly shattered by several different kinds of lights.

Even the peak True Lord Ranks had battle-power comparable to an Azure Flower Continent half-step Origin Core Realm’s, while Ye Yanyu and the other three half-step Sovereigns could fight two or three half-step Origin Core Realms each.

When the four of them teamed up, they could even fight against a Sovereign.

“These people are probably all elites as well.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. He knew how strong the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was.

Normal True Lord Ranks would die if they entered the array, and even half-step Origin Core Realms would be killed.


A loud explosion sounded through the air as a wave of death swept across several dozen miles.

“F*king bitch!”

The skeletal division Leader’s body flew out once more.


The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s black mist within a couple miles faded in color, and Zhao Feng had to focus on stabilizing the array.

The skeletal division Leader was absolutely crushed.


Elder Shui Yun’s group laughed with disdain, and the four half-step Origin Core Realms almost charged into the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array to try to capture Zhao Feng.


Elder Shui Yun shouted and once again stopped Ye Yanyu and company.

“Elder Shui Yun, we have the absolute advantage right now. Why don’t you just let us kill those two?”

One half-step Origin Core Realm was puzzled.

“Absolute advantage? Maybe, maybe not.”

Elder Shui Yun remained calm and analyzed the situation, “The Purple Saint Ruins is the enemy’s territory, and the main threat isn’t that skeleton but that Zhao Feng.”

At this moment in time, the skeletal division Leader slowly got back up. It was probably injured. This time, it came back to the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and didn’t dare to attack rashly anymore. It was full of wariness toward Elder Shui Yun.

If it weren’t for the fact that Elder Shui Yun was wary of Zhao Feng and a couple other reasons, she would have killed the skeletal division Leader already.

“Zhao Feng… a clash between Sovereigns will increase the damage to the hole.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit warned.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng’s heart dropped, and he couldn’t help but think of Elder Shui Yun more highly. She had an extremely clear mind and controlled the situation well. She focused on the overall situation and not the small matters.

In the outside world, above the mountains, the image showed the two forces facing each other. Elder Shui and her group clashed with the dark clouds. Ye Yanyu, the other three half-step Origin Core Realms, and the more-than-a-dozen peak True Lord Ranks stopped the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s erosion.

“Elder Shui Yun’s calm indeed. She’s perfect.”

“Every time she’s led a group, the fatalities have almost always been zero.”

The experts of the three sects exclaimed.

Pure Water Sacred Essence!

Elder Shui Yun suddenly sent a glow of light toward Ye Yanyu and company. Anyone that had accidentally touched the power of the curse was instantly healed as good as new.

The entire group was unharmed.


The hearts of Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader jumped.

“Looks like she saw through it….”

Although Zhao Feng’s Ghost Corpse Cursed Array didn’t seem to threaten Ye Yanyu and company, the invisible power of the curse had started to affect them.

Although a small amount wasn’t much of a threat, their lifeforce would be eroded over time and their battle-power would start to drop.

“Such a powerful healing technique. As long as her subordinates aren’t instantly slain, she can heal them.”

The skeletal division Leader’s heart was moved.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader started to realize that Elder Shui Yun wasn’t a normal Sovereign.

“If I’m correct, she’s a healer who can hold ground.”

Zhao Feng suddenly understood and cursed.

Not far away, Elder Shui Yun smiled.

Time passed slowly, and soon, three days passed.

In that period of time, Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader both used the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, but they couldn’t handle her.

They both tried secret techniques, but Elder Shui Yun was perfect and none of her members were harmed.

As long as Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader stopped attacking, she would start to build the array to connect with the outside world.

Outside world, above the mountains:

“Elder Shui Yun has held her ground very well. We will be able to send in our next group after ten more days.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong smiled.

Everyone admired Elder Shui Yun. If she went all out, she had a 70-80% of killing both Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader, but in the unknown Purple Saint Ruins, there was a risk to doing that, and Elder Shui Yun wanted to use the smallest price to defeat the enemy.

“After ten days, you will lead a group to support Elder Shui Yun.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ eyes turned to Lu Tianyi.

“Thank you, Martial Aunt.”

Lu Tianyi was overjoyed. He knew that she was giving him the chance to slay the enemy.

Elder Shui Yun was a healer and focused on stability. Lu Tianyi would be the perfect choice to send in next.

Within the mysterious canyon, the pressure that Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader faced became stronger.

“This Elder Shui Yun’s completely flawless.”

The skeletal division Leader had a depressed expression while Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he sighed, “Looks like I need to use every possible method now.”

“Zhao Feng, use whatever method you have or else another group from the three sects will arrive.”

The skeletal division Leader had a weird expression.


With a flash of lightning, Zhao Feng disappeared from the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

“Skeletal division Leader, from now on, all you need to do is stall them with the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.”

When this sentence had finished, Zhao Feng had landed on the Towering Tree Yao.

“Why did you run away again?”

The skeletal division Leader’s scalp tingled.

The pressure it faced from blocking Elder Shui Yun and her group was extremely huge, but luckily, all Elder Shui Yun did was glance at Zhao Feng.


The skeletal division Leader waved the black flag and started to attack the invaders.

However, with Elder Shui Yun and the four half-step Origin Core Realm experts there, the skeletal division Leader’s offense obviously didn’t amount to much.

What’s that Zhao Feng thinking?

The skeletal division Leader cursed in its heart.

Right at this moment, it felt a powerful and heavy mental energy pressure in the air above.


Elder Shui Yun and company couldn’t help but raise their heads and jump in fright at what they saw.


A transparent blue Eye of Heaven had appeared in the sky, which looked down coldly at the group. They felt an extremely strong pressure descend upon them.

“What a strong mental energy aura. Has Zhao Feng’s soul-strength reached a Sovereign level?”

Elder Shui Yun was shocked and felt uneasy.

In the air, the Eye of Heaven revealed a cold and gruesome intent.

The mental energy pressure kept on rising, and it froze the heavens and earth.

Zhao Feng’s soul-strength was completely comparable to a Sovereign’s and, after merging with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, it was even slightly stronger than a normal Small Origin Core Realm Sovereign’s.

In theory, under this state, Zhao Feng’s secret eye-bloodline technique could inspect normal Sovereigns.


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