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King Of Gods - Chapter 544


Chapter 544: Chapter 544 - Elder Shui Yun

Chapter 544 - Elder Shui Yun

The three sects all recommended their own Sovereigns. Both the golden skeleton and the demonic lord had their choices in mind already.

“We didn’t have the result we wanted earlier. The first team we send must be able to stand their ground once they’re in the ruins.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ eyes scanned across the crowd.

Stand their ground?

The other two Void God Realm experts started to think.

“Stand their ground” didn’t necessarily require their battle-power to be the strongest.

There were many factors affecting a group’s overall strength. Intelligence, power, management, etc.

“Martial Aunt, leave the mission to me!”

A slightly fat youth whose cultivation had reached the Origin Core Realm suddenly shouted. His aura was stronger than most others.

It was Lu Tianyi.

Many people revealed wary expressions as they noticed Lu Tianyi. Although he only just reached the Origin Core Realm, the technique he was cultivating was stronger than others and, apparently, he was already able to fight against Sovereigns when he was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm. After he became a Sovereign himself, he defeated many Sovereigns of the older generation.

No one doubted his battle-power. He was taught by a Void God Realm, and he would have powerful hidden cards.


The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ gaze landed on Lu Tianyi and she faintly smiled as she shook her head, “I don’t doubt your strength, but you’re not the most suitable person for standing your ground.”

Without any hesitation, she declined Lu Tianyi. Although he was unwilling, he couldn’t change her decision.

“Looks like the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess has already made a choice.”

The golden skeleton and the demonic lord looked at each other, and as they thought, the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ gaze landed on a calm female in blue.

“Elder Shui Yun.”

The female in blue was calm and pretty. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s and snow-white. It was as if she wasn’t from the world of humans.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes turned toward her, and many males couldn’t hide the light that passed through their eyes.

She was indeed a beauty.


The other two Void God Realm Kings furrowed their eyebrows, but they understood after thinking about it carefully.

“Elder Shui Yun is an extremely famous healer in the Tianlu Islands.”

“Apparently Elder Shui Yun’s team has completed several level-six dangerous missions with zero casualties, breaking a ten-thousand-year record.”

The crowd discussed, and quite a few of them were puzzled since Elder Shui Yun was only a healer and the first group should have someone with great battle-power.

“She’s not a bad choice.”

The other two Void God Realms didn’t reject her. According to the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ plan, the first group needed to hold their ground, so it would focus on “stablility.”

“Elder Shui Yun specializes in healing and managing her people. With her leading the group, there won’t be many casualties.”

The experts of the three sects finally agreed on Elder Shui Yun.

Apart from her, four other half-step Origin Core Realms and more than a dozen peak True Lord Ranks were chosen.

These choices were obviously only agreed upon through heated discussion and competition.

At last, a group of twenty stood in front of the spatial hole and waited for the “go” signal.

Within the mysterious canyon, Zhao Feng sat on the Towering Tree Yao and occasionally used the Eye of Heaven to inspect the place as well as control some beast hordes.

Over the past few days, he was comprehending the new eye-bloodline skill;taking items from thin air. In other words, transferring a certain item in the air into the dimension of his left eye.

At the beginning, the energy expenditure was quite heavy. Even after learning to control it better, it still required a lot of energy.

Luckily, Zhao Feng’s soul-strength was at the level of a Sovereign now, so he could use it many times.

He soon started to perfect the move.


With a thought, a drop of Origin Lifeforce appeared in Zhao Feng’s palm.

Items taken to the dimension of his left eye could also be taken out.


Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye, and the drop of Origin Lifeforce disappeared once more. In the next instant, the drop was floating in midair half a mile away.

This type of teleportation couldn’t be detected.

“The dimension of my left eye is like a transfer station. I can put items in here, then teleport them to another place.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Due to the fact that this ability expended a lot of his energy, he only practiced it four or five times a day at the max in order to maintain his peak form because he didn’t know when the three sects might attack again.

In the afternoon of a certain day, Zhao Feng was just about to practice the ability of “teleporting items” again.


His God’s Spiritual Eye suddenly sensed a strong disturbance in space coming from the middle of the mysterious canyon.

“Zhao Feng, watch out. The three sects are sending in experts through a spatial array.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice instantly sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.

At the same time, the skeletal division Leader, the little thieving cat, and Zhao Yufei all received the news, but they simply took defensive positions without panicking.


A hole appeared in the center of the canyon, and a powerful space-disturbing aura destroyed the nearby forest.

Anything in area that was below the Origin Core Realm was instantly killed.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Figures one after another flew out from the hole. Twenty or so auras appeared, with the weakest being at the peak True Lord Rank. Each one of them was stronger than Tiemo.

“One Sovereign, four half-step Origin Core Realms, and thirteen peak True Lord Ranks.”

Zhao Feng saw them clearly from far away. The group was led by a beauty who seemed helpless and weak.

“Zhe zhe, the three sects are pretty generous…. Sending in a beauty.”

The skeletal division Leader came out from the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.


The spatial array soon disappeared after the group came in.

“There’s only one Sovereign.”

Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader let out a breath. Luckily, the spatial hole could only send in one Sovereign at a time.

“Elder Shui Yun, Zhao Feng’s over there.”

Another pretty female in the group turned toward Zhao Feng. She seemed to be extremely familiar with the place.

“Ye Yanyu.”

Zhao Feng paused as he looked at the familiar figure.

At this moment in time, her face was filled with coldness and did nothing to hide her killing intent.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Feng had a Sovereign next to him, she would’ve probably already charged over.

Three years had passed since then, and her cultivation had reached the half-step Origin Core Realm. She was now stronger than Lu Tianyi was back then.

“Yanyu, we aren’t attacking right now.”

Elder Shui Yun smiled and gave off an aura which made Ye Yanyu calm down.

After that, she ordered the group to attack and destroy the nearby repair and Yuan Qi gathering arrays.


The nearby arrays were utterly broken. The group was extremely efficient.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader were surprised. Unexpectedly, the enemies didn’t immediately attack them.

One had to know that Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader were only a mile away from Elder Shui Yun.

Afterwards, Elder Shui Yun ordered some of the experts to construct an array.

“They’re completely ignoring us?”

The skeletal division Leader’s expression fell.

The enemy only had one Sovereign, so he wasn’t scared.

“Zhao Feng, they probably want to hold their ground here and construct an array that will connect with the outside world. At that time, there won’t be any restriction on the number and strength of the experts they can send in!”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s urgent voice sounded.


Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader charged toward the group without hesitation.

“Elder Shui Yun, they’re coming!”

Ye Yanyu’s voice was urgent.

“Get ready to fight.”

Elder Shui Yun smiled. Her calm aura made the hearts of others speed up.

“Zhao Feng, leave that chick to me. This time, you take control of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.”

The skeletal division Leader’s flaming eyes jumped with excitement.

Zhao Feng nodded his head as a black flag appeared in his hand.


The area within a hundred yards was instantly filled with the air of death as twenty-five cursed ghost-corpses appeared.

Zhao Feng didn’t rashly charge forward. He slowly pushed the array toward the group.


At this moment, the skeletal division Leader thrusted a gold-and-silver claw toward Elder Shui Yun.

Sovereign versus Sovereign.

His target was directly toward Elder Shui Yun. After this long period of resting, the skeletal division Leader’s strength had recovered and was about the same as its peak strength.

This blow alone was enough to kill a half-step Origin Core Realm from the Azure Flower Continent.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Ye Yanyu and the other three half-step Origin Core Realms snickered coldly and were about to block it.

“Let me.”

Elder Shui Yun smiled as her white hand lifted.


A bubble of water formed in her hand.


Although the bubble seemed light and fragile, it contained the dense power of water and instantly smashed through the gold-and-silver claw.

The power and intent from the bubble made Zhao Feng and the skeletal division Leader both jump up in fright.


Elder Shui Yun waved her hand once more, and the faded bubble turned into a stream of water that sent the skeletal division Leader flying into the distance.


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