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King Of Gods - Chapter 54


’’It ends here!’’

Everyone looked on in anticipation wondering what kind of killing move Xin Wuheng had.

Zhao Feng was full of anticipation as he slowly circulated his Inner Strength.

In terms of offense, he had Star Finger and the strongest stance ’’One line Star Finger’’ hadn't been used before. In terms of defense, his Metal Wall Technique had reached the fifth level, all attacks under the seventh rank wouldn't be critical to him. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's real cultivation was at the sixth rank.

Xin Wuheng's face was like water, but then he slowly put his hands down and his Inner Strength stopped condensing.


Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

’’I admit defeat.’’ Xin Wuheng said expressionlessly.

Admit defeat?


Chaos broke throughout the audience, most of them were confused.

Xin Wuheng admitted defeat?

Even some of the older generation dropped their jaws. No one would have expected Xin Wuheng to admit defeat on the ninety-ninth move.

After all from the current situation, Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng both had a fifty percent chance of winning.

’’He... he beat Xin Wuheng?’’ Zhao Ling sat helplessly on the ground as he stared dazed into the air.

He had finally realised what kind of monster he had aggratated. Zhao Feng had not only surpassed the top genius of the sect, Zhao Linlong, he had even made the top genius of Sun Feather City admit defeat.

’’No, you haven't lost.’’ Zhao Feng said formally as he looked deeply at Xin Wuheng.

His left eye could sense Inner Strength and blood flow and from Xin Wuheng, Zhao Feng could see that his Inner Strength was even stronger than Zhao Linlong's.

Therefore, Xin Wuheng's cultivation wasn't at the peak fifth rank. His real cultivation was at the peak sixth rank! Peak sixth rank!

He had already crushed all of the geniuses of Sun Feather City under his feet. From the first time he had inspected Xin Wuheng, Zhao Feng had thought: ’’This person wasn't simple... ’’

Obviously, Zhao Feng wouldn't fear Xin Wuheng with his real cultivation. He didn't just have strong cultivation himself, he also had the help of his left eye which gave him confidence of not losing.

’’There's no point in continuing our battle.’’ Xin Wuheng shook his head.

He didn't lose, but the reason he said so was because his real cultivation and killing moves would be seen by others.

There was also two more reasons. Firstly, he was older than Zhao Feng by two years and he didn't want to use this advantage to beat him. Secondly, Xin Wuheng's aura and techniques had been stolen by Zhao Feng. From Xin Wuheng's point of view, Zhao Feng was a monster, to show more tricks would only benefit him.

’’How about we call it a draw?’’ Qiu Mengyu said as the host.


Zhao Feng looked towards Xin Wuheng and the two nodded their heads simultaneously.

’’Sure.’’ Zhao Feng agreed and didn't forcefully continue their sparring.

After all, according to the rules, the battle wasn't going to last any longer than one hundred moves.

’’I'll be waiting for our next battle.’’ Xin Wuheng said smiling.

After he finished his words, he immediately left the summit. This scene confused many people.

Was Xin Wuheng leaving halfway through?

No one knew that after Xin Wuheng left,he never appeared in Sun Feather City again...

His existence slowly faded into nothing. Only till much later did Zhao Feng meet him


The summit continued.

Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng's battle had pushed the summit to a climax. The sparring matches afterwards had all lost their flavour.

Now, the four great geniuses finally had their rankings.

First place: Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng.

Third place: Zhao Linlong.

Fourth place: Qiu Mengyu.

At this point, there shouldn't have been any disagreements, but this summit didn't didn't just have one black horse.

’’This one Zhao Yufei would like to see your skills.’’ Zhao Yufei was like a clear lotus, pure and holy. She immediately attracted the attention of many youths.

Discussion broke out.

Zhao Yufei had reached the fifth rank at such a young age. Her potential was only inferior to Zhao Feng's, but Zhao Feng understood that all the credit went to his left eye. If he didn't get this eye, Zhao Yufei would certainly have been most talented in the Zhao family. Even Zhao Linlong didn't reach this level at the same age.

Furthermore, Zhao Yufei came from a branch sect and in terms of resources, shr was far inferior to Zhao Linlong.

’’I'll go!’’ From the Xin family came a youth of the fifth rank.

This person was Xin Chen, ranked second in the Xin family, behind Xin Wuheng and in front of Xin Tong. He had only lost to Zhao Linlong and Qiu Mengyu before. In terms of strength, Xin Chen was on par with Zhao Chi, just one step behind the four great geniuses.

’’Butterfly Leaf Palm!’’

Zhao Yufei was as light as the wind and her palm was extremely soft and delicate. As she attacked, she immediately used her high ranked martial art Butterfly Leaf Palm which had almost reached the peak level.

Pah! Pah! Pah...

The two figures crossed. Zhao Yufei was graceful and delicate. Exchanging up to ten moves, Zhao Yufei had gained the upper hand. In terms of damage, she was only on par with Zhao Chi but her Inner Strength skill was Air Crossing Breathing Technique, which was far superior to Xin Chen's.

Air Crossing Breathing Technique buffed up her speed and offense skills and when the skills were used together, she could easily defeat others of the same rank.

Thirty moves later, Zhao Yufei's power had increased once again. Her palm was both soft yet hard and from the battle, she seemed to gain more insights.

’’She's also trained a high ranked body strengthening technique like Qiu Mengyu.’’ Xin Tong was shocked.

Zhao Yufei's body strengthening technique wasn't any weaker than Metal Wall Technique, but it was more suitable for women.

’’She had great potential and she has probably hidden her true strength.’’

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered the mysterious one-armed old man. The old man could take out a high ranked skill such as Metal Wall Technique was incredible.

Thirty moves later, Zhao Yufei's attacked wave after wave, and she finally defeated Xin Chen.

Zhao Yufei won! There was another black horse this time.

Zhao Yufei rested a while and then, she proceeded to challenge Qiu Changyi. Qiu Changyi was one of the four great geniuses, and although he wasn't going to be number one this year, he was still strong.

Flowing Feather Step!

Flowing Feather Flying Cloud!

Qiu Changyi used his two speed skills, which had both reached the peak level. Only Zhao Feng could catch up to him in terms of speed.

’’Cloud Leaf Ferry!’’ Zhao Yufei's skill suddenly changed as she used a skill that had never been seen before.

Instantly, her body turned as light as a leaf as she flipped in midair.

’’Cloud Leaf Ferry? What kind of skill is it? It's not any worse than my Lightly Floating Ferry!’’ Zhao Feng was shocked.

He had finally realised that he was too rushed in exchanging Air Crossing Breathing Technique for Metal Wall Technique. Maybe it was a good deal, but Air Crossing Breathing Technique suited Zhao Yufei perfectly. This skill was even more profound than Air Crossing Breathing Technique.

Just as Zhao Feng sighed, the situation changed.

Qiu Changyi was losing!

In terms of speed, Qiu Changyi didn't have the advantage since Zhao Yufei had Cloud Leaf Step.

Fifty to sixty moves later, Qiu Changyi was defeated. After beating Qiu Changyi, Zhao Yufei would only need to defeat the ones one step higher to become one of the four great geniuses.

Finally, the summit was coming to an end.

At this time, Zhao Yufei challenged Qiu Mengyu. The battle between the two beautiful girls once again pushed the summit to a climax. Zhao Yufei kept on using Cloud Leaf Ferry to counter Qiu Mengyu.

One hundred moves later, the two decided on a draw, once again causing chaos.

The four great geniuses had changed to the five great geniuses: Xin Wuheng, Zhao Feng, Zhao Linlong, Qiu Mengyu and Zhao Yufei.

The Zhao family had three of the five great geniuses positions giving the Qiu and Xin family a lot of pressure. Qiu Mengyu and Qiu Changyi looked at each other and they saw the worry in in each others eyes. The geniuses of the Zhao family were just too terrifying. Apart from Zhao Linlong, there was also Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng's rise was a miracle, he was in first equal to Xin Wuheng. But Xin Wuheng was older than Zhao Feng, so in terms of talent and strength, Zhao Feng was first.

’’Mengyu!’’ Behind the stage, an old man in gray robes said.

’’Elder.’’ Qiu Mengyu said respectfully.

’’There's something I want you to do, this is really important... ’’ The gray-robed man said softly.


The summit finally ended.

The geniuses of the Zhao sect walked out of their pavilion and was beginning to head downhill. Many looked at Zhao Feng with fear and admiration, but there was also jealously and hate.

’’Zhao Feng, don't think that you're the best just because you came first. I didn't even use my true killing move this time.’’ Zhao Linlong said coldly as he stared at Zhao Feng in an arrogant and confident manner.


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