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King Of Gods - Chapter 53


The tenth move!

The geniuses watching all held their breaths as they stared intently at the two figures. In the midst of them, Zhao Linlong and Zhao Ling had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

’’Ten moves, how could he... ?’’ Zhao Linlong's face flashed dangerously.

From the beginning of the summit till now, only he could withstand ten blows from Xin Wuheng, even though he was defeated on the tenth move.

But right now.

The one that he looked down on in disdain could also exchange ten moves.

Being the top genius of the Zhao sect, how could he let this happen? He was even more scared when he thought about the fact that Zhao Feng could win...

’’How could this happen!?’’ Zhao Ling's face was sullen.

He had bet many times with Zhao Feng, yet he had lost all of them. Zhao Feng's performance wasn't any weaker than the god in his heart - Zhao Linlong.

Not any weaker... better!

The dust fell down and the two stood side by side. Both Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng's arms were intertwined as they both breathed rapidly.

There was a nasty gash on Xin Wuheng's body which made him curl up his eyebrows in pain. On the other hand, Zhao Feng stood tall, although his shirt was ripped, he wasn't injured as his Metal Wall Technique had reached the fifth level.

In terms of defense, he had Metal Wall Technique, in terms of speed, he had Lightly Floating Ferry, and in terms of offense, he had Star Finger. In every aspect, he was top tier.

Ten moves without being defeated!

The spectating youths broke out into chaos. Xin Wuheng's ten moves legend had finally been broken.

There was someone who could exchange ten moves with him. This scene was like a heavy hammer smashing on Zhao Linlong and Zhao Ling's faces.

Zhao Chi, Zhao Han and Zhao Qin all had expressions of shock on their faces. Who would have imagined that there was such a black horse within in the Zhao family?

No! He was a black horse a long time ago!

From the outer disciples contest to the main tournament to the genius summit, Zhao Feng had been creating miracles.

’’Too strong!’’ Happiness shone in Zhao Yufei's eyes.

’’Hmph! Before he said that he could exchange thirty, no... Fifty moves!’’ Zhao Ling clenched his teeth and said unwillingly.

Although Zhao Feng's performance was even better than Zhao Linlong's, he didn't want to bow down to him!

’’Xin Wuheng, your so called ten moves must have some sort of connection with your Cloud Chess Step. With ten steps setting up a trap and using the smallest amount of energy to deal the most damage possible.’’ Zhao Feng said smiling.

’’You're right! You lasting ten moves means that your strength is at least on par with mine, or even stronger than mine.’’ A dangerous light flashed in Xin Wuheng's eyes.

The two were eye to eye, any one of them could attack immediately.

’’Haha! You're being too humble unless your cultivation is only at the peak fifth rank.’’ Zhao Feng said deeply with meaning.

Xin Wuheng's face suddenly became more solemn.

Flaming Metal Fist!

Zhao Feng attacked while Xin Wuheng was distracted. This time he didn't use Angry Dragon Fist or even Star Finger, he used the most basic skill - Flaming Metal Fist!

In the short gap, the most simple, faster attack had the best effect. And Flaming Metal Fist was Zhao Feng's most used skill.

But Xin Wuheng wasn't lacking either, his senses had exceeded the limits of the sixth rank and it was on par with Martial Masters. The instant Zhao Feng condense his Inner Strength and threw out his fist, he had reacted by throwing out his palm.


The collision between the fist and the palm knocked Xin Wuheng backwards. Zhao Feng had trained Metal Wall Technique and so had the advantage on defense and power. The fact that he attacked first also made his punch stronger than Xin Wuheng's palm.

Angry Dragon Fist!

Zhao Feng pressed on since he was winning and his Inner Strength started to slowly move to the peak fifth rank.

After their first ten moves, Zhao Feng was pushing Xin Wuheng back!

The spectators watched in fright. No one could have imagined that there would be another talented youngster who could fight Xin Wuheng.

Eleven moves... Twelve moves... Thirteen moves...

Zhao Feng held control for the first twenty moves. With his left eye, he saw that there was a slight injury inside Xin Wuheng's body, so he didn't give him any rest.

Xin Wuheng had to retreat to gain some time to heal that slight internal injury, but since Zhao Feng knew that with his left eye, he didn't give Xin Wuheng any time to recover. The audience was stunned.

Inside the Zhao family's pavilion.

Zhao Linlong's face was extremely ugly and his two fist were tightly clenched. Zhao Feng's cultivation wasn't even higher than his. Then why could he fight on par with Xin Wuheng?

Under the big tree.

’’Zhe zhe, interesting. I can't believe that a small city like Sun Feather City would have two talented geniuses, the potential of these two could be ranked in the top five of Jun City.’’ One of the silver figures said.

’’We must report this to My Lord in case these two are taken in by other factions...’’ The other one said cautiously.


In the middle of the stage, the two figures exchanged blows but no one was able to decide the winner.

Twenty moves... Twenty one moves... Twenty two moves...

After twenty two moves, Xin Wuheng started to recover slowly. His Cloud Chess Step specialised in using slow and steady speed to counter fast speed. Furthermore, he restrained himself from clashing head on with Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was too strong in terms of pure strength, and once he used Star Finger, the damage dealt was on par with peak sixth rankers. This meant that even Zhao Linlong, who had reached the sixth rank, would be beaten. Therefore, Xin Wuheng had to retreat occasionally and win some time to rest.

Thirty moves... Thirty five moves...

Finally, on the thirty fifth move, Xin Wuheng managed to slightly gain the upper hand.

The battle became more intense and dangerous. Xin Wuheng would sometimes sneak attack and when he used with Cloud Chess Step, it made the sneak attacks even more unpredictable. But Zhao Feng's reflexes were unbelievably fast, at the key moment he would see how Xin Wuheng would attack.

’’How did he do this? Is he the same as me? Does he have the senses of a Martial Master?’’ Xin Wuheng thought curiously.

Fifty moves... Sixty moves...

No one was winning!


Zhao Ling fell helplessly to the ground, his face was pale. Before, he had bet with Zhao Feng that if he could manage to exchange ten moves, then he would lose.

But at that time Zhao Feng had laughed: ’’Ten moves is too little, at least thirty, no, fifty moves... ’’

And at this moment, the two had exchanged over sixty moves with no signs of winning or losing.

Sixty moves... Seventy moves...

The two's offense rate became higher and higher. Finally, they reached eighty to ninety moves.

Xin Wuheng took a deep breath and his’’one with the heavens’’ aura became clearer and clearer. This aura was similar to the one from the shy girl at the canyon, yet it was much fainter.

Facing this aura Zhao Feng felt like he was an ant. That feeling stopped him from breathing properly.

After ninety moves, every attack Xin Wuheng sen out contained deep insights. Zhao Feng's left eye slowly opened and a faint green azure glow covered his eyeball. Suddenly he went into super-vision mode. Every movement Xin Wuheng made was now tens of times slower.


Inside the pitch black dimension. A hollow figure of Xin Wuheng appeared and every action that he took was replayed back and forth. The hollow figures actions contained deep insights and they were easier to understand compared than the girl's. Since he had already gained some insights from that Mysterious Wind Palm, Zhao Feng immediately learnt this aura.


Zhao Feng suddenly merged his Lightly Floating Ferry, Lightly Micro Step and Flaming Metal Fist into one. An aura similar to Xin Wuheng's appeared on his body.

Pah -

Zhao Feng thrust a palm out at Xin Wuheng.

Teng teng teng.....

Xin Wuheng's figure retreated, his face full of shock: ’’What!? His palm... ’’

He had a weird feeling that the aura from Zhao Feng's palm was stolen from him. If that was true, then it would be too terrifying...

Xin Wuheng took a deep breath and condensed his Inner Strength. His senses were on par with Martial Masters and his condensing speed and strength far surpassed sixth rankers. This meant that any cultivator under the sixth rank couldn't beat Xin Wuheng in terms of Inner Strength. This was also why he could beat Zhao Linlong.

But he didn't know that Zhao Feng's left eye had kept track of all his Inner Strength and blood flow changes.

So it's like this...

Zhao Feng soon gained more understanding of that aura.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng's finger stabbed through the air and this time it was even more powerful than before. Star Finger was also about condensing Inner Strength. After he learnt how Xin Wuheng condensed his Inner Strength, Zhao Feng's Star Finger pushed forwards slightly.

’’Fantastic! Star Finger is closing in on the peak third level.’’ He really wanted to thank Xin Wuheng.

Firstly, he had gained some insight to that mysterious aura. Secondly,he had learnt how to condense Inner Strength more efficiently.

Ninety-one moves... Ninety-two moves...

Zhao Feng fought braver and braver.

Although Xin Wuheng wasn't losing, he wasn't gaining the upper hand either. What made him turn cold was Zhao Feng's potential, he could feel Zhao Feng getting stronger and stronger.

Zhao Feng's aura and Inner Strength were almost completely similar to his.

What kind of person was this guy!?

Xin Wuheng couldn't help but admit that he had met his nemesis. His forte was enlightenment and his opponent's understanding speed was even faster than his.

Ninety-five moves... Ninety-six moves...

They were closing in on one hundred moves. Everyone present held their breaths, their eyes were full of anticipation and excitement for the end result. According to the rules, when they exchanged one-hundred moves the geniuses and hosting person will decide the winner.

However, at the ninety-ninth move.


Xin Wuheng spun and jumped tens of metres into the air: ’’It ends here!’’


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