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King Of Gods - Chapter 500


Chapter 500: Chapter 500 - Tiemo

Chapter 500 - Tiemo

When they crafted the Wheel of Light and Darkness this time, Zhao Feng wasn’t just an assistant;he was the actual forger.

This was because Tiemo wasn’t here.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation far surpassed Master Tiegan’s, and his Wind Lightning True Spirit Flame was more powerful when crafting.

The forging process was much simpler. After all, they crafted the full version before.

“Your eye-bloodline’s control is indeed precise.”

Master Tiegan was extremely satisfied and confident.

Zhao Feng had a powerful True Spirit Flame as well as perfect control. These were vital in crafting weapons.

“It’ll be done in about ten days or so, just a quarter of last time.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye went into precision mode as he started to refine some extra parts.

While they were in the forge, Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan were treated as if they were in seclusion. They weren’t to be disturbed.

After all, the Wheel of Light and Darkness came from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance, and its difficulty was dozens of times harder than normal items of the same grade.

Within Tiegan Palace.

“Ten days.”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye heard Zhao Feng’s voice.

Die Ye smiled faintly, “I’ve already reached out to members of the Religion before we arrived at the Flooding Lake City. By now, the headquarters should have received the news of Zhao Feng’s return.”

Jiang Sanfeng nodded his head. There was nothing to worry about now.

In the Canopy Great Country, the Iron Blood Religion was extremely powerful, and only the Imperials could fight them.

Ten days wasn’t long nor short. However, Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye felt the process was extremely long. As long as Zhao Feng returned to the main headquarters, their mission would be complete.

Eight days later.


A humming sound came from the underground forge.

Even with the strong protective array, the experts above could feel the aura of a sharp weapon.

“The forging should be at the last stage and it already has such a powerful aura.”

Jiang Sanfeng felt his own weapon tremble uneasily.

The new aura made all the weapons inside Tiegan Palace hum.

Inside the forge underground.

“We’re just one step away.”

Zhao Feng let out a light breath as a ball made from countless parts appeared in his hand and sparkled with lightning.


The ball was soon engulfed in lightning that occasionally flickered with purple, causing its strength to rise dramatically.

“I didn’t think your Flame of True Spirit would be so unique and your control would be so perfect….”

Master Tiegan felt excited.

The simplified version of the Wheel of Light and Darkness was much better than expected because Zhao Feng’s control and strength of his True Spirit Flame exceeded expectations.

Time passed slowly. The aura of the ball in front of Zhao Feng started to condense and the parts started to interact.


At the last critical moment, Zhao Feng suddenly sensed something and glanced toward a certain direction.

However, it was the last step and Zhao Feng didn’t dare to lose concentration or else everything would fail.

On a mountain behind Tiegan Mountain.

Qiu Qiu Qiu Qiu~~~~

Four figures flashed through the air and their auras made the animals nearby dead-silent.

These four figures consisted of two females and two males.

The two females were stunning beauties, and one of them could be said to destroy countries with her looks. She wore a palace gown, and her ripe body was filled with limitless charm.

“Empress Qin, with your help, our rate of success will rise greatly.”

The other elegant female gritted her teeth as she stared in the direction Tiegan Mountain with hatred.

She raised her hand and an ancient green Qin and a flying sword appeared.

Qin Sword Twin Desolation.

She was the Qin Sword Palace Master that was severely injured by Zhao Feng before. Although she was extremely pretty and elegant, Empress Qin, who specialized in the Dao of Charm, still surpassed her.

Empress Qin smiled as she turned toward the two males, “Even without my help, the Qin Sword Palace Master and the Liu family Elder and the Qin Sword Palace Elder can easily suppress Zhao Feng. With the Palace Master as support, Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to fly away even if he had wings.”

The auras of the two males were stronger than the two women.

One was the First Elder of the Qin Sword Palace. He had a cold expression, silver hair, and he looked thirty-to-forty years old, but his real age couldn’t be estimated.

However, his aura was closing in on the peak True Lord Rank and surpassed the other three.

The other was an old robed Elder who was also at the True Lord Rank. He was the First Elder of the Liu family.

All four of them were at the True Lord Rank.

“Don’t underestimate that Zhao Feng. With the three of us originally, we only had a 70-80% of defeating him, but we wouldn’t be able to kill him. We wanted the Flooding Lake City Lord to help, but he used ‘seclusion’ as an excuse. Luckily, we met Empress Qin on the way.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master was calm and cold. She wasn’t blinded by hatred.

The humiliation Zhao Feng gave her at the Flooding Lake City was carved into her bones, and when she returned to the Qin Sword Palace, she met First Elder and the Liu family First Elder sparring.

The Qin Sword Palace and the Liu family’s First Elders instantly allowed the Qin Sword Palace Master to see hope in getting revenge.

Hence the current scene.

The four True Lord Ranks appeared on Tiegan Mountain.

The only difference was that instead of the Flooding Lake City Lord who was supposed to come, it was now Empress Qin.

“Before I left, Master told me to follow the momentum and hopefully wipe away the problems between Zhao Feng and me….”

Empress Qin remembered what the Sage told her.

Following the momentum was fine – Empress Qin wasn’t an insect that would just stand in the way of a chariot – but thinking about how Zhao Feng had kidnapped her, she just couldn’t let it go.

Luckily, she met these three on the way. This was a good chance to kill Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng must die. Once he meets up with the Iron Blood Religion, the Imperials will be suppressed.”

Struggle and hesitation were soon replaced by decisiveness and killing intent. She wouldn’t pass up this chance to kill Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was one of the five Overwhelming Prodigies and had an immeasurable potential. Once he fully matured, Empress Qin couldn’t imagine the future of the Imperials.

“My spiritual sense has already found Zhao Feng. Hehe, interesting. He has time to craft weapons?”

The First Elder of the Qin Sword Palace mocked.

Of the four, his cultivation was the highest and he was the first to find Zhao Feng.

The other three True Lord Ranks confirmed Zhao Feng’s position.

“Don’t let him run. His eye-bloodline’s unique and he has probably already sensed us.”

The four True Lord Ranks turned into four streaks of light that quickly descended toward Tiegan Palace.

Qiu Qiu Qiu Qiu~~~~

The four True Lord Ranks each took a respective direction as they surrounded Tiegan Palace. Their True Lord Rank intent made the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi resonate.

Tiegan Palace instantly broke into chaos.

“Zhao Feng, I don’t want to kill any innocents. Come out and die.”

The Qin Sword Palace Master’s eyes were cold as she sent her flying sword out.


The building on top of the forge instantly shattered, but the sword didn’t reach the forge because it was blocked by a protective array.

However, even then, Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan felt the forge shake.

“I’m just a step away from completing it.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed.

He had to concentrate or everything they had done might fail.

Yet, these four True Lord Ranks appeared right at this critical moment.

Zhao Feng wasn’t scared of the four True Lord Ranks. He just wasn’t willing for the weapon to fail now.

“Qin Sword Palace and the Liu family. Don’t think the Iron Blood Religion is scared of you.”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye stood shoulder-to-shoulder and didn’t retreat.

They knew that Zhao Feng was at the last moment and they just needed to drag it out for a short while.

“Iron Blood Religion? You think I won’t kill you?’

The Qin Sword Palace Master snickered.

Although she was wary of the Iron Blood Religion, the Qin Sword Palace was a force below only the Imperials and the Iron Blood Religion.

Furthermore, the Qin Sword Palace was on the same side as the Imperials.

“Hehehe… who has such big words that they want to harm the members of the Iron Blood Religion?”

A voice filled with cold intent sounded from the other side of Tiegan Mountain.

In the air, a sedan with a sword and blade intertwined appeared. It was carried by four True Human Rank experts.

“Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan!”

The expressions of all four True Lord Ranks changed dramatically.

There were probably not many people who didn’t know the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.

Once the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan appeared, it meant that the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion would appear.

“Greetings, Deputy Patriarch.”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye bowed down. They weren’t surprised that the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan appeared.

Tiemo had received news of Zhao Feng returning half a month ago and quickly headed over.

He had arrived here two days ago but didn’t appear in case it disrupted Zhao Feng.

Only during this moment when the four True Lord Ranks appeared did Tiemo come out.

“Come in.”

Tiemo waved his hand and let Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye into the sedan.


After that, the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan descended on top of the forge.

“Tiemo, do you think you can block the four of us by yourself?”

The First Elder of the Qin Sword Palace snickered.

In terms of cultivation, Tiemo wasn’t much higher than him, and they had four True Lord Ranks, including the Qin Sword Palace Master who specialized in teamwork.

“Come at me then.”

The blood-colored-hair Tiemo harrumphed as he stood on top of the sedan and faced the four True Lord Ranks.


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