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King Of Gods - Chapter 499


Chapter 499: Chapter 499 - The Strongest Eye-bloodline on the C

Chapter 499 - The Strongest Eye-bloodline on the Continent

Outside the Six Warlock divine Tower, Mo Tianyi faced Zhao Feng and asked him about Zhao Yufei.

“Yufei is currently doing well. However, her fortune is too great, so it requires a lot of time. She probably won’t be able to leave for at least a year or two.”

Zhao Feng didn’t open his mouth, but his voice sounded in Mo Tianyi’s head.

He only gave a rough summary of Zhao Yufei’s situation, without any specifics.

After all, the Purple Saint Ruins was too big of a deal. Even two-star sects were trying to get a slice of that cake. The Azure Flower Continent didn’t have the strength to compete against them.

“That’s why Yufei is in danger. It’s not easy for a mere True Spirit Realm to try to eat the entire cake.”

Zhao Feng was slightly worried. However, Zhao Yufei should be safe for now since the Purple Saint Token had no reaction or call for help.

“Brother Zhao, what was inside the mysterious inheritance and where did it come from?”

Mo Tianyi couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart.

The unknown inheritance Zhao Feng entered was a mystery for everyone else, and when the unknown inheritance appeared, it seemed to be even better than the Four Great Inheritances. Of course, the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance that descended was only one of many inheritances.

“Mo Tianyi, I can’t tell you too much about the inheritance. It’s not good for you. If anything ever happens, even the Heavenly Yuan Clan behind you couldn’t take it.”

Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

Hearing this, Mo Tianyi’s heart jumped and he asked no more.

He started to realize that the inheritance Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei entered was extremely important and could even bring disaster to the Heavenly Yuan Clan.

Being the Head Disciple of the Heavenly Yuan Clan, Mo Tianyi’s understanding of the cultivation world was better than most. He knew that the scale of five stars wasn’t just a legend.

After saying everything, Zhao Feng prepared to leave.

“Brother Zhao, wait a second. You might not have received this news yet.”

Mo Tianyi suddenly called out.


Zhao Feng’s footsteps stopped.

“There’s a tradition after the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. The geniuses that return from the inheritances will gather together after being in seclusion and spar with each other. This is the True Dragon Tea Gathering.”

Mo Tianyi smiled, and his eyes was full of expectation and battle-intent.

True Dragon Tea Party?

Zhao Feng didn’t know there was such a thing. However, thinking about it, these geniuses all entered an inheritance and their strength must’ve increased after coming back.

This event wasn’t limited to just the normal True Dragon geniuses, even the five Overwhelming Prodigies would attend.

“Who knows how big of an improvement these True Dragon geniuses and Overwhelming Prodigies have made…?”

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

“The host this time is the Three Eyed Saint and Goddess Bing, and the location is the Middle Continent. It starts one year after the end of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

Mo Tianyi said.

“Ok, I’ll go if I have time.”

He was slightly interested in the True Dragon Tea Party, but Zhao Feng had many problems to take care of.

“Brother Zhao, I heard Goddess Bing Wei reached the True Lord Rank in the Mystic Ice Inheritance and has already defeated several True Lord Ranks half a year ago. The Three Eyed Saint is even more incredible.”

Mo Tianyi continued.

“Who’s this Three Eyed Saint?”

Zhao Feng suddenly stopped Mo Tianyi. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t remember this Three Eyed Saint.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. The Three Eyed Saint came first in both the previous Sacred True Dragon Gathering and the one before that. If it weren’t for the age restriction, Yu Tianhao might not have gotten first this time.”

Mo Tianyi explained.

No wonder.

Zhao Feng understood. This Three Eyed Saint was a “senior” of previous Sacred True Dragon Gatherings.

Of course, he was at least twenty years older than Yu Tianhao, as the Three Eyed Saint won two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings before.

“On top of that, the Three Eye Saint’s family is an eye-bloodline family that is ranked first in the continent. The ancestor, the Three Eyed Heavenly Emperor, is a legend, and his Three Eyes techniques are famed across the continent.”

Mo Tianyi’s face was full of wariness and respect when he said this.

“The strongest eye-bloodline on the continent? This Three Eyed Saint does indeed have the right to host the True Dragon Tea Party then.”

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

Mo Tianyi smiled, “Zhao Feng, I know you aren’t willing to succumb to the Three Eyed Saint, especially since their family has the strongest eye-bloodline.”

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was extremely powerful and everyone knew it.

The power of his eye-bloodline defeated Tuoba Feng and the ghost-eyed man, members of two major eye-bloodline families.

“Of course. My aim isn’t just the strongest bloodline in the Azure Flower Continent.”

Zhao Feng smiled and didn’t hide his goal.

His eye-bloodline hadn’t lost to anyone yet. Although Chi Gui from the Black Cliff Palace was strong, he still lost to Zhao Feng in the end.

Now, with an eye-bloodline prodigy appearing, Zhao Feng became more interested in the True Dragon Tea Party.

“Ok, we’ll meet at the tea party then.”

Mo Tianyi said expectantly and left.

Zhao Feng didn’t stay at the Six Warlock divine Tower for long. He met up with Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye and returned to the Flooding Lake City.

Tiegan Mountain.

About ten days had passed since they left and Master Tiegan had organized the materials needed for the simplified version of the Wheel of Light and Darkness.

“The materials are all here, and we used replacements for the ones we lack.”

Master Tiegan told Zhao Feng the progress as they made the last preparations before crafting the simplified Wheel of Light and Darkness.

Within a secret hall of Tiegan Palace, Zhao Feng sat cross-legged as a dark mist suddenly came out of nowhere, revealing a gold-and-silver skeleton with two twitching red flames in its eye sockets.

“Skeletal division Leader, you’ve already recovered 30-40% and its only been a couple months.”

Zhao Feng inspected.

The skeletal division Leader’s recovery speed was faster than he thought it would be.

From its aura, the skeletal division Leader had the battle-power of at least a late-stage True Lord Rank, and it was as troublesome as a peak-stage True Lord Rank.

Zhao Feng knew this was due to the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

The air of death within it was perfect for ghost-corpses.

“Master, the progress has stalled with the hundred True Lord Rank corpses. Although the air of death is plentiful in there, the resources are limited, and my cultivation hasn’t returned to its peak.”

The skeletal division Leader sighed. The Hundred Corpses plan was Zhao Feng’s small ambition. He could use this to form an army of a hundred True Lord Ranks.

One could only imagine how terrifying an army of a hundred True Lord Ranks would be.

Once this plan was complete, it wouldn’t even be hard for Zhao Feng to sweep across an entire great country.

“How many are done?”

Zhao Feng asked.

“One has been completed and another one’s almost done in the past two and a half months.”

The skeletal division Leader waved its hand and a smelly dark-red ghost-corpse appeared.

The disgusting aura made Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrow.

However, its early-stage True Lord Rank battle-power surprised Zhao Feng.

“The Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground needed to kill a hundred or more True Lord Ranks and use their negative energy to form the curse. In reality, some of them had reached the peak True Lord Rank before they died, meaning their difficulty rises.”

The skeletal division Leader cried bitterly.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but click his tongue. That meant that this early-stage True Lord Rank ghost-corpse was one of the weaker ones.

A hundred skeletons meant a hundred True Lord Ranks. One could see how terrifying the force that set up the curse was.

“I’ll try to gather all the resources.”

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and wiped off the skeletal division Leader’s mark before leaving his own God’s Eye Mark on the new skeleton.

The skeletal division Leader’s heart jumped. Zhao Feng controlled the ghost-corpse just like that.


Zhao Feng waved his hand and put the ghost-corpse in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

Immediately following that, Zhao Feng waved his hand and summoned two dark-silver ghost-corpses that had silver stripes on their bones.

“Not bad, the skeletal division Leader is indeed quite skilled. The two dark-silver ghost-corpses are more useful in its hands.

Zhao Feng waved his hand and put away the two skeletons.

At this point in time, the two dark-silver skeletons had exceed normal early-stage True Lord Ranks and couldn’t be measured normally.

“My resources still aren’t enough for my Hundred Corpses plan. I’ll get back to it when I need it.”

Zhao Feng soon found the solution.

It was too hard to find resources on the Azure Flower Continent alone, but Zhao Feng could go to the Purple Saint Ruins.

The Purple Saint Ruins was a separate dimension with rich resources, and even top resources in the Azure Flower Continent were normal in the Purple Saint Ruins.

If it weren’t for that, the three two-star sects wouldn’t have planned so much for it.

Three days later, Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan went into the forge and started to craft the simplified Wheel of Light and Darkness.

This represented Zhao Feng’s heart.


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