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King Of Gods - Chapter 498


Chapter 498: Chapter 498 - Pointers

Chapter 498 - Pointers

The Sage’s divination made many of the visitors depressed, and they couldn’t calm down.

The result of the divination wasn’t hard to understand. Those that came back from an inheritance had an immeasurable future, while those that didn’t return were either dead or about to face a bunch of misfortune.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng, Mo Tianyi, and some of the other visitors were silent and had weird expressions.

The Sage inspected Zhao Feng before answering some other questions.

A while later, Zhao Feng’s heart managed to calm down.

“At least I know how Yufei’s doing. The Purple Saint Partial Spirit gave me a Purple Saint Token, which is connected to the Purple Saint Ruins.”

A purple-colored token appeared in Zhao Feng’s palm. This was the Purple Saint Token, which gave a faint ripple before disappearing.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit had explained the use of the token before. It could open a path into the inheritance, and if Zhao Yufei needed anything, or if Zhao Feng wanted to go the Purple Saint Ruins, he could do so with the Purple Saint Token.

However, it was limited to only three uses.

“The key question is still whether Qinxin is dead or not.”

Zhao Feng let out a breath.

Time passed by slowly. The visitors started to leave one after another;it was night, and the Sage looked tired and was about to go rest.

Zhao Feng and Mo Tianyi didn’t leave quite yet.

“Sage, I still need your help.”

Zhao Feng slowly said.

The Sage wasn’t surprised and smiled, “Are you here for Liu Qinxin?”

“That’s right. May I ask the Sage whether she is alive or not?”

Zhao Feng went straight to the point.

The Sage’s divination earlier was directed toward the whole group, whereas Zhao Feng was asking about a specific person this time.

“Zhao Feng, that Liu Qinxin entered an inheritance very far away and there are no trails whatsoever. You want to ask Master about whether she’s alive or not? Ridiculous!”

Empress Qin’s cold voice sounded.

Zhao Feng remained unmoved as he looked at the Sage, holding onto the last bit of hope.

He knew that the divination required a certain amount of information and traces.

Empress Qin obviously knew a bit about the Dao of Life, so she knew that they lacked information and couldn’t confirm anything about it.

“Zhao Feng, I can’t answer this question.”

The Sage stood with his hands behind his back. There was no sign of emotion from him.

Can’t answer this question?

Zhao Feng paused. The Sage didn’t say whether he could divine it or not, he said he couldn’t “answer” it.

“Sage, according to what I know, you’re Qinxin’s grandmaster.”

Zhao Feng didn’t give up. He realized that the Sage might know something but wasn’t willing to tell him. However, the more it was like that, the more worried he was for Liu Qinxin.

The Sage didn’t decline. He was silent for a while before finally speaking, “Qinxin’s extremely talented in the Dao of Life and the Dao of the Qin. I really liked her, and I was preparing for her to be my successor after she came out of the inheritance. Unfortunately…”

Speaking up to here, the Sage sighed. It was as if fate made him feel helpless.

“Can’t this Zhao Feng see that Qinxin’s already dead? Why else wouldn’t Master answer him?”

Empress Qin mockingly thought.

She and Liu Qinxin were enemies. Liu Qinxin’s master told her to change her name to the same as Empress Qin’s in order to change fate and go against the heavens.

Empress Qin obviously knew this and disliked it.

“If I can’t get a confirmed answer, my heart knot won’t be untied.”

Zhao Feng bowed to the Sage.

“Zhao Feng, I can’t answer you. The result of me changing fate isn’t something I can handle.’

The Sage shook his head bitterly.

Hearing this, even Empress Qin was stunned.

The Sage seemed to be wary of something. He didn’t dare to change Zhao Feng’s fate or else something would happen.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat revealed a look of understanding.


The big lazy cat squinted its eyes and threw some old bronze coins into the air. It looked at Zhao Feng for a long time as its expression slowly turned into extreme fear.

“What’s going on? The Sage seems to know something about me, but he’s scared of changing it because the result would be devastating?”

Zhao Feng had many questions.

“I can only give you some pointers. There’s no such thing as absolute misfortune or absolute fortune. Even those that must die can come back to life. For example, one of the eight God Eyes, the Eye of Rebirth, has the ability to revive someone.”

The Sage said calmly.

The Eye of Rebirth, one of the eight God Eyes?

Zhao Feng’s left eye twitched as he heard this.

“There’s such a heaven defying eye-bloodline that can even turn life and death around?”

Zhao Feng was utterly shocked.

Although the words “turning life and death around” seemed to appear everywhere when it came to special items or resources, this kind of “death” was one where the person hadn’t truly died yet.

On the other hand, the Eye of Rebirth that was referenced by the Sage had the capability to revive someone even if their body had turned to dust and their soul had dissipated.

“Of course, this is only in the legends. The Eight Great God Eyes rule the earth and each one of them has a heaven-defying ability. The Eye of Rebirth is only one of them.”

The Sage smiled.

Zhao Feng knew a thing or two about the legends of the Eight Great God Eyes.

Accordingly, the Eight Great God Eyes were the ancestors of all the eye-bloodlines in the world.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit even said that there were inheritances of the Eight Great God Eyes.

As for why the inheritances of the Eight Great God Eyes didn’t descend onto the Azure Flower Continent, Zhao Feng didn’t know.

Maybe they were too powerful and the Azure Flower Continent was unable to accept them, or maybe it was due to the fact that they were too far away and the Dragon Blessing of the Azure Flower Continent wasn’t enough.

“Thank you, Sage. Nothing is absolute in this world. As long as I become strong enough, maybe I can change everything.”

Zhao Feng seemed to understand something and thanked the Sage once more.

When the Sage mentioned the Eight Great God Eyes, Zhao Feng’s bloodline suddenly became filled with excitement and battle-intent.

“Eight Great God Eyes… Ten Thousand Ancient Races… I will one day face you all.”

Zhao Feng’s goal suddenly changed, and all of this was due to the Sage.

“Now do you know what to do?”

There was a tinge of happiness in the Sage’s eyes.

“This junior understands.”

The knot within Zhao Feng’s heart started to untie as his path and vision became clear.

His eyes shined, “One day, I will walk out of this Continent and travel around the outside world where there’s two-star and three-star sects…. When I’m strong enough, I can go directly to the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance.”

Zhao Feng’s heart was suddenly cleansed. All that was left behind was the courage to pursue onward to the apex.

At this instant, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and his soul underwent a cleansing process and became more condensed.

In just a couple breaths, Zhao Feng’s state of heart rose.

His mental energy level reached the peak True Lord Rank and was comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

Although the power of his soul hadn’t really increased, it became purer.

Back at the Purple Saint Ruins, the Wood Spirit Essence Soul allowed Zhao Feng’s soul to increase by leaps and bounds.

However, this made his foundation unstable, but with the help of the Sage, Zhao Feng’s soul became consolidated.

“Thank you, Sage. I have one more question before I leave….”

Zhao Feng reached out and touched his left eye.

“I found your eye-bloodline a long time ago. It’s related to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, but its exact source has exceeded my divination limit. However, I’m certain that it has the potential to reach the Eight Great God Eyes.”

The Sage said.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng was surprised. The Sage was aware of his God’s Spiritual Eye and said the exact same thing as the Purple Saint Partial Saint.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was related to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

“Potential to reach the Eight Great God Eyes?”

Mo Tianyi and Empress Qin were stunned.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline had the potential to reach the level of the Eight Great God Eyes, even though the chance was extremely small.

Perhaps Mo Tianyi and Empress Qin didn’t know exactly how strong the Eight Great God Eyes were, but they were legendary for being the eight strongest eye-bloodlines in the world.

Even Zhao Feng himself was surprised. He never thought his eye-bloodline’s potential was so great.

The Eight Great God Eyes were the beginning of all eye-bloodlines.

For example, the Eye of Rebirth that the Sage just talked about could revive people. What else could they do if they could already do such heaven-defying things?

At least currently, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was nowhere near that level.

After the last question, Zhao Feng stood up and got ready to leave.

“Zhao Feng!”

Mo Tianyi caught up immediately.

“Mo Tianyi, are you worried about Yufei?”

Zhao Feng seemed to have expected this and smiled faintly.

“Brother Zhao, there are no outsiders here. You were the only one that entered the mysterious inheritance with Yufei. How is she doing? Is she still alive?”

Mo Tianyi took a deep breath. Instead of asking the Sage, it was better for him to ask Zhao Feng.


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