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King Of Gods - Chapter 497


Chapter 497: Chapter 497 - More Danger than Fortune

Chapter 497 - More Danger than Fortune

“Maybe it’s the dancer of fate.”

The white-bearded elder sighed as he watched the two cats jumping around.

Because he didn’t interfere, the others didn’t either.

The two cats were way too fast;even the guards couldn’t clearly see how they were fighting.

When the little thieving cat used the mysterious dagger’s intent, it gained the upper hand and started to give the big lazy cat a beating.

However, the big lazy cat started to adjust. Although it didn’t attack as much, it perfectly blocked the little thieving cat’s strikes.

“This lazy cat’s level of comprehension is high, and it specializes in defense.”

Zhao Feng inspected.

Although the little thieving cat had the upper hand, it couldn’t win within a short amount of time.

The big lazy cat’s stamina and attributes were obviously higher than the little thieving cat’s, and the little thieving cat expended extra energy using the intent from the mysterious dagger.

Ding! Ding! Shua!

A big cat and a small cat started to rise as they fought, and the forty-nine floors of the Six Warlock divine Tower became their battlefield.

“Not good, they’re getting closer to where the Sage is in seclusion!”

A priest within the Six Warlock divine Tower exclaimed, and the other guards and priests found something was amiss as well.

“Stop that cat!”

The Six Warlock divine Tower broke into a panic.

Qiu! Qiu! Shu~~~

The big lazy cat and the little thieving cat would occasionally miss their target, slightly damaging the tower.

The guards flew over and tried to stop the little thieving cat.

However, the two cats couldn’t be separated, and their speed was too fast.

A playfulness appeared within Zhao Feng below.

The participation of the guards and priests made the situation more chaotic.


There were several members of the tower who were accidentally injured by one another and started to scream.

This scene surprised the visitors below, and many of them glanced deeply at Zhao Feng.

No one thought that Zhao Feng’s pet cat would be able to cause chaos in the Six Warlock divine Tower.

Was all of this planned by Zhao Feng?

“Zhao Feng, how dare you cause trouble at the Six Warlock divine Tower? Do you know what the result will be if you offend the Sage?”

Empress Qin’s voice was cold, but gloating.

Offend the Sage?

Zhao Feng realized the existence of some problems.

There weren’t many powerful people in the Six Warlock divine Tower;there were only one or two True Lord Ranks, and they didn’t even specialize in battle.

How could such a weak force have such a high status in the Canopy Great Country then?

Apparently, even Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm came to visit the Sage, but Zhao Feng couldn’t recall ever hearing about anyone using force here.

“Zhao Feng… it’s best not to offend the Sage.”

Mo Tianyi said solemnly.

“Please speak.”

Zhao Feng remained calm.

In reality, he hadn’t ordered anything. The little thieving cat did everything on its own accord.

“Zhao Feng, according to what my Master said, there was apparently a Sovereign that used force here and threatened the Sage. However, in less than two years’ time, the Sovereign died in a place of inheritance.”

Mo Tianyi paused.

The fall of a Sovereign?

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. Was the death of this Sovereign connected to the Sage?

“The Sage cultivates the Dao of Life and, when one reaches the apex, they can not only divine the future, they can even change it to some extent. My master said the Sovereign died because of the Sage.”

When Mo Tianyi spoke up to here, his face was full of respect, but Zhao Feng’s heart was cold.

There were millions and billions of Dao in this world: the Dao of Martial Arts, the Dao of the Sword, the Dao of Arrays, the Dao of Body Strengthening, the Dao of Assassination… and when any Dao reached the apex, they would have unparalleled power.

Furthermore, the Sage was someone who cultivated the Dao of Life.

Zhao Feng didn’t doubt what Mo Tianyi said, or precisely, what Mo Tianyi’s master said.

This was because Mo Tianyi’s master was a Sovereign and, being one of the Ten Great Forces of the Continent, the Heavenly Yuan Clan must have a Sovereign too.

Zhao Feng finally understood why Empress Qin was gloating.

“The Dao of Life? Maybe the Sage can divine where my God’s Spiritual Eye came from.”

Zhao Feng murmured expressionlessly in his heart.

The strength of the Sage made him overjoyed.

The little thieving cat’s history was also mysterious, but such a cat was willing to follow Zhao Feng because of his God’s Spiritual Eye.

The God’s Spiritual Eye was Zhao Feng’s biggest puzzle.

Right at this moment.

Sou! Shua! Shua!

The two cats slowly closed in on where the Sage was in seclusion.


A mysterious star-symbolled array flashed through the forty-ninth floor, and Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could barely sense it.

This flash was different from any other power Zhao Feng had seen before.

“Lazy cat, invite the esteemed guest up.”

An old voice that contained a tinge of fatigue sounded from the top of the Six Warlock divine Tower.

Although the forty-ninth floor was extremely high up, the voice sounded from close by.

Zhao Feng focused and managed to see that an old figure had appeared at the top of the Six Warlock divine Tower. The old figure wore a black cloak and had eyes as bright as the night sky that seemed to contain infinite wisdom.

“The Sage has exited seclusion!”

“Greetings, Sage.”

Everyone within the Six Warlock divine Tower soon calmed down.


Miao miao!

The two cats landed on the forty-ninth floor and stood facing each other. They finally stopped sparring.

The little thieving cat squinted and looked at the Sage with a rare solemnness.

The Sage smiled and waved his hand, signaling the big lazy cat to greet the guest.

Ceng! Ceng!

The two cats landed in front of Zhao Feng.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and nudged its owner’s cheeks.


The big lazy cat extended a paw and invited Zhao Feng up.

“How… how is this possible!?”

Empress Qin’s beautiful face was full of shock.

That’s right. The “esteemed guest” that the Sage was talking about was Zhao Feng.

No one knew the Sage’s intentions better than the big lazy cat.

“This junior feels guilty for disturbing the Sage.”

Zhao Feng bowed apologetically before flying with the big lazy cat toward the peak of the Six Warlock divine Tower.

“The Sage has come out! Don’t miss this chance.”

The remaining visitors couldn’t suppress their excitement.

The guards of the Six Warlock divine Tower were about to stop them, but the Sage waved his hand gently and let everyone up.

The group of visitors soon reached the peak of the Six Warlock divine Tower.

Although there were many people, they were silent.

“I’ve just exited seclusion not long ago and have divined the situation about the inheritances of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. I believe many of you are here for this.”

The Sage said.

Zhao Feng, Mo Tianyi, and company’s eyes lit up.

The Sage knew some of their intentions.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was slightly nervous because he knew the Sage was going to answer the question.

“Any genius that returned from an inheritance has reaped great rewards and their future is immeasurable.”

The Sage smiled and glanced over Zhao Feng, Mo Tianyi, Tian Yunzhi, Prince Jin, and company.

Hearing this, no one retorted.

Zhao Feng took this to heart. The rewards he had gained from the Purple Saint Ruins weren’t just “great.”

The Wood Spirit Essence Soul allowed his soul to become comparable to the Origin Core Realm, and his chance of breaking through to the Origin Core Realm later in life was high.

Apart from that, he also had the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet Inheritance, the Ice Imperial Spear, and the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl. Even the little thieving cat received an inheritance. These were all things that even Sovereigns couldn’t dream of.

Mo Tianyi, Tian Yunzhi, Prince Jin, and company were all silent as they agreed with the Sage. They all met great fortune.

The Sage meant that this era would decide the future.

“Then how about those that didn’t return?”

Mo Tianyi couldn’t help but ask.

The Sage just said that those that “returned” from an inheritance.

“The world is balanced. Those that haven’t returned will face far more danger than fortune, no matter whether they are still alive or not.”

The Sage’s voice started to drop like leaves turning yellow and falling to the ground.

Far more danger than fortune.

When this was said, the hearts of many people present fell and Zhao Feng’s heart shook.

What the Sage said wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

He said, “far more danger than fortune,” a sort of euphemism that most of them were already dead. However, this was also a divination for those still alive.

Far more danger than fortune, no matter whether they are still alive or not.

This meant that even those that weren’t dead yet will most likely be so soon.


Zhao Feng’s heart went cold and waves surged in his heart. The Sage’s divination not only included those that died in the inheritances, it also very likely included Liu Qinxin.

Furthermore, “whether they are still alive or not” included Zhao Yufei.

If you didn’t return from the inheritance, even if you were still alive, you’ll most likely die in the future.

“Then Sister Yufei…”

Mo Tianyi and company were depressed.

At this instant, Zhao Feng, Mo Tianyi, and company were silent, and Zhao Feng was dazed.

“I thought that Qinxin would most likely be dead, but I didn’t think that even Yufei would be in a dangerous situation….”

Zhao Feng’s heart struggled.

One was his fiancée, and the other was a friend he had known since he was young.

And now these two females were facing far more danger than fortune.

Zhao Feng could roughly guess Zhao Yufei’s situation. She was most likely facing three two-star sects.


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