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King Of Gods - Chapter 495


Chapter 495: Chapter 495 - Enemies Meet

Chapter 495 - Enemies Meet

Zhao Feng’s arrival caused the people in front of the Six Warlock divine Tower to break into discussion.

“Zhao Feng is one of the five Overwhelming Prodigies from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

Some of the people immediately recognized him. Over half a year had passed since the end of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, and the name of the Overwhelming Prodigies spread across the continent.

Amongst the five Overwhelming Prodigies, Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao were the Lord Prodigies who stood at the top of the current era.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned through the crowd and he saw some familiar figures.

There were Prince Jin, Tian Yunzhi, and even Mo Tianyi from the Heavenly Yuan Clan.

Apart from them, there was also a splendid woman dressed entirely in black whose aura was uniquely weird.

When the woman in black saw Zhao Feng, she paused slightly.

“Zhao Feng, you came back from the inheritance? How’s Sister Yufei doing?” Mo Tianyi asked urgently as soon as he saw Zhao Feng.

The whole reason he was at the Six Warlock divine Tower in the first place was to confirm whether Zhao Yufei was alive or not.

She hadn’t returned to the continent even after being in the mysterious inheritance for six months, but the Heavenly Yuan Clan never gave up.

When Mo Tianyi asked his question, all the experts at the True Spirit Realm – especially those at the True Lord Rank – listened up.

The most recent Sacred True Dragon Gathering was the best one in several millennia. Not only had all Four Great Inheritances descended, there was even a powerful unknown inheritance.

Before this, the two that entered that unknown inheritance hadn’t returned, but now, one of them was back, so the others were all curious.

“Mo Tianyi.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and didn’t immediately answer the question.

There were many people in front of the Six Warlock divine Tower. Why would Zhao Feng easily give out information about the unknown inheritance?

Mo Tianyi felt slightly awkward. He had rushed it. It wasn’t a good place to talk about these secrets.

The people that were listening were obviously disappointed, and the eyebrows of some of the True Lord Ranks furrowed, obviously dissatisfied.

Zhao Feng stood with a confident smile and his hands behind his back. With his strength, he didn’t fear anything.

“Brother Zhao, I’m very surprised to see you here. I believe the elders of the Heavenly Yuan Clan would be happy to see you.”

Mo Tianyi smiled and greeted Zhao Feng. He didn’t immediately follow up on the mysterious inheritance.

Prince Jin, Tian Yunzhi, and company soon came to greet Zhao Feng as well. Even those that didn’t know him came to introduce themselves.

It was a glory to talk with an Overwhelming Prodigy, and such a tale could be told to their friends later on.

Zhao Feng humbly interacted with the experts.

“Since everyone’s waiting here, what’s the situation in the Six Warlock divine Tower?”

Zhao Feng asked. There were obviously many people here that wanted to ask for pointers or needed divination.

Tian Yunzhi wanted to thank the Sage and receive pointers.

Mo Tianyi was here to ask the Sage for the location of Zhao Yufei.

“The Sage has been in seclusion for the last couple months and is divining the future of the continent.”

“No one knows when the Sage will come out. It might be soon or it might be a while.”

“That’s right, we’re all waiting here for the Sage. This is a chance.”

Everyone babbled.

Zhao Feng got the gist of the situation after hearing everything. Simply put: this was a line, and everyone was waiting.

“I need to craft the Wheel of Light and Darkness and return to the Headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion….”

Zhao Feng thought. He couldn’t wait too long, but if he left half-way, he might miss the chance of meeting the Sage.

When the Sage exited seclusion, the Sage might start traveling all over the place. It would be hard to find the Sage at that time.

Sou! Sou!

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye flew over and landed on Zhao Feng’s left and right.

“Chapter Leader, let me try. Maybe if the Sage knew that one of the Overwhelming Prodigies was here, he’ll come out.”

Jiang Sanfeng smiled and suggested. He wanted to finish this as soon as possible so that Zhao Feng could return to the Iron Blood Religion.

Zhao Feng didn’t stop it, his silence signaling Jiang Sanfeng to try.

“May the Priests of the Six Warlock divine Tower report that Chapter Leader Zhao, one of the five Overwhelming Prodigies, is here.”

Jiang Sanfeng raised his head and shouted at the figures in the Six Warlock divine Tower.

Apart from the legendary Sage, there were other experts and priests present.

“One of the five Overwhelming Prodigies?”

The figures in the Six Warlock divine Tower looked curiously below. After all, it wasn’t just the Sage that could divine things.

“The five Overwhelming Prodigies of this era surpass the past several dozen generations and will lead the future of this continent.”

Some of the priests knew some divination.

Therefore, Zhao Feng’s appearance also attracted the curiosity of some experts within the Six Warlock divine Tower.

Some of the divination experts looked at Zhao Feng with twinkling eyes and started to divine his future.

However, most of them didn’t get any results.

One of the white-bearded elders closed his eyes and started to divine further with a trembling body.


Blood streaked out from the white-bearded old man’s mouth.


The nearby priests exclaimed as they went to support him.

“He’s indeed worthy of being an Overwhelming Prodigy. The Sage once said they would lead the peak of the continent and are closely connected with the legacy of the heavens.”

The white-bearded old man wiped off the blood as he closely inspected the blue-haired youth.

The temporary chaos in the Six Warlock divine Tower made the dozens of people below look at each other.

None of them would have thought that a “Master” of divination would cough up blood when doing divination on Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng remained unmoved and didn’t bother with the priests in the Six Warlock divine Tower.

“Seniors of the Six Warlock divine Tower, the Chapter Leader has an important issue to ask the Sage. I hope you can let him in.”

Jiang Sanfeng quickly said.

Hearing this, the group in front of the Six Warlock divine Tower were expectant.

Maybe an Overwhelming Prodigy could receive special treatment from the Six Warlock divine Tower.

Coldness flashed through the eyes of the woman covered in black next to Prince Jin.

The white-bearded old man in the Six Warlock divine Tower coughed, “The Sage said he’ll appear when the time is right. Although I’m very interested in helping an Overwhelming Prodigy, I don’t have the ability to do so….”

Hearing this, the group was disappointed.

Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised. He turned to the woman in black next to Prince Jin.

“Empress, we haven’t met in a while.”

Zhao Feng smiled. His gaze seemed to see through the black veil covering the woman’s face.


The woman was surprised and harrumphed coldly as she ripped off the black veil, revealing an exotic face.

Her every action and every breath brought a maximum amount of charm.

Empress Qin!

The experts present were surprised.

Most of them didn’t know that even Empress Qin was waiting for the Sage.

“If even the disciple of the Sage has to wait, looks like we won’t be able to see the Sage easily.”

Many shook their heads and sighed.

With Empress Qin revealing herself, the atmosphere became tense.

Zhao Feng and Empress Qin stared at each other. The latter didn’t hide her coldness or her intent, releasing her True Lord Rank aura.

Back then, the news of Zhao Feng kidnapping Empress Qin had shocked the great country.

When had Empress Qin ever been humiliated like that before?

Now that they met once more, her eyes were red.

“Zhao Feng, the warrant for you from the Imperials hasn’t expired yet.”

Empress Qin didn’t have any respect for Zhao Feng. She also knew that her Dao of Charm had no effect on this Overwhelming Prodigy.

“Is that right? Well, I don’t mind kidnapping you again.”

Zhao Feng laughed with a mocking smile.

Kidnap the Empress again?

Hearing this, the hearts of everyone present were shocked.

Zhao Feng was not just arrogant;his guts had reached the heavens.

One had to know, this was the Canopy Great Country, which was ruled by the Imperials.

“You… how dare you say that to me…?”

A faint redness appeared on Empress Qin’s face, and the hearts of many people sped up.

Zhao Feng remained still and unaffected.

The two looked at each other and, although Empress Qin was angry, she didn’t do anything.

Prince Jin, who was behind Empress Qin, was stunned. He couldn’t imagine what level Zhao Feng had reached for him to mock Empress Qin so casually.

And once this news was spread, the rumors would definitely say that Zhao Feng had “hit on” Empress Qin, increasing the tension between the Imperials and the Iron Blood Religion.

If this went badly, this could even spark a war between the two.

“This Empress Qin can restrain herself from attacking me?”

Zhao Feng was thinking about how to get the Empress even angrier or whether he should just take her down right now.

Right at this moment.


A weird shout of a cat sounded through the air.


The hearts of many people moved as they turned toward the Six Warlock divine Tower.


A silver-and-black cat yawned lazily as it jumped out of the Six Warlock divine Tower.

“Is this the cat that’s always with the Sage?”

The eyes of many people lit up.

They had heard many rumors about the Sage, and there was always a point that remained the same;there was a cat always with the Sage no matter where he went.


The lazy silver-and-black cat jumped onto Empress Qin’s shoulder.

“Big lazy cat, you’re not sleeping?”

Empress Qin had a happy expression. She seemed to be familiar with this big lazy cat.


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