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King Of Gods - Chapter 488


Chapter 488: Chapter 488 - Hundred Corpse Plan

Chapter 488 - Hundred Corpse Plan

On the morning of the second day, the graves were completely emptied. There were only big empty holes that smelled like dirt.

The human and cat put away the tools and smiled.

The skeletal division Leader went from unwillingness to shock, then to envy and jealousy. By the end, he had gotten used to it.

“A hundred skeletons! Agghhh! A hundred perfectly preserved True Lord Rank skeletons that were kept in Mystic Yin Black Crystal Stone coffins. Each and every one of their auras haven’t dissipated yet.”

The skeletal division Leader screamed in its heart. Unfortunately for it, the person who received all this good fortune wasn’t itself.

Even if it knew that there were a hundred True Lord Rank corpses underground, it didn’t have the ability to take them.

On the other hand, a child and a cat managed to dig out the source of the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground’s power.

“Not bad, not bad. Little thieving cat, you’ve done a lot this time.”

Zhao Feng’s face was red with excitement. Once these hundred True Lord Rank bodies were refined into ghost-corpses, he would have an entire army of True Lord Ranks.

Anyone who held such power could sweep across strong countries and clans like child’s play. Even a great country could be destroyed with relative ease.

Of course, it wasn’t an easy task to craft all these bodies into ghost-corpses.

In addition, the amount of time and energy required would be extremely great.

The two True Lord Rank ghost-corpses Zhao Feng already owned had been pillaged. Upgrading a ghost-corpse to the True Spirit Realm would require a long process.

“En, I’m able to control ghost-corpses, but I’m not a specialist. To refine a hundred True Lord Rank ghost-corpses from the beginning….”

Zhao Feng glanced toward the skeletal division Leader, which made it hiccup.

A while later.

“…and this magnificent task shall be yours.”

Zhao Feng smiled and patted the skeletal division Leader’s shoulder.

The skeletal division Leader shook and its bones almost fell all over the place.

“Although these skeletons all have the foundation of a True Lord Rank, crafting any one of them into a ghost-corpse will require a ton of effort and energy.”

The skeletal division Leader had the heart to cry. Zhao Feng was using it purely as labor. However, he controlled its life, so it had to obey his orders.

Zhao Feng held the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl and merged his consciousness into it.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was damp and covered in mist.

Two dark-silver ghost-corpses lay in the corner and were being purified by the air of death within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

The powerful auras and souls of the hundred True Lord Rank skeletons started to change after entering the pearl.

“Hmm? The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl seems to have a mysterious power that’s extremely suitable for strengthening and growing ghost-corpses.”

Zhao Feng didn’t really research the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl much. After all, his main skills were his eye bloodline and the Wind Lightning Emperor’s inheritance. He only dabbled in ghost-corpses.

At the rate it was going, these hundred True Lord Rank skeletons would automatically turn into ghost-corpses after a couple years, or perhaps dozens of years.

Several days later, Iron Dragon Strong Country.

In the barren desert, a castle was almost covered by sand.

The once enormous castle had been shattered, and the hideout of the Iron Dragon Alliance had been destroyed.

Apart from the skeletal division Leader, the remaining upper echelons of the Iron Dragon Alliance had either been captured or killed. The ones that managed to escape weren’t enough to do anything.

Although more than a dozen days had already passed, there were still many experts present.

Old Su, Elder Bai, Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, and company were all still here.

Maybe they were watching out for the skeletal division Leader to return, or maybe they were expecting something else.

“That Zhao Feng’s gone to pursue a member of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion upper echelon. The situation probably isn’t very good.”

Lin Tong glanced outside and murmured to himself.

In the depths of his heart, he really admired Zhao Feng, in terms of both strength and courage, but he was hoping that Zhao Feng would be killed so that he could regain his freedom.

He knew the chance wasn’t very high though. Zhao Feng’s soul and eye powers were something he could only look up to.

That youth had become an overwhelming prodigy, and a king of the Cloud area after returning.

“It’s been more than a dozen days, but there’s still no news at all.”

Old Su felt uneasy. No one agreed with Zhao Feng’s choice to follow the skeletal division Leader.

Although the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had been destroyed, they were still formidable. Who knew how many methods a division Leader had up their sleeve?

“Old Su, you don’t need to worry too much. Zhao Feng doesn’t seem very arrogant. He must have something to rely on if he dares to pursue the skeletal division Leader alone.”

Elder Bai smiled faintly.

She didn’t really care about Zhao Feng’s life or death, but she was thinking about what kind of killing move Zhao Feng would have after returning from the “unknown inheritance.”

On this night.


A brilliant arc of lightning flashed into the castle.

“I’m back.”

A ripple of wind and lightning blew across the castle.

Old Su and company felt a slight tingle, but it felt unusually comfortable.

Everyone’s heart jumped as they glanced toward the blue-haired youth not too far away.

“You’re finally back. That’s good.”

Old Su was relieved, and many people let out a long breath.

No one was hopeful that Zhao Feng killed the skeletal division Leader. It was already a surprise he could come back alive.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn’t seem to be injured, just tired.

“Chapter Leader, you’re finally back. We were worried about you.”

Die Ye and Jiang Sanfeng came out from the other side of the castle.

Zhao Feng came straight to the castle after using his Eye of Heaven, leaving the two behind.

When they arrived, Zhao Feng had already disappeared.

After asking around, they were told that Zhao Feng went to pursue the skeletal division Leader and were shocked.

Many people didn’t even want to meet a division Leader, and you’re chasing one by yourself?

However, Zhao Feng’s safe return made the others let out a breath.

This included Lin Tong, who sighed bitterly. He didn’t escape the fate of being Zhao Feng’s slave.

Elder Bai glanced at Zhao Feng with a complex expression.

She thought that, even if Zhao Feng wasn’t able to kill the skeletal division Leader, he would at least be injured, but he was completely fine.

At this point in time, everyone glanced curiously toward Zhao Feng.

What was the final result?

“Zhao Feng, did you catch up to the skeletal division Leader?”

Elder Bai asked curiously.

Everyone, including Old Su, Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, and the two from the Canopy Great Country, were focused on this question.

“Did I catch up?”

Zhao Feng was puzzled. Everyone seemed to think that he didn’t even catch up to the skeletal division Leader because he didn’t look like he fought a battle. It was like he went out for a holiday.

“Everyone, the skeletal division Leader problem has been solved. There’s nothing left in the Cloud area. I will leave very soon.”

Zhao Feng smiled.

He felt safe and accomplished after solving everything in the Cloud area.

Furthermore, he managed to get more than he could have imagined after coming here.

Hearing this, everyone was overjoyed and seemed to become infected by Zhao Feng’s happiness.

“From today onward, the Iron Dragon Alliance is a thing of the past.”

Old Su clapped his hands.

He knew that Zhao Feng wouldn’t leave easily without solving everything in the Cloud area.

“Zhao Feng, did you kill the skeletal division Leader?”

Elder Bai felt that something was off. Zhao Feng only said “solved,” not “killed.”

The difference between the two was big.

Hearing this, everyone’s gaze turned toward Zhao Feng once more.

“That’s right, how was the skeletal division Leader problem solved?”

“Is the skeletal division Leader dead?”

Everyone seemed to be unsatisfied with the word “solved” and wanted to know the specifics.

Old Su’s eyes twinkled and felt as if there was a secret involved.

“Everyone, don’t worry. Although the skeletal division Leader isn’t dead, it won’t be threatening the Cloud area anymore.”

No one understood Zhao Feng’s smile.

He didn’t want many people to know that the skeletal division Leader was conquered by him, especially Elder Bai.

“The skeletal division Leader isn’t dead?”

Many people present hiccupped coldly, and a layer of darkness covered their happiness.

The upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance felt uneasy.

Although Zhao Feng was strong and there were no more threats in the Cloud area, they still felt uneasy.

A Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Sub-division at their peak was already enough to wipe out the Cloud area, and now there was still a division Leader somewhere out there?

Lin Tong’s eyebrows locked together. Zhao Feng’s confident smile made him realize that the situation wasn’t what everyone thought it was.

However, no matter what they asked, Zhao Feng smiled and didn’t give a clear response.

“Could Zhao Feng have been counter-attacked by the skeletal division Leader and controlled by it…?”

A cold light flashed in Elder Bai’s eyes, but she didn’t make any movement before confirming the truth.

Furthermore, she couldn’t defeat Zhao Feng easily. The chance of success was only 50%.

Half a day later, Elder Bai, Cang Yuyue, and company all left.

Zhao Feng and Old Su were speaking within a secret room under the castle.

“Brother Zhao, what’s the situation? If you leave like this, how will I feel safe?”

Old Su questioned.

“You want to know the whereabouts of the skeletal division Leader?”

“That’s right,” Old Su gritted his teeth.

“Hehe, isn’t he right next to you?”

A dark mist spread across the room.

Hearing this, Old Su’s eyes squinted. A familiar skeleton could be seen in the mist and two dark-red flames twitched in its eye sockets.

“Skeletal… division… Leader…?”

Old Su’s hair stood on end and he almost fall out of his seat.


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