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King Of Gods - Chapter 486


Chapter 486: Chapter 486 - Soul Slave

Chapter 486 - Soul Slave

During the time that the skeletal division Leader panicked, Zhao Feng fully circulated his bloodline power and thrusted his palms forward.


The “shadow” of the Ice Imperial Spear radiated an ancient majestic aura that seemed to extend throughout limitless ice.


The incomplete Earth-Grade weapon destroyed the skeletal division Leader’s attack with ease and proceeded forward, freezing the its body.

The skeletal division Leader’s face was full of fear and it tried to retreat, but its movements were abnormally slow.


Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power to maintain the spear-shadow and thrusted out a second time.

A mysterious ice-blue light swept across the area.


The last remaining arm of the skeletal division Leader was instantly frozen, shattering into pieces.

At this moment in time, it had lost both arms and only had a body and legs.

“Stop, you can’t do this~~~!”

As the skeletal division Leader started to freeze, its eye sockets radiated fear. It used a secret technique to squeeze out even more of its life force.

Zhao Feng tried his best to continue maintaining the shadow of the spear, but it was becoming unstable.

The feeling of his power draining was extremely obvious.

“I can’t maintain it for long. As time passes, my control of it will decrease.”


Zhao Feng smiled faintly and stopped his bloodline, retracting the ice-blue spear-shadow.

“Wind Lightning Destruction!”

Zhao Feng radiated a brilliant glow of wind and lightning, condensing it into a ball.


The ball of wind and lightning suddenly exploded, sending waves of wind and lightning across a dozen yards.

With a “boom,” the skeletal division Leader’s frozen body was blasted into the graves below.

This attack almost broke the skeletal division Leader into pieces.

“You… could you really have an incomplete Earth-Grade item…?”

The skeletal division Leader’s bones were almost broken and it tried to struggle.

It was utterly stunned. If Zhao Feng was able to use the Earth-Grade weapon-shadow a third time, that would be enough to kill it.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t do this, retracting his bloodline power instead.

In reality, Zhao Feng could manage a third blow if he wanted to, but that would drain his bloodline power.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed and landed amongst the graves where he smashed his foot on top of the skeletal division Leader’s head.

“Brat, do what you want…. If you want to kill me, then do so.”

Although the skeletal division Leader felt extremely humiliated and angry, he didn’t struggle much.

He had lost to Zhao Feng utterly. When the shadow of the Earth-Grade weapon appeared, the victor was decided. Unless it was a Sovereign at their peak state, no one could face such power.

“I can’t let it off that easily….”

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes and scanned over the body of the gold-and-silver body of the skeletal division Leader.

Zhao Feng knew how tough and strong these bones were. This was the body of a Sovereign, someone who had taken the attacks from Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue head-on.

Zhao Feng was thinking about whether or not to turn this skeletal division Leader into a skeleton ghost-corpse.

Even if he didn’t, this pile of bones was a great material for crafting ghost-corpses.

This was why Zhao Feng didn’t attack the skeletal division Leader a third time with the Earth-Grade weapon.

“Skeletal division Leader, you currently have two choices. The first is to die and become material for my ghost-corpses, the second is to become my slave.”

Zhao Feng was very straightforward.

“You… shameless brat…!”

The skeletal division Leader roared and struggled, but Zhao Feng’s foot was on its head.

It would only take a single thought for Zhao Feng to kill the skeletal division Leader.

The skeletal division Leader’s battle-power was not even ten percent of its peak, so it couldn’t resist.

It wasn’t as if the skeletal division Leader didn’t want to use a secret technique or run, but once it thought of the enemy’s terrifying eye bloodline and his resilience toward mental energy, the skeletal division Leader felt helpless.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was locked on to the skeletal division Leader. If the latter made any suspicious movement, he would use an Eye Fire and end its life immediately.

The skeletal division Leader knew this as well.

“Junior… I don’t believe that you will use my body for crafting corpses. Do you even know the first thing about ghost-corpses?”

The skeletal division Leader gave up struggling and a tinge of cunning appeared in its eye sockets.

It negotiated using the last thing of value to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had stated that he would use the skeletal division Leader’s body if it died and the skeletal division Leader questioned him about this. If this statement was false, then Zhao Feng wouldn’t kill it so easily.

No one would be willing to kill a Sovereign like that.

Shua! Shua!

Two dark-silver ghost-corpses appeared on Zhao Feng’s left and right. Their auras had reached the early-stage True Lord Rank.

The skeletal division Leader’s eye sockets twinkled. It could obviously tell the strength of these two.

Furthermore, a small black pearl in Zhao Feng’s hand caught the skeletal division Leader’s attention.

The two dark-silver ghost-corpses were taken out from this black pearl.

“That black pearl…”

The skeletal division Leader’s heart thumped.

It specialized in ghost-corpses itself or else it wouldn’t have transformed itself into a skeleton in order to escape the attack of the Ten Great Forces in the first place.

It was one of the top specialists in this field across the entire Azure Flower Continent.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was a sacred item from the Ten Thousand Ghost Emperor, and the pearl’s aura alone made the skeletal division Leader’s heart jump. Looking closely at the pearl, it felt the urge to bow down.

“My patience is limited. Die or become my slave.”

Zhao Feng said impatiently. His expression wasn’t acted out for the sake of doing this. He genuinely just wanted to finish off this business and return to the Canopy Great Country.

The skeletal division Leader’s eyes looked toward Zhao Feng’s left eye and the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

The God’s Spiritual Eye made the skeletal division Leader wary and helpless, while the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl gave him unrestrainable greed.

“If I don’t become a slave, I will definitely die. If I agree, there’s a slight chance that I’ll be able to flip things around in the future, and that pearl will become mine….”

The skeletal division Leader finally made a decision.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl in Zhao Feng’s hand caught the skeletal division Leader’s curiosity.

With its several hundred years of experience, it had never seen a Ghost Dao item at this level. There was probably no other item similar to it across the entire continent.

If it could counterattack in the future and succeed, then the rewards would be immeasurable.

“I agree to be your slave, but you have to agree to let me have my own mind.”

The skeletal division Leader agreed.


Zhao Feng thought about it before agreeing.

There were two ways to enslave the skeletal division Leader.

The first was to turn it into a ghost-corpse and destroy its mind. It would lose control of its body.

The second was to control the skeletal division Leader and, although it would have its own consciousness, it would obey Zhao Feng due to the threat on its life.

The skeletal division Leader definitely wouldn’t agree to the first method and would rather die instead.

If it became Zhao Feng’s ghost-corpse without its own consciousness, that would be worse than death.

At least it had a small bit of hope with the second way.

For example, if Zhao Feng died, the skeletal division Leader would become free.

Therefore, the second method was risky and required the user to be strong.

After all, this skeletal division Leader was a Sovereign at its peak and was known for its cunning.

If a normal expert was to enslave it, they would be killed within minutes.

“Although the second way is riskier, a slave with intelligence is far more useful than one without.”

Zhao Feng knew the pros and cons, so he agreed without hesitation.

He was confident in his strength and believed that he could control the skeletal division Leader.

After a while of rest, Zhao Feng sat in front of the skeletal division Leader and gathered his eye power. The little thieving cat sat next to him and kept an eye on the skeletal division Leader, while the two dark-silver ghost-corpses stood on the latter’s left and right.

The red flame in the skeletal division Leader’s eye sockets dimmed as it sighed in its heart. This junior was more than cautious.

An hour later, Zhao Feng successfully merged the Dark Heart Seed into the depths of the skeletal division Leader’s soul.

This Dark Heart Seed was different from the one on Lin Tong.

Last time, Zhao Feng forcefully put his Dark Heart Seed into Lin Tong’s mind and, if he had resisted too much, he could have died.

This time, the skeletal division Leader helped put the Dark Heart Seed within the depths of its soul.

Furthermore, the Dark Heart Seed this time had been perfected and cost Zhao Feng several dozen-fold more energy than last time. This meant that the power was much stronger.

“This method of control involves the Dao of the Soul and is used with an eye bloodline. Is it the Dark Eye Forbidden Page…?”

The skeletal division Leader was scared but couldn’t resist. On the contrary, it even had to help Zhao Feng.

The skeletal division Leader knew very clearly how powerful the Dark Heart Seed was. It was like a bomb that could explode at any time.

“Not bad.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

The Dark Heart Seed this time was extremely powerful and could take the skeletal division Leader’s life anytime he wanted.

“Even if I recover back to my peak, the chance of me breaking this technique silently is lower than ten percent.”

The skeletal division Leader’s expression was extremely ugly as it lay on the floor.


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