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King Of Gods - Chapter 485


Chapter 485: Chapter 485 - Earth-Grade Weapon Shadow

Chapter 485 - Earth-Grade Weapon Shadow

Five or six days later, in the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest.


A streak of wind and lightning flashed through the forest, causing the nearby beasts to tremble in fear.

A couple breaths later, the streak of wind and lightning stopped on top of a large nearby tree.

On the tree, a blue-haired youth was puffing gently as the pair of wind and lightning wings faded.

His left eye scanned across the area, looking for any remaining aura nearby. Even the smallest details, such as the dust floating in the air or the change in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, couldn’t escape his eye.


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised as he looked forward.

In front of the forest was a small stream, and opposite the stream was a small canyon.

Zhao Feng remembered this canyon.

Back then, he was forced into desperation here when Ran Xiaoyuan and a couple other disciples fortunately came and killed the wolf, allowing Zhao Feng to escape.

He didn’t think that he would arrive here when pursuing the enemy.

Over the past couple days, Zhao Feng chased the skeletal division Leader. The latter’s strength was unfathomable and, even though Zhao Feng comprehended the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor who specialized in speed, Zhao Feng still found it hard to catch up.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Feng had cultivated the beginning stages of the Wings of Wind and Lightning, he would’ve lost track of the skeletal division Leader long ago.

Luckily, although he didn’t have the advantage in speed, his God’s Spiritual Eye allowed him to lock on to the skeletal division Leader.

With his powerful soul and mental energy level, Zhao Feng’s energy soon recovered.

“You’re just ahead. Let’s see how much further you can run.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he reactivated the pair of wings and flew over the canyon.

He passed by the canyon and delved further in to the forest.

The forest suddenly became darker and more mysterious.

“Could it be that place…?”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook as he glanced toward the depths of the forest.

Through his God’s Spiritual Eye’s analysis, he could tell which direction the skeletal division Leader was going, and that place was somewhere even Zhao Feng was wary of. If he didn’t need to, he wouldn’t go in.

“Right now is the best chance to kill the skeletal division Leader. He’s injured and tired….”

Zhao Feng radiated killing intent as he continued further in.

At the same time, within a misty area where sight was blocked.


A tattered skeleton that was surrounded by a layer of dark twitching flames appeared.

“That blue-haired brat’s locked on to me and just won’t go away.”

The skeletal division Leader gritted its teeth in hatred.

Over the last few days, he tried everything to escape Zhao Feng. For example, expending more Yuan Qi and increasing in speed. It would temporarily be twice as fast as Zhao Feng.

It would also use secret techniques that would hide its trail and create false auras that would attempt to trick the enemy.

However, no matter what it did, it couldn’t throw off Zhao Feng.

In the last two days, it thought that it had successfully thrown off Zhao Feng, so it let out a breath and hid in a concealed place to try to heal.

However, an hour after that, the Eye of Heaven appeared out of nowhere and sent a burning flame into its soul, deepening its wounds.

“I’m almost at the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground. The number of experts that can enter here and survive can be counted with one hand.”

The skeletal division Leader snickered as its surrounding flames lit up and it passed through the mist.

A while later, the skeletal division Leader came to an area of bones. There was a mysterious power that filled the air.

There were a hundred graves surrounding the ground in the middle. At the very center was a stone stand similar to an altar.

Even someone as strong as the skeletal division Leader felt uneasy and cold as it entered the place. It then carefully took out a broken piece of blood-jade.

“Even Sovereigns can’t block the curse easily if they come here. Luckily, I’ve been here with the Patriarch before and have methods to counter it.”

The skeletal division Leader sat in the middle of the ground, but it didn’t dare go too close to the graves.

After entering the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground, the skeletal division Leader’s heart finally relaxed.

It wasn’t scared of Zhao Feng coming. It was even looking forward to his arrival. If he came, the curse alone would be a hassle.

According to what it knew, only a handful of Sovereigns could retreat fully unharmed from here. Average Sovereigns would need to pay a price to enter here.

Half the time it took to make tea later.


The sound of wind and lightning appeared from the misty zone outside.

“He’s here!”

The skeletal division Leader’s heart thumped with joy. It couldn’t wait till Zhao Feng came in.

“Hehe, I’m coming in.”

A light laugh sounded from the misty zone as he entered the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground.

As soon as the words were said, a blue-haired youth floated into the place.


The power of the curse attempted to erode Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s left pupil contracted and unleashed a wisp of terrifying aura that belonged to the ancient times, causing the curse to crumble.

“That kid really dares to come here? …what!? Aura of ancient times…?”

The skeletal division Leader’s ass almost burned from sitting down as it watched Zhao Feng arrogantly charge in.

In terms of facing the curse from this place, Zhao Feng was much more relaxed than the skeletal division Leader.

He didn’t even need to do anything, while the skeletal division Leader needed to pay attention to the curse.

This meant that Zhao Feng’s battle power wasn’t restricted whereas the skeletal division Leader’s was.

This sudden and unexpected change almost made the skeletal division Leader cough out blood.

Wind Lightning Crackling Strike!

Without saying anything, Zhao Feng instantly attacked.


A large blade of wind and lightning slashed toward the skeletal division Leader.

After losing the gold-and-silver whip, the skeletal division Leader could only use its remaining arm to clash with Zhao Feng’s blow head-on.


The skeletal division Leader was pushed back a couple steps, and a few scorch-marks were left on its body, but it wasn’t very injured.

“Skeletal division Leader, let’s see how long you can last with that tattered body.”

Zhao Feng smiled and said with utter confidence.

Over the past couple days, Zhao Feng’s battle-power was almost comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng had started to use the techniques from the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet in actual battle.

With every action, he would cause the Lightning Yuan Qi nearby to howl and whistle.

Furthermore, the power of every move could strengthen over time the more he fought.

In terms of the soul, Zhao Feng was comparable to the Origin Core Realm. This was because of the Wood Spirit Soul Essence’s effect and the “one with nature” intent he learned from Xin Wuheng.

In terms of intent, he was also close to the peak True Lord Rank.

This allowed Zhao Feng to have battle-power near the limit of the True Lord Rank even though he was only at the early-stage True Lord Rank.

“Junior, don’t get arrogant. You can’t defeat me.”

The skeletal division Leader’s expression was grim. Its battle-power was weaker than five or six days ago.

On the contrary, Zhao Feng’s battle-power rose as he continued to perfect it in real battle.

Peng Peng Peng!

The skeletal division Leader retreated, unable to keep up with Zhao Feng’s barrage.

The skeletal division Leader could take Zhao Feng’s normal attacks head-on, but Zhao Feng kept using eye-bloodline techniques during critical moments, which would injure the skeletal division Leader’s soul even more.

The skeletal division Leader’s hidden techniques were mainly “ghost techniques” that were extremely infuriating for normal experts, but unfortunately for it, Zhao Feng was resilient toward mental energy attacks.

With Zhao Feng’s soul almost at the Origin Core Realm level, some of the skeletal division Leader’s killing moves were useless.

“I can only use that move then….”

The skeletal division Leader suddenly gritted its teeth and took out a ring of gold and silver.

In that instant, the skeletal division Leader’s aura rose half a level and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to tremble.

This powerful aura exceeded the True Lord Rank and was possibly comparable to its peak power.

“Using its life force?”

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped and his expression changed.

“Ghost Bone Giant Spirit!”

The skeletal division Leader’s aura was completely comparable to a Sovereign and its bones suddenly started to grow.

In just a moment’s time, the skeletal division Leader’s bones were several stories high and intertwined with black flames.

In front of it, Zhao Feng seemed like a child.

Furthermore, the skeletal division Leader’s tattered body seemed to merge into the ground beneath him and absorb a power which it used to recover.


The skeletal division Leader’s aura was magnificent. Its every action seemed to be the center of the world.

Under this state, its battle power doubled and it could kill peak True Lord Ranks in one hit.

Even if Elder Bai came, she probably wouldn’t be able to block one punch from the skeletal division Leader.

“What terrifying power. Lu Tianyi from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was only at this level.”

Zhao Feng’s heart trembled.

In this critical moment, he didn’t retreat.

A tinge of insanity appeared in his eyes as the bloodline in his entire body started to tremble with excitement, turning a bone-chilling blue.

“Ice Imperial Spear!”

Zhao Feng clasped his hands together and a transparent shadow of the Ice Imperial Spear appeared.


The air seemed to tremble as an indescribable coldness started to freeze the area.

“Not good. How is this possible…? The shadow of an Earth-Grade weapon?”

The skeletal division Leader’s terrifying punch started to slow down and freeze after it was punched out.

It started to shout. Panic and fear appeared in its eyes as it watched Zhao Feng circulate his bloodline power and summon the ice-blue spear shadow.


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