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King Of Gods - Chapter 484


Chapter 484: Chapter 484 - Pursuing while Ahead

Chapter 484 - Pursuing while Ahead

“Spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, die!”

Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue charged up from below, forming a pincer attack with Zhao Feng in the air.

The situation flipped in the blink of an eye.

The skeletal division Leader roared and a layer of bone-chilling dark flames managed to barely put out the Wind Lightning God’s Flame.

However, the injury to its soul couldn’t be healed so quickly.

Before it could react, Zhao Feng’s left eye turned a cold blue.

The second eye bloodline technique was prepared.

“Ice Soul Shooting Line!”

A transparent beam, half-a-human-thick, passed through the skeletal division Leader’s body.

The skeletal division Leader experienced extreme cold after scorching fire, and it was damaged even more.

The Ice Soul Shooting Line was a mental energy attack. The stronger one’s soul and eye bloodline power were, the stronger the attack.

With Zhao Feng’s current soul strength, his Ice Soul Shooting Line could freeze almost any True Lord Rank. Even those at the half-step Origin Core Realm would find it hard to block.

However, the skeletal division Leader was a Sovereign at its peak. Its soul and comprehension weren’t something a True Lord Rank or half-step Origin Core Realm could be compared to.

After taking this attack head-on, the skeletal division Leader’s body and soul were damaged by the cold, but it wasn’t critically injured.

“Indeed worthy of being a Sovereign.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised.

His aim was only to slow down the skeletal division Leader, so that it would be unable to evade Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue’s attacks.

Shu Shu Shu~~~

The layer of black flames around the skeletal division Leader was slashed open and started to fade.


A faint mark was left on the gold-and-silver bones.


Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue’s expressions changed dramatically.

The skeletal division Leader’s body was stronger than they imagined, able to take their attacks head-on.

“Hmph, it’s just a bluff.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as his God’s Spiritual Eye turned azure.

“Azure Eye Piercing Slash!”

His left eye glittered with a piercing sharpness.


A large half-transparent blade of wind hit the skeletal division Leader’s wrist joint.


The skeletal division Leader’s body trembled and its joint broke, dropping the gold-and-silver bone-whip.

“Attack the joints.”

Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue both understood.

Although the body of the skeletal division Leader was extremely strong and could resist normal True Lord Rank attacks, it wasn’t as if there weren’t any flaws, and no flaw could escape Zhao Feng’s eye.

“Ignorant brat!”

The skeletal division Leader roared and summoned a gust of gray wind with its other hand in order to pull its fallen hand and whip back toward it.

It snickered coldly in its heart. With its secret technique, it could reconnect its hand in an instant.

If it didn’t have such methods, the skeletal division Leader wouldn’t have survived the purge from back then.

Miao miao!

A little silver-gray thieving cat flashed through the air and smiled toward the skeletal division Leader.

The skeletal division Leader paused.


A silver striped whip suddenly shot out and wrapped itself around the hand and the gold-and-silver whip.

“F*king cat, stay~~~!”

The skeletal division Leader reacted and howled.

Its hand wasn’t the only thing taken. The gold-and-silver whip wasn’t a normal item.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat played with the gold-and-silver bone-whip with excitement as it put the original silver striped whip away.

The skeletal division Leader almost exploded from anger and its entire body trembled with a dark light.

The little thieving cat remained unmoved and even licked the bone-whip.

The skeletal division Leader was about to charge up to the cat, but at that moment, Zhao Feng, Elder Bai, and Cang Yuyue all attacked. Even Old Su came to help.

Ding Ding Bam~~~

The skeletal division Leader was knocked around.

With a “ding,” Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue almost broke off the skeletal division Leader’s leg.

If this continued, the skeletal division Leader’s body would be broken even if it won.

“F*king cat~~~~~~~~!”

The skeletal division Leader was as angry as thunder. It had never felt so humiliated before.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng saw that the skeletal division Leader was about to go into a rage, and his left eye once more changed color.

With the lockdown of the Eye of Ice Soul, the skeletal division Leader’s bones became stiffer, and its thoughts and body were affected as well.

“Ten Thousand Sword Destruction!”

“Heavenly Despair Slaughter Sword!”

Without hesitation, Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue unleashed powerful attacks that landed onto the skeletal division Leader.

At this instant, sword marks were left all over the skeletal division Leader’s body, especially the areas close to its joints.

However, Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul had locked on to the skeletal division Leader, so it couldn’t become angry even if it wished to. The speed of its thoughts was only 50-60% as fast as usual.

Normal True Lord Ranks would become as slow as a turtle under Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul.

“Junior, you’re courting death~~~!”

The skeletal division Leader howled, its voice resounding in the soul dimension.

A fire twitched in its eye socket as a wicked and evil mental energy aura started to be unleashed.

“Dark Ghost Death Claws!”

The skeletal division Leader swiped its hand and a room-sized dark-red claw descended toward Zhao Feng.

The instant the Dark Ghost Death Claw was summoned, every True Spirit Realm cultivator felt their hearts go cold, and they felt the aura of death pass by.

“What a terrifying Soul attack.”

Elder Bai and Old Su revealed looks of shock.

The claw had a glow of red light to it, and before it even got close, Zhao Feng felt a coldness in his soul.

“No one under the Origin Core Realm can remain unharmed in front of this attack.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye locked on to the Dark Ghost Death Claw.


He remained still and let the Dark Ghost Death Claw pass through his body.


In the dimension of his left eye, the shape of a claw slashed through the lake.

“Hehe, I’ve never been injured by mental energy attacks before.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised.

The God’s Spiritual Eye was almost fully resilient to normal mental energy attacks or illusions. Furthermore, his Soul had reached a level almost comparable to the Origin Core Realm and it was probably even stronger than the current skeletal division Leader’s.

“What…? His eye bloodline is almost fully resilient to normal Soul attacks?”

Waves roiled around in the skeletal division Leader’s heart.

It knew very clearly how much power that attack contained. Even those at the half-step Origin Core Realm couldn’t retreat fully unharmed.

Ding Ding~~~ Peng! Bam~~

The group managed to successfully surround the skeletal division Leader, unleashing a wave of attacks.

The skeletal division Leader’s movements were slow due to the Eye of Ice Soul and it roared at these attacks.


The Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array suddenly shook and shattered.

Someone destroyed the eye of the array and, in just an instant, the black mist surrounding the castle disappeared, allowing the sunlight from the outside world to shine in.

The skeletal division Leader’s expression was grim and it knew that the battle was lost, so it started to shout, “Juniors, the Scarlet Moon Sacred Religion will rule the continent once more. You shall not escape this fate.”


The skeletal division Leader’s injured body suddenly unleashed a ring of gold-and-silver flames that caused its aura to rise rapidly, as if it was a true Sovereign


The powerful aura seemed to rule the Heaven and Earth, forcing everyone back.

Immediately following that, the bones of the skeletal division Leader dimmed as it flashed out of the castle with a wave of gold-and-silver flames.


In just a couple breaths, the streak of fire reached the ends of the desert.

Old Su and company within the castle let out a long breath.

Plop! Plop!

Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue both fell to the ground with weak auras. After this fight, and using all kinds of secret techniques, the experts present were exhausted.

“We’ve finally won. After this battle, the skeletal division Leader will be extremely weak and will need at least a year or two to recover.”

Old Su sighed.

Everyone present felt as if they escaped death.

Who would have thought that there would be a division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion here?

For most people, surviving was already extremely lucky.

“Thank you, everyone, for your help. Leave the rest to me.”

A calm and peaceful voice sounded from above the castle.

Everyone paused and looked up toward the floating blue-haired youth.

Many hearts shook at this point in time.

This youth played a key part in why they weren’t dead, even emerging victorious instead.

Zhao Feng was the only one unharmed in the castle.

“Zhao Feng, you’re going to chase the division Leader by yourself?”

Cang Yuyue gritted her teeth and tried to stand up.

“Brother Zhao, we should plan this out.”

Old Su persuaded.

Elder Bai had a complex expression, “Zhao Feng, I don’t recommend you chase either. The skeletal division Leader was a Sovereign at its peak and it definitely has strong life-saving methods up its sleeve.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly, “I can only leave the Cloud area without worry after finishing this.”

“If you really want to pursue the skeletal division Leader, we can do it after we’ve recovered. After all, that skeletal division Leader is an enemy of mine.”

Elder Bai said solemnly.

Hearing this, everyone nodded their heads.

“The trail will grow colder the longer we stall. Thank you for all your good intentions, but I am enough.”

Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled.


A pair of wings made of wind and lightning appeared behind his back, causing the Wind and Lightning Yuan Qi to resonate.

I am enough.

Waves roiled around in the hearts of Old Su and company after hearing this.

“Zhao Feng is so confident that he can kill the skeletal division Leader alone?”

Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue looked at each other with shock.


With a flap of the wings, Zhao Feng turned into a streak of lightning that flashed through the air, about the same speed as the skeletal division Leader.

Within the castle, the people weren’t able to calm down as they looked at Zhao Feng flying away.

“He’s indeed worthy of being an overwhelming prodigy. How many more methods has he not used yet?”

Elder Bai sighed.

“Yu Tianhao, Zhao Feng, and the other prodigies… I will challenge you all when I return.”

Cang Yuyue’s beautiful eyes were filled with steadiness and full of battle intent.


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