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King Of Gods - Chapter 482


Chapter 482: Chapter 482 - So It’s You

Chapter 482 - So It’s You

Black mist surrounded the air above the castle.

The gold and silver skeleton looked toward the Eye of Heaven.

The skeletal division Leader’s bones stood out from the mist and red flames jumped in its eye sockets.

It looked toward the Eye of Heaven without any fear.

The Eye of Heaven coldly scanned the skeletal division Leader for a breath or two before sounding, “So it’s you.”

So it’s you.

This voice reverberated throughout the mental energy dimension and caused the others to break out into discussion.

“What’s going on? Does Zhao Feng know the skeletal division Leader?”

“Wait, the skeletal division Leader is a figure from several hundred years ago and Zhao Feng’s not even twenty years old.”

Both friend and foe alike were puzzled and shocked.

Elder Bai, Old Su, and company finally had the time to let out a breath.

On the other hand, Sub-division Leader Batie and Palace Lord You Long became wary. This lowered the pressure from the Iron Dragon Alliance.

At this moment in time, Elder Bai felt a large mental energy pressure as she watched the Eye of Heaven. Could Zhao Feng’s soul power already have surpassed hers?

Zhao Feng’s consciousness was in the clouds as he scanned downward.

“After the breakthrough of the God’s Spiritual Eye and fully absorbing the Wood Spirit Soul Essence, my soul has broken through to a new level.”

Zhao Feng had a different feeling than before.

In the past, whenever he used the Eye of Heaven, his energy would deplete quickly and would seem like it could disappear at any time. However, this time, the Eye of Heaven was more stable and condensed than before.

“You know me? Could it be…?”

Flames seemed to jump up and down in the skeletal division Leader’s sockets as if it thought of something.

That’s right, Zhao Feng met the skeletal division Leader before.

Back then, in the Sky Cloud Forest, Zhao Feng scouted a “skeleton” that was abnormally weak.

Zhao Feng still remembered the scene from that day. That skeleton left a “mark” on Zhao Feng that made him feel disgusted for a long time.

After that, Zhao Feng used the dangerous power of the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground to break the mark, paying a heavy price and even falling backward in his cultivation.

“Zhe zhe…. Interesting. Maybe this is destiny. You’ve finally come after several years.”

The skeletal division Leader seemed to remember something as well and killing intent seemed to materialize from its eyes.


The skeletal division Leader’s figure suddenly disappeared with a flash.

“Dark Ghost Prison!”

The skeletal division Leader opened its mouth.


Four balls of weird ghastly flame appeared, each one around two yards in diameter, and released a terrifying aura.

Weng~~ Qiu~~ Qiu~~ Qiu~~ Qiu~~

The four balls of weird ghastly flame started to send out lines of green aura that formed a prison, which captured the Eye of Heaven.

“Not good!”

The upper echelon from the Dragon Killing Alliance exclaimed.

The skeletal division Leader seemed to be ready for the Eye of Heaven and it used a mysterious technique.

In the sky, the auras of the four ghastly flame balls started to rise rapidly and reach the True Lord Rank.

They weren’t made of flesh and blood, they were of a spiritual form. In terms of physical attacks, the four ghastly flame balls weren’t even as strong as normal True Spirit Realms, but they excelled in mental energy attacks.

At this point in time, the four balls of flame created a prison that enveloped the Eye of Heaven.

“Zhe zhe zhe…. The Dark Ghost Prison is specifically made for countering spiritual forms and can deal a lot of damage to them. For example, if a ghost came here, they wouldn’t be able to escape.”

The skeletal division Leader laughed weirdly.

A dark-red flame spun out from its eye socket and went into the Dark Ghost Prison.

“I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to return either.”

The deep raspy voice sounded across the castle. The Eye of Heaven didn’t move within the prison.

The skeletal division Leader released sizzles of dark-red flame that quickly eroded the Eye of Heaven.

“Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline does make others sigh with awe. Unfortunately, this skeletal division Leader specializes in the Soul and it was a Sovereign at its peak.”

Lin Tong watched this battle with sympathy.

Although he was under Zhao Feng’s control and admired the latter’s power, Lin Tong had to admit Zhao Feng had met his match.

“This skeletal division Leader’s also learned some theory of the Dao of the Soul.”

Zhao Feng’s consciousness was in the sky and this prison gave him an uneasy feeling.

The wisps of dark-red flame seemed to contain a terrifying power. Zhao Feng did nothing, possibly because there was nothing he could do.

“Go division Leader!”

Palace Lord You Long was overjoyed and relieved.

The clashes from before caused Palace Lord You Long to fear Zhao Feng, so the appearance of the Eye of Heaven this time made him uneasy.

“Zhao Feng, although you’re very talented and you’re an overwhelming prodigy, meeting a division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion means you’re unlucky.”

Palace Lord You Long and company felt relieved.

The current scene made them all feel safe and happy.

Ever since they had come to the Cloud area, this youth was like a God that forced the Iron Dragon Alliance into a terrible situation.

And now, this nightmare-like existence was about to disappear.

“Junior! Do you think you can interrupt me with just this measly technique? What do you have to say before you die?”

The skeletal division Leader asked smugly.

It had calculated how to defeat the entire upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance at once, and it obviously didn’t forget Zhao Feng.

The skeletal division Leader had already sensed the God’s Eye Mark on Palace Lord You Long, but he didn’t dissolve it.

However, the Eye of Heaven had a playfulness about it.


The skeletal division Leader suddenly realized something;the Eye of Heaven didn’t even try to struggle or fight with the Dark Ghost Prison at all.

Azure Eye Piercing Slash!

The Eye of Heaven suddenly shot out two beams of azure light.

The next instant, two half-transparent blades of wind were like swords as they flew down.


Blood splattered from two figures next to the castle.

Plop! Plop!

These two figures were slashed in half and fell into a puddle of their own blood.

“How… how…?”

Palace Lord You Long’s body was cut in two and his face was still full of unwillingness and fear.

On the other side, the late-stage True Lord Rank gray-robed elder had a puzzled expression. He had never seen Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline before, and he died with open eyes.

This sudden change made many people present take in a cold breath.

“Instantly killing two late-stage True Lord Ranks simultaneously? Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline has already reached this level?”

Lin Tong was stunned as he stood unmoving.

On top of the castle, the skeletal division Leader’s expression froze and it was flabbergasted, “Why is it like this? How can it ignore the Dark Ghost Prison? Is this Eye not a normal spiritual form?”

The Eye of Heaven slaying two True Lord Ranks shocked the skeletal division Leader as well, but what it really didn’t understand was how the Eye of Heaven was even existing right now.

The Eye of Heaven seemed to be part of the Heaven and Earth and just an “image” of the real thing. The true consciousness wasn’t here.

Wind Lightning Fire Eye!

The large eye suddenly shot out a half-transparent flame made of wind and lightning.


One of the four balls of ghastly flame started to burn a different color and it seemed to screech. On top of that, the fire from the eye continued through the ghastly flame and landed in the castle.


A certain place in the depths of the castle started to burn, making the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array tremble and become chaotic.

“Not good, the eye of the array is burning.”

The skeletal division Leader finally started to panic.

Once the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array was broken, he would face the combined attacks of several thousand elites of the Dragon Killing Alliance. This stronghold would also be destroyed.


After completing this, the Eye of Heaven started to fade and disappear from the sky.

The skeletal division Leader let out a breath. Luckily, the energy required to use this skill was too much and it couldn’t be used continuously.


The skeletal division Leader returned to the castle and started to wave the array flag and fix the eye of the array.

“Everyone, this is our chance to destroy the array!”

Old Su’s eyes lit up and shouted.

He had a clear grasp of the situation. While the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array was unstable, it was the easiest chance to break through it.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn’t destroy the triangle-shaped fire wall behind them. This was probably his intention too.

Zhao Feng helped them attack, but he didn’t want the Dragon Killing Alliance to retreat.

Luckily, the two late-stage True Lord Ranks were dead and only Sub-division Leader Batie was left to defend. The army instantly had the advantage.


“Attack the castle and destroy the array!”

Elder Bai, Cang Yuyue, and company unleashed a barrage of attacks.

Ding Ding Ding!

Sub-division Leader Batie waved his axe and was forced to defend as the companions next to him died.

Luckily, the skeletal division Leader could also give him some support while it was fixing the eye of the array or else the Sub-division Leader wouldn’t even be able to last ten breaths.

At the same time, several thousand miles away, on a large green-gold bird.


Zhao Feng’s consciousness returned to his body and he let out a light breath.

“Chapter Leader Zhao, what was that just now?”

Die Ye asked curiously.

In the last couple breaths, Zhao Feng had entered a unique state, and his mental energy aura made the two’s hearts shake.

Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven had only been truly used in the Purple Saint Ruins. Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye didn’t understand it.

“It’s more complicated than I thought…. The division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was most likely a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm at its peak. I will go there myself first.”


division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion? Origin Core Realm Sovereign?

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye were instantly shocked and couldn’t accept this reality right away.


Before his words were even finished, a blurry arc of lightning already flashed into the skies.


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