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King Of Gods - Chapter 481


Chapter 481: Chapter 481 - Origin Core Realm?

Chapter 481 - Origin Core Realm?

In front of the castle, the black mist was breaking apart and quickly recovering.


The elites of the Dragon Killing Alliance charged toward the gap.

Elder Bai, Cang Yuyue, Old Su, and dozens of experts at the True Spirit Realm entered the battle.

In the mist, Sub-division Leader Batie waved his giant battleaxe and slashed the earth apart with unparalleled power.

Next to Sub-division Leader Batie were Palace Lord You Long and a gray-robed elder, who were both at the late-stage True Lord Rank, and they pushed Old Su and Cang Yuyue back.

Ten Thousand Swords Returning to One!

Elder Bai shouted as she waved her sleeve, creating dazzling beams of light that condensed together and rained down upon Sub-division Leader Batie.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sub-division Leader Batie waved his axe, blocking Elder Bai’s attacks and sending sparks flying everywhere.

In terms of numbers and top-level strength, the Dragon Killing Alliance had the advantage.

However, the castle’s side didn’t fear death, and the three people that blocked the way were all at least at the late-stage True Lord Rank.

Most importantly, the castle had that array, and the black mist was like a moat of death.

Those under the True Spirit Realm couldn’t block the power at all. The smallest touch would result in their flesh rotting and ultimately turning into a pile of white bones, becoming resources for the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array.

Even those at the True Spirit Realm would be affected and lose some battle power.

Normal True Human Ranks would lose 50% of their strength in this mist, whereas those at the True Mystic Rank would lose 20-30%. Those at the True Lord Rank were the least affected, only losing about 10% of their battle strength.

On the other side, the castle had dozens of figures at the True Spirit Realm.

Incredibly, these people weren’t affected by the black mist at all.

“He’s indeed worthy of being a division Leader. Controlling the array so that only the enemy is affected.”

Lin Tong stood far away and admired without entering the battle.

His eye bloodline could manage to barely see through the mist to the skeletal division Leader within the depths of the castle.


The black flag in front of the skeletal division Leader kept on waving and controlling the black mist around the castle.

Lin Tong was very careful, making sure not to look directly at the skeletal division Leader in case he was detected.

When one reached the level of a division Leader, their methods couldn’t be imagined. Killing a True Mystic Rank could be done with just a thought.

Ding! Ding! Shu~~~~

Peng! Bam! Boom~~~~

The two sides had started a red-hot battle near the gap.

Elder Bai and Sub-division Leader Batie’s fight shook the heavens and earth. The surrounding hundred yards was an area of death. No one under the True Lord Rank could survive there.

Ding Ding Ding~~~

Sub-division Leader Batie was slowly forced into defense, waving his battleaxe to form an “axe wall.”

“This woman of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan’s so strong. Even Sub-division Leader Batie is being suppressed by her.”

Palace Lord You Long and the other late-stage True Lord Rank were shocked.

The battle between the two wasn’t fair.

Firstly, Elder Bai was affected by the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array and lost 5% of her full strength.

Secondly, Batie was a power-type cultivator who was currently defending.

Elder Bai needed to clash with Sub-division Leader Batie head-on, which was the most ineffective way.

However, even then, she was suppressing Batie.

Compared to her, Zhao Feng had relied on speed, agility, and his bloodline power.

If Zhao Feng was to clash with Sub-division Leader Batie head-on, he would definitely lose.

Yet Elder Bai had done what he couldn’t have in this situation.

“Not bad, not bad. Your Ten Thousand Sword Technique should have been trained to the fourteenth level and has hope of catching up to that Nan Jianfeng from back then.”

The mysterious raspy voice sounded from the castle.

“Who the hell are you?”

Elder Bai’s heart trembled faintly when she heard the words “Nan Jianfeng.”

“Hehe, back then, Nan Jianfeng wasn’t even a hundred years old and yet he was about to break through to the Origin Core Realm to become the second Sword Saint. I paid a heavy price to kill him.”

The skeletal division Leader’s figure surfaced above the castle in a position where everyone could see him.

“Nan Jianfeng is my grandfather. So you’re the culprit from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion that killed him~~~!?”

Elder Bai’s face went cold as she slashed out sword beams full of killing intent toward the skeletal division Leader in the air.

The skeletal division Leader laughed and waved his flag, creating a dragon of mist that burned with a scarlet-purple flame.


The sword beams that Elder Bai slashed out were destroyed by the skeletal division Leader in an instant.

“Dominating Heaven Limitless Slash!”

Sub-division Leader Batie took this chance to send Elder Bai flying back dozens of yards.


Elder Bai’s clothes ripped and a gash was left on her snow-white skin.


Cang Yuyue exclaimed.

“Zhe zhe zhe… how dare you not pay attention in my Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array?”

The skeletal division Leader asked playfully.

He kept on waving the flag and controlling the mist.

The weird thing was that the skeletal division Leader remained in the air above the castle and didn’t pursue Elder Bai or anyone else.

“The situation isn’t looking good for the Dragon Killing Alliance, and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion still has a division Leader watching. Who knows what he’s thinking?”

Lin Tong watched the battle with no signs of interfering. Although he was Zhao Feng’s servant, no one could order him around.

In front of the castle, Elder Bai had been lightly injured from diverting her attention, but she still attacked toward Sub-division Leader Batie. However, it was clear that her battle power had decreased and she wasn’t as casual as before.

“The gap in the mist is getting smaller and smaller.”

Old Su barely managed to withstand the other gray-robed late-stage True Lord Rank, but he was still pushed back.


The hole in the mist was quickly being fixed and it even started spreading outward.

“Everyone, get ready to retreat!”

Old Su’s expression changed drastically. Even with such a good chance, the Dragon Killing Alliance couldn’t break through the array. This meant that their chance of success would be even lower after the array was fixed.

Furthermore, the skeletal division Leader in the air was like an invisible mountain that made everyone else unable to breathe.

The idea of actually fighting the skeletal division Leader head-on was unthinkable.

“Hehe, it’s too late~~~!”

The skeletal division Leader waved the black flag and summoned flaming black mist from the sky into the gap.


The flaming black mist started to form a triangle-shaped scarlet-purple fire wall that locked everyone within, blocking their path.

Not good!

The upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance turned around and saw that the wall of fire blocked their exit. On top of that, the fire was controlled by the black flag, giving it more than ten times the power of the normal black mist.

“There’s no path of retreat.”

The upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance had gray expressions.

Normal True Spirit Realms would turn into a puddle of blood and water when they touched this black mist controlled by black flag, and the wall of fire behind them was even more terrifying because it contained the skeletal division Leader’s “Core Flame.”

“You’re not at the half-step Origin Core Realm!”

Elder Bai’s face went pale-white and she fell into despair.

“So that’s how it is. The skeletal division Leader’s true aim is to finish off the entire upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance at once.”

Lin Tong revealed a look of understanding.

As for the skeletal division Leader’s cultivation… being part of the upper echelon of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, it wasn’t surprising for him to have the cultivation of the Origin Core Realm.

“Zhe zhe, back then, I was ranked middle-high among the twelve divisions. Even though I’ve only just woken up a couple years ago and haven’t recovered yet, those at the half-step Origin Core Realm still can’t be compared to me.”

The skeletal division Leader had a smug expression.

He finally trapped the entire upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

At this point in time, the entire Dragon Killing Alliance, including Elder Bai, were in a life or death situation.

Charging forward had no chance of victory. Retreating would only get closer to death.

On top of that, the skeletal division Leader hadn’t even attacked yet. He had been planning the entire time.

“There’s still one more….”

The red flames in the skeletal division Leader’s eyes seemed to jump around as he stared at Palace Lord You Long.

“division Leader, what orders do you have?”

Palace Lord You Long’s hair stood on end after being looked at for so long. Was there something on his face?

Lin Tong watched the scene without sympathy.

“Should I tell Zhao Feng?”

Lin Tong hesitated.

He remembered what Zhao Feng told him before, “You don’t need to participate in the battle, but if the Dragon Killing Alliance is in danger, touch the Dark Heart Seed in your mind. I will sense it and come help.”

The Dark Heart Seed was a special mark Zhao Feng had left in Lin Tong’s soul.

This mark was different than the God’s Eye Mark because it focused mainly on controlling others.

While Lin Tong was hesitating…

Miao miao!

A small silver-gray cat appeared out of nowhere. It climbed onto Lin Tong’s shoulder and gently tapped his neck.

Lin Tong’s body froze and he smiled bitterly. He underestimated Zhao Feng. How could Zhao Feng not have a backup plan after giving Lin Tong such an important task?

Without any more hesitation, he pushed his mental energy toward the Dark Heart Seed.


The skeletal division Leader seemed to suddenly sense something and turned toward Lin Tong’s direction as flames jumped around in his sockets.


A grand mental energy aura suddenly appeared in the sky above the castle. Even those at the True Lord Rank felt unable to breathe.

“Who’s there!?”

The skeletal division Leader’s heart jumped.

A large eye had appeared in the sky and seemed to coexist with Heaven and Earth as it looked down coldly upon him.


The hearts of the Dragon Killing Alliance experts shook and they felt an urge to bow down.

It’s here again!

Palace Lord You Long hiccupped, obviously still having bad memories.

“Zhe zhe zhe… I’ve waited for you for a long time. The mark on You Long is your doing, right?”

Although the skeletal division Leader was shocked by how the Eye of Heaven appeared, he wasn’t too surprised by it.


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