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King Of Gods - Chapter 480


Chapter 480: Chapter 480 - Skeleton division Leader

Chapter 480 - Skeleton division Leader


A pair of wings made of wind and lightning appeared behind Zhao Feng’s back. They were gently flapping, which summoned howling winds

The wisp of aura passed through the hall and resonated with the Wind and Lightning Yuan Qi outside.

At this point in time, the wings were far more condensed than before.

“My wings of wind and lightning are only in the early stages and can only be used for flying currently. The real Wings of Wind and Lightning have legendary skills, such as flying ten thousand miles in an instant, flying in the outside world, passing through space…”

Expectation appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. The Wind Lightning Stone Tablet in his mind formed a mental energy world that contained a lot of information.

However, Zhao Feng had only comprehended around 1% of the entire Wind Lightning Stone Tablet.

Within his Source of True Spirit, there was an occasional flicker of faint purple that contained the True Spirit Flame of Wind and Lightning.

Transparent, azure, purple, scarlet, gold… these were the rankings in the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet.

Because of the Wind Lightning Palm, Lightning Inheritance, etcetera, Zhao Feng had cultivated the azure color to the maximum.

At the same time, a voice sounded from outside, “Chapter Leader Zhao, you’re finally done. When will we return to the Canopy Great Country?”

The aura from Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning had startled those outside.


Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change as the Wings of Wind and Lightning faded.

With a “qiu,” he vanished and appeared outside.

Outside the hall, a male and female stood on Zhao Feng’s left and right, and they seemed to be very expectant.

“Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye, I already told you that I’ll return to the Canopy Great Country once my business here is done.”

Zhao Feng said faintly, not curious why the two were here.

When Zhao Feng was sleeping, these two geniuses that had participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering came to the Thirteen Countries and found the Broken Moon Clan.

Their results in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering were unexpectedly good, mainly due to the fact that Zhao Feng protected them and saved their Sacred True Dragon Tokens, allowing them to last till the final hundred.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye had come out from their respective inheritances several months ago.

Of course, the ones they went to were normal small inheritances and relatively safer. However, even then, their cultivation and strength increased by leaps and bounds. It was enough for them to reach the top-tier of geniuses across the continent.

“Chapter Leader Zhao, after the Sacred True Dragon Gathering ended, the Deputy Patriarch didn’t give up, so he sent people scouting. There are more than just a couple forces that are interested in your whereabouts.”

Jiang Sanfeng smiled and said.

“That’s right, we came to the Cloud area to see if we were lucky and to complete our task, but we didn’t think you would really be here. But, Chapter Leader, you were always sleeping or in seclusion and didn’t even talk to us.”

Die Ye pouted.

“Complete your task? How is the Deputy Patriarch so sure that I didn’t die in the inheritance?”

Zhao Feng asked with a weird expression.

“I’m not sure, but the Deputy Patriarch went to see the Six Warlock divine Sage and might have received some information.”

The two shook their heads uncertainly.

Six Warlock divine Sage?

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes and his God’s Spiritual Eye had a weird sensation.

It wasn’t the first time he had heard of the Six Warlock divine Sage.

Apparently, Empress Qin was once the Six Warlock divine Sage’s disciple.

“Relax, even if you didn’t rush me, I would return to the Canopy Great Country, but not before I clear out the threats of the Cloud area.”

Zhao Feng stopped the two.

The Cloud area was a desolate and barren place for these two that came from the Canopy Great Country. It lacked resources and Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and their cultivation speed was much slower.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye didn’t want to stay here any longer than they needed to.

Two days later, in the desolate desert of the Iron Dragon Country.

The layer of black mist surrounding the castle hadn’t weakened. On the contrary, it became even more wicked and evil.

Piles of bones were stacked around the castle.

The several thousand elites from the Dragon Killing Alliance had surrounded the castle, but even then, they didn’t feel safe.

Jiang! Shu Shu~~~

Several eye-catching beams of sword light slashed into the black mist surrounding the castle, and cracks instantly appeared around that area.

In the sky, Cang Yuyue and Elder Bai had attacked and shaken the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array.

Elder Bai’s attacks were as beautiful as a rainbow and could be seen within a ten-mile radius.

“This Elder Bai is indeed worthy of coming from the number one sword clan of the Northern Continent. Any casual attack from her contains unparalleled power that surpasses anyone in the Cloud area. No old True Lord Rank is probably her match here.”

The upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance, including Old Su and company, were respectful of Elder Bai.

None of them were confident they could block even one attack from her.

“That Cang Yuyue is also terrifying. After entering the Seven Sword Inheritance, her sword intent can even kill early-stage True Lord Ranks.”

“Her future is immeasurable. Maybe she’ll reach Sword Saint Ye Wuxie’s level later on.”

The power displayed by Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue was something the Dragon Killing Alliance could only look up to.

However, the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array was more troublesome than imagined.

Although their attacks could break through the black mist easily, the broken places would heal themselves after a couple breaths.

“As long as there are enough Primal Crystal Stones and enough air of Death here, the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Array will keep on recovering.”

Lin Tong looked from afar with coldness.

This stronghold was obviously filled with the air of Death. One could see from how many bones there were.

Ten Thousand Swords Piercing through the Heart!

Elder Bai waved her sleeve and sword beams formed a magnificent light.

The power of this sword made the sun and moon lose their color, and the experts watching felt as if their hearts had been pierced through.

“This sword’s power has almost exceeded the True Lord Rank.”

Old Su’s heart shook. He had never seen someone with such terrifying battle power – including Zhao Feng.

Everyone saw a brilliant beam of sword-light pierce into the castle. A large part of the black mist dissipated, revealing some of the scenery behind.

“Ten Thousand Sword Technique? After several hundred years, I see this technique again…. Is this destiny?”

A mysterious voice sounded from the castle. The voice was very faint and had a coldness to it.

The hearts of the several thousand experts in front of the castle shook.

Those at the True Spirit Realm that were more sensitive trembled with uneasiness.

The raspy voice contained a terrifying power that could pass through the soul.

“Who are you!?”

Elder Bai’s expression changed. She felt an aura which made her, who was at the peak True Lord Rank, uneasy.


A human-shaped “skeleton” suddenly appeared above the castle. Its body was a mixture between gold and silver, and two dark-red flames seemed to jump around in its sockets.

The mysterious skeleton exchanged glances with Elder Bai and the latter acted as if she had been struck.

“This mental energy aura, is it a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm? No, at best it can only be at the half-step Origin Core Realm, or else it wouldn’t need to hide behind the array.”

Elder Bai’s eyes twinkled uncertainly, but she let out a breath in the end.

As long as the opponent wasn’t at the Origin Core Realm, she didn’t fear any challenge given her peak True Lord Rank cultivation.


A black flag appeared in front of the skeleton that flapped gently, and it started to fix the gap in the array.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Elder Bai snickered coldly and teamed up with Cang Yuyue to attack toward the gap.

“Stop them.”

The mysterious skeleton’s raspy voice sounded.

“Yes, division Leader.”

Several dozen figures appeared near the castle. The weakest of these auras was at the peak True Human Rank.

The three strongest auras were at the True Lord Rank and they stood in a row in the sky.

One of them was a chubby figure holding a giant battleaxe. He had a dazed expression and smelled horrible.

“Sub-division Leader Batie! He’s not dead!”

Old Su and company were shocked. Sub-division Leader Batie was severely injured by Zhao Feng and the chances of him surviving were very slim.

“No, he’s probably a ‘living dead’ person now. He has been turned into a ghost corpse with a secret technique in order to preserve his battle power, but he can only ‘survive’ for another month or two.”

Lin Tong glanced coldly at the three True Lord Rank auras.

“A Sub-division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”

Elder Bai’s expression became solemn.

Sub-division Leader Batie’s cultivation had reached the peak True Lord Rank and he was at the same level as her.

“To be able to turn a peak True Lord Rank into a ghost corpse… this skeleton is obviously at the division Leader level.”

Lin Tong’s voice trembled slightly, but no one knew whether it was out of fear or excitement.

Scarlet Moon division Leader.

The hearts of the Dragon Killing Alliance shook with fear and shock.

division Leaders were the upper echelon in the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion even in the old days.

Several hundred years later, this member of the upper echelon appeared once again. How much of a shock was it to the puny Cloud area?


The black mist appeared once more and submerged the skeletal division Leader’s figure.


The Sub-division Leader waved his battleaxe and charged toward Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue.

On Batie’s left and right were Palace Lord You Long and another grey-robed elder. They were both at the late-stage True Lord Rank.

One peak True Lord Rank, two late-stage True Lord Ranks. How terrifying was this combination?

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Behind the three True Lord Ranks were additional powerful auras at the True Spirit Realm who hid themselves in the mist and defended the castle.

The battle had started.


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