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King Of Gods - Chapter 479


Chapter 479: Chapter 479 - Breakthrough of the Eye (2)

Chapter 479 - Breakthrough of the Eye (2)

Several days later, with Old Su leading the Dragon Killing Alliance, the group returned to the Cloud Country and the Broken Moon Clan.

In the Cloud area, the Broken Moon Clan was now the core place of resistance against the Iron Dragon Alliance.

In just the short span of a couple months, the Broken Moon Clan had expanded by twofold and was among the top of the Thirteen Clans.

Even after returning to the Clan, Zhao Feng was still in a deep sleep. He was tended to by Princess Jin and company.

On the other hand, Old Su organized the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance and started to purge the Thirteen Countries.

Everything went as planned. With the Iron Dragon Alliance losing its leadership, everyone was like loose sand that crumbled in front of Dragon Killing Alliance troops.

Among them, Cang Yuyue charged straight into the Iron Dragon Country. Ever since the battle with Zhao Feng, her cultivation and skill in the sword had increased, and no one was her match.

Of course, this was also because almost all of the strongest experts from the Iron Dragon Alliance had been killed or injured by Zhao Feng.

It could be imagined that the Cloud area would undergo major changes in the times ahead.

A month after Zhao Feng started sleeping, the forces of the Dragon Killing Alliance attacked the two strong countries.

The Sky Rich Strong Country was first “recovered” by the Dragon Killing Alliance. After all, the Dragon Killing Alliance mainly consisted of those from the Sky Rich Seven Clans and Old Su was even one of the Clans’ leading figures.

Therefore, attacking the Sky Rich Strong Country was completed with ease.

After taking back the Sky Rich Strong Country, the Dragon Killing Alliance’s fame surpassed the Iron Dragon Alliance’s.

This continued only till a certain day before the “footsteps” of the Dragon Killing Alliance stopped.

In the desolate lands of the Iron Dragon Strong Country, a large dark castle existed amidst howling winds. Bones covered the ground nearby.

“Old Su, this castle is the Iron Dragon Alliance’s stronghold and it has many people from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion inside.”

“We’ve attacked several times and have had heavy losses, but we can’t advance any further.”

Several True Mystic Rank figures stood in the sand with frustrated expressions.

Old Su stood with his hands behind his back as he surveyed this castle. The entire castle was surrounded by a sandstorm and a weird black mist, which stopped those from outside from seeing within.

Anyone whose cultivation was lower than the True Spirit Realm would find their body turning into a pile of white bones if they even touched this black mist.

One could tell how terrifying this mist was by the bones scattered around the castle.

Half a day later.


Winds howled in front of the castle. The one or two thousand experts couldn’t advance any further.

“Reporting to Old Su, fifty to sixty people have already died to the black mist.”

“A True Mystic Rank and four True Human Ranks entered to scout out the castle an hour ago, but we can’t contact any of them.”

News upon news was relayed back to the Dragon Killing Alliance.

Old Su was silent as he inspected this castle. Every time he used his spiritual sense, he would feel a coldness and uneasiness.

Until a certain moment.


A cold youth in black flew through the sky.

“Lin Tong, you’ve come just in time. Do you know about this weird castle?”

Old Su and company turned toward the youth in black.

Lin Tong was Zhao Feng’s servant and didn’t take orders from the Dragon Killing Alliance, but Old Su had asked him for help.

“This castle was left behind by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion a long time ago and it’s extremely mysterious. The array that surrounds the castle is called the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array.”

Lin Tong explained.

Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array.

The hearts of the upper echelon went cold just from hearing this name.

The pile of bones proved that the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array lived up to its name.

“The Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array is quite troublesome. I’ve heard of it before. It comes from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and can ignore the battle tactic of ‘overrunning’ them.”

A True Mystic Rank elder from the group sighed.

“Hehe, this array is not only not scared of a lot of people attacking, it can also strengthen itself from devouring flesh and blood. The more you send means the more you are helping it.”

Lin Tong didn’t have any sympathy and acted as if it didn’t concern him.

Several members of the upper echelon were instantly unhappy and had dim expressions.

Before Lin Tong obeyed Zhao Feng, he was a genius of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

His gloating expression made others infuriated.

If it weren’t for the fact that Lin Tong was Zhao Feng’s servant, they probably would’ve already attacked and killed him together.

Old Su was silent for a moment before he spoke, “Has Brother Zhao woken up yet?”

“Master woke up ten days ago or else I wouldn’t have even come here on my own accord.”

Lin Tong shrugged.

He obeyed Zhao Feng as his life was in his hands. He wouldn’t be ordered around by anyone else.

No wonder.

Everyone understood. Lin Tong wasn’t someone to help others out.

“So, Brother Zhao has woken up already. When will he arrive?”

Old Su let out a breath.

Zhao Feng shouldn’t not care about the situation in the Cloud area.

“Master is cultivating and will come after half a month to two months.”

Lin Tong said expressionlessly.

“Did Brother Zhao say anything else?”

Old Su asked.

“This is what Master said: ‘I will leave the Cloud area soon after exiting seclusion.’”

Lin Tong answered.

“Leave the Cloud area?”

Everyone present was dazed.

What was going on?

One had to know that the Dragon Killing Alliance was facing a lot of trouble.

As long as the stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion wasn’t destroyed, it would continue to threaten the Cloud area.

“Is Zhao Feng that confident that he’ll be able to destroy the stronghold after he comes?”

Some of the upper echelon felt uneasy.

Lin Tong stood still and said nothing, but he felt disdainful of their questioning and suspicion.

He recalled a memory in his mind;Zhao Feng awakening, and the aura that radiated from his left eye… Lin Tong sweated even now.

“Tell everyone not to attack.”

Old Su ordered. He decided to think it through and wait a while.

Old Su didn’t miss the change in Lin Tong’s expression.

“Zhao Feng’s strength must’ve increased greatly after this time. But why would he leave the Cloud area so suddenly?”

Old Su felt puzzled.

Lin Tong had now closed his eyes and remained silent.

In the blink of an eye, another couple days passed by.

Sou! Sou!

Two sharp auras came from the other side of the desert.

A terrifying sword intent had appeared alongside the owner.

“Cang Yuyue!”

“The number one Sword Cultivator in the Cloud area!”

The experts from the Cloud area couldn’t help but exclaim.

One of the two newcomers was a beauty that was plainly dressed. It was Cang Yuyue.

Along with her was the woman in white.

“F*k, it’s that woman again…!”

Lin Tong hiccupped.

Last time, at the Broken Moon Clan, this Elder Bai had killing intent toward him. If it weren’t for Zhao Feng, who knows what would’ve happened?

“Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array.”

Elder Bai’s expression changed drastically as she stared at the pile of white bones and exclaimed. She was indeed worthy of being an Elder of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan for immediately recognizing this array.

“Elder Bai, is this array very powerful?”

Cang Yuyue’s voice was full of confidence.

“Numbers don’t mean anything to this array and will actually increase its power instead. The only way to break this array is for an expert to charge in and destroy the ‘Eye of the Array.’ However, if there’s an expert in this castle, then it’ll be troublesome….”

Elder Bai’s expression was solemn. There was a wisp of aura within the castle that made Elder Bai feel uneasy and slightly pressured.

As time passed, more and more elites gathered in front of the castle.

In this period of time, there were obviously experts that tried to scout out the castle, but none of them returned.

Old Su remained silent and didn’t attack.

At the same time, within a secret hall in the Broken Moon Clan.


A blue-haired youth’s eyes were closed, and he radiated rings of cold air.

These rings of cold air had a soul-chilling power.


With a “weng,” a half-transparent shadow of a spear appeared in his palm.

The air seemed to tremble with its appearance and an indescribable coldness froze the place.

This terrifying aura was enough to make those at the True Lord Rank unable to breathe.

“I can finally use a wisp of the Ice Imperial Spear’s power. Before the breakthrough in my God’s Spiritual Eye, my bloodline couldn’t do this.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

At this moment, a shadow of the ice-blue spear had appeared in his palm. It was the exact same image as the Ice Imperial Spear.

The joy from this breakthrough was more than from the breakthrough in his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Half a breath later.


The shadow of the Earth-Grade weapon in Zhao Feng’s hand disappeared.

His expression was a slightly tired one and he closed his eyes.

In the dimension of his left eye.


A blue lake, more than a dozen yards wide, was as calm as a mirror.

Zhao Feng’s mind moved and a mysterious whirlpool appeared in the center of the small lake.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had finally broken through.

The dimension of his left eye was now expressed by the shape of a “lake,” and it was 14-15 yards wide.

On top of that, the remaining traces of the Wood Spirit Soul Essence that Zhao Feng had absorbed in the Purple Saint Ruins was also taken in, or else the water in the lake wouldn’t have reached such a size so quickly.

Zhao Feng himself didn’t even know what level his soul had reached, but he was sure that it was stronger than Lu Tianyi, who was at the half-step Origin Core Realm.


Zhao Feng spread his arms and an eye-catching pair of half-transparent wings made of wind and lightning condensed.


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