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King Of Gods - Chapter 478


Chapter 478: Chapter 478 - Breakthrough of the Eye (1)

Chapter 478 - Breakthrough of the Eye (1)

It was sunset, and the dusk light was reflecting off the mesmerizing crystal-blue ice.

There were four figures sealed in ice. None of them moved.

This situation lasted for an entire hour.

Sou Sou Sou~~~~

More than a dozen figures suddenly flew over.

“Old Su, look~~~!”

A youth pointed toward the ice and exclaimed.

Next to the youth was a beauty in blue. She had an elegant and calm aura.

“Brother Zhao’s in that ice!”

The female in blue’s expression changed dramatically.

“Jin’er, don’t get too close!”

Old Su stopped the group.

A bone-chilling coldness was emitting from the small ice mountain, and the cold gusts of wind that were blowing within a one-mile radius were like sharp knives.

Those under the True Spirit Realm couldn’t even get close to the ice. The cold alone was enough to kill them.

“Master, why is Brother Zhao sealed in ice with those people? And who are they?”

Princess Jin managed to calm down as she stared at the blue-haired youth.

Old Su inspected the area for a while and his expression grew solemn. Shock filled his eyes.

All the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance held their breath. They knew that Old Su knew something.

A long while later, Old Su took a deep breath and was full of admiration and respect. He spoke, “Zhao Feng, I didn’t think you would be able to reach such a level where you could freeze three experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, including a Sub-DIvision Leader, in ice.”

Scarlet Moon Sub-division leader? Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion!?

Everyone revealed looks of fear. They never would have imagined that the three sealed together with Zhao Feng would have such a background.

“Brother Zhao fought with these three and finally sealed them away, but he sealed himself as well….”

Princess Jin’s face was filled with joy and worry as she stared intently at the blue-haired youth.

Scarlet Moon Sub-division Leader. A person of this level only appeared in myths.

Several hundred years ago, the twelve divisions and one-hundred-eight Sub-divisions of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion swept across the continent and brought about its greatest glory.

At their peak, a Sub-division could destroy several strong countries with ease.

The scene in front of them was a battle between an overwhelming prodigy and a Scarlet Moon Sub-division Leader.

All of this was incredible. They couldn’t help but become excited.

“Everyone, retreat. Don’t come within a ten-mile radius.”

Old Su ordered. It wasn’t hard for him to sense the aura of life within the ice, especially Zhao Feng in the middle.

Princess Jin and company retreated without hesitation. They knew that a battle of those at the level of a Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Sub-division Leader wasn’t something they could be useful in.

The only person who had the ability to do so was Old Su.

However, Old Su gazed solemnly at the four and didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

“Zhao Feng must’ve paid a heavy price to seal them in ice and it’s mainly succeeded. If I rashly do something…”

Old Su’s expression was solemn.

The other three were still resisting. Although the Scarlet Moon Sub-division Leader was sealed in ice, there were still strong surges of True Force within his body.

On the other hand, Protector Blood Corpse seemed to have fainted, while Palace Lord You Long’s bloodline was still fighting back.

“I would’ve succeeded already if it was just the Sub-division Leader, but the difficulty has doubled with Palace Lord You Long and Protector Blood Corpse. Especially this You Long….”

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart while he was in the center of it all.

Palace Lord You Long’s bloodline was extremely strong and was able to resist Zhao Feng’s cold bloodline.

“Zhao Feng, do you need any help?”

Old Su asked through True Force.


Only then did Zhao Feng realize Old Su and company had arrived. He was focused on sealing the other three and wasn’t paying any attention to the outside world.

“If that’s the case…”

Old Su’s arrival changed Zhao Feng’s plan.

He had to leave some tricks up his sleeve just in case. He couldn’t let his eye bloodline or Yuan Qi be fully exhausted.

However, with the help of another True Lord Rank, he could act more freely.

“Old Su, you remain behind and tell the others to retreat a hundred miles.”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded in Old Su’s head.


Old Su immediately ordered those from the Dragon Killing Alliance to back away.

He also retreated by ten miles and killed some escaping members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion on the way.

“Zhe zhe, Zhao Feng, let’s see how much longer your bloodline power can last. I’ve been at the True Spirit Realm for a hundred years and my Source of True Spirit is double yours. You’ll definitely lose if this battle drags out.”

Although the Sub-division Leader couldn’t speak, he could interact through his spiritual sense.

Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change. The difference between the two in terms of their Source of True Spirit was indeed big.

“From Ice to Water!”

Zhao Feng’s bloodline aura and left eye suddenly changed.

The freezing aura suddenly melted and turned into calm water. Even the surrounding ice was melting.

“The ice is melting?”

Joy flashed across the Sub-division Leader Batie and Palace Lord You Long’s faces.

What made the two surprised was that this was done by Zhao Feng himself.

Sword of Water Moon!

Zhao Feng circulated his remaining bloodline power and formed a sword made of water.


Zhao Feng’s eyes sharpened as he stabbed forward.

The sword of water passed smoothly through the melting ice.


The sword hit the Sub-division Leader.


The Sub-division Leader’s body froze. He was just an instant away from breaking completely away from the ice when the sword pierced him.

“Bloodthirsty Demonic Body!”

The Scarlet Moon Sub-division Leader’s eyes went red as his Qi of True Spirit started to boil. A dark blood-colored flame erupted from him.

On top of that, a demonic tattoo surfaced on his skin that strengthened his body and aura.


Within a powerful eruption, the water and ice surrounding the Scarlet Moon Sub-division Leader shattered.

“From Water to Ice!”

Zhao Feng circulated the last bit of his bloodline power to turn the sword of water, which had pierced into the Sub-division Leader’s body, into ice.


The sword turned into ice and stabbed through the Sub division Leader’s chest.


The Sub-division Leader howled and used a secret technique that shattered and melted the sword of ice in his body.

However, he was already severely injured, and death was close.

If he didn’t have a Life Returning Grass or Elixir of Life or something similar, he would die even if a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm descended.

Qiu~~~ Sou!

The Sub-division Leader turned into a streak of light that sped off into the sky.


Palace Lord You Long was the second to use a secret technique and flee into the Sky Cloud Forest.

“Save me!”

Protector Blood Corpse had just awakened and his body was still cold. He currently couldn’t move and was trying his best to circulate his Qi of True Spirit.

Blade of Wind and Lightning!

Zhao Feng waved his hand and sliced Protector Blood Corpse in two.

After that, his eyes locked onto the two that were escaping.

“The Sub-division Leader’s injury is critical and he will most likely die. Palace Lord You Long still has seventy percent of his full strength.”

Killing intent blossomed from Zhao Feng’s eyes.

At this moment in time, the Sub-division Leader and Palace Lord You Long were running in different directions.

“I can’t let either one of them go.”

Zhao Feng was very decisive. Although the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s Sub-division Leader shouldn’t have any chance of living anymore, Zhao Feng still decided to go after him first, as he still had the God’s Eye Mark on Palace Lord You Long.

“Wings of Wind and Lightning!”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and circulated his Qi of True Spirit in a weird way.


The Heavens and Earth seemed to howl with wind and hum with lightning.

Light started to condense on Zhao Feng’s back, finally forming a pair of wings.

“Wings of Wind and Lightning is the Wind Lightning Emperor’s famous secret technique. I’ve only comprehended a tiny bit, but it’s enough to increase my speed by more than half.”

Wind and Lightning crackled behind Zhao Feng and seemed to resonate with the Wind and Lightning Yuan Qi in the air.

“What type of secret technique is that? Using the power of Wind and Lightning to form a pair of wings?”

Old Su’s expression changed dramatically.

Some distance away, Princess Jin and the other members of the Dragon Killing Alliance could all feel the terrifying aura coming from the pair of wings.

No one doubted that Zhao Feng’s speed and agility would greatly increase. It would definitely be a nightmare for the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

However, after a couple breaths, the blue-haired youth didn’t move in the air.


The pair of wings formed from Wind and Lightning started to fade.

What’s going on?

Old Su, Princess Jin, and company were puzzled.

“You guys are damn lucky.”

Zhao Feng’s power of Wind and Lightning dissipated as fatigue appeared on his face.

The reason why the Wings of Wind and Lightning stopped wasn’t just because he hadn’t gained enough comprehension, it was also because of his left eye.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the 10-yard-wide pond had started to ripple violently.


The water within the pond started to flow higher and higher, and it even started to leak out.


The water kept on expanding.

“Breaking past the 10-yard limit and entering a new level….”

Zhao Feng murmured and landed on the ground, exhausted.

Zhao Feng then signaled Old Su and company when they arrived.


Old Su nodded his head and Princess Jin quickly came over to help Zhao Feng. The others were all used to this by now.

Zhao Feng smiled and fell asleep in Princess Jin’s gentle embrace.

“The Iron Dragon Alliance has lost its momentum and control. It’s time to return to the Broken Moon Clan.”

Old Su glanced toward the directions that the Sub-division Leader and Palace Lord You Long had escaped in and retreated.

At the same time, within the dimension of his left eye.

Di Da!

The water in the pond kept on overflowing and started to expand into the shape of a lake.


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