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King Of Gods - Chapter 477


Chapter 477: Chapter 477 - One Against Three

Chapter 477 - One Against Three

Dominating Sky Limitless Slash!

The axe-light flashed by Zhao Feng’s side.


The blue-haired youth appeared from the other side with an arc of lightning.

“This Scarlet Moon Sub-division Leader’s strength has reached Ye Yanyu’s level….”

The ripple of wind and lightning surrounding Zhao Feng faded in color.

Although the attack just now didn’t hit Zhao Feng directly, just a bit of it was enough to kill those at the peak True Mystic Rank.

Other cultivators at the peak True Lord Rank weren’t willing to clash against those that specialized in power like Sub-division Leader Batie.

Of course, Zhao Feng had been comprehending the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet and his offense was pretty strong too.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed with a blurry light and disappeared. His speed made normal True Lord Ranks helpless.

In the next instant, the humming of wind and lightning sounded from behind Sub-division Leader Batie’s head.

“Wind Lightning Crackling Strike!”

A blurry blue-haired figure summoned a giant blade of wind and lightning, about seven or eight yards long, that crackled loudly.

Shua! Shuuuu~~~~

When the blade slashed through the air, thunder boomed and sparks flew everywhere.

Sub-division Leader Batie’s expression became solemn as his giant battle-axe turned into a wall that blocked Zhao Feng’s attack, producing a loud explosion. The area the two were in was instantly covered with dust, sand, and wind.

“Retreat quickly….”

The nearby members of the Demonic Religion started to run as several of them were killed from the clash.

After the dust settled.


The arc of lightning and wind once again flew into the sky. Another blade formed in Zhao Feng’s hand and he had a smile on his face.

On the other hand, Sub-division Leader Batie was ruffled. Although he wasn’t injured, there were some scorch-marks on his clothes.

“Dominating Heaven Ten Destruction Strike!”

Sub-division Leader Batie roared and sent beams of light. The beams formed a shape, the character for the number ten.

Wind Lightning Explosion!

Zhao Feng didn’t feel any fear at all. He compressed the blade in his hand and threw it through the air, creating waves of lightning that swept across a half-mile radius.

In just a few breaths, the two experts had clashed several times. Both of them fought offense with offense, neither of them giving up.

Sub-division Leader Batie’s battle power was unparalleled and he could suppress others with his strength alone, but Zhao Feng relied on his speed and was like a ghost that flew freely across the sky.

“This isn’t looking good… Zhao Feng’s already grown to such a stage that he’s comparable to a Sub-division Leader?”

Shock appeared on Protector Blood Corpse and You Long’s faces.

They were wary and fearful of Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline and guessed that Zhao Feng’s forte was his eye. His other attributes shouldn’t have been very strong.

However, this scene in front of them once again changed their view of Zhao Feng.

Sub-division Leader Batie roared angrily, but he was unable to gain any advantage.

Zhao Feng’s attack was as fast as lightning. No one could see him.

Although Sub-division Leader Batie had unparalleled offense and strength, Zhao Feng was controlling the battle.

All of his attacks were aimed at Sub-division Leader Batie’s minor flaws.

He would take advantage of even the slightest flaw, forcing Sub-division Leader Batie to use more Qi of True Spirit.

“What the f*k are you two doing!?”

Sub-division Leader Batie howled.

In this battle, Sub-division Leader Batie was extremely frustrated. Although he was extremely strong, Zhao Feng was leading him around by the nose.


Protector Blood Corpse and Palace Lord You Long didn’t hesitate anymore and turned into two streaks of light that charged toward Zhao Feng.

“Hehe, this one will beat you three until you admit your defeat in both heart and body.”

The laugh of a youth sounded amidst humming lightning and wind.


“Junior, die!”

Protector Blood Corpse and Palace Lord You Long entered the battle.


Zhao Feng’s ripple of wind and lightning suddenly shone and released countless rings of wind and lightning in every direction.

The two Protectors felt a powerful pressure and numbing sensation when they got close.

“Dominating Heaven Limitless Slash!”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s axe flashed once again as he teamed up with the other two.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and exchanged blows with Protector Blood Corpse and Palace Lord You Long.


With the explosion of lightning, Protector Blood Corpse was kicked aside by Zhao Feng and his body started to smoke.

“This aura of wind and lightning intent…”

Palace Lord You Long felt a terrifying aura of wind and lightning envelope his body when his palm clashed with Zhao Feng’s. His body was pushed back dozens of yards and felt numb.

In just one or two moves, Zhao Feng had injured the two Protectors.

“Cunning brat!”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s axe flew forward, but its power was restricted due to him worrying about Palace Lord You Long and Protector Blood Corpse.

Zhao Feng stood still without retreating as his hair became calm.


A layer of running water and lightning appeared over Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng clapped his hands together as he circulated his bloodline power to summon a wave of water that clashed head-on with Sub-division Leader Batie’s axe.

In that instant, the original calm-as-a-lake youth became a tsunami.


The axe and Zhao Feng intertwined mid-air. These two apocalyptic powers competed against each other.

“This brat’s bloodline power is so strong….”

Although Sub-division Leader Batie’s blow only used 80% of his full strength, it was blocked head-on by Zhao Feng, and he felt the erosion of wind and lightning pushing forward.

“The Water Bloodline originates from the ocean. It can be soft or hard, and it can devour the Heavens and Earth.”

Information from the Ice Imperial Spear surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind. It was related to Ice, but it included Water as well because the two were originally the same anyway.

Water was more powerful and unfathomable. Ice was created from water, and to truly understand ice, one must understand water first.

Zhao Feng was currently comprehending and using his Water Bloodline battle-tactics.

In the air, Zhao Feng and Sub-division Leader Batie were locked together.

The giant axe couldn’t push forward anymore. Zhao Feng’s two hands were like the ocean that could absorb everything.

Although Sub-division Leader Batie was very strong, his strength was gradually decreasing because of Zhao Feng’s Water Bloodline.

“You two, hurry up and come over!”

Sub-division Leader Batie circulated his Qi of True Spirit and roared.

Protector Blood Corpse and Palace Lord You Long’s eyes lit up.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng and Sub-division Leader Batie were in a stalemate. This was a good chance.



Protector Blood Corpse and Palace Lord You Long flew toward Zhao Feng’s left and right.

The interference of two True Lord Ranks would be enough to turn the tide.

“Hahaha…. Arrogant brat, prepare to die under my axe!”

Sub-division Leader Batie laughed smugly. His muscles were like goosebumps and radiated a terrifying power. In front of this, Zhao Feng seemed infinitely small.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had comprehended some battle skills from his Water Bloodline, he wouldn’t be able to resist such a powerful force.

Right at this moment, the two True Lord Ranks reached Zhao Feng.

“From Water to Ice!”

Zhao Feng’s blue hair blew as a chilling coldness spread.

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly turned the color of ice and his bloodline power became bone-chillingly cold.


Sub-division Leader Batie felt a weird coldness.

His axe started to freeze as a chill penetrated into his body.

“Ice Sealed Death Zone!”

Zhao Feng exclaimed as a large majestic figure, wearing a crown and holding a giant black sword, appeared and sat on a throne.


A terrifying cold blue wind swept by and devoured everything within several dozen yards.

Palace Lord You Long, who was at the front, felt numb and started to freeze.

No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t resist the terrifying bloodline power of turning Water to Ice.

With Zhao Feng as the center, everything within fifty yards was engulfed by the cold blue wind while lightning flew everywhere. It was enough to restrain normal True Lord Ranks.

“Not good!”

Protector Blood Corpse and Palace Lord You Long’s hearts both shook. Their bodies went cold and started to feel numb at the same time.

Protector Blood Corpse’s cultivation was lower and he barely managed to last a breath or two before starting to freeze.

He was already a corpse and couldn’t fight back much against the petrification of the cold.

In addition, even Sub-division Leader Batie, locked together with Zhao Feng, started to freeze. His expression of fear and shock was obvious.

Time passed by slowly.

One breath… two breaths… three breaths.

Everything within a few dozen yards of Zhao Feng was sealed in ice.

This included Zhao Feng himself, but the cold light surrounding him occasionally turned to water.

“This Ice Sealed Death Zone is created not only with the information within the Ice Imperial Spear, it also has the help of Goddess Bing Wei’s secret bloodline technique.”

Zhao Feng was like a magnificent ice statue as he sealed the three experts in ice.

Back at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Goddess Bing Wei had “embraced” him in order to use this move, and she almost succeeded in sealing Zhao Feng.

This scene appeared once more, but it succeeded this time around.

Zhao Feng’s main target was the Sub-division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

His two hands had been holding back the axe while this extremely fast and powerful skill activated from such a close distance.

The Sub-division Leader, Protector Blood Corpse, and Palace Lord You Long all fell into this trap.


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