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King Of Gods - Chapter 476


Chapter 476: Chapter 476 - Wind Lightning Tornado

Chapter 476 - Wind Lightning Tornado

In just a few breaths’ time, the Eye of Heaven killed two Protectors of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.


The Eye of Heaven’s aura faded as it disappeared.

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion members were full of fear and uneasiness.

Death could descend at any moment.

“Come out and fight us if you have the courage, junior!”

Sub-division Leader Batie screamed with bulging eyes as his peak True Lord Rank aura created storms within a ten-mile radius.

Protector Youmo and Protector Sanling’s deaths were the equivalent of Sub-division Leader Batie losing both his left and right arm.

Within the crowd, two True Lord Ranks, Palace Lord You Long and Protector Blood Corpse, looked at each other with shock.

“That Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline power is even stronger than before.”

“Such progress…. Has he reached the True Lord Rank?”

The two Palace Lords couldn’t help but guess.

They had both fought with Zhao Feng before and knew about his eye bloodline firsthand.

Of course, Zhao Feng reaching the True Lord Rank wasn’t a surprise to them. However, they wouldn’t have expected Zhao Feng to jump straight to the early-stage True Lord Rank.

On a tree, several hundred miles away.

“Hmph! Who knows how many of you will still be alive when you reach the Broken Moon Clan?”

Zhao Feng’s expression was slightly weak, but a cold snicker appeared on his face.

Over the past few days, he would replenish his energy before it all ran out. Then he would reach his peak state and attack again, which allowed every attack to be successful.

After killing two Protectors of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline power was very low.

For the next two days, Zhao Feng started to recover, waiting to attack again.

The remaining targets were more troublesome.

Sub-division Leader Batie had reached the peak True Lord Rank and his battle power was maybe comparable to the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

Palace Lord You Long and Protector Blood Corpse both had “thick skin” and their defense was extremely strong. This was especially so for Palace Lord You Long. Killing him was perhaps the hardest task.

In the blink of an eye, two or three days passed by.

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were like lost chicks as they passed through the Sky Cloud Forest.

Over the last couple days, they were tense. No one knew when the next Eye of Heaven would appear.

“Calculating the time, Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline power should have recovered by now.”

Protector Blood Corpse went on guard. According to the pattern, he was most likely to be next.

Sub-division Leader Batie and Palace Lord You Long’s strength were obviously better;thus, they would be harder to kill.

“There’s no path of retreat. Even if we retreat now, we can’t escape him unless he allows it.”

Palace Lord You Long felt helpless.

There was still a chance to fight Zhao Feng before he broke through to the True Lord Rank, but now that Zhao Feng’s strength had increased and he had this mysterious “Eye of Heaven,” Palace Lord You Long felt helpless.

No one knew how to deal with this Eye of Heaven, even though they were all extremely knowledgeable.

“That Zhao Feng can track us no matter where we go.”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s eyes glanced around and found something was wrong.

Palace Lord You Long predicted that there was a spy in the group, but the remaining members were all loyal subordinates.

At night.


A familiar mental energy pressure appeared in the sky.

The Eye of Heaven had appeared once more.

The hearts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion members sped up as cold sweat appeared on their foreheads.

Batie, You Long, and Protector Blood Corpse all acted as if they were facing a great foe.

Unexpectedly, the Eye of Heaven didn’t attack one of those three directly this time.


“Junior, come here and die!”

Almost half of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion elites suddenly charged toward one target with red eyes.


These members all charged toward Sub-division Leader Batie without any care.


Sub-division Leader Batie’s expression changed dramatically.

Most of the attacking members were at the True Mystic Rank.

Eye of the Heart!

The Eye of Heaven released a mysterious mental energy power that created illusions and dreams.

Bam~~~~~ Shu! Shu!

Sub-division Leader Batie roared and waved his giant axe, splitting the closest elites in half.

The remaining members of the Demonic Religion couldn’t help but go cold.

With Sub-division Leader Batie’s roar and powerful slash, the remaining members that were controlled regained their consciousness like they had woken up from a dream.


The remaining group felt uneasy.


The Eye of Heaven disappeared once more from their sight.

“Sub-division Leader, if this continues, how many of us will still be alive when we reach the Broken Moon Clan?”

An old member asked bitterly.

The three experts went silent.

“A tiny Cloud area has such a terrifying new star. I’ve underestimated the title of ‘overwhelming prodigy.’”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s hands trembled as his expression kept on changing.

It didn’t matter if he was feeling regret now. No matter what they did, they couldn’t escape the Eye of Heaven.

“If there really is a spy among us, then maybe we should split up.”

Palace Lord You Long suggested.

“No, we can’t. We’re more likely to be hunted down, and everyone apart from Sub-division Leader will probably be killed.”

Protector Blood Corpse immediately retorted. The chance of Zhao Feng killing him was far too high if they split up.

“We can’t retreat. Charge toward the Broken Moon Clan!”

Sub-division Leader Batie roared. His hatred, anger, and killing intent reached a peak. He didn’t know that splitting up actually was the best tactic.

Once they split up, Zhao Feng could only track Palace Lord You Long due to the God’s Eye Mark.

Trying to find someone in this enormous Sky Cloud Forest was like trying to find a needle in the ocean.

Over the next few days, the Eye of Heaven didn’t appear.

One day… two days… three days…

In the blink of an eye, five days had passed. These five days felt like five long years to the remaining members.

“It still hasn’t appeared?”

“Is Zhao Feng being nice? He’s not going to strike the iron while it’s hot?”

The Demonic Religion members were puzzled, but they didn’t dare to let their guard down.

On the sixth day, on top of a hill near the edges of the forest.


Sub-division Leader Batie seemed to sense something as he locked onto a hill.

On top of the hill, a blue-haired youth bathed in the sun lazily.

“Who’s there?”

Sub-division Leader Batie paused. He didn’t recognize the youth.

“Zhao… Zhao Feng!!”

You Long and Protector Blood Corpse both exclaimed in shock.

They didn’t know whether to be happy or scared right now.

“Zhao Feng? You’re that Zhao Feng? Hahahaha~~~~~!”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s oily face twisted as his anger over the past couple days found release.

Protector Blood Corpse and You Long were both stunned and didn’t dare to attack.

“This Zhao Feng dares to fight us head on?”

“He’s indeed reached the True Lord Rank… wait, how is this possible…? The early-stage True Lord Rank?”

The two glanced at each other with shock and wariness.

“Dominating Heaven Raging Demon Slash!”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s large body disappeared with the howling of wind.

Although he was an expert that focused on strength, his attack was as fast as lightning.

Huang! Boom~~~~

Sub-division Leader Batie’s giant axe demolished the small hill.


A deep chasm appeared, extending several miles.

At this point in time, dust and dirt blew everywhere as everything within a couple miles was blocked.

“Hehe, you’re indeed worthy of being a Sub-division Leader of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”

A sharp hum of lightning and a screech of wind sounded.

A ripple of wind and lightning could be seen under the blue-haired youth.

“What terrifying speed. He’s at least twice as fast as before!”

Palace Lord You Long’s heart dropped. Although Sub-division Leader Batie’s attack wave was extremely powerful, it didn’t hit Zhao Feng.


An arc of wind and lightning twisted throughout the sky.

“Wind Lightning Tornado!!”

An eye-catching ball of wind and lightning started to form in the air, creating a chaotic storm of striking lightning and piercing wind.

The enormous Wind Lightning Tornado descended from the sky and extended across a half-mile diameter, enveloping everyone from the Demonic Religion.


Screams sounded continuously.

In just an instant, more than half of the Demonic Religion cultivators were injured.

Sou! Sou!

Palace Lord You Long and Protector Blood Corpse roared as they charged out of the Wind Lightning Tornado, but the weaker Protector Blood Corpse paled and his entire body was scorched.

“Over the past half-month, I was also comprehending the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet and the Ice Imperial Spear. This Wind Lightning Tornado was created from the former and it’s a wide ranged attack that is extremely strong.”

Zhao Feng’s body was floating in the air.

The intents of wind and lightning around him were much more profound than before.

Another reason why Zhao Feng didn’t use the God’s Spiritual Eye over the past five days was because it was becoming weird.

In the dimension of his left eye, the pond had finally reached 10 yards.

However, while the surface of the pond was extremely smooth, a chaotic force was brewing underneath it.

Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline was just a step away from reaching another level. It was due to this that Zhao Feng gave up killing the members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion with his Eye of Heaven and came here personally.

“En, it’s time to test out my comprehension.”

The wind and lightning under Zhao Feng’s feet shook as he disappeared with a flash.

Dominating Sky Limitless Slash!

An enormous flash of axe-light twisted the air as it struck toward where Zhao Feng was. The power contained within it was enough to kill several True Lord Ranks.


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