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King Of Gods - Chapter 475


Chapter 475: Chapter 475 - Thousand-Mile Pursuit

Chapter 475 - Thousand-Mile Pursuit

A thousand miles away, on top of a mountain.

Zhao Feng’s hair was blowing in the wind. His expression was frozen like a corpse.

On his shoulder was a silver-grey cat that yawned lazily.

Zhao Feng’s dim eyes suddenly lit up and his sight returned to his body.

“Although the energy required to use the Eye of Heaven increases with distance, its power actually increases.”

Zhao Feng’s expression was slightly weak, but he was happy. If the members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion knew the situation Zhao Feng was currently in, who knew how shocked and helpless they would be.

To be able to use the Eye of Heaven from a thousand miles away... this already exceeded the imagination of many.

On the other hand, the energy expended was ten times more than usual.

Luckily, Zhao Feng’s soul had surpassed normal True Lord Ranks after absorbing the Wood Spirit Soul Essence, and the God’s Spiritual Eye’s evolution allowed Zhao Feng to obtain better control, reducing the energy expended.

After using the Eye of Heaven, Zhao Feng didn’t continue pressing forward, even though he still had some energy remaining.

He sat down and started to recover his bloodline power.

While he was recovering his bloodline power, Zhao Feng also comprehended the information within the Ice Imperial Spear and Wind Lightning Stone Tablet.

A thousand miles away, the ancient temple had been reduced to rubble.

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were uneasy. Even though there were many experts present, they didn’t feel safe.

“Reporting to Sub-division Leader, the top trackers here have all used several secret techniques but haven’t found anything unusual.”

A black figure half-kneeled on the ground.

Sou! Sou!

A couple others returned as well, with nothing to report.


Sub-division Leader Batie roared like a monster in the night.

“Sub-division Leader, this subordinate is afraid that Zhao Feng’s secret technique can be controlled from a very far distance.”

Protector Youmo said carefully in a weak tone. She had just been controlled by Zhao Feng’s eye technique and caused a lot of damage to the Sub-division. Her black python also died.

She was scared and hateful of the owner of the eye.

“That might be true. We’ve got a lot of people and Sub-division Leader’s battle power is unparalleled. No matter how strong Zhao Feng is, he wouldn’t dare to come.”

Protector Blood Corpse’s eyes twinkled and he nodded his head.

Many of the experts here were knowledgeable and agreed with this theory.

“True… after all, the Eye of Heaven isn’t a physical form. But there are some problems. How did Zhao Feng know we were here?”

Palace Lord You Long’s eyes coldly scanned over the members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

The hair of many members straightened as they were stared at by Palace Lord You Long.

“You’re saying that… we have a spy?”

Sub-division Leader Batie asked coldly as he licked his lips gruesomely.

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion instantly looked toward each other with wariness.

Palace Lord You Long’s suspicions made the atmosphere heavy. Many people tensed up and didn’t dare to relax.

This lasted for half a night, but the Eye of Heaven didn’t reappear.

Sub-division Leader Batie started to question the members separately.


A scream sounded as light started to appear in the sky.

“This is the third ‘spy’ Sub-division Leader has killed.”

The Protectors looked at each other.

“Being suspicious like this isn’t the best plan.”

Palace Lord You Long shook his head.

He didn’t know the source of all this was him. If it weren’t for the God’s Eye Mark on him, this place couldn’t have been located by Zhao Feng so precisely.

On the second day, as the sun was rising.

Those from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion went on their way, all of them tired.

“The best defense is a good offense. I don’t believe that that brat won’t come out if we go to the Broken Moon Clan.”

Sub-division Leader Batie finally stopped the questioning and decided to attack.

The Protectors didn’t argue. Currently, the enemy was in darkness while they were in the light. This was the best tactic.

Sou Sou Sou!

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion travelled through the air on their flying steeds.

For the next half-day, the Eye of Heaven didn’t appear.

“Zhe zhe, that brat’s eye bloodline obviously carries a heavy price and can’t be used continuously.”

A few members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion smiled.

The tense atmosphere started to relax.

On the morning of the second day, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion members all felt an invisible mental energy pressure.

Looking up at the sky, an Eye of Heaven appeared and was surveying them coldly.

“It’s appeared again!”

The hearts of those from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion shook. Most of them were unable to breathe.

“Everyone, watch out!”

The entire Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion acted as if they were facing a powerful foe.

“Junior, if you don’t come here, I will kill everyone in your clan.”

Sub-division Leader Batie revealed a cruel smile and threatened.


He waved the rusty axe in his hand and slashed upward.

Although Sub-division Leader Batie’s attack was very powerful and could slay normal True Lord Ranks, it passed through the Eye of Heaven without doing any damage.

This time, the Eye of Heaven only lasted two or three breaths and didn’t do anything obvious toward the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.


The Eye of Heaven had a tinge of playfulness in it before it disappeared.


The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion let out a breath, but in the next instant, the flying steeds under their feet all screeched and started to charge toward the ground as if they were crazy.

“What’s going on?”

“Everyone, watch out!”

The entire Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion group was caught off guard and they were injured because of the flying steeds.

Sou Sou Boom Boom~~~

These powerful flying beasts rushed down from the sky and shattered their own bones.

Even Sub-division Leader Batie’s Flaming Giant Lion was included.

“My lion!”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s eyes bulged as he went crazy and howled at the sky. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within a ten-mile radius started to tremble and the powerful aura made the other True Lord Ranks uneasy.

The Flaming Giant Lion was a precious beast that was comparable to a True Lord Rank. However, it just threw him off and charged straight toward the ground, becoming a pile of blood and flesh.

How much pressure would there be if one charged straight down from the sky at such a height?

Putting those at the True Lord Rank aside, even those at the Origin Core Realm would break into pieces if they had no defense.

Although the Eye of Heaven didn’t harm any members this time, it killed most of their flying steeds.

The True Spirit Realm was just the learning stage of flying. One needed a flying steed to travel long distances.

This was especially the case for those at the True Human Rank. After a couple hundred miles, their Qi of True Spirit would be fully expended.

Only those at the True Lord Rank had a thick and dense enough Source of True Spirit to fly several thousand miles at once.

A while later, the members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion regained their calm, but they all had sullen expressions.

After all, many of their flying steeds had been with them for years and were a companion.

“Reporting to Sub-division Leader, our main flying steeds have all died. If we want to change flying steeds it’ll take us another half a month to reach the Broken Moon Clan.”

A member said with a depressed expression.

The Protectors and the other experts all had solemn expectations and felt troubled.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t injure anyone, he had slowed their progress by more than half.

This meant that they would need at least twice as much time to reach the Broken Moon Clan.

“This Zhao Feng also specializes in beast taming?”

Protector Youmo’s eyes were full of shock.

If that wasn’t the case, nothing could explain how Zhao Feng could force the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion members’ steeds to commit suicide.

After a certain amount of travelling, the members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion kept distance between themselves as they surveyed the sky.

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed.

In this amount of time, the Eye of Heaven had only appeared once more, but it had disappeared after half a breath.

Even then, this made their hearts tremble.

“I’ll fly over there and destroy the Broken Moon Clan and rip Zhao Feng’s skin off and make him feel unimaginable pain….”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s face was filled with cruelness.

On the night of the third day.


The Eye of Heaven appeared out of nowhere, but its aura was extremely stealthy.

“It’s appeared!”

There were always members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion on watch.


A piercing screech sounded in the air. It was as if a sword was cutting the wind.

“Watch out!”

Palace Lord You Long suddenly felt a familiar feeling and instinctively opened his Qi of True Spirit.

However, when the sound of the wind entered their eyes, it was too late.


A large half-transparent blade of wind slashed forward.


The man in white, Protector Sanling, screamed.

Before he was able to summon his Qi of True Spirit, his body had been cut in half.


The others all drew in a cold breath.

“Protector Sanling is dead….”

Everyone felt their bones go cold. It was as if they were walking over a canyon on a metal string that could snap at any time.


After making the first kill, the Eye of Heaven disappeared with a mocking glint.

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion let out a breath, but something happened immediately afterward.

Wind Lightning Fire God’s Eye!

The Eye of Heaven appeared once more, but this time it turned azure and its aura was different.


A half-transparent flame landed on Protector Youmo and exploded with a “bang!”


The woman screamed as her body was enveloped by wind and lightning. The attack passed through the physical world and into her soul.

Everyone’s scalp tingled. Protector Youmo only lasted a breath or two before turning into dust.

She didn’t have Palace Lord You Long’s strong bloodline, and Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning True Flame’s power had increased after reaching the True Lord Rank.


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