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King Of Gods - Chapter 473


Chapter 473: Chapter 473 - Scarlet Moon division Leader

Chapter 473 - Scarlet Moon division Leader

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes as he watched Elder Bai leave with Cang Yuyue.

“This Elder Bai isn’t from the Cloud area. She must have her intentions in coming to the Broken Moon Clan.”

Hatred filled Lin Tong’s face. If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Feng had arrived, who knew what Elder Bai would’ve done to him.

Lin Tong was someone who held a grudge, and now he hated Elder Bai.

“She’s reached the peak True Lord Rank and is unfathomable. I hope she won’t disrupt the situation in the Cloud area.”

Old Su sighed.

Both he and True Lord Tiexiao felt pressured when they faced Elder Bai.

“She should be a reinforcement and a personal bodyguard for Cang Yuyue.”

Zhao Feng didn’t believe what Lin Tong said. According to his own analysis, Elder Bai should be on the same side as Zhao Feng and the Dragon Killing Alliance.

“However, no matter what, no outsiders are allowed to mess with this place.”

A coldness appeared in Zhao Feng’s eyes. This wasn’t just because he was confident, it was also because Zhao Feng didn’t want others to enter the Cloud area.

After all this was over, Zhao Feng returned to seclusion. He gained some insights from the battle with Cang Yuyue and needed to consolidate his foundation.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng’s aura was concealed. The Source of True Spirit within his dantian had thickened and the liquid state of True Spirit glistened.

His Qi of True Spirit was as quick as lightning and as agile as the wind as it hummed throughout his body. A tiny bit of this aura was enough to easily kill those at the True Human Rank.

A True Lord Rank’s Qi of True Spirit was enormous and just a bit of it could kill those at the Ascended Realm.

It was the same as how the True Force from someone at the Ascended Realm could easily kill those at the Consolidated Realm.

“There’s seven great realms in the world of cultivation and unknowingly, I’ve reached the peak of the third.”

Zhao Feng sighed as he looked back at the past.

There were seven great realms from the ancient times till now: Consolidated Realm, Ascended Realm, True Spirit Realm, Origin Core Realm, Void God Realm, Mystic Light Realm, and Heavenly divine Realm.

Zhao Feng was currently at the third Sky of the True Spirit Realm – the “True Lord Rank” – and he was at the peak of the Cloud area. He was an expert even within the scope of the entire continent.

A while later, Zhao Feng merged his consciousness into the Ice Imperial Spear, the Earth-Grade Inheritance weapon.

Zhao Feng didn’t dare take out the Ice Imperial Spear after returning to the Azure Flower Continent. He knew how much of a shock an Earth-Grade weapon would bring to the continent, even if it was a broken one.

There were legends about Earth-Grade weapons.

In the ancient records, there was once an enormous country – the Daguang Dynasty.

Dynasties were something that the current Azure Flower Continent would never dream of.

Currently, the continent had small countries, strong countries, and great countries. The word “dynasty” was forbidden.

However, the ruler of the Daguang Dynasty did not believe this and created a dynasty anyway.

Not long after, a divine weapon appeared and the Daguang Dynasty was destroyed in one night.

Ever since then, dynasties became a legend and were forbidden.

“The Imperial Spear in my hand is a broken Earth-Grade weapon and most of its powers are sleeping….”

Zhao Feng inspected.

After the Ice Imperial Spear merged into his body, it had disappeared. However, Zhao Feng could feel the information contained within.

The Ice Imperial Spear’s element was extremely compatible with Zhao Feng and could be comprehended any time.

As time passed, he started to understand how to use his bloodline of ice and water.

Several days later.

“Looks like the imperial Spear is in a sleep-like state in my body. If I fully circulate my bloodline, I might be able to barely use its power.”

Zhao Feng felt compelled to try it, but he forcefully pushed this thought away. He didn’t dare to allow the Earth-Grade weapon’s aura to be released.

It was similar to a mortal suddenly getting a terrifying killing machine. The excitement, expectation, and uneasiness they had.

Sky Cloud Forest.

There was a large lake within the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest.

On this day, a deep roar came from within the depths of the lake.

With a “huala,” a large black python, around twenty yards long, leapt out from the lake. Its powerful and bloody aura made beasts within ten miles tremble in fear.

Ceng Ceng!

A male and female also floated out from the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest like ghosts.

The female was dressed in black and had a very normal face. Her expression was as calm as water.

“Protector Youmo, your Black Water Python just ate several True Spirit Realm beasts not long ago, and it even ate a True Mystic Rank human. Its aura is much stronger after awakening this time….”

The man in white smiled faintly.


The Black Water Python was like a small mountain as it stood still. It suddenly opened two eyes that were bigger than lanterns, and they were enough to scare people to death.

“En, I’ve given it the Triple Yin Soil and Scarlet Demonic Water. Its battle power is now comparable to the True Lord Rank.”

A smile appeared on the woman’s face.

“This is a being comparable to the True Lord Rank. Looks like Protector Youmo will soon be treated with great importance by the upper echelons of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”

The man in white said with envy.

“Protector Sanling is too humble. I heard that two True Lord Ranks died one after another to your Sanling Grass Sword Technique half a year ago in a strong country in the North.”

The female obviously didn’t dare to underestimate the man in front of her.

Ceng Ceng!

The two stepped onto the Black Water Python and headed away.

Soon, an old temple appeared ahead.

“Protector Youmo, Protector Sanling, we’ve been waiting for you two.”

An ugly corpse appeared from inside the temple. It had bloody stripes all over.

“Protector Blood Corpse.”

Sou Sou Sou!

The three Protectors flashed into the mysterious temple.

Inside a broken building.

“Greetings, three Protectors.”

Several figures rose from the corner and bowed.

“Three Protectors have already appeared. Apparently, the leader this time is Sub-division Leader Batie.”

“The situation in the Cloud area is so bad? I heard that Deputy Sub-division Leader You Long and the cunning Protector Blood Corpse both lost.”

There were dozens of auras within the temple.

The weakest of these auras was at the True Mystic Rank and many of them were responsible for keeping guard.

“Do you even need to ask? Deputy Sub-division Leader You Long’s lost a leg and Protector Blood Corpse’s lost an arm. Apparently, all this was done by a junior….”

Most of them interacted with spiritual sense or secret techniques.

Palace Lord You Long and Palace Lord Blood Corpse were both in the group.

The leading seat was empty, and Palace You Long sat on the second seat with a dark expression.

“Sub-division Leader is here!”

A trembling voice sounded across the temple and a strict aura filled the chaotic building.


A deep aura appeared within the temple and summoned gusts of wind.

The temple seemed to tremble with the descension of such a person.

“Greetings, Sub-division leader.”

Dozens of figures within the temple, including Palace Lord You Long, Protector Blood Corpse, and the man and female that had entered not long ago, stood up.

A large figure appeared on the first seat. The size of his body was comparable to a cow, and this figure had a fat face with small eyes. Its palms were the size of a fan and its muscles were like goosebumps all over its body.

This person was like the descension of a mountain. Several figures below started to sweat and felt unable to breathe.

“Sub-division Leader Batie, I didn’t think you would really come support the Cloud area.”

A cold voice came from Palace Lord You Long.

“Hmph, You Long, you were someone who had the potential to rise in the religion, yet half of the Sub-division was defeated by a brat?”

Sub-division Leader Batie snorted in dissatisfaction.

Hearing this, Palace Lord You Long’s face became ugly, but he didn’t erupt.

In terms of strength and status, Palace Lord You Long had fallen due to his injured leg and he wasn’t much stronger than some Protectors.

For the next part of the discussion, Palace Lord You Long remained quiet.

“I heard that Sub-division Leader Batie is extremely smart and a very good fighter and slew nine True Spirit Realms at once, including a True Lord Rank. We shall listen to your commands from today onward….”

On the other hand, Protector Blood Corpse participated a lot in the discussions.

“That’s right! We can take care of the Cloud area by ourselves.”

The others all agreed.

“Bunch of idiots!”

Sub-division Leader Batie’s voice made the temple tremble.

“Hmph! If that brat Zhao Feng was that easy to deal with, do you think You Long would be defeated? Do you think the title of an overwhelming prodigy is just for show?”

Sub-division Leader Batie harrumphed and made the others sweat.

Obviously, he was also not someone that would be easily sucked up to.

“You Long, what suggestions do you have?”

Sub-DIvision Leader Batie’s eyes landed on the silent Palace Lord You Long.

You Long spoke, “This subordinate recommends to first guard the two strong countries and thirteen small countries and watch the change. We should take our time.”

“Coward! The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion never had trash like you when we ruled the continent.”

Sub-division Leader Batie cursed and spat at Palace Lord You Long.


Palace Lord You Long was about to storm out but went cold when he raised his head.

An eye seemed to be in the sky, coldly tracking all of his movements.

This feeling caused extreme unease.


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