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King Of Gods - Chapter 471


Chapter 471: Chapter 471 - Facing the Sword Intent

Chapter 471 - Facing the Sword Intent

Seven Sword Inheritance – Heavenly Despair Killing Sword!!


A beautiful beam of cold light slashed out from the tattered sword. It seemed to shatter the void and alter the passing of time.


The blood-colored demonic moon that Lin Tong created shattered and the terrifying scenes from the demonic hell disappeared.

In that instant, a cold killing intent full of slaughter passed through his body.


Lin Tong’s body shook as he spat out a mouthful of blood and turned white.

“Seven Sword Inheritance…. You….”

Blood appeared in Lin Tong’s eyes. Cang Yuyue’s attack had not only broken his technique, it also attacked his eye bloodline.

The clash of these two only lasted a few seconds and Lin Tong had already used his most powerful skill. Not only did he lose, his eyes had even been injured by Cang Yuyue.

“I lost.”

Lin Tong was depressed. He lost to Cang Yuyue back then as well, and although they both had made major improvements, the distance between them was now even greater.

In terms of bloodline talent and foundation, Lin Tong had the advantage, but Cang Yuyue had entered the Seven Sword Inheritance and received the core inheritance. Her attacks had reached an unbelievable level and they could even break through a difference in cultivation.

“My opponent isn’t you.”

Cang Yuyue’s voice was faint. Although she hadn’t reached the True Lord Rank yet, her offense was unparalleled among those below the True Lord Rank. She could even threaten those at the True Lord Rank.


With a cold flash, a woman dressed in white appeared.

Who is this!?

Lin Tong’s face froze. The woman in white’s speed had exceeded his eye.

“Elder Bai, I’m here to challenge Zhao Feng. I hope you won’t interfere.”

Cang Yuyue said.

The woman in white smiled. How would she not know what Cang Yuyue was feeling?

But her eyes turned to Lin Tong and her face went cold.

“Junior, what’s your relationship with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion? Your skill and eye bloodline are definitely connected with the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.”

Elder Bai’s voice contained cold killing intent and Lin Tong hiccupped coldly. The mental energy pressure from Elder Bai was much stronger than the four Palace Lords of the Iron Dragon Religion.

Her eyes were like piercing swords that shot into his heart. He knew that if an expert at this level wanted to kill him, it would only take a thought.

Facing Elder Bai’s questioning, Lin Tong’s heart fell.

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had indeed placed great importance on him and gave him a chance to enter the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.

However, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was the enemy of the entire continent and had offended countless forces.

Sou! Sou!

Right at this moment, True Lord Tiexiao and Old Su came out.

“Who dares to challenge the Broken Moon Clan?”

True Lord Tiexiao’s emotionless voice descended from the sky.

According to the blood contract, he needed to protect the Clan.

“Two early-stage True Lord Ranks?”

Surprise flashed by Elder Bai’s eyes. True Lord Ranks were peak existences even in great countries, and this faraway Clan had two?

Of course, Elder Bai’s eyes only glanced toward True Lord Tiexiao and Old Su. She didn’t truly put them in her eyes.

She harrumphed coldly with disdain and coldness.

True Lord Tiexiao and Old Su’s body froze as their expressions turned to shock.

Elder Bai’s glance seemed to pierce through their hearts and, in just one look, the two didn’t dare to look back.

“Peak True Lord Rank…!”

Old Su and True Lord Tiexiao exclaimed.

The two instantly took a deep breath and acted like they were facing a great enemy.

Luckily, Elder Bai didn’t seem to take the two True Lord Ranks to heart and turned back to Lin Tong.

Lin Tong’s face went white and he seemed as if he had fallen into an abyss.

Instinct told him that the woman in front of him was probably stronger than anyone in the Cloud area.

“Senior’s eyes are indeed bright. This one was indeed once a member of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion but has left now….”

Lin Tong could only say.

The second he finished saying this, the woman in white’s eyes seemed to turn into swords.

Lin Tong felt a wisp of killing intent lock onto him. His back was filled with cold sweat and didn’t dare to move at all.

Old Su and True Lord Tiexiao’s expressions both changed. If this Elder Bai really wanted to kill Lin Tong, they might not be able to stop her.

“Hehe, it’s the Broken Moon Clan’s honor to have an expert from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan.”

A warm laugh sounded with the descension of wind and lightning.

A soft breeze of wind and a light numbing sensation appeared.


A blue-haired youth appeared in the sky and the winds seemed to freeze.

“It’s you? You’re indeed worthy of being one of the two overwhelming prodigies. In just a couple months, you’ve already reached the True Lord Rank.”

A sharp light appeared in Elder Bai’s eyes as she immediately recognized the youth’s identity.

The pressure on Lin Tong immediately disappeared and he almost fell down as soon as Zhao Feng arrived.

The other True Lord Ranks both let out a breath.

Most people present, including Lin Tong, were puzzled. This person knew Zhao Feng?

After all, not many people in the Cloud area knew Zhao Feng’s achievements in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Ten Thousand Sword Clan? The number one sword clan in the Northern Continent?”

Old Su and True Lord Tiexiao both took in a cold breath.

Even the Cloud area knew of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan’s name.

In the Northern Continent, the Heavenly Yuan Clan was the strongest and was one of the ten strongest forces.

The Ten Thousand Sword Clan was a force directly below the Heavenly Yuan Clan and was enough to destroy two strong countries.

“No wonder she didn’t put us in her eyes.”

True Lord Tiexiao understood. The opponent’s Clan and strength surpassed him and Old Su by far.

“Thank you for senior’s praise. I was just lucky and put in some effort. The status of overwhelming prodigy isn’t mine.”

Zhao Feng replied humbly.

In reality, this Elder Bai in front of him gave him some pressure and even a sense of danger.

Her cultivation had reached the peak True Lord Rank and she was a cultivator of the sword.

Amongst those of the same cultivation, those that trained in the Dao of the Sword had the strongest offense.

Elder Bai’s battle power was at least on par with the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

“This kid’s potential is terrifying. What secret is contained within the inheritance he went to?”

Elder Bai’s eyes twinkled as she looked at Zhao Feng.

Back at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei both entered the “mysterious inheritance.”

From the aura of the mysterious inheritance, it would likely have surpassed the four great inheritances, as it had at least pushed part of the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance away.

Not only was Elder Bai interested in this unknown inheritance, even Sovereigns from the Sacred Alliance would be interested.

“Elder Bai, I hope you won’t interfere in my spar with Zhao Feng.”

Cang Yuyue’s figure flashed in front of Zhao Feng.


Elder Bai shook her head and went to spectate.

She knew clearly how bent Cang Yuyue was on this. Even though Zhao Feng was far stronger than expected, Cang Yuyue would still challenge him.

This was a cultivator of the sword, someone who had a powerful belief.

“Cang Yuyue, you’ve improved a lot. If it was me before I broke through to the True Lord Rank, we would have a big fight, but now…”

Zhao Feng said regretfully.

Not long ago, he had reached the early-stage True Lord Rank, and the difference in cultivation between the two was big.

Cang Yuye and Elder Bai both had solemn expressions.

Before Cang Yuyue had come to challenge Zhao Feng, she had heard that Zhao Feng’s cultivation was still at the True Mystic Rank.

However, when she had arrived at the Broken Moon Clan, Zhao Feng had already jumped to the early-stage True Lord Rank.

“Zhao Feng, don’t speak your words too early. I’ve also killed geniuses at the True Lord Rank in the Seven Sword Inheritance.”

Cang Yuyue’s eyes were filled with sword intent and this aura brought a crashing wave onto the hearts of the people present.

Old Su and True Lord Tiexiao both felt their hearts shake. If they even looked into Cang Yuyue’s eyes, their eyes would hurt.

In that instant, Cang Yuyue seemed to become a sword, and the tattered sword in her hand hummed with the power of time.


Before the attack even arrived, Cang Yuyue’s sword intent already radiated a cold aura that was full of slaughter.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye caught a glimpse of sharpness in the mental energy dimension that could kill ghosts.

Such a powerful attack instantly shot toward Zhao Feng and this mental energy attack could almost not be avoided.

Ice Soul Shooting Line!

Zhao Feng’s left eye shot out a beam of ice-blue light that blocked Cang Yuyue’s sword intent.

“Blocked the sword intent?”

Cang Yuyue and Elder Bai’s expressions changed dramatically.

“How did he do this? Sword intent attacks are faster than normal mental energy attacks and Cang Yuyue was the person to attack first.”

Elder Bai’s heart shook in disbelief.

Cultivators of the sword could form sword intent that could counter mental energy illusions and eye techniques to a certain level.

Cang Yuyue retreated. Her sword intent attack had not only been stopped by Zhao Feng, a coldness had even counterattacked.

Cang Yuyue’s body and mind instantly slowed down, but luckily her sword intent had grown after she had entered the Seven Sword Inheritance and she quickly destroyed the coldness.

“To face sword intent with his eye bloodline. Only a monster like him could do this.”

Lin Tong suppressed the waves in his heart. He could tell that Zhao Feng wasn’t even serious. It was unimaginable what kind of skills Zhao Feng had.


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