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King Of Gods - Chapter 470


Chapter 470: Chapter 470 - True Lord Rank (3)

Chapter 470 - True Lord Rank (3)

Above the hall, the ball of wind and lightning started to condense into a whirlpool, and ripples of lightning could be seen.


The whirlpool of wind and lightning started to spin faster and faster as a soul-shaking howl was unleashed. The Yuan Qi in the air started to interact with the lightning and wind.

The source of this came from Zhao Feng.

Half a mile away, the two True Lord Ranks looked at each other with shock in their eyes.

At this moment in time, a powerful aura of the True Lord Rank spread across several miles.

Luckily, the place Zhao Feng chose was secluded, but even then, the entire Broken Moon Clan felt uneasy.


Dark clouds covered the sky above the Sky Moon Mountain and the chaotic wind and lightning swept across several miles.

Such a display of nature caused the entire Broken Moon Clan to feel uneasy.

Within the hall, the blue hair of a youth waved in the wind as light occasionally flashed across his face and a beam of wind and lightning connected to the whirlpool above.

“One with nature… concentration… Xin Wuheng, I didn’t think your intents would be so compatible with nature and help me so much with breaking through to the True Lord Rank.”

The youth’s eyes were filled with joy.

At this instant, Zhao Feng had reached the final step.

In reality, he had no bottleneck when reaching the True Lord Rank, but the preparation time was longer than he expected.

On one hand, Zhao Feng needed to improve his Source of True Spirit. On the other hand, Zhao Feng’s powerful soul had an incredible effect in this process.

Xin Wuheng’s “one with nature” and the Wood Spirit Soul Essence gave Zhao Feng something that was unexpected.

In his mind, different types of comprehension and intent clashed together like sparks that caused flames.

Huala! Boom~~

The expressions of the two True Lord Ranks were solemn as they gazed at the powerful wind and lightning.

This disaster was enough to destroy a village, and the Elders of the Broken Moon Clan even opened the protective array in case this disaster became uncontrollable.


A shout came from within the hall.


A beam of wind and lightning with the thickness of a fist instantly shattered the dim sky.


Rain fell and revealed the bright sun.

The disciples of the Broken Moon Clan felt as if they had entered another world. Just a moment ago, a powerful chaotic aura seemed capable of destroying the Broken Moon Clan any instant.


Thunder boomed across the sky and a rainbow appeared.

At the same instance, a new True Lord Rank aura enveloped several miles.

“He’s broken through?”

“Such a pure aura…. This isn’t something a beginning-stage True Lord Rank can be compared to.”

The two True Lord Ranks were stunned. Zhao Feng had stepped past the beginning stage of the True Lord Rank and directly into the early-stage True Lord Rank, saving years of time.

Just this point alone made the two True Lord Ranks feel battered.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s mental energy was also strengthened slightly. In terms of pure mental energy, he exceeded the late-stage True Lord Rank.

An arc of lightning flashed through the air and appeared in front of the two True Lord Ranks.

Immediately following that, a numbing sensation caused Old Su’s and True Lord Tiexiao’s hearts to shake.

The two took a deep breath and looked toward the blue-haired youth with complex emotions.

After reaching the True Lord Rank, Zhao Feng seemed to become one with the wind and lightning nearby, unable to be seen.

“Congratulations on Brother Zhao reaching the True Lord Rank.”

“Reaching the early-stage True Lord Rank from the True Mystic Rank in one step. You’re probably the strongest person in the Cloud area.”

Old Su and True Lord Tiexiao were joyful, but they sighed at the same time.

The sound of flying soon appeared and the upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan, including Clan Master Yang Gan and company, came to give their congratulations.

The entire Clan was filled with a joyous attitude.

The birth of a True Lord Rank was enough to change the Cloud area’s situation.

The number of True Lord Ranks here was small enough to be counted with one hand and they were all supreme rulers.

For a small force such as the Broken Moon Clan, the birth of a True Lord Rank was a miracle.

Even in the Canopy Great Country, a True Lord Rank could have a great impact.

Half the time it took to make tea later, Central Hall division.

Zhao Feng, Old Su, Tiexiao, First Elder, Yang Gan, and a few of the upper echelons had gathered together.

After exiting seclusion, Zhao Feng mostly understood the situation of the Thirteen Countries.

Everything was going more smoothly than expected.

With the Broken Moon Clan as the center, other forces started to escape the Iron Dragon Alliance’s control. In addition, Cang Yuyue from the Cloud Sword Clan had returned and slain a bunch of people from the Iron Dragon Alliance.

Of course, the one that had done the most was still Zhao Feng. He had defeated three Palace Lords and destroyed the blood contract. Zhao Feng’s story was a legend.

His name and fame had started to spread across the entire Cloud area, and in some rumors, he was even crowned the strongest in the Cloud area.

“Old Su, what do you have to discuss since you came in such a rush?”

Zhao Feng’s gaze turned toward Old Su.

He had felt Old Su’s aura while he was in seclusion.

“The Iron Dragon Alliance’s power is spread across every corner of the Cloud area. It’s not a secret that they are supported by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. For example, Palace Lord You Long, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, and some Core Elders are all from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. Several days ago, the Dragon Killing Alliance received some bad news….”

Old Su’s voice started to become more solemn.

Bad news?

The hearts of everyone jumped.

“In the area next to the two strong countries and the Thirteen Countries, there have been appearances of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and the elites of the Iron Dragon Alliance….”

Old Su said.

Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion?

Was this great power starting to revive?

Waves appeared in First Elder, Yang Gan, and company’s hearts. It was Zhao Feng who was calm and not as fearful toward the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion as before.

“Old Su, I’ll need you to pay close attention to the actions of the Iron Dragon Alliance. I think that the Iron Dragon Alliance won’t go down so easily, and they’ll soon counterattack.”

Zhao Feng said confidently.

“How are you so sure?”

Old Su was slightly surprised. The Alliance had undergone a lot of surveillance to come to such a conclusion.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly, “Because Palace Lord You Long is still in the Thirteen Countries. I can pursue him whenever I want and finish off some others as well.”

The God Eye Mark Zhao Feng had left on Palace Lord You Long could still be sensed.

Through this mark, Zhao Feng could confirm that Palace Lord You Long hadn’t returned back to the Iron Dragon Country yet and was still in the Thirteen Countries.

With this trail, Zhao Feng could attack the upper echelons of the Iron Dragon Alliance once more.

After that, Old Su and Zhao Feng started to discuss how to clean up the spawn of the Iron Dragon Alliance and Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

In this period of time, True Lord Tiexiao revealed some secrets of the Iron Dragon Alliance and Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

An hour later, Zhao Feng walked out of the Central Hall.

He circulated his left eye and could feel that the direction Palace Lord You Long was in was close to where Old Su had said the spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had appeared.

“Now that I’ve reached the True Lord Rank, all I need to do is focus on the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet and the Imperial Spear, which can greatly increase my battle power. At that time, no one under the Origin Core Realm will be my match.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. The Wind Lightning Stone Tablet was his main source of improvement.

As for Palace Lord You Long, as long as he didn’t sense anything when the mark was set, it would be almost impossible to find it afterward.

This meant that it was only a matter of time before Zhao Feng went to pursue Palace Lord You Long.

While Zhao Feng was thinking, a screech came from near the Broken Moon Clan and the aura of sword intent seemed to pierce through space.

The hearts of the Broken Moon Clan disciples froze.

How powerful was Zhao Feng’s soul?

He comprehended the Dao of the Soul and was extremely sensitive toward sword intent that could reach the soul dimension.

In front of the Broken Moon Clan, a cold male was facing a plain-robed female.

“Scarlet Demon Moon Eye – Demonic Hell Asura!”

Lin Tong’s eyes turned black and formed a bloody demonic moon.


A blood-red demonic moon appeared above Cang Yuyue’s head in a half-undetectable manner and released a hellish aura that sent terrifying scenes toward her, creating chaos in her mind.

Cang Yuyue’s eyebrows furrowed and she felt uneasy for a short while, but the sword intent on her body became sharper and sharper.

Blood-red tentacles extended from the blood-red demonic moon and tried to drag her into hell.

“Seven Sword Inheritance – Heavenly Despair Killing Sword!”

Cang Yuyue slashed forward with a green-bronze blade that radiated cold killing intent.


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