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King Of Gods - Chapter 47


Chapter 47 - Showing his skills

Last year, the four great geniuses had been ranked, with Xin Wuheng easily coming first. Second was Qiu Mengyu, third Zhao Linlong and fourth Qiu Changyi.

First was at the Xin family, while second and fourth were both the Qiu family competitors. The Zhao family was easily last. But this year, it had all changed!

Not only did Zhao Linlong reach the sixth rank, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei had both reached the fifth rank at such young ages.

The families only compared how many of the younger generations had reached the fifth rank or higher.

The Zhao family had five: Zhao Linlong, Zhao Chi, Zhao Feng, Zhao Han, and Zhao Yufei.

The Xin family only had three, including Xin Tong who had just reached the fifth rank.

The Qiu family had four which included Qiu Mengyu and Qiu Changyi, two of the four great geniuses.

’’This year's summit will be intense....’’

Zhao family's dominance made the other two families feel pressured.

When everyone had arrived, the summit officially started. The summit was mainly for sparring and communicating. According to the rules, anyone could show off their skills or challenge someone.

After they finished sparring the two would exchange pointers.

On the clear open space in the middle of the summit.

’’I've trained a skill named Swiping Cloud Leg and it has reached the peak level.’’

A youth kicked out with both legs. Soon, he began to kick even faster. Finally, only an afterimage was left. It was like a chaotic storm of legs.

’’Not bad. To be able to train a middle ranked skill to the peak level.’’

The people praised.

This youth wasn't from the three major families. Instead, he was the top genius from a small family.

After showing off, his fiery hot eyes stared at Qiu Mengyu: ’’I wish to spar with the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City.’’

As soon as he finished, he caused a crowd outrage.

’’Just you? You want to spar with Qiu Mengyu? In your dreams!’’

’’You first have to beat me if you want to challenge Qiu Mengyu!’’ From the Qiu family, a youth of the fourth rank sprang out.

The two soon clashed together. The person from the Qiu family had cultivated a high ranked martial art. Obviously, the Qiu family disciple won after fifty to sixty moves.

’’Hmph! You still have face to come to the summit with your puny strength?’’ The Qiu family disciple mocked.

The talented youths from the three big families had better cultivation techniques and skills. Therefore, their strength was much stronger than the others on the level.

This youth was soon challenged by someone from the Xin family.

The summit had a rule. The sparring at the beginning was only for those at the fourth rank. The people of the fifth rank or higher couldn't join in.

Soon, Zhao Qin and Zhao Ling from the Zhao sect went up, both winning and losing some.

As time passed, the strength of those onstage became stronger and stronger.

’’I, Zhao Han, want to see how strong you are.’’ Zhao Han on the centre of the open ground.

His eyes scanned the cultivators of the fifth rank from the Xin and Qiu family. Although the Xin family only had three, their strength were all strong.

’’I'll do it!’’ Xin Tong slowly stood up and threw off the grass hat on his head.

He had sparred with Zhao Han the last time. But because his cultivation level was lower, he had lost.

’’Defeated trash!’’ Zhao Han coldly laughed and attacked first.

’’Steel Wall Arm!’’

Xin Tong's arm turned to bronze and the muscles on his arm tightened. Under the circulation of his Inner Strength, it headed straight towards Zhao Han.

Ice Cold Palm!

A weird ice cold Inner Strength radiated from Zhao Han and it appeared on his palm.

Pah -

The two energies clashed heavily together. Zhao Han was knocked back a few steps while Xin Tong felt his arm turn numb from coldness.

The two had their own advantages: Zhao Han's advantage was that his Inner Strength was at the peak fifth rank, while Xin Tong's was that his body strength and defense was stronger.

Because Xin Tong had reached the fifth rank, his Inner Strength had also reached this level, and combined with Steel Wall Arm, it had become even more powerful.

The two exchanged tens of blows without seeing an end result.

But as time passed, Zhao Han started to feel tired. Every time they clashed, his arm would turn numb.

And since Xin Tong's defense was extremely strong, he didn't get injured easily.

Finally, after one hundred or so moves, Zhao Han started to weaken while Xin Tong started to attack more fiercely.

’’The spar ends here.’’ Qiu Mengyu gently smiled and stopped the two.

Next, she analysed the two's strengths and weaknesses: ’’Zhao Han, although your Inner Strength is very strong, it's foundation isn't very solid. I recommend that you train a body strengthening technique. As for Xin Tong, although your defense is your forte and your offense is also powerful, you rely too much on pure power. Your martial arts skills aren't up to scratch...’’

Qiu Mengyu's analysis was perfect. Other than her, there were also others that joined in the discussion. They also decided that Xin Tong had won this match.

’’Hehe, who's going to come from the Zhao family? Zhao Linlong? Or Zhao Feng?’’ Xin Tong had his arms crossed and he chewed on a piece of grass as he looked at the Zhao family.

There were too many talented people in the Zhao family from this generation, so the other families had teamed up to challenge the Zhao family's geniuses.

Finally, Xin Tong's eyes locked onto Zhao Feng as he didn't have any confidence in beating Zhao Linlong. Zhao Linlong's cultivation had reached the sixth rank and no one apart from the four great geniuses would have the courage to challenge him.

’’You've just had a battle, even if I won it wouldn't be fair.’’ Zhao Feng smiled faintly and stood up.

What he said was true, Xin Tong had just fought fiercely with Zhao Han and his energy was depleted.

But his words caused the Xin family disciples to feel disgust.

’’Kid! Don't be too arrogant!’’

’’Hmph! Stop using excuses!’’

The main reason was because Zhao Feng wasn't very famous in Sun Feather City and so not many people knew him and only thought of him as a slightly talented youth of the younger generation.

Zhao Feng was only famous win the Zhao family as he almost never left the family grounds.

Only Xin Fei of the Xin family had a solemn look on.

Qiu Mengyu gave a suggestion: ’’Why not let Xin Tong rest a while while Zhao Feng spars with others?’’

Her clear crystal eyes glanced interestingly at Zhao Feng and then she looked at Zhao Yufei not far away. Zhao Yufei was slightly embarrassed and stuck out her tongue.

Zhao Feng felt slightly weird, it was as if Qiu Mengyu knew him.

’’Does anyone want to spar with me?’’ He said smilingly.

’’Let me go!’’ A scar-faced youth jumped out from the Xin family's pagonda.

It was Xin Fei. After two months, Xin Fei's cultivation had reached the peak of the fourth rank.

’’You're not my opponent.’’ Zhao Feng looked at Xin Fei calmly.

’’I know.’’ Xin Fei took a deep breath as his eyes turned sharp.

Shua -

The blade in his hand sliced through the air, wave after wave.

’’Insane Wind Dance!’’

Xin Fei's blade skill was pushed to the extreme, and the area in a radius of one metre was devastated by his ’’Song of the Blade Dancing’’.

Facing such an attack, Zhao Feng couldn't help but feel stunned. Xin Fei's strength was able to challenge those of the fifth rank. In terms of offense, Xin Fei had even exceeded Xin Tong.

Lightly Micro Step!

Zhao Feng's figure suddenly became unstable and after-images of him would be left everywhere he went.

Shua! Shua! Shua...

Xin Fei's every attack would only hit the after-images that Zhao Feng left which would then turn into void. Zhao Feng easily dodged Xin Fei's attack and the latter wasn't even able to touch his clothes.

’’Zhao Feng's speed skill is similar to Zhao Linlong's Shadow Step.’’ Zhao Chi was secretly surprised.

Angry Dragon Fist!

Zhao Feng suddenly unleashed an attack and his fist was like a roaring dragon that smashed towards Xin Fei.

Peng! Dang!

The fist and long blade clashed many times, but Xin Fei was sent backwards with every attack. This was the result even when Zhao Feng had suppressed his cultivation to the peak fourth rank.


Ten moves later, Xin Fei's blade was knocked flying by Zhao Feng's finger. That one finger seemed extremely normal, but it contained immense energy. Xing Fei's blade flew tens of metres away and clanged on the ground.

’’You're the only one I admire apart from Xin Wuheng.’’ Xin Fei didn't seem depressed as he turned around to pick up his blade.

Only after motivation and pressure would his strength increase.

’’You'll one day become a top blade master.’’ Zhao Feng couldn't help but praise him, he saw the potential and grit within him which he didn't see in others.

Although his opponent was only at the fourth rank, people could see that this was not the limit of his strength. Especially his last move, one tap of his finger had sent Xin Fei's blade flying.

’’Zhao Feng, it seems like you've improved a lot!’’ Xin Tong slowly rose.

After resting for a while, he had mainly recovered since he hadn't been injured by Zhao Han in the match before.

’’This time, I'll take back what I lost to you last time.’’ Zhao Feng said.

’’Stop being humble, that time you hadn't even reached the fourth rank and I wasn't even able to reach your speed. However, I hope that you don't just dodge this time and fight like a man instead.’’

’’Then let us begin.’’ Zhao Feng took a deep breath and threw out a simple fist.

’’Good!’’ Xin Tong laughed wildly, he never feared anyone if they fought him straight on.


The two fists that seemed to be made out of steel clashed heavily together and caused a major explosion.


The forced crushed out towards the surrounding area. Many geniuses present felt their ear's tremble.

’’What terrifying strength!’’

Many spectators felt their heart jump, just that sound alone shocked them. The two figures stood like stone statues in the middle of the stage. The whole stage fell silent.

After a short moment, a figure trembled spat out a mouthful of blood.


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