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King Of Gods - Chapter 468


Chapter 468: Chapter 468 - True Lord Rank (1)

Chapter 468 - True Lord Rank (1)

Bei Moi’s decision between killing his Master and saving his own life was extremely decisive. There were no signs of hesitation.

Master Haiyun couldn’t even believe what happened. His eyeballs bulged out as he died.

“He killed his Master just like that? This Bei Moi… is so cold-blooded.”

“Hmph! This isn’t the first time he’s betrayed someone. He’s a very greedy person.”

The entire Broken Moon Clan discussed Bei Moi’s actions in low tones, mostly with disdain.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but ponder.

Everyone saw Bei Moi kill Haiyun and silently put his head into a bag.

“Brother Zhao, Bei Moi’s a natural traitor. If we let him go so easily, he’ll probably…”

Some familiar disciples and the elder generation were worried.

“Let him go.”

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything more.

First Elder smiled faintly and gave the orders to let Bei Moi leave.

Before Zhao Feng went to the Canopy Great Country, First Elder made a lot of preparations for Zhao Feng, including his parents, Lord Guanjun, and company.

This was the prerequisite for Zhao Feng to leave. Zhao Feng was really grateful for First Elder’s care.

At this time, Zhao Feng felt sour and guilty when he looked at First Elder’s missing arm.

“Master lost an arm. When I get back to the Canopy Great Country, I’ll craft a simplified version of the Wheel of Light and Darkness with Master Tiegan.”

Zhao Feng decided.

The blueprint of the Wheel of Light and Darkness came from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance, and it could change between the three forms of an arm, a shield, and a wheel. It was very suitable for First Elder, who had lost an arm.

Next, there were still other matters that needed to be solved in the Broken Moon Clan.

Clan Master Haiyun and the Regulations Elder were already dead, but there were still many people that were once friends with Clan Master Haiyun, as well as subordinates and spies of the Iron Dragon Alliance.

These tedious matters were given to First Elder, Granny Liuyue, Yang Gan, and company to take care of.

On the same day, the Broken Moon Clan underwent a small purge. Nearly a hundred people across the entire Broken Moon Clan, from Elders to disciples, were killed.

This was already First Elder being kind, as over half of the Clan belonged to Clan Master Haiyun’s side.

It had to be admitted that, over the past two years, the Broken Moon Clan had expanded under Clan Master Haiyun’s control and could be ranked within the top five of the Thirteen Clans.

“Feng’er, now that Haiyun is dead, the Broken Moon Clan needs a new Clan Master. Who do you think is a good candidate?”

First Elder asked.

Zhao Feng thought about it and had a candidate. It was Brother Yang Gan.

Yang Gan had good social ties and was once the Head Disciple. His talent and strength weren’t too bad.

Now that Yang Gan had returned from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, his cultivation had reached the half-step True Spirit Realm. It would only be a matter of time before he reached the True Spirit Realm.

“Yang Gan is indeed a good candidate, but his cultivation and experience are lacking.”

First Elder also agreed.

He was sure that Zhao Feng had no intentions of being the Clan Master. No place in the Cloud area could hold a big fish like him.

“I have a couple of resources and spiritual pills from the geniuses of the outside world. It’s enough to create a couple True Spirit Realms. Master can decide what to do with them.”

Zhao Feng took out some resources of the “outside world” and gave them to First Elder.

Although these resources were extremely rare in the Azure Flower Continent, they weren’t much for a two-star sect.

Any disciple from a two-star sect was at least at the True Mystic Rank or True Lord Rank. From this, one could see just how many resources they had.

Three days later, the entire Broken Moon Clan regained its calm and everyone resumed their normal schedules.

Zhao Feng entered seclusion and prepared to break through to the True Lord Rank.

“Breaking through to the True Lord Rank won’t increase my strength by leaps and bounds, but it can strengthen my foundation and attributes.”

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and started to slowly circulate the Qi of True Spirit within his body.

As of right now, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was around the late-stage True Lord Rank level, and the power of his soul was magnificent. Probably only someone at the Origin Core Realm could surpass him.

This was all due to the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

With such a powerful soul and mental energy level, it was hard for Zhao Feng not to rise in cultivation quickly.

Once one’s mental energy level rose, their cultivation speed would also increase and they could break through smoothly.

In a single hall in the Sky Moon Mountain, Zhao Feng sat on the ground with closed eyes. Lightning sparked across the surface of his Qi of True Spirit with a chaotic aura.

“Once I reach the True Lord Rank, my Source of True Spirit will expand. Before this, I need to comprehend and merge more intents from the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet, as the change in strength before and after my breakthrough will be greater.”

Zhao Feng didn’t immediately focus on breaking through.

Only half a day would be needed if he wanted to break through. He could even try right now.

However, Zhao Feng wanted to use this chance to expand his Source of True Spirit and merge in the elements of wind and lightning.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness soon merged into the tattered World of Wind and Lightning.

Weng~~ Hu!

Most of the dimension was dark, and the place was filled with destructive lightning and powerful winds.

Furthermore, the colors and attributes of these winds and lightning were different.

For example, the wind in front of Zhao Feng was either colorless, azure, purple, or even gold.

There was also a large number of lightning colors.

“Transparent, azure, purple, scarlet, gold, dark gold…”

Zhao Feng started to understand.

The aura of the transparent color was the weakest. It was suitable for those under the True Spirit Realm to comprehend.

The azure color level was Zhao Feng’s current level, and the next step was the purple-colored winds and lightning. The intent of the purple-colored winds and lightning had reached the Origin Core Realm, and those at the True Lord Rank could manage to try and comprehend it.

“En, I’ll first condense it into pure dark-azure, then I’ll try to turn it into purple.”

Zhao Feng had a rough plan of what he was going to do.

He estimated that, if he could manage to fully comprehend the purple-colored level of Wind and Lightning, he should be able to roam freely across the continent. After that, if he was able to comprehend the scarlet-color level, he should be unparalleled within the continent, and he would be considered an expert even in the outside world.

As for the highest level of gold and dark-gold, it was the level only reached by the Wind Lightning Emperor.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness merged into the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet and he focused on cultivating.

Over the past few days, the air above the hall had howled with wind and lightning.

The area was filled with dark clouds and storms that pushed back any True Human Rank within a one-mile radius.

“That Zhao Feng hasn’t even reached the True Lord Rank yet and his true mental energy level has already surpassed normal True Lords.”

True Lord Tiexiao, who now guarded the Clan, was filled with solemnness. He became more wary and respectful of Zhao Feng.

However, he was puzzled. With Zhao Feng’s mental energy level, why hadn’t he broken through to the True Lord Rank yet?

Indeed, Zhao Feng’s situation was somewhat unique.

In the Purple Saint Ruins, he had to face enemies from all sides. Then his left eye underwent a change after he returned to the Cloud area.

Now that his God’s Spiritual Eye had stabilized, he could focus on cultivating. However, the preparations he needed to make beforehand were very complex.

Zhao Feng first wanted to change the element of his Source of True Spirit. The main element in his Source of True Spirit was currently lightning, but after comprehending the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet, wind started to merge into his skills as well.

“What’s Zhao Feng waiting for? He should be able to break through to the True Lord Rank in a day or two.”

True Lord Tiexiao inspected the change in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi above the Sky Moon Mountain.

The Wind and Lightning Yuan Qi in the air was very uneasy.

On the twentieth day, a whirlpool of wind and lightning formed above the hall Zhao Feng was at, and it contained a powerful aura of the True Lord Rank.

“The power has already surpassed the early-stage True Lord Rank and he still hasn’t even broken through yet….”

True Lord Tiexiao clicked his tongue.

He found that the intent of Wind and Lightning in the air was becoming more unfathomable and immeasurable.

The inheritance that Zhao Feng chose had once belonged to an Emperor whose speed was unparalleled. It wasn’t something the Azure Flower Continent inheritances could be compared to.

At the same time, while Zhao Feng was in seclusion, the Broken Moon Clan, and even the Thirteen Clans, were changing.

The change in the Broken Moon Clan caused the entire Cloud Country to change.

On the fifth day of Zhao Feng’s seclusion, members of the Dragon Killing Alliance came.

The news of Zhao Feng returning to the Cloud Country had spread across the Thirteen Countries, and it even spread to the two strong countries.

Three Palace Lords of the Iron Dragon Alliance had been defeated by a junior. This news was like a hurricane that swept across the Cloud area.

The name of Zhao Feng shocked the Thirteen Clans once again and he was respected by both the young and old generations.

Because of Zhao Feng’s existence, the Cloud Country and the Thirteen Countries became the stronghold of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

The forces of the Dragon Killing Alliance quickly gathered in the Thirteen Countries and their forces even increased.

Back then, the Iron Dragon Alliance decided the lives of everyone. No one dared to fight back.

However, it was different now.

The news and rumors of Zhao Feng defeating four Palace Lords alone caused many forces to join the Dragon Killing Alliance.

At this point in time, the Broken Moon Clan became the core of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

Although Zhao Feng was in seclusion and didn’t know what was happening in the outside world, he had become the spiritual leader of the resistance against the Iron Dragon Alliance.

In this period of time, many experts from thousands of miles away came to visit Zhao Feng, but they were declined by the Broken Moon Clan.

On this day, another shocking piece of news came from the Thirteen Countries. The number one clan of the Thirteen Clans, the Cloud Sword Clan, had changed rulers.

After Zhao Feng, another stunning genius – a genius in the Dao of the Sword – had returned to the Cloud area.


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