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King Of Gods - Chapter 467


Chapter 467: Chapter 467 - Executing Haiyun

Chapter 467 - Executing Haiyun

Under Zhao Feng’s gaze, the entire Broken Moon Clan was obedient.

Clan Master Haiyun, the Regulations Elder, and the spawn of the Iron Dragon Alliance were all filled with fear, helplessness, and despair.

Just half the time it took to make tea earlier, who would have thought that this youth would be able to control the current situation by himself.

Three Palace Lords of the Iron Dragon Alliance – legendary figures that stood at the top of the Cloud area – had been killed, captured, or injured by this youth.

Ten Core Elders came but didn’t return.

In such a short amount of time, this youth made everyone respect him like a God.

All of this seemed like a work of fiction, but the people here had all witnessed it.

Halfway up the hill, the group led by Yang Gan had just entered the gates, but before they could even report the completion of the first of the forty-nine missions, the situation within the Broken Moon Clan changed.

Actually, not only had the Broken Moon Clan changed, probably the entire Thirteen Countries, or even the entire Cloud area, would have drastic changes.

Yang Gan, Lin Fan, Ran Xiaoyuan, Yang Qingshan, and company felt like this was all just a dream.

In the time it took for a short nap, the era of Clan Master Haiyun had come to an end.

“Brother Zhao is way too strong. Unbelievable! He beat the three Palace Lords!”

“Haha! Finally! We can finally leave this prison. I can’t believe that bastard Haiyun would have such a day.”

“...we almost blamed brother Zhao unjustly.”

While joy filled the hearts of these disciples, there was also guilt.

Cheers started to build up across the Broken Moon Clan, mainly from the lower-class disciples.

A few of the upper echelons, such as Old Zhang and Old Guang, felt proud of old times.

“First Elder, you can die without regrets with such a good disciple.”

Elder Liuyue smiled and said with slight envy.

On the hill, First Elder looked at his nearby disciple before taking a deep breath and patting Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

“Feng’er, I imagined that you would come back to the Broken Moon Clan one day, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

First Elder couldn’t help but sigh.

The two had a lot to talk about and it would take some time.

First Elder was very curious about Zhao Feng’s journey to the Canopy Great Country, but he didn’t ask right away.

He obviously knew that there were still a lot of problems awaiting Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng and First Elder soon descended into the Central Hall, and First Elder’s smile became bigger as he looked at Clan Master Haiyun.

Clan Master Haiyun’s face was red and full of hatred. His eyes were still twinkling, giving the impression that he still had a plan.

Zhao Feng didn’t really care about Master Haiyun.

As of right now, the two seemed to have swapped statuses.

In Zhao Feng’s eyes, Clan Master Haiyun was no different from an ant that could be killed with a flick of his fingers.

“True Lord Tiexiao.”

Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on True Lord Tiexiao, whom the little thieving cat had captured.

Even now, the name “True Lord Tiexiao” shook the hearts of the Broken Moon Clan upper echelons.

How magnificent and powerful did True Lord Tiexiao seem back then?

“Zhao Feng, I know what you want. You want my blood contract with the Twelve Clans from back then.”

True Lord Tiexiao’s expression was calm. After all, he was a True Lord Rank that stood among the peak of the Cloud area. He had soon calmed down and found the reason why he was still alive.

Why didn’t Zhao Feng kill him?

True Lord Tiexiao wasn’t doubtful that Zhao Feng had the ability to do so, giving him the same outcome as Palace Lord Bi Ji.

This meant that he had something valuable on him and, with some slight thinking, he came up with the answer.

The blood contract.

Back then, the Elders of the Twelve Clans had signed a blood contract under his threats.

Blood contracts were a power that belonged to the Heaven and Earth. They had a restrictive power that made the Elders of the Twelve Clans unable to betray the Iron Dragon Alliance.

This restrictive power was so strong that even First Elder and company wouldn’t be able to help Zhao Feng if he returned.

“True Lord Tiexiao, you’re very smart. Where’s the blood contract?”

Zhao Feng nodded his head with praise.

He didn’t like to beat around the bush. If True Lord Tiexiao cooperated well, he would consider leaving him with his life.

“The blood contract has been put in a secure and secret location. You have to promise not to kill or harm me, then I’ll give the blood contract to you later.”

True Lord Tiexiao said solemnly.

“Hehe, really? How do I know that you won’t trick me?”

Zhao Feng half-believed and half-doubted as he gave a glance toward the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat’s figure disappeared.

True Lord Tiexiao was puzzled. He didn’t say anything, but his expression changed dramatically as he looked inside his interspatial ring.


Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared again, but this time, he was holding an ancient scroll that had a line of blood on it.

“How is this possible…?”

True Lord Tiexiao finally started to panic and couldn’t believe what was happening.

The blood contract had been hidden in a concealed corner. How could the little thieving cat find it so easily?

Zhao Feng smiled and opened the blood contract before nodding his head.

This blood contract contained the deal between the Twelve Clans and the Iron Dragon Alliance.

It wasn’t weird for True Lord Tiexiao to carry the blood contract around with him. After all, he was one of the four major figures of the Iron Dragon Alliance, and the Thirteen Countries weren’t very important in the Cloud area.

“According to the records, blood contracts are made by the Heaven’s Legacy Race and these scrolls are now extremely rare – especially blank ones.”

Zhao Feng gently touched the blood contract.


An arc of lightning sparked across his fingers, turning the blood contract into ashes.

First Elder and the others of the Broken Moon Clan revealed a joyful expression.

If the blood contract was destroyed, then the power of Heaven and Earth wouldn’t restrict them anymore.

On the contrary, True Lord Tiexiao’s face was grey, and cold sweat formed across his forehead.

The only thing he was valuable for had turned to nothing.

“You have ten breaths before I kill you.”

Zhao Feng was getting ready to kill True Lord Tiexiao when he suddenly remembered to squeeze out his last remaining value.

Ten breaths?

True Lord Tiexiao’s heart went cold and his breathing rate quickened.

He had clearly seen the flash of killing intent pass in Zhao Feng’s eyes, and he was certain that Zhao Feng would kill him without hesitation.

His instincts were correct. The number of True Lord Ranks that died in the Purple Saint Ruins due to Zhao Feng wasn’t low.

“Ten… nine… eight… seven…”

The entire Broken Moon Clan gaped at Zhao Feng deciding the life or death of a True Lord Rank.

True Lord Tiexiao’s thoughts spun before he gritted his teeth, “Wait!”

“Remember, you only have one chance.”

Zhao Feng smiled.

True Lord Tiexiao took a deep breath before taking out a blank blood contract from his interspatial ring.

“Great, you succeeded.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up.

True Lord Tiexiao wasn’t surprised. No one could resist “controlling” another True Lord Rank, even if they had the ability to kill True Lord Ranks with ease.

A while later, Zhao Feng signed the blank blood contract with True Lord Tiexiao.

Both sides had to be willing for the blood contract to take effect.

The contents of the contract were as such:

True Lord Tiexiao was to be the protector of the Broken Moon Clan and couldn’t betray it, etcetera, while Zhao Feng had to promise not to purposely harm True Lord Tiexiao and even support the latter if needed.

After this blood contract was completed, Zhao Feng put it away.

True Lord Tiexiao’s heart was heavy. The chances of taking the blood contract back from Zhao Feng was very low. As time passed, the chances would become infinitely close to zero.

Zhao Feng was a prodigy that ruled across dozens of generations. His future couldn’t be estimated.

When True Lord Tiexiao signed the blood contract, Clan Master Haiyun and company’s hearts dropped.

“Zhao Feng… we can also sign a blood contract and be eternally loyal to you.”

The Regulations Elder chattered.


Zhao Feng swiped his hand and a blade of wind and lightning chopped the Regulations Elder in two.

“You’re not worthy enough.”

A calm voice sounded across the Central Hall.

Clan Master Haiyun and company trembled with fear, and a couple even pissed their pants.

Zhao Feng’s eyes turned toward a figure that was silent, “Brother Bei Moi.”

“You can decide what you want to do with me, whether it be killing me or torturing me.”

Bei Moi’s face was bitter

“Brother Bei Moi, you know that I won’t kill you now, even though you betrayed Master back then.”

Zhao Feng said.

Bei Moi’s face froze. He had guessed that he might get to live due to the fact that he and Zhao Feng both once served the same Master.

“Of course, there’s a requirement.”

Zhao Feng’s words twisted.

“What requirement?”

Bei Moi let out a breath.

“I want you to kill Haiyun and take his head to Lord Guanjun and ask for his forgiveness.”

Zhao Feng spoke slowly.

“Zhao Feng… don’t be ridiculous!”

Clan Master Haiyun roared in hatred.


He was about to go crazy, but he was quickly dazed by a cat paw.

Those from the Broken Moon Clan couldn’t help but be puzzled.

Why did Zhao Feng want Bei Moi to kill Haiyun instead of doing it himself?

However, those who knew more information guessed the reason.

Firstly, Bei Moi was Clan Master Haiyun’s most talented disciple, and it was a humiliation to die by the hand of his most hopeful disciple.

Secondly, this also regarded the enmity between Clan Master Haiyun and Lord Guanjun.

Haiyun once stole the woman that Lord Guanjun loved and humiliated him. Later on, he even took away Bei Moi.

Now, Zhao Feng’s requirement was for Bei Moi to kill Haiyun with his own hands and bring the head to Lord Guanjun.

This would solve everything. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

“Fine, I accept.”

Bei Moi took out a sword without hesitation and cut off Clan Master Haiyun’s head with a flash.

In terms of cultivation and strength, there wasn’t much of a difference between the two. However, Clan Master Haiyun had been stunned by the little thieving cat and was still dazed. Before he could react in time, his head had parted with his body.

Bei Moi was so quick and decisive that it seemed like he didn’t even think about it.


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