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King Of Gods - Chapter 466


Chapter 466: Chapter 466 - God Eye Mark

Chapter 466 - God Eye Mark

Palace Lord You Long’s entire body went cold. Before this sensation disappeared, he felt a piercing intent slash through his body.

He instinctively glanced toward the youth on the hill.

In that instant, the youth’s hair turned azure and an azure glint flashed within his eye.


A screeching sound appeared in the air, and when Palace Lord You Long heard this noise, pain surged from his leg.


A half-transparent azure blade had cut open the dark scales on the surface of Palace Lord You Long’s body.

“What…? He broke through both my Dark Demon Dragon Scale Body and my Dark Striped Demonic Cloak?”

Palace Lord You Long’s expression changed dramatically.

The two dark-silver ghost corpses had been attacking him for a long time without being able to break through his defense. From this, one could see how strong his defense was.

In terms of defense, Palace Lord You Long was definitely one of strongest among those under the Origin Core Realm and was almost unbeatable.

However, this sharp “azure blade” was created with bloodline power and shot from the eye. It was extremely quick and surpassed normal physical attacks.

Such an attack wasn’t fully physical or fully soul-based, so it could ignore some defense. It was like how Zhao Feng’s mental energy illusion could ignore normal defenses. Although this “azure blade” leaned more toward a physical attack and couldn’t fully ignore defense, it could still do a lot of damage.

“Hmm? This eye technique is kind of similar to Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye.”

Bei Moi, who was in the Central Hall, paused. After all, he participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and had seen Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye.

However, the power from Zhao Feng’s sharp “azure blade” had exceeded Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye.

Yet his opponent this time was also very powerful.

Zhao Feng’s attack was purposely aimed toward Palace Lord You Long’s weakest point in order to deal double damage.

Furthermore, this move could ignore defense to a certain degree.

However, even with all of this, Palace Lord You Long’s defense was barely broken, leaving only a small gash on his leg.

Luckily, Zhao Feng hadn’t planned to use this method to kill or maim Palace Lord You Long.

“This is the chance!”

Zhao Feng’s expression grew serious as he controlled the two dark-silver ghost corpses with his God’s Spiritual Eye to target Palace Lord You Long’s leg.


One of the dark-silver ghost corpses forcefully received a punch and a kick from Palace Lord You Long head-on and a crack appeared on its body.

However, this ghost corpse didn’t feel any pain and still held onto Palace Lord You Long.

Shu Shu Shu!!!

The other dark-silver ghost corpse used this chance to continuously attack and claw toward Palace Lord You Long’s injured leg.

The injury on his leg hadn’t fully healed yet and was ripped open once more.

With Zhao Feng’s control, the two ghost corpses’ teamwork was perfect.

“Siii! Not good~~~!”

Palace Lord You Long roared in a raspy voice with uneasiness and fear.

The instant his skin was broken open by the dark-silver ghost corpse, an indescribably terrifying poison started to travel across his body and wipe out all life.

In just a breath, Palace Lord You Long’s face went purple and his bloodline power became void of energy.

He had a strong resistance toward poison with his unique bloodline, which was biased more toward the Yin element, and yet he was still poisoned.

If it were True Lord Tiexiao or Palace Lord Bi Ji, they would be dead already.

At this moment in time, Palace Lord You Long finally understood why Palace Lord Bi Ji died so quickly.

The poison contained within these two dark-silver ghost corpses was enough to critically threaten those at the True Lord Rank. Most True Lords wouldn’t have the ability to fight back at all.


In this dangerous situation, Palace Lord You Long started to burn his Qi of True Spirit to counter the poison, but his struggle wasn’t enough.

The dark-silver ghost corpses’ poison contained not only venom from the ancient scorpion, it also contained the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom. It was a nightmarish existence for life.


Palace Lord You Long gave a soul-shaking howl as he gritted his teeth and chopped his leg off.

When his leg was removed from his body, over seventy percent of the poison was gone.

After doing this, Palace Lord You Long managed to save his life, but his face was purple and his aura was weak.

Qiu~~~ Sou!

Palace Lord You Long didn’t dare to stay any longer. He used his remaining bloodline, as well as the burning of his Qi of True Spirit, to speed off through the sky.

Sky Moon Mountain.

The entire Broken Moon Clan witnessed Palace Lord You Long chopping off his own leg as well as his defeat. The entire scene made their hearts go cold.

“Even Boss You Long lost….”

True Lord Tiexiao, who had been captured, went pale-white and felt helpless.

Of the four Palace Lords, Palace Lord You Long’s cultivation was the highest and his bloodline was the strongest. He was the strongest person across the Cloud area.

It was hard to imagine that the number one figure of the Iron Dragon Alliance had been forced to cut off his own leg to save his life.

On the hill.

“He managed to escape….”

Zhao Feng looked with surprise toward the direction Palace Lord You Long fled.

It was surprising mainly due to the fact that Palace Lord You Long’s bloodline was more powerful than he imagined, and it was even somewhat similar to the Ancient Demonic Dragon’s.

Zhao Feng had the heart to chase after him, but he couldn’t do so.

After this battle, a wave of fatigue came over his left eye.

Palace Lord You Long’s cultivation had reached the late-stage True Lord Rank. If he only focused on escaping, Zhao Feng would be helpless to do anything.

When Zhao Feng circulated his Qi of True Spirit, he suddenly felt something.


Zhao Feng found that his Qi of True Spirit hummed with lightning and wind. It gave off a chaotic pressure and aura, as well as a bloating sensation.

His cultivation had reached the “breaking point” to the True Lord Rank.

This meant that he could break through to the True Lord Rank whenever he wanted, without much resistance.

Due to this “breaking point,” Zhao Feng had to give up the idea of chasing Palace Lord You Long.

However, Palace Lord You Long was a powerful opponent that Zhao Feng wouldn’t let escape so easily.


Zhao Feng took a light breath as he opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and turned it into the water state.

A mysterious ripple appeared in his left eye and finally condensed a dark blue dot that flashed forward with a wave of mental energy.


At the same time, Palace Lord You Long, who managed to flee a thousand miles, suddenly felt uneasy.

“What was that feeling just now?”

Palace Lord You Long felt for an instant that something had stuck onto him, but as he was poisoned and missing a leg, this feeling was ignored.

A thousand miles back, at the Broken Moon Clan.

“I’ll let you go this time, but my God’s Spiritual Eye has left a God Eye Mark on you that’s extremely stealthy and hard to destroy.”

A cold intent appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

A God Eye Mark was a mental energy tracker, which was something even some True Human Ranks could perform.

However, Zhao Feng’s God Eye Mark was created with the basis of the Dao of the Soul and had merged with a high level of bloodline from the God’s Spiritual Eye.

The God Eye Mark would be branded onto a specific target and it was extremely hard to find and get rid of.

Unless the opponent’s cultivation was higher than Zhao Feng, or their Dao of the Soul or mental energy techniques surpassed Zhao Feng, this mark wouldn’t be wiped out for a while.

Once the God Eye Mark was complete, Zhao Feng could roughly estimate the target’s location, even if they were very far away.

After completing all this, Zhao Feng’s eyes turned back toward the Broken Moon Clan.

Master Haiyun, the Regulations Elder, and a couple others all tried to run when Zhao Feng was attacking Palace Lord You Long, but Lin Tong and the little thieving cat wouldn’t let that happen.

Miao miao! Shua Shua!

The little thieving cat’s figure flashed through the air.

Every time this happened, it would wave its paws and the sound of being slapped would appear.

Central Hall.


Burning paw marks were left on Clan Master Haiyun and company’s faces.

Although the little thieving cat didn’t specialize in power, its paw attacks contained a mysterious stunning effect.

Any normal True Spirit Realm that was hit by the little thieving cat would feel the sky spin for a while.

“Hehe, everyone’s playing very well….”

A light laugh came from the hill.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s battle with the three Palace Lords was over.

Of the three Palace Lords, one was dead while another had been captured. Only one managed to barely escape.

As soon as Zhao Feng spoke, the Broken Moon Clan fell into dead silence.

Master Haiyun and company’s figures froze.

Everyone’s gaze turned toward the smiling blue-haired youth with shock and respect.

This youth had stood far away during the battle and never participated in close combat.

Shua Shua!

Two dark-silver ghost corpses started to kill those that tried to escape, including those from the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“Ahh! Ahh!”

These dark-silver ghost corpses contained poison that was unparalleled under the Origin Core Realm and every flash of their claws would take a life.

The Core Elders that ruled their own places were instantly killed by the dark-silver ghost corpses.

Everything was in Zhao Feng’s control.

Clan Master Haiyun and the Regulations Elder had expressions of defeat. One or two of the upper echelons even kneeled in fear and pissed their pants.


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