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King Of Gods - Chapter 465


Chapter 465: Chapter 465 - Palace Lord You Long

Chapter 465 - Palace Lord You Long

In the Central Hall, life and death were decided with one thought.

Everything came too fast – so fast in fact, the entire Broken Moon Clan couldn’t react.

A couple breaths later, Palace Lord Bi Ji was dead.

True Lord Tiexiao lost his battle power and lay exhausted on the ground, disbelief written all over his face.

Only a few people, such as the eight True Spirit Realms and Lin Tong, saw the entire process.

Everyone had gaping mouths. The shock they experienced was so big that the experts seemed like they lost their souls.

The Iron Dragon Alliance cultivators felt their hearts go cold.

In the blink of an eye, one of the three Palace Lords was killed, while another was defeated.

Palace Lord Bi Ji’s death was terrible. She had no ability to fight back at all.

True Lord Tiexiao’s defeat was even worse. Two years ago, True Lord Tiexiao had defeated the Thirteen Clans and forced the Elders to sign a blood contract with him.

It could be said that his strength had been engraved in the hearts of the Thirteen Clans.

However, in front of Zhao Feng’s lightning-quick attacks, True Lord Tiexiao didn’t have the chance to do anything at all.

“I lost…. How is this possible?”

True Lord Tiexiao couldn’t believe what was happening. He was even suspicious that he was in a dream.

How could someone like him, who stood at the top of the Cloud area, be defeated so easily?

It wasn’t just him. Many others present, such as Clan Master Haiyun, the Regulations Elder, and Lin Tong also felt as if this was a dream.

“This isn’t real!”

Clan Master Haiyun’s face became twisted as he dug his nails into his skin, forcing himself back to “reality.”

On top of the hill.

“Is… is this all real?”

First Elder felt surreal. With trembling fingers, he reached out toward his disciple, but he didn’t dare to actually touch him, fearing that all of this would shatter.

Zhao Feng had a warm smile as he stood next to First Elder and controlled the situation.

“A clash between True Lord Ranks will destroy the Broken Moon Clan. This is the simplest solution.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head with his hands behind his back.

He didn’t participate anymore and had already retreated when the Illusion City Maze was created.

Through his God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng had instantly finished off two Palace Lords.

At this instant, the two dark-silver ghost corpses leapt toward the last Palace Lord – You Long. Victory was in sight.

Palace Lord You Long’s bones went cold. The death and injury of the other two Palace Lords caught him off guard.

He didn’t think that the two dark-silver ghost corpses’ poison would be so deadly that even those at the True Lord Rank couldn’t resist it.

It was because of this that Palace Lord Bi Ji was killed instantly.

As for True Lord Tiexiao, his early-stage True Lord Rank mental energy wasn’t enough to resist Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

One had to know, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was slightly stronger than most normal late-stage True Lord Ranks and his soul even surpassed peak True Lord Ranks.

“Retreat quickly and take away Palace Lord Tiexiao.”

Palace Lord You Long took a deep breath as the black scales on his body started to move.

Ding Ding Peng~~~~~

The attacks from the two dark-silver ghost corpses landed on Palace Lord You Long, creating sparks. However, they weren’t able to break through his defense.

One had to know, the two claws of the corpses had been strengthened by Zhao Feng and were extremely sharp.

Furthermore, after leaving the Purple Saint Ruins, the two dark-silver ghost corpses were upgraded while staying in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

“Palace Lord, we’re coming.”

Several Core Elders hurried over. Their goal was to take away True Lord Tiexiao while Palace Lord You Long covered them.

In the air, Lin Tong was slightly hesitant, not knowing whether to help Zhao Feng or the Iron Dragon Alliance.

His heart suddenly shook as he glanced toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had a smile on his face. Although he didn’t do anything, he was still watching over everything.

He didn’t forget about Lin Tong.

“Scarlet Demon Moon Eye!”

Lin Tong gritted his teeth as he circulated his eye bloodline to stop some of the Core Elders.

Although the Iron Dragon Alliance and Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were extremely powerful and blotted out the skies, Zhao Feng was the one right in front of him and could kill him with one thought.

Miao miao!

A silver-grey cat flashed into the Central Hall.


An agile silver-striped blood whip wrapped around the exhausted True Lord Tiexiao.

“Why isn’t Zhao Feng killing me?”

Although True Lord Tiexiao had been captured, he didn’t panic.

In terms of strength, True Lord Tiexiao was close to Palace Lord Bi Ji.

If Zhao Feng, the little thieving cat, the dark-silver ghost corpses, or Lin Tong wanted to kill him, he could do nothing. However, Zhao Feng obviously didn’t have any plans to kill him immediately.

At this moment in time, everything was within Zhao Feng’s control.

Palace Lord You Long was being furiously attacked by the two dark-silver ghost corpses, and Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline was putting pressure on him.

The little thieving cat captured True Lord Tiexiao while Lin Tong was responsible for killing the Core Elders.

The force of the three Palace Lords and ten Core Elders had been shattered.

The entire Broken Moon Clan witnessed this sudden change and were like wooden chickens that couldn’t react.

“What…? Three of the four major figures of the Iron Dragon Alliance couldn’t defeat him?”

Clan Master Haiyun’s face was filled with shock.

The complete flip of the situation had exceeded his imagination.

“As expected, all of this was just bait by Zhao Feng. His true aim was to kill the upper echelons of the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Bei Moi suppressed the waves in his heart as he analyzed the situation.

From the beginning, both he and Clan Master Haiyun were just side characters.

Everything up to now had lost its meaning.

There was the occasional Core Elder that tried to rescue True Lord Tiexiao in the Central Hall.


A transparent light flashed by and one of the top-three-ranking Core Elders fell to the ground with a gash in his throat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat returned onto True Lord Tiexiao’s shoulder and put the dark transparent dagger away.

With a “pah,” the little thieving cat dazed True Lord Tiexiao with a slap.

Of the ten Core Elders, at least four or five had been killed by Lin Tong and the little thieving cat.

The remaining Core Elders tried to escape or leave with Palace Lord You Long.

“This Palace Lord You Long’s strength is extremely high. He’s even more powerful than the Blood Corpse Protector. He’s close to Ye Yanyu’s level.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned the battlefield.

Two dark-silver ghost corpses would most likely not be able to break through Palace Lord You Long’s defense.

Palace Lord You Long’s cultivation had reached the late-stage True Lord Rank and his bloodline increased his power and defense by a substantial amount.

If it was a head-on clash, Zhao Feng and the two dark-silver ghost corpses would find it hard to defeat Palace Lord You Long.

Zhao Feng even found that Palace Lord You Long was conserving a bit of strength in case he was attacked by an eye bloodline attack.

“Looks like it’s going to be pretty difficult to kill this Palace Lord You Long.”

Zhao Feng didn’t get close to him as he didn’t have an advantage in close combat, especially when he hadn’t even reached the True Lord Rank yet.

On the other hand, the two dark-silver ghost corpses had tough bodies and were extremely formidable in defense.

However, there were two other reasons.

One was that the internal conflict within the Broken Moon Clan hadn’t stabilized yet. The second was that an all-out True Lord Rank battle would destroy the Broken Moon Clan.

“Wind Lightning Fire Eye!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly turned azure.


A half-transparent flame along with wind and lightning appeared on Palace Lord You Long’s body and exploded in the physical and the mental energy dimension.

Palace Lord You Long’s figure shook and he growled deeply as the flame, wind, and lightning burned his soul.

“Dark Demon Dragon Scale Body!”

Palace Lord You Long roared and his voice sounded as if it came from Hell.

In that instant, a dark scale merged with his black scaly armor, which caused his aura to surge like a demonic dragon appearing.


Palace Lord You Long waved his arms and sent the two dark-silver ghost corpses flying. It was hard to imagine how strong he currently was.

Zhao Feng’s pupils contracted. Ever since Palace Lord You Long circulated his bloodline, all aspects other than his offense were comparable to Ye Yanyu, or even higher.

On top of that, Palace Lord You Long’s black horn flashed with a dark-purple lightning, which had a strong resistance toward the lightning element of the Wind Lightning Fire Eye. It even had the ability to absorb a bit of it.

“What a powerful bloodline. You Long is indeed worthy of being the head of the Four Palace Lords.”

Zhao Feng’s expression became more solemn. Even if the Blood Corpse Protector, Bi Ji, and Tiexiao teamed up, they might not be as great of a threat as Palace Lord You Long.

Zhao Feng’s most powerful attack, the Wind Lightning Fire Eye, didn’t manage to affect Palace Lord You Long much.

“After all, I haven’t reached the True Lord Rank yet and have limited comprehension of the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet. The Wind Lightning True Fire in my body still has the potential to grow in strength.”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts spun.

This was the most troublesome opponent he had met after returning to the Cloud area.

Of course, Zhao Feng still had the chance to kill You Long if things dragged on long enough. Since Palace Lord You Long increased his strength with the help of his bloodline, the amount of time it could last was limited.

On top of that, Zhao Feng had two True Lord Rank ghost corpses that couldn’t get tired and could last for a long time.

However, there was still trouble in Broken Moon Clan, which meant that Zhao Feng had to continue no matter what.

“With my bloodline power I have an 80-90% chance of escaping. I even have a chance of injuring Zhao Feng.”

Palace Lord You Long’s eyes were cold.

He obviously knew that, in a head-on fight, Zhao Feng might not be able to block him.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng exchanged a momentary glance with Palace Lord You Long.

A smile of mockery appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng’s left eye turned into an ice-blue light that sent a bone-chillingly cold intent into Palace Lord You Long’s soul.

Palace Lord You Long’s thoughts and actions became abnormally slow.

Shu Shu Bam Bam Bam~~~~~

The attacks of the two dark-silver ghost corpses became more fierce.

However, this was Palace Lord You Long, who had a powerful bloodline and body. If it were another True Lord Rank, they’d find it hard to resist.

“This f*king eye bloodline can switch multiple times in battle.”

Palace Lord You Long’s thought of killing Zhao Feng was instantly broken.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye turned azure. A piercing glint of azure light created a “blade” in his eye.


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