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King Of Gods - Chapter 464


Chapter 464: Chapter 464 - Lightning Fast

Chapter 464 - Lightning Fast

Sky Moon Mountain, Central Hall.

Zhao Feng was surrounded by several layers. First were the three Palace Lords, then the eight True Spirit Realms, then the sixty-four elites.

Ten Core Elders were also watching intently from the edges of the mountain.

The Broken Moon Clan seemed like it was under a sky-covering net, and Zhao Feng’s figure seemed somewhat lonely.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve surprised me with your two True Lord Rank ghost corpses. No wonder you had the courage to return and fight against the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Palace Lord You Long soon recovered after a moment of shock.

At the same time, the three Palace Lords quickly exchanged glances.

What seemed easy was actually quite difficult.

The combination of the two dark-silver ghost corpses and Zhao Feng was comparable to three True Lord Ranks.

This meant that the Iron Dragon Alliance didn’t have much of an advantage. If Zhao Feng focused on running, the chances of killing him weren’t very high.

Normally, several True Lord Ranks were needed to have a good chance of killing another True Lord Rank.

This meant that the price and difficulty of slaying three True Lord Ranks would greatly increase.

“Zhao Feng, I admit that I’ve underestimated you. You’re very strong and even used me as bait. If you really wanted to kill me, I would probably be dead already.”

Clan Master Haiyun’s eyes flashed as he stood in the center of the array.

Zhao Feng smiled but didn’t speak.

Killing Clan Master Haiyun posed no difficulty for him. The Iron Dragon Alliance was the real big fish.

It was laughable. A Clan Master famed for his calculations had been used as bait by both Zhao Feng and the Iron Dragon Alliance.

This was totally humiliating for him.

In the clash of these two sides, Clan Master Haiyun was just a small figure that could be crushed with one hand.

Zhao Feng purposely did this so that Clan Master Haiyun could experience the feeling of being an “ant” and what it’s like to be toyed with.

“Hehehe… Zhao Feng, your first Master Lord Guanjun and First Elder, they were both defeated by me.”

Clan Master Haiyun’s voice was extremely weird.

Zhao Feng’s pupils slightly contracted. What was Clan Master Haiyun doing?

However, what Clan Master Haiyun said was true.

Clan Master Haiyun used intelligence on top of strength to reach his current position.

Back then, Master Haiyun stepped on Lord Guanjun’s disciples and rose to become an Elder.

After that, he grasped the chance to join the Iron Dragon Alliance and killed the original Clan Master to gain his current position.

Ever since Master Haiyun became the Clan Master, the Broken Moon Clan was growing day by day and was now among the top five of the Thirteen Clans.

Even someone as powerful as First Elder was defeated by Master Haiyun.

One had to admit that Clan Master Haiyun’s methods exceeded others.

“That’s right. Both my masters lost to you, but everything changes with me.”

Zhao Feng didn’t argue.

Losing meant losing and winning meant winning.

No matter what methods he used, Master Haiyun was the victor over the past dozen years. Even Zhao Feng struggled to survive when he first entered the Broken Moon Clan because of Master Haiyun’s influence.

“Bring him up!”

Clan Master Haiyun’s eyes became cold as he waved his hand.


Three figures suddenly appeared on a faraway hill.

On the left was a gold-robed middle-aged man and on the right was a white-faced youth.

These two were holding a long-white-haired old man.

“First Elder!”

Exclamations sounded across the Broken Moon Clan.

Everyone’s gaze turned toward the long-white-haired old man.

This long-white-haired old man was the First Elder of the Broken Moon Clan.

The gold-robed middle-aged man and the white-faced youth were Elder Jiang and Sun Yuanhao, respectively.

“Zhao Feng, back then, you kicked me out of the Floating Crest Trial and made me miss my fortune. Today, I’ll let you experience what being threatened feels like.”

A deadly look flashed past Sun Yuanhao’s white face.

He had a Changeable Body and he was a genius taken in as Elder Jiang’s disciple.

However, he was kicked out of the Floating Crest Trial by Zhao Feng in the first stage.

Although he was very talented, he was still a bit behind Zhao Feng, Bei Moi, and company.

“Hehehe… Zhao Feng, I’m certain you’re someone who repays others, just like your previous two Masters.”

Clan Master Haiyun’s face was filled with smugness.

Good job!

The eyes of the three Palace Lords lit up.

If they threatened Zhao Feng’s Master, although they might not be able to change the tide entirely, it could still affect him.

“Zhao Feng, I don’t want your life. All you need to do is cut off one arm or destroy one True Lord Rank ghost corpse to save your Master’s life.”

Clan Master Haiyun’s face was venomous.

He didn’t ask Zhao Feng to commit suicide in exchange for First Elder’s life, as this was unrealistic and Zhao Feng wasn’t retarded. If he died, then First Elder would still die anyway.

Therefore, Clan Master Haiyun only asked Zhao Feng to cut off one arm or destroy a True Lord Rank ghost corpse.

Although this didn’t mean that Zhao Feng would die, it would greatly reduce his battle power.


The three Palace Lords couldn’t help but look at Clan Master Haiyun in a new light.

However, would Clan Master Haiyun’s threat succeed?

The chance of success was probably quite high since Clan Master Haiyun didn’t ask for Zhao Feng’s life.

At this point in time, the entire Broken Moon Clan was dead-silent as they waited for the blue-haired youth’s response.

“Hehe, Master Haiyun, this is quite entertaining.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised at all, laughing lightly instead.

Clan Master Haiyun’s heart jumped. Was Zhao Feng so cold and emotionless that he didn’t care about First Elder’s death?

“Unfortunately, you were one step too slow. The result was decided the second I entered the Broken Moon Clan.”

The mockery on Zhao Feng’s face became more pronounced.

The result was decided?

The hearts of Clan Master Haiyun, the three Palace Lords, and the entire Broken Moon Clan shook.

“Not good! Stop his eye bloodline!”

“Someone get to First Elder~~~!”

The three Palace Lords seemed to remember something and roared in panic.

Plop Plop!

On the hill, Elder Jiang and Sun Yuanhao both spat out blood and fell to the ground.

All Zhao Feng did was casually look toward the two with his left eye.

Sou Sou Sou~~~~

After receiving orders, the ten Core Elders quickly charged toward the First Elder.

As long as they got to First Elder, they could at least pose some trouble to Zhao Feng.

At the same instant, the three Palace Lords roared and moved to stop Zhao Feng.

“Eye of Illusion – Illusion City Maze!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye started to spin and create a mysterious whirlpool that attracted everything.


Everyone’s consciousness swayed. The Central Hall disappeared and was replaced by an ancient city.

In this moment, everyone in the Central Hall were like headless chickens trying to find the exit in this city.

Illusion Maze City. Based on the Eye of Illusion, it could form a wide-ranging mental energy technique that would create an Illusion City Maze, stalling everyone within its range.

Zhao Feng used this skill back at the Purple Saint Ruins.

That time, he had the Wood Spirit Soul Essence and created a “sample” of the Illusion City Maze.

Now, Zhao Feng could immediately copy and paste the illusion technique and didn’t need to think to construct it anymore.

The amount of energy needed to perform the Illusion City Maze had decreased by more than half and could easily be used even without the help of the Wood Spirit Soul Essence.

“What’s going on?”

“Why are the people in the Central Hall just walking back and forth?”

The members of the Broken Moon Clan at the edges didn’t understand.

The Illusion City Maze enveloped the entire Central Hall. Only the three Palace Lords were struggling, while the others all had a dazed expression.

A while later.


The first to recover was Palace Lord You Long. After all, his cultivation was the highest and had reached the late-stage True Lord Rank.

The second was Palace Lord Bi Ji. Although her battle power wasn’t very strong, she specialized in mental energy skills.

Last was True Lord Tiexiao.

“Where did Zhao Feng go?”

The three Palace Lords were extremely surprised.

Zhao Feng disappeared.

“Haha, I’m here.”

A blue-haired youth was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with First Elder.

The two looked at each other and smiled.


The three Palace Lords felt a raging fire burn in their hearts. They felt as if they got played by Zhao Feng.

He only created the Illusion City Maze to run.

“Hmm? The two True Lord Rank ghost corpses haven’t moved.”

Palace Lord Bi Ji’s eyes lit up.

The two True Lord Rank ghost corpses were close to her and her strength would increase dramatically if she could control the two ghost corpses.

“I’ll kill you first.”

Zhao Feng’s left eye turned into the Eye of Ice and seemed to create a bottomless abyss.

Limitless cold spread across Palace Lord Bi Ji’s body.

Not good!

Palace Lord Bi Ji’s thoughts froze and her actions slowed down.

Bam Bam Shh!

The two dark-silver ghost corpses were nearby and sliced through Palace Lord Bi Ji’s skin.

The terrifying power that could kill anyone under the Origin Core Realm just by drawing blood took Palace Lord Bi Ji to a place from which she couldn’t return.


Before the other two Palace Lords could react, Palace Lord Bi Ji’s beautiful figure was ripped into pieces amidst a pool of blood.

She was dead.

Sou Sou!

Immediately following that, the two dark-silver ghost corpses charged toward Palace Lord You Long.

Palace Lord You Long got goosebumps as he guessed that he was next. However, he had still underestimated Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was fighting on several fronts and wanted to finish this battle as quickly as possible.

Eye of Illusion!

Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline started to circulate once more.


On the other side, Palace Lord Tiexiao started to sweat coldly as he fell onto the ground, exhausted.


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