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King Of Gods - Chapter 463


Chapter 463: Chapter 463 - Bait (2)

Chapter 463 - Bait (2)

“…looks like I was only bait.”

Clan Master Haiyun calmed down. He was certain that he didn’t need to worry about his safety anymore.

Any one of the Iron Dragon Alliance Palace Lords were enough to tear the clouds.

Furthermore, the combination of three Palace Lords was enough to change the skies of the Cloud area.

However, while Clan Master Haiyun was happy, his heart was filled more with bitterness.

No matter how much planning he did, he was just some small bait.

Yet, Clan Master Haiyun was also curious.

Three Palace Lords came together to face a junior?

Wasn’t this exaggerating the problem?

At this moment in time, the entire Sky Moon Mountain was dead silent.

The mental energy auras of three True Lord Ranks made the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi freeze, and everyone trembled uneasily.

From the Clan Master to the Elders to the disciples of the Broken Moon Clan, they were all stunned and uneasy.

No one would have thought that the confrontation between Zhao Feng and Clan Master Haiyun would result in such a situation.

However, a cloud of curiosity covered the heads of those from the Broken Moon Clan.

“What’s so special about Zhao Feng that three Palace Lords of the Iron Dragon Alliance would come together and ambush him?”

The entire Broken Moon Clan was in shock.

Sou Sou Sou~~~~

At the same time, the sound of flying came from outside the Broken Moon Clan.

More than ten powerful auras headed toward the Broken Moon Clan, and each of these auras were enough to shake the hearts of the upper echelon of the Broken Moon Clan.

“True Mystic Rank! All of these auras are at the second Heaven of the True Spirit Realm!”

“One… two… three…”

“My lord! The Iron Dragon Alliance sent out another ten Core Elders?”

The Broken Moon Clan panicked.

Normally, any single one of these Core Elders would be enough to shake the Broken Moon Clan, and today, ten had come.

Of course, the three Palace Lords were the ones that were most respected.

“The Iron Dragon Alliance sent out so many forces just to kill Zhao Feng?”

Clan Master Haiyun’s heart couldn’t calm down.

One or two Core Elders were enough to destroy the entire Broken Moon Clan.

Clan Master Haiyun and the upper echelons could subtly tell that this was unusual.

After this shock, everyone’s gaze returned to the origin of all this – Zhao Feng.

This stunning scene was all because of this one youth.

Mysterious light surrounded this youth that was once the number one genius of the Thirteen Countries.

The weird thing was that, although the three Palace Lords had Zhao Feng surrounded, none of them had a casual expression.

Amongst them, True Lord Tiexiao’s sharp fan was only a foot away from Zhao Feng’s back. In everyone else’s eyes, all True Lord Tiexiao needed to do was shake his hand and he could cut Zhao Feng in two.

However, True Lord Tiexiao, You Long, and Bi Ji didn’t do anything.

Zhao Feng, who was in the Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array and surrounded by three Palace Lords, had his hands behind his back and seemed extremely relaxed.

“Zhao Feng, your performance in the Sacred True Dragon was stunning. You’re even one of the Lording Prodigies. Even I am blinded by your talent and resilience.”

True Lord Tiexiao slowly spoke.

Hearing this, everyone broke out into discussion.

“Sacred True Dragon Gathering? The legendary Sacred True Dragon Gathering?”

“From True Lord Tiexiao’s tone, did Zhao Feng achieve a good result?”

For the Broken Moon Clan, and even the Thirteen Countries, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was just a legend.

The other two Palace Lords both locked tightly onto Zhao Feng without any signs of relaxing.

“Zhao Feng, you’re young, but you’ve already obtained such strength and even severely injured the Blood Corpse Palace Lord earlier. One must know that, apart from me, no one else among the four Palace Lords can beat him. I believe that if the division Leader knew, he would utilize you wisely.”

Palace Lord You Long’s deep voice resounded across the Central Hall.

Of the four Palace Lords, Palace Lord You Long had the highest status and he was the strongest.

Palace Lord You Long had a black horn on his head and his bloodline aura was enough to make even Zhao Feng’s blood gently tremble.

Those without bloodlines would panic just by coming close to Palace Lord You Long, like a sheep facing a wolf. It was the fear of facing the existence of a higher life form.

Palace Lord You Long’s words shocked the upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan.

“This Zhao Feng… defeated a Palace Lord?”

“Even the leader of the four Palace Lords has invited him to join their side.”

Shock extended across Clan Master Haiyun and the Regulations Elders’ faces.

They couldn’t help but sweat coldly as they thought about how they planned to face such a difficult opponent. Everyone’s gaze focused on Zhao Feng, including Bei Moi and Lin Tong, who was in the air.

“If the three Palace Lords can finish off Zhao Feng, my Dark Heart Seed will also be solved.”

Lin Tong let out a breath.

Friend and foe alike awaited the blue-haired youth’s response.

However, Zhao Feng smiled. His gaze turned from Clan Master Haiyun to Bei Moi before slowly speaking.

“Brother Bei Moi, good job. The experts of the Iron Dragon Alliance have indeed come to the Broken Moon Clan. Clan Master Haiyun, thank you for your teamwork. Without your help, my plan wouldn’t have succeeded so easily.”

A faint laugh sounded across the hill.

The instant this was said.

“I… I…”

Bei Moi opened his mouth and seemed as if he had been choked.

“Teamwork? When did I…?”

Clan Master Haiyun’s expression suddenly froze.


The only sound remaining was the wind.

True Lord Tiexiao and Palace Lord Bi Ji were puzzled.


Palace Lord You Long exclaimed as his expression dimmed.

The people present felt something was off, but thinking about it carefully, many understood.

Zhao Feng copied, almost word-for-word, Palace Lord You Long’s words, “Bei Moi, good job! Zhao Feng indeed returned to the Broken Moon Clan. Clan Master Haiyun, without your help, we wouldn’t be able to ambush this brat so easily.”

The same sentence structure was returned after some slight modifications.

Bei Moi and Clan Master Haiyun’s expressions were very colorful right now.

True Lord Tiexiao and Palace Lord Bi Ji glanced at the two suspiciously, but they were also shocked.

“Ri-… ridiculous!”

How could Clan Master Haiyun not understand the truth?

A strong sense of humiliation appeared in his heart.

“This Clan Master Haiyun’s luck is pretty shit. To be used as bait by both Zhao Feng and the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Lin Tong’s face was filled with surprise.

Zhao Feng hadn’t returned to the Broken Moon Clan to kill Clan Master Haiyun.

At least, killing Clan Master Haiyun wasn’t the main goal.

Clan Master Haiyun was “bait” that the Iron Dragon Alliance knew about. Zhao Feng had a high chance of returning to kill him.

Zhao Feng was more than willing to use this chance to lure out the experts of the Iron Dragon Alliance.

Zhao Feng let the Blood Corpse Palace Lord escape because he could get more out of it.

“Hehe, it’s more than enough to lure out three Palace Lords and ten Core Elders.”

Zhao Feng’s smile was warm.

You Long, Tiexiao, and Bi Ji’s hearts all surged with anger.

This was the first time they met someone so arrogant.

“Junior, don’t get too cocky. You really think you can fight three True Lord Ranks by yourself?”

True Lord Tiexiao roared and waved his metal fan, which sent out a wave of cold light toward Zhao Feng.

Ding Peng Peng~~~~~

A deep roar appeared accompanied by a flash of dark-grey.


Sparks flew everywhere and True Lord Tiexiao almost lost control of his fan.

Deng Deng Deng!

True Lord Tiexiao was pushed back more than ten yards.

“That… that’s…!!”

True Lord Tiexiao glanced at the grey smoke next to Zhao Feng.

We~ Wu~

Two large dark-silver ghost corpses were revealed from within the grey smoke, releasing an air of death.

Just the corpse-air from the two dark-silver ghost corpses almost killed some nearby disciples.

“True… True Lord Rank!”

“How could he have two True Lord Rank ghost corpses!?”

The other two Palace Lords were stunned.

True Lord Tiexiao was tricked. The two True Lord Rank ghost corpses almost made him vomit blood and lose control of his weapon.

In terms of cultivation, True Lord Tiexiao was also at the early stage True Lord Rank.

The two dark-silver ghost corpses were the same, but they had a much bigger advantage in terms of physical attributes.

Shua Shua!

The two True Lord Rank dark-silver ghost corpses flashed around Zhao Feng.

Bam Bam Bam~~~~

In the blink of an eye, the Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array around Zhao Feng crumbled.

The souls of Clan Master Haiyun and company almost flew away after facing this terrifying aura.

No one would have thought that Zhao Feng would have such a hidden card, summoning two True Lord Rank ghost corpses at once.

This amount of power was enough to toy with the Broken Moon Clan.

No, there wouldn’t even be a problem destroying all Thirteen Clans.

“Zhao Feng actually kept such a card hidden….”

Bei Moi and Lin Tong seemed to be shocked too much. They were dazed as they watched the two True Lord Rank ghost corpses protect Zhao Feng.

The three Palace Lords forgot to attack.

True Lord Tiexiao, who had once defeated the Thirteen Clans, was pushed back by the two ghost corpses and almost injured.

You Long and Bi Ji couldn’t accept this reality right away.

Two True Lord Rank ghost corpses were enough to turn the tide.

This meant that Zhao Feng and the two True Lord Rank ghost corpses were comparable to three True Lord Ranks, on par with the three Palace Lords.

However, if Zhao Feng had the courage to come here, how could he not have other moves up his sleeve?

At this moment in time, everyone from the Broken Moon Clan looked toward the blue-haired youth with wariness and respect.

“It’s time to close the net. As the Broken Moon Clan was once my clan, I’ll end this quickly….”


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