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King Of Gods - Chapter 459


Chapter 459: Chapter 459 - Return (1)

Chapter 459 - Return (1)

Broken Moon Clan, morning.

The faint mist that surrounded the Sky Moon Mountain gave off a dazzling shine as it reflected the sunlight.

The mountain was green and full of magnificent, elegant buildings.

The buildings on the Sky Moon Mountain were much bigger than they were two years ago, and the figures of the Clan disciples hurried around.

It wasn’t hard to see that, after Master Haiyun became the new Clan Master, the Broken Moon Clan’s overall strength and size were rising day by day and were completely different from two years ago.

In mid-air, the azure Floating Crest Palace hovered in the sky while a layer of lightning surrounded it like some kind of legend.

In the entire Broken Moon Clan, only the Floating Crest Palace’s aura was faint, as if forgotten.

In front of the mountain.

“Who dares to come here?”

Two disciples guarding the hill looked coldly at a young man who was approaching.

The young man was only twenty years old and quite handsome, but he was covered in dirt and seemed to be tired and filled with loneliness.

“Hmph! You don’t even recognize me!?”

The young man harrumphed coldly as he released a powerful aura that caused the wind to blow.


The two disciples exclaimed as they became rooted to the ground by that aura.

The man in front of them was at least at the half-step True Spirit Realm and had started to touch the True Spirit Realm.

“Brother… Brother Yang Gan!”

The expression of one Third Sky disciple changed as he stuttered.

Brother Yang Gan!?

The other new disciple also jumped up in fright.

“Under the lead of Clan Master Haiyun, the Broken Moon Clan’s expanding very fast. I’ve only been away for one year but there’s already so many new faces.”

Yang Gan mocked as he walked inside.

The two disciples guarding the mountain looked at each other with surprise on their faces.

“Brother Yang Gan came back at this time?”

“Half a month ago, First Elder was apparently locked up by Clan Master Haiyun and the Regulations Elder.”

“Shhh…. This isn’t something us bottom disciples can discuss.”

The two disciples watched as Yang Gan went inside.

On the way, Yang Gan greeted some familiar disciples and elders, but he felt that something was wrong somehow as everyone looked at him queerly.

An hour later, within an old building.

“What!?? I’ve only been away for one year and Master’s been punished to think about his sins for two years? Who has the power to punish First Elder in the Broken Moon Clan?”

Yang Gan roared in anger.

Facing him, the old silver-haired Granny Liuyue smiled bitterly, “In the current Broken Moon Clan, Clan Master Haiyun reigns supreme. He’s extremely strong and has the trust of the Iron Dragon Alliance. Not long ago, Clan Master Haiyun teamed up with the Regulations Elder and two other Elders to lock up First Elder.”


Even Yang Gan, who was normally calm, couldn’t help but jump up in rage, “Why~~~~!”

“Two years ago, Zhao Feng was pursued across the Thirteen Countries, but fortunately, First Elder was prepared. He moved Zhao Feng’s parents, as well as the previous Clan Master’s relatives, to a safe place. Clan Master Haiyun has always taken this to heart, and apparently, there’re rumors of Zhao Feng returning to the Cloud area.”

Granny Liuyue sighed.

“Brother Zhao Feng? You’re saying that he’s coming back to the Cloud area?”

Yang Gan exclaimed with excitement.

After the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Yang Gan’s excitement and joy turned to loneliness and defeat.

This was because, after the Sacred True Dragon Gathering ended, he didn’t see Zhao Feng return from the outside inheritance. But now there was news of Zhao Feng coming back to the Cloud area?

“This is the latest news, which made Clan Master Haiyun rage. He once again gave an order across the Thirteen Countries for Zhao Feng’s death.”

Granny Liuyue’s words were filled with worry.

“Great…! Brother Zhao, I hope you can return safely.”

Yang Gan’s face was filled with surprise and excitement, which made Granny Liuyue puzzled.

She suddenly realized the true meaning behind Yang Gan going to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Did you see Brother Zhao in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?”

Granny Liuyue seemed to understand and asked.

Yang Gan was about to reply, but some unwanted sounds came from outside the door.

“Yang Gan, come out and get ready to receive the Clan’s punishment!”

A cold, commanding voice sounded from outside.

Outside the Elder’s building, several familiar Core disciples stood at the entrance.

“Yuan Zhi? Quan Chen? What are you doing?”

Yang Gan walked out and surveyed the group of disciples.

There were many familiar faces here, including Yuan Zhi, Quan Chen, and Lu Hu, who were disciples of the opposition.

“Yang Gan, you didn’t obey the rules of the Clan, leaving the Clan on your own accord for a year. Since I’m the Head Disciple, I have the right to punish you.”

Yuan Zhi stood coldly with his hands behind his back.

After Zhao Feng and Bei Moi left, Clan Master Haiyun’s second disciple Yuan Zhi became the new Head Disciple since Yang Gan had left the Clan for a year.

“Left on my own accord? I was following First Elder’s orders and went outside for a year. What power do you have to punish me?”

Yang Gan shouted from the front of the door.

In terms of cultivation and strength, Yang Gan surpassed these guys. Their progress wasn’t bad, but Head Disciple Yuan Zhi was only at the Seventh Sky while Quan Chen was only at the Sixth Sky. There was still a gap between them and Yang Gan.

After all, Yang Gan had just returned from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and his scope had risen.

“Martial Nephew Yang, even your Master was locked up by the Regulations division. You’re just a junior.”

An old voice sounded from far away.


An elder holding a staff descended from the sky.

“Regulations Elder!” The disciples below exclaimed as they bowed down.

The newcomer was the Regulations Elder who had tried to punish Zhao Feng after the Floating Crest Trials since he kicked Lu Hu out.

At this moment, Lu Hu and the other Core disciples coldly looked at Yang Gan.

“Regulations Elder…”

Yang Gan felt a dominating aura. This Regulations Elder had reached the late-stage True Human Rank. He wasn’t someone a half-step True Spirit Realm like Yang Gan could be compared to.

“Regulations Elder, Yang Gan leaving the Clan wasn’t his fault since he left on First Elder’s orders. I hope you can go easy on him.”

Granny Liuyue smiled bitterly and said.

The Regulations Elder himself coming was overkill for a mere “disciple that left the Clan.”

“Because this is your first fault and you didn’t do this of your own volition, this Elder will go easy on you. From today onward, you will lead a group and complete forty-nine missions without any reward or disagreement.”

The Regulations Elder had a calm expression.

Yang Gan had the urge to explode, but he was restrained by Granny Liuyue, “Calm down. You haven’t made any big mistakes, so the Regulations Elder can’t trouble you. But if you become rash and ‘offend an Elder,’ he can make you lose a layer of skin.”

“Yang Gan, do you accept this punishment?”

The cold, powerful voice sounded.

“This disciple is willing.”

Yang Gan suppressed his anger and killing intent as he accepted the forty-nine missions.

Three days later, Yang Gan led a group and walked out from the Central division.

“Sister Ran, Brother Lin, Brother Yang… sorry for dragging all of you into this.”

Yang Gan turned around and smiled bitterly as he looked at these familiar faces.

The disciples doing this mission with him were those that had a good relationship with Zhao Feng, such as Ran Xiaoyuan, Lin Fan, and Yang Qingshan.

Amongst them, Ran Xiaoyuan was the previous Clan Master’s personal disciple and, if it weren’t for the fact that everyone lost First Elder’s protection, they wouldn’t have been sent to this group.

“Brother Yang, I’m worried that Clan Master Haiyun won’t let you go this easily. You should run away during the mission.”

Lin Fan suggested.

Back then, Lin Fan became an inner disciple around the same time as Zhao Feng and they both participated in the Floating Crest Trials.

His cultivation had now reached the Fourth or Fifth Sky of the Ascended Realm, with plenty of help from Zhao Feng back then.

“I can’t run, and I don’t have a chance anyway.”

Yang Gan raised his head.

In the skies, there was a little black dot.

“A group like this is worthy of two half-step True Spirit Realms and several Seventh Sky Ascended Realm experts watching us?”

Yang Gan soon led the group and walked out.

Right at this moment, the sound of flying appeared.

“True Spirit Realm experts, and there’s so many of them….”

The members of the Regulation division were shocked. In their eyes, only those at the True Spirit Realm could fly freely, and several True Spirit Realms appearing at once was a rare occasion.


One of the True Spirit Realms, a black-robed youth, suddenly stopped.


The black-robed youth descended with a powerful True Spirit Realm aura.

Such a young True Spirit Realm!

The nearby disciples of the Broken Moon Clan held their breaths.

“It-… it’s you!”

“Bei Moi!”

Yang Gan and company exclaimed.

The newcomer was an expressionless youth who scanned over the group. His gaze landed on Yang Qingshan for a short while.

Back then, Bei Moi, Yang Qingshan, and Zhao Feng were all under Lord Guanjun. This time, Bei Moi had reached the True Spirit Realm, and his aura wasn’t much different from the Regulations Elder.

“What’s going on?”

A weird light flashed in Bei Moi’s eyes as he looked at the group of people in front of him. Most of them were on First Elder’s side or disciples that once had good connections with Zhao Feng.

Yang Gan harrumphed coldly, obviously not very respectful toward Bei Moi.

Only Ran Xiaoyuan summarized what happened with a low tone.


Bei Moi remained unmoved as he met up with the several figures in the sky and entered the Broken Moon Clan.

Sky Moon Mountain, in an enormous building that stood out amongst the rest.

“Hehe, Bei Moi, you indeed didn’t disappoint me. You’ve returned from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and you’ve even gained the trust of the Palace Lord and the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Clan Master Haiyun’s handsome face was filled with a bright smile as he patted Bei Moi’s shoulder.

“Master, have you heard the news of Zhao Feng returning? According to the Iron Dragon Alliance, Zhao Feng has already entered the Thirteen Countries and is heading toward the Broken Moon Clan with a fierce attitude. This isn’t good for Master.”

Bei Moi said expressionlessly.


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